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For the character of the same name, see Donna Troy (character). 'Donna Troy' is the eighth episode of the first season of Titans, and the eighth episode overall. It premiered on DC Universe on November 30, 2018. 1 Synopsis 2 Cast 2.1 Starring 2.2 Guest starring 2.3 Co-starring 3 Gallery 3.1 Promotional stills 4 References As the Titans disband to go their separate ways, Dick decides to turn to ... Donna Troy is a complicated figure in DC Comics, who has been retconned numerous times. In the comics, Wonder Girl was originally imagined as a younger version of Wonder Woman, then as Wonder Woman's younger sister. Wonder Girl was a founding member of Teen Titans, which got its own spin-off series in 1966. In the DC comics, Donna Troy, also known as 'Troia' or 'Darkstar', is a founding member of the Teen Titans. Her first appearance in the comics was Brave and the Bold #60 (July 1965). Donna Troy has a variety of different backstories in the comics depending on the era and writer. Directed by David Frazee. With Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Teagan Croft, Ryan Potter. Kory's memories are beginning to return. Rachel bonds with her mother. Dick seeks out an old friend for guidance. Donna Troy, otherwise known by her alter ego, Wonder Girl, the sidekick to none other than Wonder Woman, died in the second season of Titans.However, our sources claim that she is set to return in the third series. Donna Troy is an Amazonian superhero and the magical-twin of Wonder Woman. A founding member of the Teen Titans, Donna began her career as the first Wonder Girl before graduating to the persona of Troia, and later opting to abandon the use of personas altogether and use her real name in super heroics. Donna Troy was created to be a playmate and 'sister' for Princess Diana of Themyscira by the ... Warning: SPOILERS for Titans season 2 The Titans season 2 finale killed off Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl (Conor Leslie) stupidly as she tried to save the day. Only a supporting character in the first season of the DC Universe original series, Donna Troy received a lot more screentime in season 2. Synopsis. Who Is Wonder Girl? is a key storyline by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, and delves into the origins of Wonder Girl, Donna Troy.It is also known as Who Is Donna Troy?, the title of New Teen Titans #38, as the two stories were collected together (with several other stories) in New Teen Titans: Who Is Donna Troy?.. Issues. New Titans #50; New Titans #51 Donna Troy was a member of the Teen Titans known as Wonder Girl. After Terra's death, the Teen Titans began recruiting members once again and selected Donna Troy as their newest member. The lives of DC superheroes can be complicated, and none perhaps more so than Donna Troy. An Amazon from Themyscira, the home of Wonder Woman, Donna began her career as Wonder Girl, playing a key role in the formation of the Teen Titans. But her world was not as it seemed.

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2020.09.19 21:45 MiracleAlien Batman and the Robins vs The Titans. Who can get either Dickbabs or DickFire to happen?

So there is a thing in DCcomics where the community is divided into having a preferred ship "Dickbabs" (Nightwing and Barbara Gordon) or the hilariously named "DickFire" (Nightwing and Starfire). There are some smaller camps (DickCat, DickHunter, MidnightDick, the TV only Birds pair, Dickfacer ect), but these are the two big ones.
So I have brought it to you, the people.
Batman and the Robins as it turns out has been hardcore shipping Dick and Barbara, while the Titans always wanted him to get back together with Starfire.
They will do anything to get their way.

Team Dickbabs:
Team Dickfire:

R1: They won't do any explicit manipulation barring like arranging situations for them to get together
R2: They will explicitly manipulate them to get them together
R3: They will straight up try to mind control them together
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2020.09.19 15:57 djnevahwen Season 3 Theory: Jason Todd becoming Red Hood will be a direct result from the aftermath of Crisis On Infinite Earths

During the Titans DC Fandome panel, it was announced by Titans executive producer Greg Walker that Jason Todd will become the Red Hood in season 3, while it is exciting to see Jason become the Red Hood the question is, how will he become the Red Hood in season 3? Well i have a good idea on how this will happen and it's from a major event that shook the DC Universe to its core, Crisis On Infinite Earths!
(Spoilers from the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover follow):
In Part 1 of Crisis On Infinite Earths, it's revealed that Titans is set on Earth-9 in the live action DC Multiverse, as it showed Hank Hall and Jason Todd looking up at the Red Skies as the Anti-Matter wave consumed them as the Anti-Monitor destroys their world. In Part 5 of Crisis On Infinite Earths after Oliver Queen made the ultimate sacrifice in Part 4 as The Spectre, he rebooted the multiverse and when the new multiverse is shown Earth-9 is one of the restored Earths that Oliver Queen brought back. Now when they showed Earth-9 in Part 5, the crossover used archival footage from Season 2 possibly letting us the audience know that Season 2 takes place after the events of Crisis, that might not be the case because the actors said in various interviews that they weren't interested in filming new scenes for Crisis so they used unused footage from the original Season 1 finale and reedit it to make it part of the story of Crisis in Part 1 and use footage from Season 2 in Part 5 as a way to show us the audience that Earth-9 was restored when the multiverse was rebooted.
So now this is where the events of Season 3 come in and how Jason Todd becomes the Red Hood, since Season 3 is confirmed to be set in Gotham their might be an episode that focuses on Jason and how he transforms into the Red Hood, so this episode begins with Jason wherever he is and it's late at night and he falls a sleep and has a nightmare and this nightmare happens to be set on the night that Crisis occurred, as we see the Titans POV of the Crisis through Jason's eyes it all feels very real to him as if he thinks this really happened then when his nightmare ends with the scene shown in Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 1 with him and Hank being consumed by Anti-Matter something appears to him either it being Oliver Queen of Earth-Prime as The Spectre or an unknown figure coming to Jason and restore his Pre Crisis memories with the same tech that Cisco Ramon and Martian Manhunter of Earth-Prime created (as shown in the Arrow episode "Green Arrow and the Canneries") and when Jason wakes up from his nightmare he remembers everything including the night when Crisis occurred and that he already died (and this where Titans will put their own unique spin on how Jason becomes Red Hood as compared to the source material) so after experiencing this nightmare and having his Pre and Post Crisis memories restored it drives him mad as he sheds his Robin identity and becomes Red Hood and his first targets as Red Hood are his old teammates the Titans. So this is my theory on how Jason Todd becomes Red Hood in Season 3 and i also think Season 3 of Titans will kick off with things looking different than the past 2 seasons and that will all be a direct result from the events of Crisis On Infinite Earths and i think that characters who were killed off in the past 2 seasons like Donna Troy, Deathstroke, Garth and Jericho will be brought back from the dead as a direct result from the events of the Crisis.
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2020.09.10 05:16 MiracleAlien Can Nightwing take down the Titans?

Dick Grayson has made it his life's mission to not be his fathementor Batman. As a result, he has never made any attempt to have any kind of contingency plans, secret monitoring devices or any other violations of privacy for an advantage.
Well fate's a dick and after an encounter with Psimon, the rest of the Titans have become evil and he has to take them down one by one.
He's got to do this on his own and can't go to any bat family member for help. He can use the cave as a resource though.

R1: Roy Harper
R2: Beast Boy
R3: Starfire
R4: Cyborg
R5: Donna Troy
R6: Kid Flash
R7: Raven

Bonus: Nightwing gets his adoptive Robin brothers to help out (Jason, Damian, Duke, and Tim)
Bonus 2: Nightwing gets the Batgirls help (Barbara, Cassandra and Stephanie)
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2020.09.08 01:01 hypotheticalbattles New 52/ comics Starfire vs Beast Boy

Starfire is a Tamaranean and as such her physiology is designed to constantly absorb ultraviolet radiation. The radiation is then converted to pure energy, allowing her to fly at supersonic speeds. Originally, Starfire was capable of using this power to fly in space and even go fast enough to cross several solar systems in minutes to seconds. However, it is established in Red Hood and the Outlaws #2 and #27 that C rebooted Starfire is unable to fly without the effects of gravity, leaving her unable to travel in space unaided. This energy also gives her incredible superhuman strength and durability. This strength, combined with her fighting skills, allowed her to defeat the powerful Donna Troy about two out of three times during purely hand to hand matches. She later proved strong enough to fight against Wonder Woman for a certain period of time and, during a fit of rage, was so strong that Donna Troy was unable to contain her without the help of Mon-El, in the 2003 TV series, she was strong enough to easily throw vehicles and destroy entire streets with her blows. After being experimented on by the alien Psions, Starfire gained the ability to release her absorbed energy into incredibly powerful blasts called "starbolts."
As shown in the "Insiders" crossover story arc (Teen Titans and Outsiders), Starfire can also release nearly all of her stored energy as a powerful Omni-directional explosive burst, many times stronger and more powerful than her standard blasts. The released energy leaves her in a weakened state.She's also shown that she can consciously absorb ambient Ultraviolet and Solar Energy in order to weaken a Kryptonian's physical abilities. Starfire also demonstrated more control over her powers in the New 52 reboot, having used her internal energy to melt the metal of Jason Todd's gun when it came into contact with her skin. Starfire, and all Tamaraneans, are capable of assimilating languages through physical contact with another person. When Starfire attempts to do so with a male, she typically does so by kissing because it is "more fun" for her. Starfire is also proficient in hand-to-hand combat, having been trained by the Warlords of Okaara. She also doesn't need to eat, drink, sleep and doesn't require an atmosphere to breathe, though she has to if she is low on ultraviolet energy

Beast Boy has the ability to morph and transform into any animal that he has seen himself or has seen in an illustration (as is the case when he shapeshifts into an animal such as an extinct dinosaur or a funny animal).[6][7] These transformations took only a second and Beast Boy has demonstrated that he is capable of rapidly changing his form with little or no effort expended. As a corollary to this power, he can transform back into his default form if an external force like magic transforms him into an animal. His power enables him to completely alter his body mass, being able to take the shape of animals far larger and heavier than himself, such as an elephant, a hippopotamus, or a Tyrannosaurus rex (though until recent stories, such larger forms would physically exhaust him), or smaller and lighter animals such as mice, arachnids and insects. As a result of his rapidly changing genetic structure and mass, Beast Boy has an increased healing factor comparable to that of the Creeper) and Deathstroke, allowing him to heal from bullet wounds, burns, and broken bones in a matter of seconds, and in some story lines regrow entire limbs. He cannot change or return to a form if the space he occupies is too small and he cannot normally break the confines (as seen when he attempts to transform into a Tyrannosaurus Rex underneath a bridge and hits his head, instantly aborting the transformation). His power also enables him to radically alter his body structure and take forms of animals without limbs, like snakes, or those without skeletons like a jellyfish. In two notable instances, he has even taken the form of multiple individuals simultaneously (once as a swarm of fireflies, and again as a mass of barnacles). In another comic he was seen to take on the form of what appeared to be a green version of Beast) from X-Men.
Beast Boy's transformations have not been limited to Earth life forms. When on a rescue mission in the Vegan system to free Starfire), he easily transformed into a Gordanian, one of the green-skinned alien warriors native to the system, in order to sneak Robin and Cyborg onto a warship. In the "Who is Wonder Girl?" story arc, he was able to infiltrate another alien world after being shown a green-skinned creature native to the planet; he had some difficulty with this change, claiming that Earth-animal forms he knew instinctively, but was successful in the transformation. When he pursued Madame Rouge in revenge for her role in killing his foster mother, Rita Farr, he began transforming into creatures that do not even exist, products of his subconscious rage against the villainess.
While an animal, he gains all of the physical abilities, attributes, and characteristics of said animal, such as greatly enhanced superhuman strength (a gorilla), superhuman speed (a cheetah), and enhanced durability (a turtle), and abilities such as flight (various birds), and aquatic breathing (various fish). He can even gain the specific poisons and toxins produced by specific snakes. He also gains the ability to survive or otherwise live in the same hostile environments some animals can, as seen in one comic where he morphs into a parasitic worm to become resistant to the stomach acid and immune system of Brother Blood when he dived into the villain's intestinal tract to retrieve Raven's chakra. While in animal form, Beast Boy retains his human intellect, memories, and the ability to speak. No matter what form he takes, his skin, hair, and eyes remain green, making most of his animal forms easy to distinguish from real animals of that species. (In the DC-Marvel crossover with the X-Men, his attempt to infiltrate Darkseid's forces and stop him from recreating Dark Phoenix, was frustrated by the fact that Darkseid's minions are not green.) In the early comics, his coloration would change to that appropriate to the animal form he had taken, with only his head remaining green.
When Raven implanted Garfield with an evil seed of her father Trigon, he began to transform into more demon-like creatures. Eventually, he found himself more comfortable in these horrific shapes than as a human, and stayed shifted. After becoming completely corrupted by the evil seed, he was used by Raven and Trigon, but eventually returned to normal. Titans #4 reveals that a small part of that seed still remains within him, which Trigon's sons manipulate, using the demonic energies to open the portal to Trigon's realm
I got Beast Boys information from Wikipedia and have looked over and studied.

So who wins?
Well Beast Boy is more durable when it comes to both of these 2 fighting, He can turn into so many creatures that are more durable then the next that Starfire would be having a hard time trying to take him down. Now dont get me wrong Beast Boy is better at durability but Starfire has the best strength. But remember we are not talking about the New 52 version and not the original Teen Titans one, she would win in a second. Beast Boy might can turn into many animals that can be strong, but Starfire is an alien princess that has been taught all the methods. Now another point that goes to Starfire is her speed. She has outclassed Beast boy many ties in speed and she is faster then a jet. Another point that goes to Starfire is her defense methods. With her shaping her starbolts she can blovk every attack he throws at her. Beast Boy have the better array of attacks too. Starfire might have eyeblasts, and starbolts out of her hands, but with the power to turn into any animal he chooses, he hae the best array of attacks at his disposal. Starfire has the best advatages in the skies though. She probably woudent want to fight hand to hand combat and Beast Boy woudent want to fight hand to hand combat but her advantages are her starbolts and her eyeblasts. Starfire has better hand to hand combat too and she has been taught that al of her life thanks to her longevity. Beast Boy is a stealth expertise and that could give him a good advantage if they were fighting hand to hand combat.

So in conclusion
As much as these 2 superheroes are related. Starfire would have the best factors in these.
  1. Hand to hand combat
  2. flight
  3. expert in the skies
  4. speed
  5. defense methods
  6. and strength.
Starfire has also been known to defeat all of her teen titan buddies except for Raven. Starfire is resistant to fire and cold temperatures and that gives her another advantage. Starfire wins because she outclasses Beast Boy in all of the factors and if she goes Nova, Beastboy would have to watch out for starfire. Starfire wins!
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2020.09.03 10:07 stupidlysuper Teen Titans Tantrum. What I think is wrong and how it can be fixed.

First off, quick edit I am sorry for the wall of text. New to reddit and trying to format it to look better.
Some changes need making to Titans now we are getting a bit of a reboot. I have been reading since the New 52 and I know so many problems occurred with that reboot as a whole but the things they tried to do to fix it when it came to Teen Titans just did not work and only caused more problems.
I think there are two main areas that are harming the Teen Titans/Titans franchise. The staleness that comes with the same characters and the mixture of generations with disregard for age. I am first going to focus on the mixture of ages and generations. The way I view things you have characters based in four generations based on each Robin, however I am going to add in a generation called the animation generation of those heroes popularised by the show.
Dick Grayson (Gen 1) - This was the OG sidekick generation and then the earlier additions such as Bumblebee and Mal Duncan.
Animated Generation - Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven.
Jason Todd - I don't know how long he was on the team for but from a quick Google search he died two years after he joined so not much of a generation.
Tim Drake - So Tim is the third generation most known for his grouping but his generation has the second generation of other legacy roles such as Bart and Cassie being the second of their sidekick roles. Superboy was in theory first generation as a sidekick but if you count Superman's time as a Superboy in his youth he is the second.
Damian Wayne - The fourth gen is a mixture of random heroes with Superboy, Kid Flash, Red Arrow and Aqualad all of greatly varying ages but all feeling like they are from the same generation of heroes. I guess now Superboy is aged up but still, its a weird miah mash.
So they are roughly how I would characterise the heroes and what generation they are in. Five generations, four Robins. So when we got to New 52 we got given a Teen Titans of the third gen with Starfire and Cyborg shown as adults in other books and even Beast Boy was shown as being about to be an older teenager with the Ravagers. Not sure where Raven was to start with. They did a soft revamp that placed Raven and Beast Boy in with the third generation which was their first attempt to fix things. So we have the animation generation split wildly with some as adults and some as kids. So it is already stretching continuity and they were clearly placed there as they saw the book wasn't doing well and they wanted us to see people they knew we liked in order to pick it up.
Then came DC Rebirth and we get the fourth gen taking over, however they still want to capitalise off of that animation generation money so we get Raven and Beast Boy stick around for the next generation whilst Starfire is deaged but still the eldest to play the motherly role. So we have the animation generation who were practically apart of Gen 1 now being shown as contemporaries of Gen 4. That's just stretching all attempts as continuity. Instead of just allowing character progress DC wanted their faces to sell the books instead of you know, just creating good books. We then get a soft revamp after No Justice that takes Starfire back up to adulthood and Raven and Beast Boy up to Young Adult status. At least we got some progress, however what then happened leads me to my next point about staleness of the characters.
So again this next point is going to be split into two, there is a staleness around leadership and staleness over the use of characters from the animation generation. So in terms of leadership I am just bored of a Batboy being in charge. If you look at all the Teen Titans/Titans and Young Justice runs that have happened since New 52 I think only Donna Troy taking over as leader of the Titans has given us time without a Batboy in charge, and that only happened because of Nightwing getting shot in a different book. It wasn't natural progression. I think think something different needs to be done in terms of leadership to make things feel fresh. Having the book just be a way to get into the inner workings of a Robin juat isn't cutting it anymore.
Next is the staleness of the animation generation. I know they sell, but they clearly don't create good stories. We had Raven and Beast Boy in three different runs and Starfire in one of the runs. The animation generation have been the biggest part of Titans lore over the last ten years and it hasn't worked. Like I say, it was nice to have Raven and Beast Boy have progression and placed in the Titans after No Justice but it is crazy it took so long for it to happen. But not only were the individual characters themselves stale, they left a lasting impact that just felt stale. After No Justice we got a strong female alien (Starfire/Crush), a female magic user (Raven/Djinn) and a male Shapeshifter (Beast Boy/Roundhouse). It was just the animated lot in disguise and just felt stale, the stories were similar for the most part. At least with the girls. Djinn, like Raven, had a demonic relative whilst Crush, like Starfire, had a villainous relative. So both the leadership and the membership have just been stale for at least since Rebirth. I liked the post No Justice Titans team because we got characters mot usually seen and it felt new. It didn't work out because the desire for it to fold out of No Justice left it with bad stories and what happened to Nightwing didn't help.
So what I would recommend. First thing first brighten it up because it has been so gloomy with Damian in charge. Both the colours have all been dark and the mood has been dark. With the new launch make it. With the new book make it just brighter and I think my recommendations for leadership would so just that.
So I have two ideas for who could be leader and I think some interesting stories could come out of it. My first choice is Supergirl. As far as I am aware she is never really considered a part of Titans lore, I don't know if she has been on the team, but I just think it would be great to bring in someone so far removed from Titans history but still a very noticeable and powerful figure in the universe, both for the characters themselves and for the audience, it would get eyes back on the TT. Supergirl has just recovered from the Secret Six evilness and an interesting decision for her becoming leader is to remind herself she is a hero, and by teaching other heroes she is making herself feel more heroic. Not necessarily the best intentions for why she should be leader but that is something she would come to realise as the story goes on and grows into the leadership role. I think whereas Damian always saw the TT as the next generation of JL, I would want Supergirl to be showing the heroes that being on the TT puts you on the same level. It is the same level and she would work to put the TT on the same level. Both as in terms of fighting huge threats, but she would want the team to do more to help the little man. Work on the smaller scale sometimes.
My other recommendation, and not just because of the show, would be Stargirl. I know she is much more widely associated with JSA and this is very unlikely to happen. But I have this idea of a story where Courtney comes to be a leader of the TT. Due to her time on the JLU back in New 52 I would have her start off with a bloated ego as she considers herself a JL level hero. It isn't helped she has her own sidekick. Over the course of the story she would understand how easy it is having an adult sidekick because leading teenagers is so much harder with the hormones and melodrama. She also would lose respect of the team fairly early when she does pull the JL card and has to earn it back. Stargirl would not have it easy as leader, Supergirl would definitely find it easier, but both have stuff they need to learn from their time as leader. And to reiterate what I said earlier both have bright costume that instantly would brighten up the covers of the books.
If I was to pitch my own TT both would be on it, and it would look like this.
Supergirl - So I would have Supergirl as leader of the team, I think she would be most natural in the role and I do think that it would add some legitamacy to the TT to have a Kryptonian in control of the team.
Stargirl - Again, a lot of what I described earlier could still happen, just not with her as leader. I could see her respecting Supergirl but pulling the JL card on some of the other members.
Blue Beetle - I would carry on from the Rebirth Blue Beetle series where Ted is training Jaime so I would have him finance this team and remove all need for a Bat. I also want this team to have some adult supervision and would love to see a friendship grow between Pat and Ted as they start designing random stuff. But yeah, as much as I would carry on the training storyline I would retcon it back to where the Scarab is alien tech and not magic.
Vibe - I love Vibe and he was one of the few characters to come out of New 52 improved. He had a great new costume, a great book and now a JL member. The fact he then disappeared is frustrating.
Owlwoman - So this is a little known character but as I have tried my hand at writing story ideas in the past and just going through wiki pages of different teams and characters Owlwoman is always one who sticks in my mind. She is from the Global Guardians but I have a feeling she is shown as an adult when they were being used so I would deage her to the point she is the oldest on this team. But she is the most naive and newest to superheroics. Living in Oklahoma and not the major cities where most stuff goes on she has mainly just been helping the community and stopping muggings rather than any big supervillains stuff.
Crush - Now I know I said these characters are stale but I think only having one and away from formula would help. And what is crazy is I don't even like Crush that much still, but I think there potential and I think it always helps to have a character on the team you don't necessarily like. I also would have Crush become best friends with Supergirl, who Crush would respect so much more than Damian, and then have Superman and Lobo disapprove of it so much.
Aqualad - I was gutted when the first Rebirth run got cut shortly after he joined. I think he is a great character and you need at least one character who represents any of the OG sidekick characters
Other charactera I would have join or rejoin are: Bunker, Red Arrow, Equinox, Kid Flash, Jakeem Thunder, Offspring and Phantom Girl.
Now I know this team could encounter some problems because Supergirl is sort of a 1st gen character and could cause the sort of problems that I described the animation generation as having done over the last ten years but I think Supergirl is so widely seperated from other Teen heroes is might work out. It helps that most of the other heroes are widely removed still. Stargirl is shown as being so young because she has associated with mainly adults that will help people's mental image of her being a teenager. Blue Beetle is a relatively newer character so has never had a chance to age, Vibe is shown as around 18/19 most of the time and died in his original stories so never been seen as an adult. Again, I don't know about Owlwoman but she is so hardly known it wouldn't matter. And then Crush and Aqualad are shown as being part of this newest generation so that would not cause any problems.
I really think this team just adds much needed brightness and colour to a book that has been so dark and dreary. The staleness is removed but I have done it without creating any new characters and using characters who are well known, well liked (minus Crush and Owlwoman) but still have the potential to have new stories and earn new fans. The team is still powerful and can get to situations that the Justice League would get to. They have four fliers, a teleporter and someone who swims extremely fast. This isn't a bunch of teens who practically only have running available to them unless they use tech. The stories have a variation in potential due to where each of the characters come from as well.
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2020.09.02 20:08 ProbablyTheWurst A complete rewrite of Titans Season 2

Problems with Season 2 of Titans

So the second season of Titans was a bit of a mess structurally for a lot of reasons but I think most of the issues come from the retconning of the Dick’s older Titan's team (that of Aqualad, Donna Troy, Dove + Hawk and Jericho) into existence. This resulted in the characters we spent the last season (Rachel, Gar, and Kory) getting to know being shoved to the side as whole episodes are dedicated to the flashbacks of the old team. The solution to this seems kind of simple, take most of the plot that occurred through flashbacks (ie Jericho’s story) and put in the present.
The other issue from this season came from the cramming of multiple disconnected story arcs into one season which made much of the season’s poor pacing even worse so for the purpose of this rewrite we are cutting Connor’s arc entirely and using Kory’s family drama as the B plot, however rather than having it be explained through clunky exposition we can let the reveals about her background occur more slowly throughout the series.

The changes

As you may have noticed, a few of the changes focused on streamlining areas of the plot and as result the plot I came up with ended up only needing seven episodes to tell. I worked with the basic structure of each scene taking up around five to ten minutes, although with some variation depending on whether it was an action or dialog heavy scene, and tried to fit the each plot into a 40-50 minute episode. I think there are still a few issues, for instance Kory ends up getting left in the background for most of episode 5 and 6.
I’ve also put a TL;DR at the end of each episode’s plot because I get that walls of text aren't that easy to read 😊

The new plot

Episode 1 – “The Judas Contract”

We start with a recap of the previous season before cutting to the title.
The Titans, Donna, Hank and Dawn are all preparing to go their separate ways after the previous season’s fight with Trigon. Donna asks Dick where he and the other Titans are planning on going next. When Dick responds he’s not sure she suggests going to Gotham and making his peace with Bruce to which Dick agrees. Donna also offers Kory the chance to come with her to investigate her past but Kory refuses saying her place is with Dick, Rachel and Gar. Jason joins them to get a free ride back to Gotham. They part with Hank, Dawn and Donna on friendly terms. The camera pans away to a mysterious figure hiding in the trees photographing them all.
We cut to San Francisco where Slade Wilson is enjoying a normal family meal with his wife, Adeline, and mute son, Jericho. The doorbell rings and Adeline answers it to be greeted by Wintergreen and another man in a suit. She calls Slade through, shooting him a slightly upset look as he passes. The three men head into Slade’s private office. The man in the suit introduces himself as Sebastian Blood and hints at being a surviving member of Trigon’s cult who want Slade to kill the Titans and their accomplices as revenge for their victory against Trigon in the first season. When Slade sees the photographs of Rachel and Gar, he tells Sebastian that he doesn’t kill children who responds that he wants Rachel and Gar brought to him alive. He also gives Slade a lead on one of his targets: Donna Troy who’s working as an artist in Chicago. During the conversation we cut to outside the office where we see Jericho listening in before his mother catches him and shoos him away from the door.
We go back to Dick and the gang enjoying their road trip to Gotham. As they drive, they pass by two trucks stopped at the side of the road. Dick asks if the truckers need any help, but they act shifty and refuse. Gar’s enhanced senses discover that the trucks are crammed full of people who are very scared. Deducing that the truckers are human traffickers the Titans decide to intervene, and a short action scene occurs in which the Titans defeat the traffickers and free the victims inside. During the fight both Rachel and Kory accidentally kill some of the traffickers due to Rachel’s lack of control and the nature of Kory’s powers. Jason’s bloodlust also gets the better of him and he ends up severely injuring one of the traffickers much to Dick’s disgust. Gar doesn’t join the fight but instead focuses on freeing the victims.
Afterwards as the gang rest for the night at a motel, Gar, Rachel and Jason discuss the fight with Rachel being visibly shaken after her lack of control over her powers led to man being killed. Gar connects with her, saying how he’s afraid of letting his animal instincts take over and thus is reluctant about transforming. Jason laughs at both them, saying they’re being weak, and that fighting is the one time he feels he can let go of any restraints and feel truly free. In a separate room Dick chastises Kory for her own lack of control and she angrily asks him about “why does he care so much about whether a few bad guys die”. Dick then explains to her about his past with Batman and Bruce’s one rule. As they talk about his history Dick asks Kory if she’s remembered anymore of her past yet and she states she only has flashes of memory from her time on her home world of Tamaran.
We then move to Chicago as Donna returns to her apartment where Slade, in full Deathstroke gear, has been lying in wait. He ambushes Donna and the two fight until Slade is able to overpower her. He briefly interrogates her about the location of the other Titans but she refuses and tells Slade that if he kills her they will come and avenge her. Slade laughs and tells her he’s counting on it, before killing Donna. We end the episode on Slade, exhausted after the fight, removing his mask to reveal his face.

Episode 2 – “Titans Hunt”

We start with a flashback of Dick as Robin and Batman encountering and fighting Deathstroke before cutting to the title.
Dick and the Titans are enjoying breakfast at a diner not far from the motel they stayed at. On his laptop Gar has excitedly been playing a clip from the news about the rescue of the trafficking victims in the previous episode. Their elation is interrupted when the news switches to the story of the murder of artist Donna Troy in her apartment in Chicago. The gang quickly leave determined to reach Chicago and discover the culprit behind their friend’s death.
Cut to Chicago O’Hare Airport where Slade is phoning his wife, Adeline, explaining that he will be away longer than expected but that he has help coming to assist him with his “work”. Adeline will say that Jericho misses him, and Slade promises to try and be around more. He hangs up and we see Slade’s other child, Rose (with both eyes intact), approaching him. Slade gives her the task of watching Donna’s apartment for anyone suspicious snooping around it. Rose expresses frustration at the mundanity of her assignment and tells Slade that he underestimates her skills to which Slade replies that she underestimates her own arrogance.
The Titans arrive in Chicago and head for Donna’s apartment with Dick flashing his Detroit PD badge to get them past the police. As they investigate the apartment Kory discovers several maps, one of which marks the spot in Austria where she killed the gangsters in the first season. Gar’s enhanced senses begin to pick up something strange and he quietly lets Dick know that he thinks there’s someone else in the flat. After a little more probing Jason discovers Rose spying on them. The two briefly fight, we get a demonstration of Rose’s healing ability. While Rose is able to get some hits in against Jason she is no match for Kory and Dick who corner her against a window and demand to know who she is and what’s she doing there but before they can get any answers from her she jumps through the window. They rush forward expecting to see her body on the road below but discover she has vanished.
The Titans then leave to go to Bruce Wayne’s Chicago headquarters to recuperate. Dick, stating that anyone able to kill Donna must treated as a serious threat, orders the younger Titans to train. During this training scene we once again see that both Gar and Rachel are afraid of using their powers while Jason can’t control his bloodlust and ends up hurting Gar. Kory shows Dick the maps she took from Donna’s apartment and they deduce that Donna may have been tracking alien or Tamaranean activity. Dick suggests that this might be the reason why Donna was killed but Kory isn’t sure as the girl they fought in her apartment didn’t seem like a Tamaranean. One of the maps has a spot marked not far from Chicago and Kory suggests that she goes and investigates. Dick is unhappy about losing one of their strongest fighters but eventually agrees.
We cut to outside the Chicago headquarters where both Slade and Rose are watching the Titans from a nearby building. Rose asks if Slade is going to kill them, to which Slade grunts “some of them.” Rose asks to join Slade, but he refuses chastising her for almost getting caught earlier and saying that Rose would slow him down.
Kory arrives at the spot on marked on Donna’s map, a lake in the middle of a forest. Looking around she notices that several rows of trees have been crushed and figures out that something large must have crashed in the lake. She dives in to investigate further. Within the lake Kory discovers a Tamaranean space shuttle and melts through the hull to reach inside where she discovers Faddei, trapped in stasis in a life support system. When Kory see’s Faddei’s face she suddenly gets a flashback to her life on Tamaran where Faddei served as a guard to the royal family. She retrieves Faddei from the lake and is able to wake him up however he is delirious saying vaguely that he came to warn her. He also tells Kory she should never have come here as a group of Tamaraneans suddenly ambush the two. Kory attempts to fight back but is quickly overpowered and knocked unconscious.
We cut to night-time in Bruce Wayne’s Chicago headquarters where most of the Titans are sleeping. Dick, however, can’t sleep and heads to training room. After a few minutes of training he hears a voice say, “I see you’ve improved, Boy Wonder.” Dick spins around and sees Deathstroke emerge from the shadows. The two recognise each other from Dick’s time as Batman’s sidekick. When Dick asks why Deathstroke has come he responds that he’s “here on business.” The two fight, the sound of their battle wakens the other Titans who join in. Slade is able to easily hold his own against them all and is able to quickly incapacitate Jason. Gar transforms into a tiger, briefly taking Slade by surprise but he recovers and knocks Gar out with a tranquilliser dart. Seeing two of her friends so quickly knocked down a scared Rachel loses control unleashing her full power against Deathstroke, destroying a large part of the training room in the process. Slade retreats and escapes from the building, leaving the Titans battered and exhausted after the fight.

Episode 3 – “Family Business”

The pre-titles scene shows a flashback of the Wilson family having their home invaded by Slade’s enemies and the events that led to Jericho’s throat being cut and his loss of speech.
The Titans are recovering from the last episode’s fight as Dick explains who Deathstroke is: a highly skilled genetically enhanced mercenary whose real name is Slade Wilson. Thanks to Bruce Wayne’s extensive intelligence network they have the location of Slade’s mansion in San Francisco. Jason argues that since they know where he lives they should go there and take revenge against Deathstroke but Dick reminds him its more complicated than that and that they need to find out who hired him in the first place and right now Slade is their only lead. Dick then notes that Slade has a son who they can use to get to him and find out who his employers are. Rachel and Gar are opposed to the idea of using Slade’s family against him with Rachel reminding Dick that Kory would also be against going after someone’s family however Dick argues that its only plan they have to tracking down who wants the Titans dead. They all agree to head to San Francisco
We then cut to Slade and Rose driving to the compound to the Church of Blood, the pro-Trigon organisation led by Sebastian Blood. The compound, located near Chicago, resembles a picturesque suburban American town, surrounded by high walls. The town has a Stepford wives-esque 1950s model town feel to it. In the centre of the town is a church with a large statue of Trigon outside. Slade finds Blood within the church and angrily demands to know why he wasn’t informed that his targets included metahumans. Blood shrugs off Slade’s questions and seems instead more interested in Rose, telling Slade the Church would be interested in studying his daughter’s abilities, causing Rose to shudder in disgust. Slade tells Blood that he expects his payment to be doubled as compensation for fighting other metahumans. Blood refuses, telling Slade he will able aptly rewarded once Trigon has returned and conquered the planet. Slade, sceptical of Blood’s fanaticism, tells him to find another mercenary and abandons his contract. As Slade and Rose drive off, Rose expresses unhappiness with Slade’s decisions stating that the two of them easily could have defeated a few young metahumans. Slade responds that it is “not always worth risking everything to prove you can do something.” When Rose asks what does Slade have to risk, he smiles and asks her if she would like to meet her brother.
We then move to Kory who awakes to find herself captured by the Tamaraneans she encountered in the previous episode who begin interrogating her, asking what she’s doing on Earth and if she’s planning on overthrowing “the queen”. Kory, still suffering for partial amnesia, is confused by the latter question but seeing one Tamaranean, whose face has been severely burned, leads to a flashback in which we see Kory in a car chase in Austria with the same Tamaranean and the crash that led to her amnesia.
We then cut to San Francisco where the Titans are spying on Jericho at a records shop. Rachel again voices her concerns about involving Jericho, but Dick shuts her down again saying that this is their only plan. Jason argues that Dick’s plan is too slow and that they should ambush Deathstroke and interrogate him directly about his employers. Dick angrily tells Jason to stop thinking with his fists and start thinking his head which causes Jason to impulsively leave the others saying he’s not good at making friends anyway.
Gar and Dick approach Jericho and, like in the original series, strike up a conversation about the record he’s looking at, with Dick translating for Jericho. They invite Jericho out for lunch, and we get scene of the Titans acting like normal people. Rachel and Jericho are able to connect over their troubled history with their parents. Dick notes that a band whose album Jericho was buying have a concert nearby and asks if Jericho’s going. Jericho responds he would usually go with his Dad but he’s currently away on a “business” trip. Dick says they have tickets and invites Jericho to come along with them to which Jericho readily agrees and they exchange phone numbers. When Gar asks how Dicks going to get tickets at such short notice, he replies “perks of having a billionaire foster father.”
We the end the episode with an action sequence that sees Kory overpowering and escaping the Tamaraneans and rescuing a weak and barely conscious Faddei.

Episode 4 – “Deathtrap”

The pre titles scene features a flashback of Kory’s life on Tamaran, right before she is sent to Earth to stop Trigon. We see Kory interact with Faddei and her family along with sister, Blackfire with whom she has a hostile relationship with.
After the titles we go back to the Wilson family home, where Jericho and Adeline, are preparing dinner when Slade arrives with his daughter Rose whom he introduces to his wife and son. We then see a rather awkward dinner between the family in which Adeline informs Slade that Jericho has made some new friends and is going to a concert with them tomorrow. Slade is happy for his son but is a little surprised since going to music gigs together was “their thing” and Adeline replies that “we all have to deal with a surprise once in a while” referring to Rose. We cut to after the dinner where Rose and Jericho are cleaning up and Rose apologises if she’s caused unnecessary drama within the family. Jericho signs to her not to worry and that he’s always wanted a sibling. The two give each other an awkward hug.
Rose leaves to take out the trash but is ambushed and restrained by Jason, dressed in his Robin costume. He briefly tries to force Rose to help him enter the house but she’s able to throw Jason off. The two wrestle and fight briefly while exchanging flirtatious insults before the commotion draws out Adeline. Jason is able to escape before anyone else sees him. When Adeline asks about the noise Rose tells her it was just a raccoon though Adeline doesn’t seem to believe her.
We cut to Kory and Faddei recovering from their escape from the Tamaraneans. Kory’s memories begin to come back to her, and she questions Faddei about her life on Tamaran. Faddei confirms that she was indeed royalty on Tamaran and states that he has to Earth to retrieve Kory so she can overthrow her sister who has killed Kory’s parents and taken the throne for herself. The Tamaraneans who captured them were loyal to Blackfire who sent them to stop Faddei and kill Kory. Kory receives a call from Dick and the two briefly catch each other up before Dick tells her to come to San Francisco. Faddei is unhappy and tells Kory they need to go to Los Angeles instead although he’s unclear as to why.
We then go to the other Titans who are sleeping in one of Bruce’s safehouses in San Francisco as Jason tries to sneak his way back in. Dick catches him and asks him where’s he’s been. Jason lies and says he was out stopping a burglary. Dick doesn’t believe him and demands Jason be honest with him. Jason angrily responds that Dick isn’t Batman and he’s not Dick’s sidekick and the two argue waking both Gar and Rachel.
The next morning Dick, Gar and Rachel goes to pick up Kory and Faddei. When they meet there’s clearly some competition between the Dick and Faddei, which increases when Faddei again insists they go to Los Angeles but Kory replies that she’s owes it to Donna to find out who wanted them dead. However, when she hears Dick’s plan to use Jericho to get Deathstroke to reveal who his clients are she’s shocked. She asks Dick what they will do if Deathstroke calls their bluff and Dick gives an unsatisfactory answer. They drop Faddei off at the safehouse and go collect Jericho to take him to the concert. Inside the safehouse Faddei finds Jason sitting on the couch watching TV in his pyjamas still angry from the argument the night before. Faddei joins him silently.
The Titans go to collect Jericho from his house, however Slade answers door. Recognising Dick and the rest of the Titans Slade tells Jericho to go back inside while he has a “chat with his friends”. Once he thinks Jericho’s out of earshot, he demands to know what they are doing at his house. Dick threatens to tell Jericho about who Slade really is unless Slade reveals who hired him to kill them. Reluctantly Slade gives Dick the name “Sebastian Blood” and says that he knows Blood is in San Francisco looking for Rachel. As Dick turns to leave Slade promises Dick that if the Titans ever come close to his family again, he will hunt them down and kill them slowly. Unbeknown to all them Jericho has been listening in on the entire conversation.
Using Bruce’s intelligence network, the Titans are able to determine Blood’s location and track him down, incapacitating his security, tying Blood up and throwing him in the truck of their car. As they leave Dick checks his phone and discovers that Jericho has texting him messages like “help” and “where are you” repeatedly. Rachel and Kory, worried that Dick’s actions may have left Jericho in danger demand they go back and check on him.
We cut back to the Wilson family home, where Adeline, Rose and Slade are arguing with Jericho in the next room listening. Adeline is upset that once again Slade’s work has entered their private life while Rose, furious that the Titans have threatened her new family, begs Slade to let her track down and kill the Titans. When Slade once again refuses her, saying she isn’t ready Rose takes one of Slade’s knives and cuts out her left eye to prove her dedication to him. She keeps the knife in her eye socket to prevent her healing factor from recovering her eye. Soon afterwards Jericho bursts throw the door and demands to know the truth about his father. Before Slade can explain Jericho see’s Rose’s mutilated face and in shock runs outside just as the Titans arrive.
Slade, seeing the Titans at his house again, grabs his swords and prepares to engage with Titans with Rose doing likewise. Adeline, going back to her comic roots as an expert military combat instructor, picks up a gun and attempts to defend her home from the Titans. The Wilsons and the Titans fight with Jericho caught in the middle. Eventually Deathstoke is able to land a critical strike on Dick, stabbing him just below his shoulder. In shock at seeing Dick get incapacitated Rachel once again loses control of her powers which lead to the house collapsing on top of Slade, Rose and Jericho. The Titans are able to escape, with Kory and Gar having to drag Dick’s injured body away from the wreckage of the house. When they get back to their vehicle, they discover that Blood has escaped.

Episode 5 – “Titans Plague”

The pre-titles scene shows Wilson crawling from the rubble of the Wilson home, the wounds on his body healing as he frees himself. He uncovers the body of his son, Jericho.
After the titles we cut to a medical room within the San Francisco safehouse where Dick is recovering from the wound Deathstroke gave him during the fight. Gar comes to visit him and jokingly asks Dick if he regrets burning his old Robin Armour, referring to his injury he took as a result of being unarmoured. We learn that none of the other Titans have come to visit Dick since the fight and Dick asks Gar if they blame him for Jericho’s death. Gar replies that Rachel blames herself and Kory blames Dick for getting Jericho involved in the first place. Gar also says that each time he transforms and fights as a tiger he feels as though he’s losing control over his animal impulses and he’s scared of losing his humanity entirely. Dick replies that perhaps he was wrong to try and make the Titans into a team.
After the conversation Dick confronts the Titans, giving them the opportunity to air their grievances with his leadership. The scene plays out similar to how it does in the original show with all the Titans leaving and Dick ending up alone in the safehouse. Kory agrees to accompany Faddei to Los Angeles, Jason leaves to head back to Gotham and Gar and Rachel decide to try their luck on the streets. Dick tells them both to be careful as the Blood is still out there looking for Rachel.
After the other Titans have left Dick, still feeling guilty about Jericho’s death, goes back to the Wilson house seeking closure. The whole area is swarming with cops, but Dick is able to get through using his police badge. There he finds Adeline who is grieving both the loss of her son and her husband who she believes is also dead. Dick goes to speak to Adeline trying to apologise for Jericho’s death, but Adeline refuses to forgive Dick and calls for help, telling the police that Dick murdered her son. Dick reacts defensively to the first cops who approaches him, knocking them unconscious but accepts his fate as penance for Jericho’s death and allows himself to be arrested.
We cut to Gar and Rachel at a soup kitchen. There they strike up a conversation with another young girl whom they notice has severe bruising around her eye. They ask her what happened and after some probing the girl tells them that her father beats her. This angers Rachel who asks the girl to take them to her father, telling her that “dealing with bad fathers is my speciality.” The girl eventually agrees and leads Rachel and Gar to an alleyway where they are both shot with tranquillisers darts by Deathstroke hiding in the shadows. The girl takes off her disguise to reveal herself to be Rose.
We then go back to Dick who has been incarcerated at the Kane County Correctional Facility for his assault of a police officer. As in the original show a prison guard attempts to recruit Dick as an informant and when he refuses, he goes placed into a shared cell with former cartel members Santos, Luis and Rafael.
We move to Kory and Faddei travelling to Los Angeles. Faddei asks a despondent Kory if she’s okay and they talk about how she feels about leaving Dick and the Titans behind. Faddei tries to comfort her by saying she’s made the right choice and that she belongs with her own people. Kory then asks why they’re going to LA and Faddei reveals that when he was captured, he overhead some of the Blackfire’s loyalist Tamaraneans mention a location in outside LA where they had landed their spaceship. Faddei plans on using their spaceship to return back to Tamaran.
We cut to Jason who is preparing to board a plane back to Gotham. He gets pulled of the aeroplane by a guard and led into a separate room where he’s shocked to see Rose wating for him. Jason attempts to fight her, but Rose and the guard incapacitate Jason. The guard reveals himself to be a disguised Slade Wilson.
Jason awakens, tied up in the trunk of a car. The car comes to a stop and Jason is roughly pulled out by Slade and forced into a cage within a warehouse that Slade and Rose are using as a base of operations. There, Jason see’s Rachel and Gar in separate cages. They are able to briefly catch each other up on what happened before a truck pulls into the warehouse and out steps Sebastian Blood along with other members of the Church of Blood. They hand Slade a briefcase full of money and begin loading Rachel and Gar’s cages onto their trucks. When Jason begins to shout in protest, Blood asks about him. Slade tells him to ignore Jason saying, “he’s just a psychopath in a mask”. We end them episode with Rose looking disturbed by her father’s callousness.

Episode 6 – “Resurrection”

In the pre-title’s sequence shows a flashback of Slade first meeting Rose, who is around 14 and living with her mother in New York. When her mother tells Slade Rose is his daughter, he demands she proves it and hands Rose a knife. She cuts open her palm which immediately heals. Slade smiles and offers Rose the chance to come with him and find out “who she really is.” Despite her mother’s protests Rose agrees and leaves with Slade.
After the titles we see Gar experimented on by the Church of Blood as they attempt to brainwash him into a weapon they can use.
We cut to Rachel who can hear the sounds of Gar’s experimentation from her cell within the Church of Blood compound. A collar has placed around her neck. She is visited by Sebastian Blood who explains that even though Rachel destroyed Trigon the Church of Blood believe they can resurrect him by sacrificing Rachel and that the Church of Blood is gathering all its members from around the world to the compound to witness Rachel’s sacrifice. Rachel attempts to attack Blood with her powers but her collar glows dampening her powers and causing her pain. Blood laughs at her and leaves.
We then move onto Dick in prison entering the prison yard watching his cellmates play dominoes on a picnic table. One of them, Santos, glances up at the guards on the wall and the departing transport van, and Dick notices. When Dick walks past, Santos asks if they have a problem and notes that Dick keeps watching him and the others. As Dick returns to his cell, he sees one of the prison gang bosses and his men beating up Santos. Dick ducks back out of sight as the Cartel boss tells Santos to kill Dick as he’s a former cop and in exchange the cartel will forgive Santos and his brothers for their “betrayal.”
We then move to our 4th captured titan; Jason who is being tortured by Slade over the whereabouts of Dick and Kory. He begins by passing a scanner over Jason and using a knife, pulls out a tracker out of both of Jason’s arms. Jason is able to hold out against the torture and taunts Slade over the loss of his son but eventually passes out. Rose intervenes, pointing out that Jason had nothing to do with Jericho’s death. Slade dismisses her concerns and states that his plan is to break Jason and then use him as bait to draw out the remaining Titans. Rose once again seems disturbed by her father’s cruelty.
We cut back to Rachel who is curled up in a corner in her cell, resigned to her fate. She hears her name being whispered by an unfamiliar voice but doesn’t see anyone when she looks up. When she hears her name whispered again, she looks up and reaches out with her powers despite the pain caused by the collar. Gradually an apparition of Jericho appears before her. She attempts to hug Jericho but of course passes straight through him. At first, she thinks Jericho is a hallucination but Jericho is able to convince her that he is real and deduces that when he died some of Rachel’s powers flowed into him allowing her to appear to her after his death. Rachel attempts to apologise for allowing Jericho to die but Jericho refuses to let her accept fault for his death saying that he blames his father for lying to him for his entire life. The two agree to try and figure out a way to escape.
We return to Gar’s experimentation as a member of Church of Blood reluctantly enters Gar’s cage carrying a bag of meat. Gar tries to protest saying he doesn’t eat meat, but the cult-member uses codeword “Galtry” which has been programmed into Gar forcing him to transform into his tiger form. Tiger Gar sniffs the meat but pushes it aside to focus on the human within the cage with him. The culture-member attempts to leave the cage but finds themselves locked it. Gar’s human compassion and animal instincts fight one another as the cultist begins screaming for help before the tiger lunges at him. Sebastian Blood watches on with indifference.
In the prison showers Dick is approach by Luis, one of his cellmates, clutching a shiv. Dick tells Luis that he doesn’t want to do this, but Luis tells Dick that he has to kill him otherwise the Cartel will kill Luis and his brothers. Despite this Luis is unable to go through with the act and his brothers, Santos and Rafael, arrive to take him back to their cell. Santos tells Dick that they attempted to escape the cartel by fleeing to the US but were picked up by immigration enforcement. He says that all three of them will be killed by the Cartel once they are deported and that their only chance to survive, since they are unwilling to kill Dick, is to escape the prison. Dick warns them that this is a bad plan and they’ll never make but Rafael responds that the ‘Nightwing’ will look after them. When Dick asks what a Nightwing is Rafael draws an image of a bird on a wall and explains the Nightwing is a winged bird god who saves people in the night. Dick scoffs at this but doesn’t attempt to dissuade them any further.
We then get a short scene of Kory and Faddei scouting an airstrip just outside of Los Angeles where the Tamaraneans are keeping their spaceship. Faddei asks her if she’s committed to leaving Earth and returning to Tamaran and Kory responds that all she wants is to return home and try and make sense of her life. As they scout, they are spotted by the Tamaraneans and forced to flee. They try to escape but the Tamaranean with the burned face is able to shoot Faddei. As he dies, he tells Kory to leave him and make his death count by defeating Blackfire. Kory is forced to abandon him.
We then return to the warehouse where Jason is being held captive by Slade. He is shaken awake by Rose who begins to free him, telling him that they both need to escape right now. Jason isn’t quite ready to trust Rose and asks her why she is helping him escape. Rose replies that ‘this’, meaning Slade’s kidnapping and torture of Jason, isn’t who she is and that her father was wrong to hand Gar and Rachel to the Church of Blood. The two agree work together to rescue Gar and Rachel.
Back at the prison Santos, Rafael and Luis are escorted from their cells to be deported. The brothers are able to free themselves from their handcuffs and attack the guards but are quickly overwhelmed. Dick watches the fight from his cell and looks at Rafael’s drawing of the Nightwing on the wall. He decides to intervene and help his cellmates. With Dick’s assistance Rafael, Luis and Santos are able to escape however Dick refuses to go with them. More guards arrive and Dick is beaten unconscious and thrown in a solitary cell.
We end the episode at the warehouse with Slade finding Jason’s cage empty and his daughter missing.
Episode 7 is in Comments because Reddit apparently has a word limit
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2020.09.01 18:36 21cyberd1ek Anyone think we might see Troia?

I think we can all agree that killing off Donna the way they did was a huge mistake. So i was think about how we could potentially get her back, and the best I can think of is through Troia. For those that don’t know, Troia is a crazed version of Donna Troy from the future, one that has manipulated the Titans since before they even became the Titans. It’s a bit far out, but Donna Troy is too good of a character to be die how she did, and this would be a pretty interesting way to bring her back.
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2020.08.31 17:30 Dracula717 Can we make this sub decent again?

I love this show. I think it's brilliant. I'm in awe with some of the episodes and most of the things they're doing. I love the direction they went with. It's something I've always wanted to see in a show or movie. I have my own gripes about the show. It's mostly things I roll my eyes at or laugh at. I have my opinions and preferences like anyone else. Just like any show or movie. But the good severely out weighs the bad for me. Overall, this is my favorite show in the world.
I get it. Not everyone is going to like it. Some people like it, some people don't, some people both like it and hate You're all entitled to your opinions. I also know fans that don't like the show are hurt because they love Titans. So they wish is was better for them. I'm not trying to stop people from complaining. These types of shows, or movies, whether it's comic book stuff, star wars, etc has some serious passionate fans. Connor Leslie who plays Donna Troy said she almost didn't take the role because she knows how passionate fans can be.
I can't count how many times my notifications blew up with people arguing with me because I like the show. Am I not allowed to like this show? Or is it forbidden? Those convos are rarely pleasant. People can be pretty harsh. People come at me even if I clap back. I take breaks because I don't need to argue with people.
Any sub for any show or movie will always have complainers. But Just look at this sub. It's turned to complete shit. I like to come on here and read about some news, share some opinions, etc. But on a positive level. Because again, I love this show. But now this sub has no room for people like me.
I guess I'm asking for the negativity on this sub to chill out a little. It sucks to come on here and see 9/10 posts is a shit post. It's ruined for people like me who like this show.
Literally, I cannot post or reply to anything. Without getting hammered.
Can we make this place a place for everyone to enjoy? I mean honestly, how much more complaining can people do? Will anyone ever move on? I sincerely respect everyones opinion, but I would like to enjoy this sub from time to time.
This is like my final attempt to save this sub for me.
Thanks for reading.
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2020.08.24 18:01 hypotheticalbattles Starfire vs Martian Manhunter

Starfire and Martian Manhunter are the likely the same. Both of them can fly and both have super strength and durability. But one thing that one have over the other is Starfire. Starfire has more durability traits then Martian Manhunter. Surviving a whole explosion that wiped out jump city. Also in the teen titans series Starfire has been shown to melt anything at her will. When she raises her hands her hands have her green starbolts look and she can melt metal. Starfire has also shown great and impressive feats for somebody her size. She have fought Wonder Woman, defeated the teen titans in a match in teen titans go, lifting a 75,000 ton ferry boat, her starbolts were so hot that they melted a whole ship full of cargo, and her nova blast is intense. Starfires nova blast was powerful enough to destroy Brainiacs ship and defeated Brainiac 8 multiple times in the comics. She can defeat heavy hitters like Donna Troy who is like an Amazon, she also said that she is powerful enough to take on Wonder Girl, Dick Grayson, and Donna Troy. When angered Starfire can go on berserk state, granting her more super speed, durability, strength and her starbolts become hotter. She even said that she is a Superman strength leveled superhero and she have proved this many times. Starfire can travel faster then the speed of sound and she proved this in Injustice 2 when she does her super move she flies into space in under 0.71 milliseconds. That’s faster then Martian Manhunter himself. And Starfire have the ability of super sight and hearing. Being able to see and hear from more then 100 plus miles away. Starfire is immune to telepathy and she have proved this in Dc Superhero girls when the kryptomitw tried to take control of her mind. It coudent because of her Tamaranian genes. Starfire has enhanced hand to hand combat skills too she was fighting all of her life so she would be fighting for 300 years or more! Starfire proved her hand to hand combat skills when she was fighting in a Themyscaria tournament to which she won without the use of her starbolts and flight. So she don’t need powers to kick your ass, and if she did you would still be friends but you get the giff. When mad enough Starfires starbolts become hotter then the sun itself and in teen titans go she made it rain electricity bolts if energy damaging Cyborg, Raven, and Robin. And when Starfire was fighting Blackfire, she nova blasted on her sister causing an explosion throughout the whole town of Jump City. Starfire is a masters swoardswoman knowing all the basic skills to fighting. She is also involnerable to heat and cold abilities and can regenerate heat whenever she wants to. Starfire has been proved to fight and defeat Kryptonians when she drains one of their solar charge and defeats them effortlessly. But that’s not all of Starfire abilities. In Teen Titans she was powerful enough to seperates Atoms! Atoms are so fast that they pierce through the skin but not Starfire. Her skin is bulletproof and they have proved this during a meeting with the whole dc universe team. Starfire is near involnerable and can’t be defeated often. Starfires starbolts can be fire itself and it doesn’t have to be green energy bolts like the comics say they can be. Starfires can shape her starbolts into shapes that she can use as shields. And they can hold about anything. Starfire is not as weak as you thought now is she, But enough of Starfire let’s go to Martian Manhunter.
The Martian Manhunter has shapeshifting abilities. He often takes the human disguise of Detective John Jones. He has often been shown to grow an extra pair of arms to supplement his fighting abilities and his strength, such as when he helped moved 1/3 of the earth with both Superman and Wonder Woman, has knocked out Shazam once, stopping a ship many times larger than the planet from colliding with earth in tandem with Superman and destroying the Moon which gravity was increased a billion fold to the point it was tearing off the earths crust and ejecting every continent to the atmosphere. He can become stiff or malleable, as well as alter the size and length of limbs. He has elongated parts of himself into bladed weapons during combat. His density is also variable and changes as he wills it. He can use this ability to become intangible and move through objects or allow attacks to fly harmlessly through him or to become extremely dense and increase his invulnerability. J'onzz can also become invisible. In addition to these powers, he can fly and possesses superhuman strength.J'onzz is the most powerful telepath on Earth, being able to control and affect even the Spectre and Doctor Fate with his telepathy. Aquaman has stated that Martian Manhunter's telepathy exceeds even the telepathy of other members of the Martian race. He said that with J'onzz's great telepathic power, his own telepathy just "pings" off of him while, when Aquaman was in the presence of J'onzz's brother, Ma'alefa'ak, there was no such effect. J'onzz is capable of linking the minds of all superheroes at once from a distance of the Moon to all corners of Earth, even once scanning the entire galaxy to see if anyone was not experiencing a brief moment of transcendent bliss. He is also capable of reading the minds of all inhabitants of Earth at once. His telepathic abilities also allow him to create realistic illusions; telepathically trace and locate people; shut down people's minds; brain blast; mental shield; influence thoughts; mind control people; manipulate memory; astral projection; possession; induce sleep; reprogram or reorder minds; and transfer information directly into people's brains. The Martian Manhunter's mind control capabilities have allowed him to mind control the Joker and make him temporarily sane, as well as mind controlling several White Martians at once. He is also capable of mentally shielding those around him from telepathic assault. His own mental defenses are so strong that he is able to telepathically shield himself from the combined might of several White Martians and from the Mageddon machinery. But that woudent work if Starfire because of her involnurability to mind control.J'onzz possesses "Martian Vision" allowing his eyes to see across the electricmagnetic spectrum , including X-ray vision. He can also project energy beams, known as "Martian beams", the exact effects of which have varied in different decades from incendiary effects to concussive impacts to disintegration. J'onzz also has nine senses compared to humans, giving him clearer and more numerable perceptions.
Now who’s the winner?
lets talk about both of their weakness.
Starfire weakness is that if she is confused in a fight she can lose control of her powers. She needs to feel the power in order to use them. And Martian Manhunter weakness is fire. He has a phobia to fire and that’s called pyrophobia. So Starfire would immediately come good in that category. But this fight would kinda be unfair if Martian Manhunter was in his Martian form. Could Martian Manhunter confuse Starfire. Sadly if you are a fan of Martian Manhunter then he would not win in this category because Starfire is ubcontrolable in terms of mind control. So he coudent get Starfire to lose her mind or stuff like that.
who is better then the other?
In terms of strength. Martian Manhunter crushes Starfire in this category. He has destroyed the moon, moves 1/3 of the earth with Superman and Wonder Woman, and even knocked Shazam.
Who has the better power?
starfires abilities are over the top amazing. She has super strength, durability, nova force, electricity bolts, fire, energy bolts, energy shields, hand to hand combat, heat generation, ice generation, near involnerability, bulletproof skin, hot skin, and even furry hair which she can use to her abilities. Starfire definently have the upper hand in powers and abilities. And in her berserk state those powers increase.
who have the better chances to win?
with Martian Manhunter pyrophobia Starfire has to have a plus one point. Starfire is not better at hand to hand combat, or strength. But in her berserk state She can obliterate Martian Manhunter in a few hours. This fight would most likely take hours or even minutes to complete but even though Starfire doesn’t have better abilities she have the best powers. Tat fire has a 79/100 chance to win and Martin Manhunter has a 72/100 chance of winning
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2020.08.22 09:52 MadmansBluff The biggest mistakes of Titans season 2 and how to fix them.

COVID happened at the worst possible time for Titans. The show ended on a low note before production had to shut down with a season finale that was disappointing to say the least (and I have a lot worse to say). So instead of talking about new information from the new season, focus remains on the last concrete thing we got - negative emotions from a weak finale that capped off a disappointing season. But Titans gets no sympathy from me. If Greg Walker and his writing team had done what they were supposed do - deliver a solid season - the feeling would be positive. There would be more anticipation towards season 3. They didn't and they received the reaction that they deserved.
Speaking personally, I was among the people who (mostly) enjoyed the first season. I was anticipating the new episodes of season 2 each week. At one point, I was readily defending the show - now, I'm making posts criticizing it. That feeling of anticipation has turned into a feeling of dread, with the expectation that season 3 will continue the downward spiral, especially with Walker still in charge.
I can't speak for anyone else on their criticisms of Titans, but for me, my feelings changed due to certain bad decisions made by Walker and his writers that turned what was looking to be a new high point for the series into an all-time low. A lot of people may point to the season 2 finale and the cast bloat as the key problems, but I want to go a little more in-depth. It was these mistakes from Walker and company that ruined season 2, ordered from ascending damage. And I still want to believe that these decisions haven't ruined the entire show, so to also add positivity in the face of what's shaping up to be an even bigger disaster, I'll also be discussing how Titans can correct its course and find redemption in season 3.
  1. Gar's (mis)treatment
I can live with Gar only turning into a tiger. That's a budgetary issue. What matters is how the story utilizes Gar and the season 2 story failed him.
Gar did have a pretty important role in the later half of the season, so it's not like he was sidelined - the problem is that his main role is to have bad things happen to him. In season 1, he gets captured and tortured by scientists, then almost dies after being poisoned. For season 2, it's the same thing. He almost dies again, this time from being nearly beaten to death, and is once again captured and tortured in the name of science. He gets saddled with the same story for two straight seasons and it's not even a good one. Gar might as well turn into a monkey because he's the butt-monkey of Titans, existing only to get hurt.
It doesn't help that Gar's relationship with Rachel can't be properly developed until around season 4 (provided we get one) due to the baffling decision to cast a minor as Rachel, but an adult actor as Gar. While the problem there lies with the casting department, that doesn't excuse how his character has been treated. Even though the writers can't fully depict him and Rachel together, they can still give him a different role instead of routinely sticking a kick me sign on his back.
This ranks the lowest because I don't care too much about Gar, but that's also part of the problem - I don't care about him because he's been misused. I don't have a vested interest in a character whose defining trait has been getting his ass whupped. I'm supposed to care about him, but when that's the main thing I get from him, I feel ambivalent.
How to fix: The most efficient way to do more with Gar would be to have a story center on him. The ideal story would be to kill off the Titans Doom Patrol and send Gar after their killers. This has background in the comics, where the Doom Patrol died and Gar pursued the killers, and opens up the opportunity for DP Doom Patrol crossovers without confusion over the DP Doom Patrol being a separate team.
This probably won't happen in season 3 because it's already supposed to center on Kory, but it's something that could be utilized for a future season. And Teagan Croft will be 18 by then, so Gar and Rachel's relationship can be fully realized. For season 3, it will be a matter of at least not kicking Gar to the sidelines and/or bringing him to the forefront just to have him captured and beat up again. This can be accomplished more effectively if certain other characters are removed from the show...
  1. Increased focus on Hank and Dawn
Titans will always be unfavorably compared to Doom Patrol because Doom Patrol understands one crucial thing that Titans does not - how to manage a series based on a team. Unlike with Gar, Doom Patrol gives all of its heroes the right amount of focus. And Doom Patrol makes all of its heroes likable and interesting characters - unlike Hank and Dawn.
It's bad enough that Titans can't properly balance its characters, but the real kicker is screentime that could be for Gar is instead used on Hank and Dawn, the worst characters of the entire series. These guys are not heroes. The main objective of a hero is to help others. Hank and Dawn suit up to hurt others because they hurt. In the first season, they were tolerable due to having supporting roles, but the increased focus on them in season 2 exposed how awful they really are. Not only are they unlikable - they're boring. Their entire arc is them breaking up and getting back together, which has happened twice now.
Their increased focus would have been more tolerable if one of them died in season 2 because instead of being background players whose deaths leave no impact, the audience would have at least gotten to know them before their exits. The death of one of these characters would have also forced the other to develop now that their partner is no longer around. That didn't happen and in a decision that could tank season 3 from the very beginning, they're both still around. But this also relates to a far bigger mistakes.
Also, their karaoke sequence was pure cringe. Doom Patrol also has Titans beat in that area.
How to fix: Hank and Dawn are an anchor dragging this show underwater. They're going to start sinking season 3 as soon as they appear with their unlikable presence and repetitive arc. They need to be dealt with as soon as possible, with their roles minimized. When they are around, the focus should be on their contributions to the team, not their on-and-off relationship that's been depicted enough.
The general assumption is that they'll leave Titans during season 3 to appear in their own spin-off series. Personally, I don't think that should happen. I've seen characters leave shows for spin-offs, only for the spin-off to fizzle out. The shining example for me is Lancer Hunter and Bobbi Morse, who were written off Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to receive their own series, only for the series to not make it past the pilot stage. There are too many variables and these are characters I don't want to see more of, period, let alone watch an entire series based around them. And if they simply leave the show by bus, there's always the chance that they may return.
Titans bills itself as being a dark and mature take on the comic material. That would be accomplished by permanently killing off Hank and Dawn in season 3, raising the emotional stakes and tension - the Titans will have to truly deal with loss (provided that a certain other story isn't botched) and the audience will recognize that other Titans may also permanently die.
  1. Making Jason Todd a Titan
Curran Walters' performance as Jason Todd has been nothing short of phenomenal. He's been so good, I was just glad to be seeing more of him when I heard that Jason would be on the team in season 2 and didn't realize what a horrible decision this was.
Here's another example of Doom Patrol understanding a superhero team better than Titans. In a superhero team, each hero is supposed to bring something unique to the team - e.g. distinct abilities. Doom Patrol understood this. The Teen Titans cartoon understood this. Really, all the comic runs of Titans understood this. The only entry that doesn't understand this is the 2018 Titans television series. The comics never put two Robins as main members of the same Titans team - Dick, Tim, and Damien all had their own teams for this reason. This show put Dick and Jason on the same team while neither offers distinct abilities from each other. They're two bird-themed heroes with no superpowers (which also applies to Hank and Dawn, making this even more redundant), so they rely on their physical prowess and gadgets.
Jason was never a primary member of the Titans in the comics because it would have made no sense. He was created so Batman would still have a sidekick while Dick could develop on his own with the Titans. To also put him on the Titans would be counterproductive. On this show, where part of Dick's arc is transitioning from Robin to Nightwing, a similar guest role for Jason is exactly how he should be utilized. Dick learning that he's been replaced as Robin is another factor for him to take up a new identity. Jason has no major role beyond this in a series supposed to center on a Dick-led Titans team, except maybe acknowledgement of his death and appearances as Red Hood.
Apart from unnecessarily bloating the cast, what does Jason - still in his Robin persona - add to the series? Obviously, his expected story arc is to become Red Hood. But that's not a Titans story. That's a Batman story, deeply rooted in Batman. Of course the Titans are going to fail Jason - they can't even look after themselves, let alone a messed-up kid. Batman wasn't supposed to fail Jason. He's supposed to know what he's doing, which made Jason's death all the more impactful and led to a collision course between his ideals and Jason's new ones. The Titans are already established as not knowing what they're doing, which makes their failure to prevent his darker path a comedy of errors.
To top it off, are we really supposed to believe that Bruce gave up on Jason that easily? That Bruce thought the Titans would do a better job mentoring him than he could? The Titans are probably going to be blamed for what happens to Jason when the irony is, Bruce is more responsible for what happens in the show than in the comics by having Jason removed from his care and placed in a far more irresponsible environment. So Jason bloats the cast in an unneeded role to provide an adaptation of a comic story that will be half-baked at best and utterly absurd at worst.
How to fix: With the current direction that Walker and his writer seem to be taking, going for developments because they're unexpected, despite being devoid of logic, Jason's story is only going to get worse. I'm confident that under the current plan, Jason will not be dying on the show - he'll don the mantle of Red Hood and start killing without experiencing death, eliminating the tragic aspects of his character in the process.
Jason needs be removed from this show because he doesn't belong. My proposition is for him to be killed by Grant Wilson, trying to avenge his father's death, who operates under the first Red Hood in the series. That way, an adversary with a prominent connection to the story still kills him (the Joker is a non-entity in this show, so him being the killer would be anticlimactic) and there is still symbolism behind Jason using the Red Hood name instead of coming up with it out of the blue. Even though it's anticlimactic, I could still live with him dying at the Joker's hands because any scenario (unless there are some absurd ones I'm not accounting for) where he dies is better than those where he lives. Then if there's enough demand for it, Jason can be brought back in the likely-upcoming Red Hood spin-off, an environment better suited to Curran Walters' talents.
  1. Resolving Deathstroke early into the finale
I can figure out the motivation behind some bad decisions, even though I find that motivation to come from misguided (and sometimes, simply bad) places. The decision to conclude Deathstroke's story within the first act of the season 2 finale is something else. I'm not quite sure why the story that was the focal point of most of the season was quickly wrapped up and discarded in favor of a story that didn't begin until about halfway through the season. Literally every re-telling of the season 2 finale that I've seen makes sure to have Deathstroke show up after Cadmus is defeated, not have him be defeated first. As the main antagonist, it's only logical for Deathstroke to be the final obstacle of the season. The problem with eliminating the season's main antagonist early into the finale so they can be replaced with a less prominent adversary speaks for itself.
I even understand why Cadmus was brought into the season. The purpose of Cadmus was to ensure that Deathstroke had an adversarial role in the story's conclusion. When Dick sees Deathstroke before the finale, Deathstroke says he's done - but promises to kill the Titans if they return. Cadmus causes the Titans to return, ensuring that Deathstroke also comes back to follow-up on his promise - with no Cadmus or another separate antagonist's story for that matter, Deathstroke spends the rest of the season on a couch. The problem is that the Cadmus story was supposed to add to Deathstroke's story, not replace it. Of course, the Cadmus story replaced Deathstroke as the final threat of the season, wasting so much build-up in the process. Worst of all, this marks the second consecutive time that the season's big bad was defeated anticlimactically - and when both big bads were given lame defeats, it's easy to see why expectations are low for season 3.
How to fix: There's obviously no way Deathstroke is dead for good, although when this reveal is made will be a mystery until the end of season 3 and maybe beyond that if more seasons are on their way. When he returns needs to be two things - impactful and done at the right time. The ideal time to bring him back right now would be at the end of season 3 so a similar mistake isn't made and he overshadows season 3's big bad. Letting his character rest for the season, then bringing him at the end for the season 4 teaser is the perfect way to build anticipation for the next season, if we get it. He'll be anticipated to return as the big bad and this time, his story will be done right - instead of being wrapped up quickly, it will be the last main story of the season resolved.
  1. Not using the original season 1 ending
Titans is a bit of an innovator - the show had what's now called the "COVID finale" before COVID was a thing - ending the season abruptly before all of the intended episodes aired. Of course, this isn't a good thing. Walker doesn't have a legitimate excuse for pulling the originally intended finale and having season 1 end on an unsatisfying cliffhanger that left the main story unresolved. This may be the only time where the announcement of a new season turned out to be a bad thing because there's no way Walker would have removed the intended finale and left the first season on a cliffhanger without knowing he would have a second season to resolve it.
While I could go into detail about why ending a season without any resolution and dumping that resolution into the next season's premiere is a bad idea, the damage there was short-term. The season 2 premiere, as many should have expected, felt more like the season 1 finale than the proper start of a new season, but the season could quickly recover from that so long as its main story turned out to be worthwhile.
It wasn't - and a big reason for that was because the season 2 premiere didn't use what happened at the end of the original season 1 finale - specifically Dick becoming Nightwing and the Titans becoming a team. These were events being built up throughout the entire first season, but they never came in season 1. Even though they were ready to be used by the start of season 2, season 2 instead needlessly stretched these storylines out for another 13 episodes, finally resolving them at the end. The end result was a season of repetition - another season of Dick trying to find himself, another season where the Titans split and aren't a team throughout most of it. It took two whole seasons to accomplish what should have been finished in one. Season 2 ran out of ideas halfway through because by that point, Dick had to be Nightwing and the Titans had to be together for the story to progress - yet the creative team found themselves in a quagmire because those were big events meant to occur at the season's culmination. Well, the defeat of the season's big bad is also supposed to happen in the finale, yet Trigon was beaten in the season premiere. Removing the original season 1 finale was the beginning of the end, but not retaining all the major plot developments ensured that the second season was likely doomed.
How to fix: The damage here is already done, but at least these storylines have finally been taken care of after two full seasons. This shouldn't happen again so long as another intended season finale isn't abruptly (and intentionally) removed. Instead of stretching out storylines ready to be finished, season 3 can now start a fully new story. The problem is if this is a story worth telling because as bad as season 1's cliffhanger was, sometimes, a season finale with a proper resolution can be worse.
  1. The death of Donna Troy
Was anything else going to receive the top spot? Of course not. Walker and his writers had made many bad decisions before this point, but nothing egregiously in your face bad. Nothing that felt like the show couldn't recover from it. Nothing so against the very principles of good writing. That all changed with the death of Donna Troy. When this happened, the problems with the show couldn't be ignored anymore, not with this absolute lack of competence from the showrunner and his writers. The fact that Walker was a co-writer on the season 2, meaning he had direct involvement with what happened, only further highlights the ineptitude on display here.
Plenty has been said about the obvious problems with the scene - that it makes no sense for Donna to be killed by man-harnessed electricity after surviving Conner's punches without a mark and that it makes no sense for Conner, whose entire character is based around this, does nothing in the one moment where the story demands that he do nothing. But the true problems with this development go beyond the silliness. A lot of people seem to think that the problem was just how Donna died - every re-telling of the season 2 finale that I've read depicts her being killed by Deathstroke or Conner. A lot of people seem to think that Donna had to die - some even incorrectly believing that Donna has to die to become Troia when Donna actually died in the comics as Troia. Deathstroke killing her would have been gratuitous after everything else he already did to her and Conner killing her would logically ruin his character due to his emotional instability (logic isn't a strong point with these writers, but still). The real problem was Walker's decision to even kill Donna.
Not only was it completely unnecessary to kill Donna from a source material perspective - her comic death was to set up a Crisis event, which doesn't apply to the show, and the same comic that killed her at least had the courtesy to bring her back in its epilogue - doing so takes away from the narrative instead of adding to it. This is the polar opposite of Hank and Jason, where their deaths would have benefited the story because there's nothing new to do with them. Donna adds more to the story being in it than away from it - we haven't seen her with Diana, we haven't explored her relationship with Roy, we don't know what caused the fire that killed her father, we don't know who her mother is, and we don't know why her Amazon handlers were targeted for assassination. All of this is potentially lost - in favor of yet another story where Hank and Dawn go through their toxic on-and-off relationship and watered down, completely out of place Red Hood adaptation. And Donna adds something to the team that literally no other character can add - being an actual friend to Dick. The fact that Dick has no true friends on the team right now, all while the Titans are based in friendship, is true absurdity.
Hank was the ideal character to die in the finale. Much of the penultimate episode, right down to its title, was building up to his redemption. Sacrificing himself to save Dawn would be the perfect way to go out and conclude their relationship, demonstrating that she truly mattered to him. His character has nowhere else to go but repeat what the show has already depicted, with his sacrifice completing his arc. And his death would allow for the Holly Granger reference to become more than an Easter egg and instead a teaser for her appearance on the show. Jason's death would have worked too. His story does not work without him dying and being killed by Deathstroke would have been the perfect way to conclude his relationship with Rose - the punishment for her deception was the life of who she loved because he wouldn't have been an easy target on his own if she didn't lie to him. There were two solid prizes right in front of Walker and he opted for the mystery box. He passed the ball on the 1-yard-line. He made the worst possible decision he could have made at the worst possible time. This, of course, turned out to be the last major moment of season 2's story and now season 3 has this awfulness dumped right on it, forcing it to either right the ship or send it right into Atlantis.
How to fix: After how poorly season 2 handled her death, season 3 has to be very delicate with how it handles Donna. But with Walker still in charge, it's only natural to expect that he'll botch this too. The implications are not good. From what I'm feeling, I expect a Black Siren retread because of Rachel's demonic source for her powers (they turned the gargoyle evil, after all) and the current comic continuity has Troia as an evil Donna. To turn the character evil after killing her in such an insulting way is the ultimate insult. I'm also hearing rumors that Donna will only appear in flashbacks for season 3, meaning either Rachel is gone for the whole season or she failed in her objective, making the season 2 finale's teaser a bait-and-switch that went nowhere. This also opens up the can of worms of delving into Donna's convoluted comic origins, which the show had no valid reason to delve into. The continuity errors that forced her original origin - depicted on the show - to be changed in the comics do not apply to the show and moving away from this origin would be a grave mistake.
The best solution may be a cop-out, but when dealing with writing this bad, options are limited. Simply revealing that Donna survived and her death was faked will fix the various logical issues with the season 2 finale and help alleviate the negative feelings towards this moment. It will undo the show's biggest mistake (hopefully not to be undone by season 3) - ensuring that worthwhile and engaging content is saved - and maybe improve feelings towards the season 2 finale with this new knowledge - maybe even improve feelings towards season 2 as a whole.
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2020.08.17 13:13 FioreSofen [Self] Donna Troy from Titans for Monday!

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2020.08.16 10:36 WheelJack83 Just Watched Season 2 Finale: I have Questions (Spoilers)

If you love the show, I apologize, but I am not going to be kind here. So I have questions.
  1. Why was Slade Wilson/Deathstroke such a pushover? He's defeated in like minutes and with seeming ease. Was he not wearing armor? Also, if it's fine to kill people, why didn't they just gut the jerk years ago? Just saying, this Deathstroke is not the epic, legendary fighter he is in the comics. And if these Titans have no issue with just gutting and maiming and mutilating bad guys...why not just do it instead of cower in fear of a guy who doesn't even seem to be all that competent?
  2. Why is everyone just standing around while that lighting structure is falling? Even Donna Troy just appears to be staring at it for a seeming hour before she finally decides to move in and freaking do something. This seems to be a recurring thing in the series. You have metahumans and superheroes just standing around and passively watching and not doing anything. It's sort of...boring.
  3. Did Gar's powers run out? Why didn't Gar jump in and like turn into a T-Rex or a Brontosaurus and lift up the structure? Or I dunno a gorilla, or something huge and strong that could've helped Donna Troy.
  4. And hello CONNER...aka Superboy. Where the hell did he go? Conner has superspeed, and super strength. I have no idea why that lighting rig and electricity killed Troy, but surely Conner likely would've been able to come out of it in less danger.
Also, how did Donna die from that electricity? She took Conner's punches without a sweat. Conner can't even be pierced by bullets. Clearly Donna is very strong and durable. Why does the electricity fry her and kill her? This is highly inconsistent.
So this rig at the park is about to fall and no one lifts a finger to do anything except DONNA. Hank did jack crap. None of these heroes have any sort of flight or fight response? I feel like at least one or two people would've run in and dived to at least shield Dawn or something. Conner doesn't have enhanced senses so he couldn't have rushed in to help either? What gives?
  1. Why does Kory say "This is for Lex Luthor" when she punches out Mercy Graves? That's totally random. Now, this could've meant she was delivering to that punch for Lex. But usually when you say something like that, you are getting payback on behalf of that person. Does Kory want payback on behalf of Lex Luthor or was she punching Mercy because she couldn't punch Luthor? If it's the latter, then the proper line would've been, "When you see Lex Luthor, give him this for me," or something to that effect. Saying "This is for Lex Luthor" muddles it up.
  2. Bad editing. The fight choreography just uses tons of constant quick cuts and edits. Is it just me or does the show look better to anyone else?
  3. Everything is so dark and gloomy. It doesn't look like Titans. It looks a CW show trying to emulate Zack Snyder.
  4. What is going on with Beast Boy's powers? He seldom transforms and ... all he can transform into is a tiger? He can't transform into anything useful? Beast Boy and pretty much EVERY character in this show seems SEVERELY under-powered.
  5. It seems the overall problem with the show is they are trying to do Titans on a SHOESTRING budget. And this is the result. Everyone just kind of passively standing around encroached in darkness. They compensate for the lack of an actual budget, superhero feats, powers and actual TEAMWORK with gratuitous violence and cursing, something that doesn't really fit a story like Titans. Does anyone else get that sense? What should be a big budget superhero team movie on par with Avengers is now a dark, muddy low-budget streaming show on a shoestring budget where they can't really accurately get across how cool and impressive these heroes should be.
  6. Dick Grayson comes off more like Red Hood/Jason Todd than Dick Grayson/Nightwing. Meanwhile, Jason Todd comes off more like Tim Drake. Does anyone else think they badly missed the mark on their characterizations?
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2020.08.13 18:02 eze352 Establishing the (Teen) Titans in the Event of a Reboot

The Titans and Teen Titans have had several origins over the years. I thought it'd be kinds fun to establish my own origin for it. It takes inspiration for the New 52 Justice League, the Young Justice TV show, and Rebirth.
Shortly after the formation of the JL (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, Aquaman, Cyborg), the sidekicks (Dick Grayson, Wally West, Garth, Donna Troy) become friends and go on secret hero missions together without the knowledge of their mentors, often joined by Roy Harper, Mal Duncan, Bumblebee, Hawk, Dove, and others. Within the JL, Cyborg increasingly feels isolated and misunderstood (he still hasn't mastered his abilities at this point), and he eventually quits the league to do some self discovery. The league recruits several new members as a response, including Martian Manhunter, who becomes a core part of the team.
In the years that followed, Dick and his friends maintain their secret team, calling themselves Titans. Tim Drake and his friends from Young Justice, though they aren't involved in hero work as much. Cyborg masters his abilities and becomes much more self-assured, even beginning to mentor young metahumans like Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire (who is older than the other two and was found years earlier by Dick and Cyborg, who collaborated often).
Damian Wayne finds out about the Titans, and wanting a team of his own, he does some sleuthing and finds out about Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven. He recruits them for a mission, but it gets botched due to poor teamwork and Cyborg bails them out. Cyborg hears the teens out and agrees not to tell the League about the new team, under the condition that he assigns and supervises their missions, all which will be stealth and off the books. From there, he gets inspiration to start a metahuman youth center to help train them and others. Wallace West, Emiko Queen, and Kaldur eventually join, creating the Teen Titans.
The JL eventually catches wind of the Titans and Teen Titans when the metahuman youth center is attacked and most of the kids are kidnapped for trafficking. Cyborg, Starfire, and Nightwing lead the Titans and Teen Titans to rescue them, with the JL being backup in what becomes a very public battle. The teens are recovered, but the youth center is destroyed.
Though Batman is still pissed that he never caught wind of the teams (Dick and Damian learned well from him) the League, Cyborg, and Nightwing are able to mend fences. Superman and Wonder Woman offer Cyborg a chance to rejoin their ranks, but he only does so on the condition that the League, Star Labs, and the Department of Metahuman Affairs set up two global metahuman youth centers in California and New York. Nightwing and the Titans will run the one in NY while Cyborg runs the one in CA. Teens who want to dip their toes in hero work can join the Teen Titans (a stealth team led by Starfire and answering to Cyborg), while older people can join the more public Titans (run by Dick). The league accept the terms, Cyborg rejoins, and the two centers are opened.
Sorry that took so long. What do you guys think of my fanfic origin? What would you change?
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2020.08.08 02:23 phantomxtroupe Who's a character that you really love but doesn't get a lot of mainstream attention?

For me, it has to be Donna Troy. It sucks that not only do most mainstream audiences not know Donna, but don't even associate her with the Titans because she wasn't in the cartoon. Donna was a founding member but is barely recognized as that outside of comics.
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2020.07.23 02:13 Thanos_Kun Rewriting the DCU; detailed plots for 46 original movies, Phase 6

Please read phases 1 - 5 before starting 6.
Phase 1 establishes the origin stories of the founding 6 members of the Justice League and sets the foundation for the cinematic universe of the DCU.
1944 - Wonder Woman: Paradise Lost
2024 - Aquaman: Throne of Atlantis
2024 - Batman: Year One
2027 - Superman: Last Son
2027 - Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn
2027 - Flash: Ignition

Phase 2 shows the founding 6 as now experienced heroes tackling greater threats while organically introducing more heroes and creating more branching plotlines for the cinematic universe.
2029 - Superman II: Man of Steel
2030 - Green Lantern II: Blackest Night
2030 - Wonder Woman II: Paradise Lost
2031 - Teen Titans: Independence Day
2031 - Batman II: The Dark Knight

Phase 3 shows the formation of the Justice League and the resulting effects of superheroes joining forces to protect against planetary threats instead of individual villains.
2032 - Justice League: Origin
2033 - Black Canary: Birds of Prey
2033 - Flash II: Terminal Velocity
2034 - Wonder Woman III: Gods and Mortals
2034 - Justice League II: Doomsday

Phase 4 shows the consequences of Superman’s death on the world and superhero community and introduces multiple heirs to the mantle before the original makes his triumphant return.
2034 - Teen Titans II: Child's Play
2034 - Green Lantern III: Brother's Keeper
2035 - Titans: Graduation Day
2035 - Hawkgirl and Hawkman: Endless Flight
2036 - Superman III: Ascension

Phase 5 is the exact middle of the DCU story and acts as the bridge between the two halves of the story; the first being the burgeoning superhero community and the second being the escalation of threats against the world and universe.
2036 - Titans II: Deathtrap
2036 - Batman III: Knightfall
2037 - Flash III: Flashpoint
2037 - Aquaman II: The Deluge
2037 - Nightwing: Black Mirror

Phase 6 illustrates the events that precipitated and eventually culminated with Darkseid's arrival on Earth.
2038 - Supergirl: Crucible
Protagonist – Kara Zor-El/Kara Kent (Supergirl) (25), Kon-El/Connor Kent (Superboy) (21)
Antagonist – Mongul
Important Characters – Lobo
Background – During her college years from 2032 - 2037, Kara Zor-El was struggling to discover what she wanted to be in life and thus did not “superhero” frequently, and helping raise her second cousin after Clark’s death from 2035 - 2036 made it even more difficult. But upon Clark’s resurrection and her graduation from college, Kara got a job at Cat Grant’s new reporting agency and began crime fighting consistently. Connor Kent left the Titans in 2038 in the hopes that Superman would take him under his wing, but Clark was uncomfortable with the idea of a clone and does not view Connor as a son despite Connor viewing Clark as a father. Kara ended up taking Connor as a sidekick and helped him enroll at her alma mater and get a college education. Because Kara spent her entire childhood on Krypton, where cloning was the only practiced form of reproduction, she views Connor as a natural part of her family and has no qualms treating him as such.
Plot – Kara is in space teaching Connor how to fly properly, but they are taken by surprise by an unknown assailant and knocked unconscious. They are taken to Warworld and are forced to fight as gladiators by Mongul and they will only earn their freedom if they win. They are put in separate brackets and Kara has to defeat the person who kidnapped them, which is revealed to be Lobo. They fight and though there is no clear winner, Lobo forfeits because he likes Kara’s spirit and because he thinks she is sexy. Kara and Connor keep winning and advancing until they are the only two left, but when they refuse to fight each other they have to both fight Mongul if they are to be allowed to return home. Both of their power combined is enough to defeat him and they return home to earth.
Sequel tie-in – Darkseid arrives on Warworld and it is revealed Mongul acted on his orders to test earth’s heroes’ ability to resist his eminent invasion.
Lore - Conor doesn't age due to the way Luthor and Cadmus cloned him, and the Justice League is using their resources to find a way to reverse it.
Author's Note - If Superboy and Supergirl weren't caught of guard, and if Superboy wasn't still learning how to fly, they wouldn't have been captured so easily despite Lobo's strength.
2038 - Shazam: First Thunder
Protagonist – Billy Batson (Shazam) (13)
Antagonist – Teth-Adam (Black Adam) (1,030)
Important Characters – The Wizard Shazam
Background – 1,000 years ago, Trigon made his first attempt to invade Earth’s dimension through his first human-demon hybrid child. The wizard Shazam, not yet old old but past his prime, empowered Teth-Adam, a poor man from Khandaq, to fight alongside him and become his successor. They managed to defeat and destroy Trigon’s son, thwarting his plan, but the newfound power corrupted Adam. He became a warlord who took over Khandaq and killed the aristocracy for their crimes against the poor. Shazam couldn’t bear to kill him, understanding his anger but unable to condone his actions, so he banished him 100 light years away from earth. As Black Adam can fly 1/10 the speed of light, after a thousand years he should be approaching earth. Shazam is very old and near death and must quickly find a successor.
Plot – Though he was previously incredibly picky about his successor due to his fear of creating another Black Adam, eventually Shazam has no more time and appoints Billy Batson as his successor. Soon after, he passes away. Billy, aware that Black Adam will reach Earth soon, works to master his powers in time. When Black Adam arrives, he and Billy fight, and although Billy has more raw power due to Black Adam being middle aged by now, Adam is wiser and more experienced. Billy eventually beats him by tricking him into getting hit with one of the Shazam lightning bolts, turning his body into its 1,000 year old human form which disintegrates.
Sequel tie-in – Billy is dancing and enjoying his victory when Superman, John Stewart, and Wonder Woman arrive and demand to know who he is and why he just had a brawl across miles of the U.S.
Author's Note - Obviously as a Billy is just a kid, there will be moments of juvenile humor like from the real Shazam movie, which makes sense when your main character is a child. But I also tried to make Black Adam a more sympathetic villain, you can't condone his actions but you understand his pain. Considering I killed him off, the least I can do is make his character complex for the limited time he's alive. From a literary standpoint, he is similar to the MCU's Killmonger.
2039 - Teen Titans III: Sins of Youth
Protagonist – Damian Wayne (Robin) (18) [leader], Donna Troy (Wonder Girl) (18), Emiko Queen (Artemis) (18), Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle) (15), Garfield Logan (Beast Boy) (14), Raven Roth (Raven) (14), Wallace West (Kid Mercury) (17)
Antagonist – Talia al Gul, League of Shadows
Important Characters – Cassandra Cain (20)
Background – When Talia killed her father Ra's and Lady Shiva rebelled in 2032, Talia managed to keep Shiva’s daughter, Cassandra Cain, as a hostage to dissuade assassination attempts. Talia continued to train the already deadly Cassie, and by 2037 Cassie Cain was Talia’s personal bodyguard like her mother had been. Before Damian was sent away in 2033, Cassie was the only friend he had, and Damian was also Cassandra's only friend as well.
Plot – Now that Damian is grown, Talia sends Cassandra Cain and the League of Assassins to escort him home so he can be named the next Head of the Demon. When Damian refuses, Talia tries to make him accept his destiny by force. His stubbornness leads her to be more and more aggressive until she is having the assassins use his friends’ lives against him and attacking Titan's Tower. Throughout all of this, Cassandra Cain is conflicted about hurting the one person in her life who treated her well and saw her as more than a weapon. She ultimately betrays the Assassins and Talia for Damian, and with her plan rendered moot Talia has to withdraw. Cassandra Cain is made a Teen Titan and given the codename Orphan.
Sequel tie-in – Orion of New Genesis arrives on Earth via Boom Tube.
Lore – Emiko Queen is Oliver Queen's half sister. Oliver Queen’s father was having an affair with Emiko Queen’s mother and he planned to divorce his wife to be with her. He planned to do so directly after the fateful cruise ride where he and Oliver were stranded. The reason he only took Oliver on the trip was because he wanted to break the news to his son first.
Lore 2 - During the tournament on Warworld in Supergirl: Crucible, one of the gladiators Superboy defeated was a scarab enhanced alien. When Superboy returned to earth, the scarab abandoned it's host and hitchhiked to earth on his spacecraft. From there it found its way to Jaime.
2039 - Titans III: Prime of Life
Protagonist – Victor Stone (Cyborg) (25) [leader], Will Harper (Arsenal) (24), Garth (Tempest) (21), M’gann M’orss (Ms. Martian) (18 in human years), Red Tornado, Jackson Hyde/Kaldur’am (Aqualad) (19)
Antagonist – Steppenwolf, Kalibak
Important Characters – Orion (20 in human years)
Background - When the First Gods left earth to make way for the Olympian Old Gods, they traveled to an alternate dimension with twin planets, New Genesis and Apokalips. The more powerful First Gods claimed the beautiful New Genesis for themselves, leaving the desolate Apokalips to their less powerful peers. On each planet, the First Gods procreated with the native peoples with their descendants becoming the New Gods. The New Gods of Apokalips never forgave their brothers on New Genesis for their treatment and the two planets have been enemies ever since. Darkseid orders his second and third sons, Steppenwolf and Kalibak, to take his shock trooper Parademons and establish a foothold on earth for the main force. When Highfather Izaya received reports of Darkseid’s mobilization, he sent his adopted son Orion to Earth to monitor the situation and report any developments back to him.
Plot – The Titans get a call from the local police precinct saying they are having trouble arresting an apparent meta for causing a public disturbance. The Titans arrive and try to subdue the meta, Orion. After the misunderstanding is cleared up, Orion tells them that his mission was simply to watch and observe but when he discovered his brothers were intending to invade Earth, he felt that he needed to help them. He joins the Titans in combatting Darkseid’s vanguard, led by his blood brothers Steppenwolf and Kalibak. Together, they manage to defeat the Parademons and force the sons of Darkseid to retreat.
Sequel tie-in – Darkseid turns his sons over to Granny Goodness for their failure and says that he will invade earth himself.
2039 - Justice League III: Darkseid War
Protagonists – Bruce Wayne (Batman) (39), Kal-El/Clark Kent (Superman) (35) [leader], Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) (26), Orrin/Arthur Curry (Aquaman) (34), Barry Allen (Flash) (33), Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) (37), Dinah Lance (Black Canary) (33), John Stewart (Green Lantern) (33), J’onn J’onzz (Martian Manhunter), Shiera Sanders (Hawkgirl) (29), Carter Hall (Hawkman) (29), John Henry Irons (Steel) (32), Billy Batson (Shazam) (14)
Antagonist – Darkseid
Important Characters – Scot Free (Mister Miracle) (20 in humans years), Big Barda (23 in human years)
Background – Darkseid searched for the rumored Anti-Life Equation to conquer both New Genesis and the universe. He learned of the Mobius Chair, a repository of knowledge greater than any other in the universe, which was located at the center of the universe. He sent his adopted son, Scot Free, aka Mister Miracle, to retrieve it in 2037 because only he would be able to make it out alive. While the chair did not explicitly tell him the Anti-Life equation as he hoped, it did show him that he could find it on earth. Since 2038, he has been preparing for an invasion of earth.
Plot – When Scot Free realized the consequences of having stolen the Mobius Chair for his father, he felt incredibly guilty and traveled to Earth with his lover, Big Barda, to warn them of Darkseid arrival. Knowing Darkseid's power and assuming earth would have no chance, they figured they could at least give them a warning so they could evacuate at least a small percentage of the planet and save who they could. Scot and Barda themselves planned to spend the rest of their lives fleeing from Darkseid across the galaxy. However, the League was not at all cowed. When Darkseid arrives on Earth, the League fought valiently against his assault but were unable to prevent him from gaining a staging ground in Dakota City. Also, Steel was paralyzed from the waist down durng the battle. Scot and Barda were preparing to leave the planet, but when they saw the League's courage in the face of overwhelming odds, it inspired them and they decided to stay and help the League fight Darkseid and his forces. Scot told them that while Darkseid is incredibly powerful, he is practically invulnerable when he is sitting in the Mobius Chair. However, the chair is so powerful he can only sit on it every other day. The League devises a plan to infiltrate Darkseid's base and steal the Mobius Chair. The plan succeeds, but in the process, Green Arrow, Hawkgirl, and Hawkman sacrifice themselves for the mission. Batman sits in the chair and with the knowledge the chair bestowed on him, devises a plan to defeat Darkseid permanently. It succeeds and Darkseid and his army are forced to retreat back to Apokalips. The aftermath is bittersweet; in addition to 3 dead Leaguers and Steel's removal from active duty, Black Canary left the League in her grief over Green Arrow's death. To make up for their losses, Victor Stone and Will Harper of the Titans are given full League membership, under the codenames Cyborg and Red Arrow respectively. In addition, Mister Miracle and Big Barda were so inspired by the League's courage, they decided to return to Apokalips and organize those who have been oppressed by Darkseid into a full resistance movement.
Sequel tie-in - After the battle, Batman privately tells Superman and Wonder Woman that while he was on the Mobius Chair, he saw something worse than Darkseid was coming. At that moment, we see the Anti-Monitor finally defeat his brother, the Monitor.
Sequel tie-in 2 - Dr. Kent Nelson comes home from work to find a strange golden helmet on his coffee table.
Lore – The center of the universe was where the matter and anti-matter constants, aka the Monitor and Anti-Monitor, were locked in their billion year long struggle. The universe ending calamity Brainiac was initially preparing for was based on the mathematical formula that predicted the Anti-Monitor would win.
Lore 2 - The Helmet of Nabu was inscribed with a spell that stated that when its protectors (Hawkman and Hawkgirl) sacrificed themselves for a greater cause than protecting the helmet, it would seek out a host to prepare for the impending calamity. Though it was safely locked away in the Watchtower, as soon as Hawkgirl and Hawkman died, the helmet activated and broke out before flying down to earth.

Phase 7 is about how the Darkseid War prompted the Justice League and the world as a whole to find all the heroes it can to combat potential future threats, leading to the formation of the Justice League Dark, Justice Society of America, and Suicide Squad.
2040 - Aquaman III: Thicker Than Water
2040 - Justice League Dark: Witching Hour
2041 - Static Shock: Showtime
2041 - Justice Society: Whole New World
2042 - Suicide Squad vs. The Outlaws

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2020.07.13 14:29 FiftyOneMarks [Potential Spoilers] The DCU Dream, Reformatting and Expanding (3/?)

Another addition to my ongoing project regarding DC’s live action series. As seen in the title, this is another of my proposed shows for the DCU shows and is the third overall. The previous show centered on Hawk and Dove and it can be found here. Apparently there’s alot more to DC comics than I realized and every time I research one part of it... I go down the rabbit hole a bit and discover something new so this could go on for awhile and I don’t know where it’ll end but for now, here is show number three The Titans of Myth.
Synopsis- “Months after her death, Donna Troy awakens on Themyscira and is greeted by the Queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta, who is responsible for her resurrection and requests Donna remain on the island as it is “her home”. However, in the days following her resurrection, Donna begins to suffer from strange flashbacks and visions that causes her to question her origins and everything she had thought she knew about her life. Realizing that the answers she seeks aren’t on Themyscira, she decides to return to the world of man to learn more about her life before Themyscira. As she searches for answers to her mysterious origins, she hopes to finally answer the question of ‘Who is Donna Troy?’”
Roster: Donna Troy as Troia,
Garth Shayer as Tempest,
Lilith Clay as Omen,
John Gnarrk as Caveman,
Walter “Walt” West as Dash,
Kole Weathers as Quartz,
Terry Long (as Terry Long),
Dakota Jamison (as Dakota Jamison),
Toni Monetti as Argent,
Cody Driscoll as Risk,
Azra Elle as Space Angel,
Isaiah Crockett as Joto,
Audrey Spears as Prysm,
Mick Gorman as Fringe
Breakdown: After leaving Themyscira, Donna would decide to return to her hometown and attempt to investigate the fire that took her fathers life. While she is doing so, she would take a job working for a local art gallery that has seen some of her previous work. She finds herself struggling to return to civilian life and while she initially plans to tell the other Titans of her resurrection, she decides against doing so until she can sort out her past. However, shortly after her return to the world of men, Lilith Clay would track her down. Lilith would reveal that she has spent the past few years in Olympus, alluding to a previous adventure she and Donna had gone on years prior. She would give the reason for her return as her sensing Donna’s sudden death as well as her surprising resurrection. After catching up and learning of Donna’s flashback, Lilith would offer to help her piece together her resurfaced memories. She would also reveal to Donna that she’s had a number of visions recently that seem to be linked to the Amazonian including “twelve seeds” withering away, a girl who “spins crystal”, a “winged creature”, and a man “hidden in ice”.
As the duo work or learn more about who Donna is and where she comes from, they would eventually find themselves attacked by the same “winged creature” from Lilith’s vision. This man, who calls himself Azra Elle, would attempt to kidnap both girls, making mention of Lilith’s “mother” in the process. After Lilith manages to overpower him, unleashing an unknown power that caused her to pass out, Azra would flee with the vow to return as it is his “mission”. After Donna takes Lilith to STAR Labs facility following their run in with Azra, they would run into Walter “Wally” West (who has taken to using the nickname Walt). Surprised by the appearance of his old friends, he would mention that Dick told him of Donna’s death. He would then question Donna on why she hasn’t told him of her return to life. After Lilith is recovered, Walt would decide to join Donna and Lilith in their quest as he knows what it is like not to really know who you are.
While at Star Labs, Lilith would be put in an examination room that also happens to has a man encased in a block of ice. This man would turn out to be John Gnarrk who manages to psychically call out to Lilith’s unconscious mind. Through their newfound psychic connection, Lilith would suddenly regain consciousness just as the mysterious ice surrounding John shatters. When Donna and Walt come to investigate, Walt would mention he found John after he went on an adventure to the past. Kole would be introduced after the team face off against the “Titan Seed” Sparta and her master, the Titaness Thia who is Lilith’s mom and is tied to Donna’s origin. Years prior, Kole was taken as a prisoner of Thia and has been one for many years, using her powers to imprison those who are threats to the Titans. After being freed from the Titaness, Kole would join the group and reveal more about her knowledge of the Titan Seeds and the what the Titans of Myth had planned to use Donna and the other Titan Seeds for.
Garth joins the cast after Donna uses her status as a fully empowered “Titan” to resurrect him after she visits his grave in Atlantis. When Garth is revived, it is revealed that during the years he was “dead”, his soul was actually in another dimension where he discovered his own mystical abilities as well as learned about his true origin as prince and heir to the Idyllist people. After restoring the lost legacy of his people, Garth seeks to return to the surface world with Donna and the others as they resume their activities as heroes. Later, the team encounters Dakota Jamison, a high-ranking agent of the DEO who seems wary and almost hostile to the group and their activities. However, Dakota later comes to trust the group and even requests their help with a highly sensitive mission to save a group of young alien captives. Acting in a bit more of a “mission control” capacity, Dakota begins to help the group coordinate their efforts on missions and even helps provide them with their very own “Titans Tower” to operate out of.
The sensitive mission in question would introduce the character of Mick Gorman. Mick would come to reveal, through sign language as he is mute, that he is an alien-human hybrid who is unsure of where he comes from but he is being hunted by a group of mercenaries who seem intent on capturing him. He would also reveal he has a “psychic link” with others like him and he believes they are being held captive. While hesitant about being part of a “team”, he would inevitably stick around and bond with the others once the others like him are saved as well. Among the others would be Audrey Spears who shares the greatest link with Mick and would use it to help him and the Titans of Myth save her and the other hybrids. After being rescued, Audrey would seek to remain on earth as well as join the team in their superhero endeavors. With her eagerness to be a hero, she would also urge Mick and the other hybrids to become heroes as well as to “escape their destiny” since they were created for destruction.
Antonia Monetti would be unserious about her newfound life, instead only wanting to return to her family and life of privilege. However, she soon realizes that she must at least help the team stop the H’san Natall from completing their plans to destroy all other alien life on earth and conquer the planet. After realizing her potential and just how dangerous the world can be, Toni abandons her former goal of returning to her privileged life and decides to become an official member of the team. Another of the hybrids would be Cody Driscoll, who is the least “heroic” of the others. Upon returning to earth, Cody would begin to use his powers for his own personal gain and cheap thrills. However, after an adventure where he breaks into the NORAD facility and is almost imprisoned, Cody would finally seek to get his life in order when Lilith Clays father, Loren Jupiter, manages to rectify the situation.
The last of the hybrids would be Isaiah Crockett. From the moment he and the others were captured, Isaiah observed and gathered intel on H’San Natall which allows him to devise a plan of escape during the Titans rescue operation. After returning to earth, he seeks out his family and reveals his true nature to them. After being encouraged to become a force for good by his father, Isaiah would rejoin the Titans of Myth and fight alongside them. Terry Long would be introduced as a man who claims to have had a relationship with Donna, even marrying her. Donna has no recollection of this and believes Terry to be insane but when Lilith searches his mind for the truth, she learns that the woman Terry believes is Donna is actually the mysterious “Dark Angel”. Aware of the truth, Donna still finds herself growing closer to Terry and “their” child while Terry insists on helping find the “Dark Angel” if only to know once and for all why she left him.
Seasonal Big Bads:
In season 1, most of the initial action would occur when Donna and Lilith, and later Walt, John, and Kole would come across the normal super villains committing crimes during their search to uncover Donna’s past. Eventually, the Titan Seed Sparta would arrive and do battle with Donna and Co at the behest of Thia. After a battle on Themyscira, Donna would kill Sparta and absorb the power of all twelve Titan Seeds and be strong enough to defeat Thia and save Themyscira. After this battle, Lilith would once again meet Azra and, upon sensing Thia altered his mind, restore his mental state and turn him to their side.
In season 2, Lilith’s father, Loren Jupiter, would fund the group’s endeavors as a team of heroes, now going by the Titans of Myth. When Lilith is kidnapped by Vandal Savage, the Team would track her down and face the supervillain team Tartarus (which includes Siren, Cheshire, Lady Vic, Panzerung (Red Panzer 2), Kessel (RP-3), and Rustung (RP-4). Led by Vandal, the team wants to slay Donna in order to steal her growing “Titan” powers and use them to lay waste to the world.
In season 3, the Titans of Myth would be faced with the supervillain group Villainy Inc, a group of foes Donna and Wonder Woman faced in the past. When the group sets their sights on Atlantis, the team would go to investigate and try to stop their plans. However, when Donna visits Garth and unconsciously uses her powers to resurrect him, Villainy Inc (Queen Clea, Cyborgirl, Doctor Poison, Giganta, and, Trinity) would kidnap him and cause him to bring back his villainous uncle Slizzath who attempts to take over Atlantis. Donna and Garth combine their mystical powers and manage to imprison Slizzath once more and defeat Villainy Inc. After this, Donna realizes having the power of all the Titan Seeds inside of her is slowly killing her so she opts to allow her friends to become new hosts for some of the powers. This helps slow the process of her body being worn down by the powers and the essence of the seeds slightly argument the abilities of each of the other characters (at this time, Garth, Lilith, John, Walt, Kole, Azra).
In season 4, the Titans of Myth would be forced to fight against the Children of the Sun as they seek to gather the artifacts of the Titans in order to restore their physical forms. Once the children of the sun manage to accomplish this, Thia and the other Titans would seek to lay siege to Olympus and unleash the Giants of Myth in order to do so. As the Olympians face the Giants, Donna and the team face the Titans in battle, stalling long enough until they can open a gateway capable of banishing the Titans to Tartarus. While they manage to do so, the group are forced to use a “Sun-Eater” against Thia and Hyperion, a least resort that completely destroys their essence in the process.
In Season 5, the Titans of Myth would face off against Dark Nemesis, a team of bounty hunters attempting to capture five alien hybrids for a race of being who have set their sights on Earth. Among the roster would be Haze, Lilith Clay’s brother (as well as Axis, Blizzard, Carom, Scorcher (III), and Vault). While the team manages to defeat Dark Nemesis; they are too late to stop them from capturing Mick and sending him into space.
In season 6, the team would go on a rescue mission to find Mick and the other hybrids. A good deal of the situation would find them on another alien world before they come across the Veil, an alien terrorist group led by Pylon, Jugular and Heatstroke (Scorcher 2). After the team manages to save the hybrids, they destroy the Veil’s base and leave them stranded on the alien world they are on before returning to earth. Once the five hybrids make the decision to stay with Donna’s team and join them officially, Donna would split the remainder of the Titan Seed essence between them, officially having the twelve vessels to contain them.
In season 7, the Lord Chaos arc would be adapted with the team battle the “Team Titans” who want to kill the Long family and Donna as they want to “save” the future. However, Lord Chaos follows them into the past and the truth about his origins is revealed. When Donna and her team stop Lord Chaos and erase him from existing (by stripping present day Robert of his powers), they come across the “Dark Angel” who was manipulating events and was responsible for Lord Chaos rampage in the future.
In season 8, the team are forced to battle the Dark Angel who is the key to Donnas past and puts all the pieces of her murky origin together for her. Seeking to drive Donna mad and “merge” with her other half, the Dark Angel first attacks her new friends and allies before setting her sights on Themyscira in order to destroy the place she called home. While Donna initially tries to simply imprison the Dark Angel, as she is technically apart of Donna, she and the team have no choice but to craft a plan to erase the Dark Angel from existence entirely. Donna does this by traveling back in time and seeing firsthand her creation then killing the Dark Angel in the moments after she is split from Donna.
Final Notes
I wanted this series to be a bit more “mythical” than Titans but not “magical” such as with Hawk and Dove. I also wanted a major theme for it to be origins and identities which is why the majority of the characters have storylines or arcs revolving learning who they are and it all kind of plays into Donna’s ongoing quest to learn who she is. That’s also why I chose to have it be a plot for her to continually search for her identity, her pieces of it through her battles, and only learn how everything fits together when she comes across her “mirror” the Dark Angel. I did have to change some of the characters comic history to fit a bit more but I tried to keep most of the arcs and histories the same.
submitted by FiftyOneMarks to TitansTV [link] [comments]

2020.07.11 18:57 Thanos_Kun Rewriting the DCU; detailed plots for 46 original movies, Phase 4

Check out Phases 1,2, and 3 before starting 4.
Phase 1 establishes the origin stories of the founding 6 members of the Justice League and sets the foundation for the cinematic universe of the DCU.
1944 - Wonder Woman: Paradise Lost
2024 - Aquaman: Throne of Atlantis
2024 - Batman: Year One
2027 - Superman: Last Son
2027 - Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn
2027 - Flash: Ignition

Phase 2 shows the founding 6 as now experienced heroes tackling greater threats while organically introducing more heroes and creating more branching plotlines for the cinematic universe.
2029 - Superman II: Man of Steel
2030 - Green Lantern II: Blackest Night
2030 - Wonder Woman II: Paradise Lost
2031 - Teen Titans: Independence Day
2031 - Batman II: The Dark Knight

Phase 3 shows the formation of the Justice League and the resulting effects of superheroes joining forces to protect against planetary threats instead of individual villains.
2032 - Justice League: Origin
2033 - Black Canary: Birds of Prey
2033 - Flash II: Terminal Velocity
2034 - Wonder Woman III: Gods and Mortals
2034 - Justice League II: Doomsday

Phase 4 shows the consequences of Superman’s death on the world and superhero community and introduces multiple heirs to the mantle before the original makes his triumphant return.
2034 - Teen Titans II: Child's Play
Protagonist – Tim Drake (Robin) (18) [leader], Zatanna Zatarra (18), Garth (Aqualad) (16), Donna Troy (Wonder Girl) (18)
Antagonist – Slade Wilson (Deathstroke), Maxwell Lord
Background – Maxwell Lord is the CEO of Checkmate, a global peacekeeping organization. However, when the Justice League came into existence, the United States asked Checkmate to transition into a supplementary role to the Justice League. Lord refused, believing it to be a disrespectful request, but overplayed his hand as the U.S. terminated their partnership altogether. In it's place they created A.R.G.U.S., the Advanced Research Group Uniting Superhumans, to minimize collateral damage, handle evacuations, and facilitate post mission cleanup. Lord hated the Justice League ever since, and after Superman’s death decided to hatch a plan to eliminate superheroes. Knowing the Justice League was spread thin to cover the ground that Superman used to patrol on his own, he decides to take out the Teen Titans, forcing the League to spread even thinner. The U.S. will then be forced to turn back to Checkmate.
Plot – Maxwell Lord hired Deathstroke, the world’s most deadly mercenary to eliminate the Teen Titans. However, when Deathstroke infiltrated Titans Tower, he realized most of the Teen Titans were not present and captured Zatanna, Garth, and Donna Troy in an attempt to lure the other Teen Titans there. What he did not know is that the other members were off the grid on a covert operation and had no way of being contacted. Tim Drake had to use his intelligence to defeat an adversary that was far more experienced and deadly than him, and he barely managed to do so. Deathstroke reported to Lord that the mission was a bust because more than half of the Teen Titans were not present.
Sequel tie-in – We see Deathstroke back at home watching footage of Robin’s exploits to free his team and it is clear Deathstroke was aware of Robin from the beginning and allowed him to succeed. Deathstroke states that his potential is enormous and that he will turn him into the perfect soldier.
Author's Note – In my rewrite, the Teen Titans’ cartoon relationship between Slade and Dick Grayson will be between Deathstroke and Tim Drake instead.
Author's Note 2 - A lot of the summaries from here on out won't be as detailed. Can't really be helped, I just was able to put a lot more time in the earlier ones.
2034 - Green Lantern III: Brother's Keeper
Protagonist – John Stewart (Green Lantern) (28)
Antagonist – Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) (33), Atrocitus
Important Characters – J’onn J’onzz/John Jones (Martian Manhunter), M’gann M’orss/Megan Morse (Ms. Martian) (18 in human years), Kyle Rayner (cameo)
Background – Hal struggled with depression due to his view that he is responsible for; the death of his copilot and best friend John Corben, the fall of his friend and mentor Sinestro, the death of his friend Tomar-Re, and finally the death of his friend Superman. His emotions are out of control and he suffers from major mood swings and sudden bouts of anger in between long stretches of melancholy. His wife Carol, who he married in 2032, tries to help him cope but it is not enough. She is also pregnant but has not yet told him because of his fragile mental state.
Plot – When Hal confides with his wife that he beat a criminal half to death and didn’t feel remorse for it, he mistakenly interprets her response as a rejection of him instead of a rejection of his actions. His rage and emotions cause him to act irrationally and he leaves her and flies up to the moon, where he vents his anger. Atrocitus takes advantage of his anger to recruit him to the nascent Red Lantern Corps. The Guardians send Kilawog to earth to find a replacement for the sector, and John Stewart is picked to take Hal's place. Instead of eliminating Hal as he was ordered, John instead takes Kilawog and Katma Tui to find the Red Lantern base in the hopes of saving Hal. Whilst there, they discover and free prisoners Martian Manhunter and his niece Ms. Martian, and together the 5 of them fight Hal, Atrocitus, and the Red Lanterns. As they are about to lose, Carol Ferris appears as a Star Sapphire Lantern and helps them turn the tables and defeat Atrocitus, scatter the Red Lanterns, and make Hal let go of his anger. Hal apologizes to Carol and she forgives him but she still divorces him because she now has a greater calling and the stress of his leaving caused her to lose their child. Hal stands trial before the Guardians and is allowed to return to Earth instead of being imprisoned with the stipulation that he must give up his ring. Hal commands his now green ring to find a suitable bearer on Earth.
Sequel tie-in – 11 year old Kyle Rayner finds Hal’s ring, and keeps it believing it to be a toy.
Lore – When the Manhunters concluded that emotion was the source of all crime, the first place they attacked was Sector 66 and they eliminated all life in that region, including the Green Lanterns assigned there. However, there were 2 survivors, a husband and wife, who found the 2 dead lanterns along with their rings. The husband was consumed with rage at the Manhunters and the Green Lanterns, and the power of his rage turned his new ring red and he became the first Red Lantern, Atrocitus. The wife’s heart broke for all the dead and she was so full of compassion that her new ring turned sapphire and she became the first Star Sapphire Lantern, Zamora.
Lore 2 – Martian Manhunter and his niece were the only survivors of a disease that wiped out the green Martians. To save their lives, J’onn placed them in suspended animation with the hope someone would wake them in the future. When Atrocitus was headed to Earth to recruit Hal, he happened to find the two and them and tortured them regularly in the hope they would become enraged enough to become Red Lanterns.
2035 - Titans: Graduation Day
Protagonist – Dick Grayson (Nightwing) (20) [leader], Wally West (Impulse) (18), Koriand’r (Starfire) (21), Victor Stone (Cyborg) (22), Roy Harper (Arsenal) (21), M’gann M’orss/Megan Morse (Ms. Martian) (18 in human years)
Antagonist – Kon-El/Connor Kent (Superboy) (21), Lex Luthor, Cadmus
Background – Dick Grayson left the Teen Titans in 2032 and became the solo vigilante Nightwing in Bludhaven. While there, he began investigating the rumors that the corporation Cadmus was conducting secret experiments in the city using the large homeless population as unwilling test subjects. He asked the original members of the Teen Titans who he trusted most as well as Ms. Martian to help him put a permanent end to it. This months long mission is why Wally, Kory, Cyborg, Roy, and Megan were not at the tower and were unreachable when Deathstroke attacked.
Plot – The Titans infiltrate Cadmus for the final offensive to shut down Cadmus permanently. They explore Cadmus' secret underground laboratory system, but when they are down there they realize the operation is much deeper than they thought. The level of genetic experimentation is far beyond what they imaged as they have to fight through hordes of chimerical and alien monstrosities. At some point, Roy Harper is separated from the group for some time but manages to find them again after several hours. But their biggest threat is when they have to face Kon-El, a clone with half of Superman’s DNA and half the DNA of an unknown human. They manage to convince him to stop fighting and join their side and they free all of Cadmus’ test subjects. They tell the world the truth about Cadmus, which is disbanded as company, the scientists imprisoned, and victims cared for.
Sequel tie-in – Dr. T.O. Morrow manages to evacuate in time with the blueprints to Project: Tornado.
Sequel tie-in 2 – As Roy Harper is showering, he realizes that the few scars he had from his vigilante career have mysteriously vanished overnight, although disconcerted he doesn’t dwell on it for too long.
Author's Note - Obviously I lifted the plot almost straight out of the Young Justice pilot. If it ain't broke...
2035 - Hawkgirl and Hawkman: Endless Flight
Protagonist – Shiera Sanders (Hawkgirl) (25), Carter Hall (Hawkman) (25)
Antagonist – Dr. Anton Haster (Hath-Set)
Important Characters - Shazam
Background – Nabu, the first magician and the world’s first superhero, channeled his power from the Lords of Order, the First Gods who ruled earth before leaving and allowing the Old Gods (aka the Olympian, Egyptian, and Norse pantheons) to take their place. However, he was not immortal and before his death he sealed his physical strength and yang energy in the Rock of Eternity and sealed his mental strength and yin energy into his helmet, the Helmet of Fate. He asked his three disciples, Prince Khufu, Princess Chay-Ara, and Grand Vizier Hath-Set of Egypt, to allow themselves to become reincarnated guardians of the Helmet until it is needed to stop an unspeakable cataclysm that would otherwise destroy earth. However, Hath-Set became greedy and wanted the Helmet for himself and throughout the history of mankind, Khufu and Chay-Ara are reincarnated as guardians of the helmet while Hath-Set tries to steal it for himself.
Plot – In 2010, the last sighting of the "Twin Angels" was reported in Tampa, Florida. For the previous 50 years, numerous residents claimed to have been saved by angelic beings. In 2035, girlfriend and boyfriend Shiera Sanders and Carter Hall discover that they are reincarnations of the protectors of the Helmet of Fate. And as with all of his previous lives, Dr. Anton Haster discovers his lineage at about the same time they do. And as with all their previous lives, Shiera and Carter have to follow a trail of clues prepared by their previous incarnations to find where they had hidden the helmet in preparation of their imminent deaths. They have to race to find the helmet before Dr. Haster does.
Sequel tie-in – The wizard Shazam contacts Hawkgirl and Hawkman, telling them he is the other half of their former master’s legacy, and advises them to join the Justice League.
Lore – The mortal enemies of the Lords of Order were the Lords of Chaos, who they managed to slay except for their leader, Trigon. Trigon manipulated a human into summoning him in earth’s dimension, which the First Gods could not previously do on their own. They empowered Nabu to be their champion in earth’s dimension, and Nabu managed to banish Trigon to a realm between the dimensions of earth and where the first gods resided. Trigon now cannot manifest fully in either dimension without a conduit native to that dimension, specifically via a human or god that shares his blood.
Author's Note - Major retcon of Hawkgirl and Hawkman's origins, I know. But, I don't feel too bad about it because it's not like I'm messing with Batman or Superman's origins here. Plus it creates a relationship between previously unrelated magic systems and deities so that in future stories I can introduce characters (I'm sure you can guess who) without them coming out of left field randomly.
2036 - Superman III: Ascension
Protagonist – Kal-El (Superman) (32)
Antagonist – kAl-eL (Bizarro), Lex Luthor
Important Characters – John Henry Irons (Steel) (29), Lois Lane, Kara Zor-El/Kara Kent (Supergirl) (23), Matthan Lane Kent
Background – Kara is in her last year at Metropolis University as a journalism major and is helping Lois raise baby Matthan “Matt” Lane Kent. John Henry Irons was an engineer working at Star Labs when Superman saving him from falling to his death and became his friend. Upon his death, John spent the next year building a suit with the Superman crest to become a superhero and continue his legacy. Having lost Project: Superboy when the Titans raided Cadmus, Lex initiates Plan B, which involves making a clone by combining the DNA of Kal-El and Kara Zor-El from blood samples obtained when the League fought Doomsday. Soon after his death, Kara placed Clark’s body in a Krytonian healing pod in the Fortress of Solitude in the hopes that it might heal him, though she soon lost hope in it herself and no longer even checks to see if there was progress.
Plot – Lex introduces Bizarro-Superman to the world and through a mental link with his creation, manages to fool the world at large into believing that he is the original. However, his hold over him is tenuous and as time goes on, Bizarro rebels more and more frequently. Specifically, Bizarro is triggered by any mention or insinuation that he is not the real Superman, and reacts violently to the implication. Before Lex revealed Bizarro, he had Bizarro infiltrate the Fortress of Solitude to get rid of the original body to cover up the deception. He ordered Bizarro to bring the original body back to him, but the phrasing triggered Bizarro who threw the pod into orbit instead. Later, as Bizarro saves people from a burning building, John Henry Irons as Steel arrives to assist him. Bizarro's odd demeanor and clear discomfort with Steel's Superman crest make Steel suspicious that Bizarro is not the real Superman. He manages to find the original Superman’s healing pod floating around the earth, and the extra solar radiation unfiltered by earth's atmosphere revives Superman. Meanwhile, Lex announces Lexcorp and Superman are launching a global peacekeeping initiative. However, during his speech he inadvertently triggers Bizarro, who had been mentally deteriorating the entire time, and attacks him. As Bizzaro fights off the Justice League, the real Superman in the black suit arrives and fights him. The real Superman wins and nominates Steel for League membership before reuniting with Lois and meeting his now one year old son for the first time.
Sequel tie-in – Batman begins Project: Babel; contingency plans to defeat all Justice League members.
Lore – When Bizzaro attacks Lex, Lex shoots him with a Kryptonite bullet. It gradually kills his cells but it first targets the pain receptors which makes him appear stronger due to his lack of pain even as his skin decays. That's where Bizarro's traditional gray chalky look comes in. Clark wins the fight because he simply outlasts Bizzaro who dies from Kryptonite poisoning.
Lore 2 - The reason for Bizarro's mental instability is the result of genetic defects from being cloned from Kal and Kara, who were too closely related to produce a healthy clone from their DNA. It's similar to how genetic disorders can arise in real life in the offspring of two first cousins.
Easter Egg – Lois is ethnically Jewish through her mother and Matthan means “Hope” in Yiddish. This is an ode to Man of Steel.
Phase 5 is the exact middle of the DCU story and acts as the bridge between the two halves of the story; the first being the burgeoning superhero community and the second being the escalation of threats against the world and universe.
2036 - Titans II: Deathtrap
2036 - Batman III: Knightfall
2037 - Flash III: Flashpoint
2037 - Aquaman II: The Deluge
2037 - Nightwing: Black Mirror

Phase 6 illustrates the events that precipitated and eventually culminated with Darkseid's arrival on Earth.
2038 - Supergirl: Crucible
2038 - Shazam: First Thunder
2039 - Teen Titans III: Sins of Youth
2039 - Titans III: Prime of Life
2039 - Justice League III: Darkseid War

Phase 7 is about how the Darkseid War prompted the Justice League and the world as a whole to find all the heroes it can to combat potential future threats, leading to the formation of the Justice League Dark, Justice Society of America, and Suicide Squad.
2040 - Aquaman III: Thicker Than Water
2040 - Justice League Dark: Witching Hour
2041 - Static Shock: Showtime
2041 - Justice Society: Whole New World
2042 - Suicide Squad vs. The Outlaws

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2020.07.11 08:30 MadmansBluff Other Space to air on DUST - will there be a second season and will the cast return?

Five years after Other Space's one and only season, a new streaming provider has picked up the rights to the series - DUST, a service focused on sci-fi content. The first season will arrive on Aug. 1.
I'm not terribly optimistic about this because DUST seems like a relatively obscure platform - it doesn't even have a Wikipedia page - but it's still good news for the series. It'll obviously get wider exposure on an active streaming service and this demonstrates that there's current interest in Other Space. Plus, to DUST's credit, its website says it has 4 million viewers and its YouTube channel has over a million subscribers.
But, of course, the real question is if this will lead into a second season. There's absolutely no way for us to know at the moment, but I'd like to think the people at DUST wouldn't have picked up Other Space if they didn't see potential in more content. At the very least, I think the DUST people are looking to gauge audience interest in the series and if there's high viewership, they'll order a second season. So if you want to help make season 2 happen, we should encourage people to check it out once it's on DUST.
I think the biggest hurdle in getting a second season will be bringing the cast back. Season 2 won't work with new cast members. The original cast is too strong to be replaced.
At least half the cast should be able to come back without any problems since Trace Beaulieu, Joel Hodgson, Bess Rous, and Milana Vayntrub don't seem to have major commitments at the moment (RIP New Warriors). Beaulieu is currently doing voice over for the Adult Swim series Tigtone, but that shouldn't prevent him from also voicing A.R.T. again. The other half is a different story.
Neil Casey is currently on another sci-fi comedy series, Avenue 5, which was renewed for a second season. While he was billed as a guest star in the first season, he could be promoted to series regular for the second and even being a guest star might have him booked.
Eugene Cordero landed a series regular role on Tacoma FD. If Tacoma FD is cancelled - its current status is pending - then he'll obviously be free to return to Other Space. But if it's renewed for another season, then I don't know if he'll be available. It also doesn't help that he's doing voice over for Star Trek: Lower Decks, which will further tie up the time he's not committing to Tacoma FD.
Conor Leslie has been playing Donna Troy on Titans for the past two years and this creates the biggest conundrum. Without diving too deeply into spoilers, she's supposed to appear in the new season, but in what capacity is currently unknown and I really have no clue what the hack showrunner and his writing team are doing with her character. A second season of Other Space could impact what happens to Donna - although I doubt she would leave the more viewed, more successful, and probably better paying Titans for Other Space if given the choice. And to top it off, she's the easiest to recast because the show could say Natasha took on a new form.
Karan Soni's most recent TV gig is in the main cast of Miracle Workers. Like Tacoma FD, Miracle Worker's current status is up in the air and whether it's renewed or cancelled will impact Soni's availability. Keep in mind that Miracle Workers is an anthology series in the vein of American Horror Story where the cast is the same in each season, but the story and characters are different. So it would be easy for him to leave the show in the case of a conflict, provided that he's interested.
I definitely would not see a second season without Leslie. I can't imagine the show without Soni as the lead. Casey and Cordero might seem a little more expendable (like Michael, go figure), but they're also key components of why this show works and I don't think anyone else could play their roles. For season 2 to be just as good, if not better than season 1, we need the cast back.
Anyone else have any thoughts on these topics? I think it's also worth noting that I've only seen Leslie acknowledge DUST picking up the show - I haven't heard anything from the rest of the cast.
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2020.07.06 15:13 Thanos_Kun Rewriting the DCU; detailed plots for 46 original movies, Phase 3

Check out Phases 1 and 2 before starting Phase 3.
Phase 1 establishes the origin stories of the founding 6 members of the Justice League and sets the foundation for the cinematic universe of the DCU.
1944 - Wonder Woman: Paradise Lost
2024 - Aquaman: Throne of Atlantis
2024 - Batman: Year One
2027 - Superman: Last Son
2027 - Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn
2027 - Flash: Ignition

Phase 2 shows the founding 6 as now experienced heroes tackling greater threats while organically introducing more heroes and creating more branching plotlines for the cinematic universe.
2029 - Superman II: Man of Steel
2030 - Green Lantern II: Blackest Night
2030 - Wonder Woman II: Paradise Lost
2031 - Teen Titans: Independence Day
2031 - Batman II: The Dark Knight

Phase 3 shows the formation of the Justice League and the resulting effects of superheroes joining forces to protect against planetary threats instead of individual villains.
2032 - Justice League: Origin
Protagonist – Bruce Wayne (Batman) (32) [team leader], Kal-El/Clark Kent (Superman) (28), Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) (26), Arthur Curry (Aquaman) (27), Barry Allen (Flash) (26), Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) (31)
Antagonist – Brainiac
Important Characters – Kara Zor-El/Kara Kent (Supergirl) (19)
Background - For the past 3 years, a Brainiac probe has been monitoring the Earth after discovering a Kryptonian there. Although he initially was planning to only capture and assimilate Superman, Brainiac eventually decided that the Earth was unique enough warrant absolute assimilation of the whole planet. He identifies 6 metahumans, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Supergirl, as threats to his plans. He sends out probes to incapacitate them, calculating there is a 100% chance they will take out 2 or 3 of the metas, and that the remaining 3 or 4 have a 0% chance of stopping him.
Plot Part 1 - Batman's Waynetech satellites have been tracking Brainiac's mothership since it reached our solar system, as well as the 6 aforementioned metahumans. When Batman sees 6 ufos exit the mothership and fly toward the metas various locations, he goes to help. He first flies to Metropolis, Delaware where Supergirl is struggling against her opponent, and helps her defeat it. Next, they both fly to Central City, Missouri where they help Flash defeat his opponent. Lastly, the three travel to Coast City, California where they help Green Lantern overcome his opponent. Batman then gives tracking devices to them with instructions to find the other three metas and tell them to rendezvous at the Statue of Liberty in 4 hours. Supergirl is sent to contact Superman, Flash is sent to Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern to Aquaman. Four hours later they are all gathered in Lady Liberty's torch, which Batman has attached a device to which prevents all forms of radiation from escaping, preventing Brainiac from seeing or hearing them. Batman briefs them about the mothership his satellites identified, and theorizes that this is a world ending or conquering threat since it tried to take out the world's most powerful individuals simultaneously. Batman asks if any of them have any potential intel on the threat, and Supergirl tells them a Kryptonian horror story (see Lore 2 and 3).
Plot Part 2 - They travel to the Fortress of Solitude to show Brainiac they have Kandor to discuss potential peace negotiations. However, Brainiac does not falter in his desire for earth. Because he wants to damage Earth as little as possible, he sends his few remaining Alpha probes and hundreds of Beta probes to Gotham, which he will not miss if it is destroyed, to occupy the heroes while his assimilation cannon charges. Superman tells Supergirl to go back to the Teen Titans because if they fail, they are Earth's last hope. Batman tells Tim Drake to go with her, even though unlike her he was not a current or former member at the time. Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Flash defend the city while Superman and Green Lantern fly directly to the mothership to destroy the cannon. The two succeed and Brainiac Prime's body beams down to earth to make his final stand. The Prime body is stronger than all the others', but the combined might of the six still defeat it. Superman is about to destroy it when Brainiac tells him to stop and asks if he wants to know what really happened to his planet. Superman replies "I know what happened to MY planet, the Justice League just saved it" before destroying Brainiac. Flash comments on the name choice and asks if they are a team now, and they all agree to form the Justice League.
Sequel tie-in – A damaged barely functional Brainiac probe breaks into the Fortress of Solitude and sends a signal to deactivate phantom zone lock 60035647.
Lore - Excluding his primary body, there are three classes of Brainiac probes. There are Alpha probes, which are his elite combat probes that are strong enough to hold their own against League members such as Aquaman on land or the Flash. There are Beta combat probes which are significantly weaker but far more numerous. Lastly there are Delta probes which are reconnaissance only.
Lore 2 – Kara tells them of an old Kryptonian horror story of a scientist who tried to download the Kryptonian internet directly into his brain, but instead his consciousness was downloaded into the internet and his body was destroyed. In his effort to find technology advanced enough to recreate his body, the scientist scoured the universe, but eventually lost his humanity and began assimilating simply to add to his collection. This is a partially true explanation of Brainiac’s origin.
Lore 3 - Brainiac originally shrunk Kandor on Krypton and was about to assimilate it when he was driven off by the Green Lantern Corps. For years Krypton's foremost scientists attempted to restore it to regular size, and it was eventually given to Jor-El. Before Krypton's destruction, he managed to put it in Kal's alpha codex crystal, which is how it ended up in the fortress of solitude.
2033 - Black Canary: Birds of Prey
Protagonist – Dinah Lance (Black Canary) (27), Helena Bertinelli (Huntress) (25)
Antagonist – Lady Shiva
Important Characters – Desmond Lamar, Jade Nguyen (Chesire) (22), Barbara Gordon (Oracle) (27)
Background – Dinah Lance was an orphan adopted by dojo instructor Desmond Lamar in Gotham; when he passed away in 2027 she took it over. Unbeknownst to her, since 2032 she has been drinking water that was contaminated by a mutagen that fell from the debris of Brainiac’s ship. From 2020 - 2023, Helena Bertinelli took classes at the dojo and was friends with Dinah. In 2023, but her mafia family was murdered by a rival gang and she moved to Sicily and learned the finer points of fighting. From 2032 - 2033, Helena, now known as Huntress, tracked down and killed the mafiosos responsible. However, she discovered that they targeted her family under the direction of Lady Shiva of the League of Assassins. Her vendetta is now focused on Lady Shiva. In 2012, after arresting Joe Chill for murdering Thomas and Martha Wayne, Jim Gordon had enrolled Barbara in Desmond Lamar's martial arts dojo for self defense. She continued training there until she went to college in 2024. Dinah Lance, Helena Bertinelli, and Barbara Gordon all spent significant overlapping time at the dojo and were acquaintances if not full friends.
Plot Part 1 - Huntress returns to Gotham and accidentally scares the crap out of Dinah, who is living in the apartment above the dojo. Though happy to see her familiar face, she is disappointed to learn Desmond is dead. She learned that the first person to ever leave the League of Assassins lived in Gotham, and has reason to believe Desmond was that person. Huntress starts going through Desmond's old office and finds a journal. Dinah protests, saying that he told her never to open that book. They briefly fight over it and Dinah yells at Huntress, and she accidentally uses her sonic scream for the first time and realizes she has powers. At that moment, League of Assassin ninjas infiltrate the apartment and steal the book before running away. After a brief chase, they escape Dinah and Huntress. Dinah's phone starts talking to them, introducing herself as Siri, and saying she will help them retrieve the journal. Siri claims it can hack any open circuit device in the world and that they'll need her help.
Plot Part 2 - Siri helps Huntress and Dinah track the ninjas to a plane bound for Spain. When they get close to the Portuguese coast, another woman in a Chesire mask takes out the assassins and steals the book. She manages to hold her own against Huntress and Dinah, and causes the plane to crash on the Portuguese shore before escaping. Siri can't even track her. Later as Dinah and Huntress sit in a hotel and think about what to do next, Chesire reappears. She explains she is Jade Nguyen, the daughter of the former Prime Minister of Vietnam who was killed by Shiva. Since then she has trained to be an assassin to get revenge. When she stole the book, she realized it was coded and decided to come to them for help in the hope their interests align. Dinah is able to decode it using memory she had of her adopted father. The journal reveals that Lamar was indeed a League of Assassins member and was Ra's first choice of an heir before Talia was even born. Lady Shiva was his betrothed. Ra's told Desmond his plan for the world, he would kill off major influential families across the world to plunge it into chaos. Then he would use a nuclear submarine, the first of its kind at the time, to instigate a nuclear holocaust and an extinction level event so the world could restart. Lady Shiva was also told the plan, but he only trusted Desmond with the submarine location. Desmond then killed Ra's and fled, knowing when he was revived by the Lazarus Pit he would forget the submarine location. For years Ra's and Shiva searched the globe for Desmond but they never found him. Ra's gave up on his original plan and instead focused on a new heir, leading to Talia's conception and Bruce's recruitment. When Bruce left, Shiva became disillusioned with the entire concept of an heir and started following Ra's original plan, which is when she killed Huntress and Chesire's parents. In the present day, as her ninjas were under attack from Huntress, Shiva tracked her to Gotham where she finally found where Desmond had been hiding and discovered the existence of the journal, which she then ordered her ninjas to retrieve. The end of the journal reveals the location of the sub, it is in Gotham harbor.
Plot Part 3 - It takes 24 hours to prep and prime the submarine, so Cheshire, Huntress, and Dinah board a plane and race back to Gotham. They find the submarine, which is docked at one of the ports. The three take out the League of Assassin patrols, though for some reason some of the guards are already unconscious. They eventually fight Shiva on top of the submarine, and Chesire and Huntress deal the fatal blow to Shiva. Chesire thanks them for their help before leaving. When Huntress and Dinah get to shore Siri tells them her true identity; she is Oracle, Batman's partner. At that moment, Batman arrives and explains he was monitoring the situation from a distance and they aquitted themselves well, though he took out some of the Assassins himself. He says he will take care of the submarine and offers them both League membership. Huntress declines but Dinah says she'll think about it.
Sequel tie-in – A male sitting in shadow chides Jade for lacking discretion and claims he taught her better than that while watching footage of the plane crash. Meanwhile, contract pending appears on his phone.
Author's Note - In 2032, there was a split in the League of Assassins with Lady Shiva being the head of one faction. The leader of the other faction as well as the reason for the split will be revealed in Phase 5.
2033 - Flash II: Terminal Velocity
Protagonist – Barry Allen (The Flash) (27)
Antagonist – Starro
Important Characters – Earth 2 Justice Society of America: Thomas Wayne (Batman), Alan Scott (Green Lantern), Jay Garrick (Flash), Richard Tyler (Hourman), Wesley Dodds (Sandman), Ted Grant (Wildcat); Earth 2 Justice League of America: Clark Kent (Superman), Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), Katherine Kane (Batwoman), Arthur Curry (Aquaman), Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), Kara Zor-El (Power Girl)
Background – The Justice League is reverse engineering Brainiac’s mothership and constructing an orbital watchtower from the remains. One of the devices they found was similar to a Phantom Zone projector, but would allow them to see glimpses of other multiverses. They retrofitted it into a “cosmic treadmill” which would allow Flash to power it if he ran fast enough.
Plot – Barry runs too fast on the treadmill and accidentally ends up on Earth 2 where he is found by Hourman. Hourman explains that on their earth, the JSA, made up of Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Sandman, Wildcat, and himself, protected the earth for years. But then the younger generation of heroes the JLA, composed of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Power Girl, arrived with more glitz and glamor than substance. This caused friction between the two generations of superheroes. When Starro invaded, Batman devised a plan to beat him, but Superman arrogantly deviated from the plan which caused it to fail and as a result Batman’s niece, Katherine Kane, was killed. Jay Garrick ultimately sacrificed himself to defeat Starro and was absorbed by the Speed Force. When Superman and the JLA accepted credit for the victory from the media anyway, the JSA disbanded in disgust. However, Hourman wants Barry’s help getting them back together because he thinks Starro will return and the JLA won't be able to win on their own. He and Barry travel across the country convincing all the JSA members to reform, except for Thomas Wayne, who refuses to forgive Superman for his role in Katherine's death. The rest of the JSA and JLA unite in time to fight off Starro. At the last minute Batman changes his mind and arrives to help, and this time they execute Batman's plan to perfect, but it still doesn't work. Up until now, Barry was focused on helping Earth 2 resolve its problems just so he could return to his reality as soon as possible. He now abandons that hope and makes the same sacrifice Jay Garrick did to defeat Starro, which lead to his death by being absorbed by the Speed Force. However, when he is inside the Speed Force he meets Jay Garrick. When Jay was absorbed he became one with the Speed Force across the multiverse and transformed into its ultimate avatar, Savitar, the God of Speed. He is the one who chooses which individuals become Speed Force avatars. He thanks Barry for saving his old world before returning him home.
Sequel tie-in – Earth 2 finally Superman apologizes to Earth 2 Batman for getting his niece killed. Batman doesn’t exactly say he forgives him but instead asks about combining the newly reformed JSA with the JLA, youth and experience for maximum effectiveness.
2034 - Wonder Woman III: Gods and Mortals
Protagonist – Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) (26), Donna Troy (Wonder Girl) (18)
Antagonist – Ares, Circe, Dr. Barbara Minerva (Cheetah)
Important Characters – Hippolyta, Antiope
Background – In early 2033, shortly after Cheetah incapacitated his father at his order, Ares disguised himself as Zeus and visited Hippolyta. He told her they needed to have another child because the Fates decreed a calamity would destroy the Old Gods and only the third child of the King of the Gods and Queen of the Amazons could stop it. Donna Troy is born in November 2033. Still disguised as Zeus, Ares brings her to Olympus and asks the 6 major goddesses to bless her and they do, bestowing her with the strength of Demeter, the wisdom of Athena, the kindness of Aphrodite, the durability of Hestia, the senses of Artemis, and the Speed of Hermes, as Hera refused to bless her and Hermes took her place. Afterwards, Ares had Cheetah use her final charge to accelerate Donna Troy's age so that she become an 18 year old within minutes. Her Amazonian demigod physiology, coupled with her Olympian blessings, made her as strong as her sister Diana, despite her father being Zeus and Donna's being merely Ares.
Plot – In November 2033, Ares manipulated Donna into believing the Amazons were evil and that her purpose was to destroy them. He made her his general in his army of fallen human warriors, and along with Cheetah and Circe besieged Themyscaria for months. In 2034, Queen Hippolyta, growing desperate, sends her best friend Antiope to find Diana and bring her back, despite the fact that anyone who leaves the island will forget how to find it again. Antiope finds Diana, and they travel to the Oracle of Delphi, where Diana exchanges her Lasso of Truth in exchange for remembering how to find Themyscaria again. Upon remembering, Diana and Antiope returned and Diana lead the counterattack that broke the siege. The final battle had her and her mother Hippolyta facing Donna Troy, Cheetah, and Circe. Hippolyta begs her two daughters to come home, emotional with the knowledge and guilt that she let both of them down. When Circe becomes conflicted and stops attacking, Ares kills her in a fit of rage. This hasty action also frees Cheetah from the mind control spell. Realizing she was tricked and Ares must be evil to slay his own comrade, Donna turns on Ares and together with Cheetah and Diana manage to kill him for good.
Sequel tie-in – Right before Diana is about to be crowned Queen of the Amazons, she is contacted by Batman who tells her to get to Metropolis as a giant monster has taken out almost all the League members.
Sequel tie-in 2 – Diana drops Donna off with the shorthanded Teen Titans, made up of Tim Drake (Robin), Zatanna Zatarra (Zatanna), and Garth (Aqualad), before continuing to Metropolis.
2034 - Justice League II: Doomsday
Protagonist – Bruce Wayne (Batman) (34) [team leader], Kal-El (Superman) (30), Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) (26), Arthur Curry (Aquaman) (29), Barry Allen (Flash) (28), Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) (33), Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) (32), Dinah Lance (Black Canary) (28)
Antagonist – Doomsday
Important Characters - Lois Lane
Background – Clark found the Brainiac probe that infiltrated the Fortress of Solitude immediately after the events of Justice League Origins. He realizes it sent a signal to a remote region of space that doesn't appear to have any celestial bodies on the map. He uses some of Brainiac’s technology to retrofit his old ship that brought him to earth to travel to that part of space and find out what Brainiac was trying to do. By late 2033, the ship is ready and Clark leaves Earth. It takes 6 weeks for him to get to the location. Upon arrival, he finds a single moon that was Brainiac's base of operations, and was where his lab was. After investigating, he realizes the truth about Brainiac. Brainiac was a Kryptonian scientist who discovered through mathematics that the universe would soon end. He only began assimilating worlds to save them from the cataclysm and planned to use his "ark" as a haven from which the universe could start anew. But he lost his humanity and his good intentions when he extended his life by transferring his consciousness into technology and began assimilating worlds for his own personal amusement and research. Clark also discovers that Brainiac would destroy worlds after he assimilated them, or would destroy worlds he did not feel deserved to exist. He developed multiple doomsday weapons, including a core destabilizer that he used on Krypton. He also made WPD, biological Weapons of Planetary Destruction, which he then locked away in the Phantom Zone. He would launch spacecraft with onboard Phantom Zone projectors at planets he wanted destroyed, and upon landing the projector would activate and the WPD would raize the planet. Clark realizes that Brainiac's last act was to send one of those WPD's to earth as revenge for his defeat. He immediately jumps into his spaceship and speeds back to Earth.
Plot – In 2034, while Clark is racing back to Earth, the Phantom Lock arrives on earth and unleashes Doomsday in Metropolis. All the Leaguers sans Diana and Clark work hard to defeat it but are no match. Bruce manages to contact Diana, who has been missing during the events of Wonder Woman 3, and when she returns to Metropolis, she puts up a better fight than the rest of the Leaguers did combined, but still loses in the end. Before Doomsday can kill her, Clark finally arrives back on Earth and manages to barely defeat the monster before dying in Lois’ arms. While Clark was away, Lois realized she was pregnant and tells him the news as he is dying. Clark passes away with a smile on his face at the news and tears of joy and grief in his eyes. The Justice League and the world mourn his passing.
Sequel tie-in – Batman watches the recordings on the ship log Clark made on his way back to earth explaining the existence of a universe ending calamity Brainiac was initially trying to prepare for.
Sequel tie-in 2 – A Lexcorp employee gets a blood sample from the scene.

Phase 4 shows the consequences of Superman’s death on the world and superhero community and introduces multiple heirs to the mantle before the original makes his triumphant return.
2034 - Teen Titans II: Child's Play
2034 - Green Lantern III: Brother's Keeper
2035 - Titans: Graduation Day
2035 - Hawkgirl and Hawkman: Endless Flight
2036 - Superman III: Ascension

Phase 5 is the exact middle of the DCU story and acts as the bridge between the two halves of the story; the first being the burgeoning superhero community and the second being the escalation of threats against the world and universe.
2036 - Titans II: Deathtrap
2036 - Batman III: Knightfall
2037 - Flash III: Flashpoint
2037 - Aquaman II: The Deluge
2037 - Nightwing: Black Mirror

Phase 6 illustrates the events that precipitated and eventually culminated with Darkseid's arrival on Earth.
2038 - Supergirl: Crucible
2038 - Shazam: First Thunder
2039 - Teen Titans III: Sins of Youth
2039 - Titans III: Prime of Life
2039 - Justice League III: Darkseid War

Phase 7 is about how the Darkseid War prompted the Justice League and the world as a whole to find all the heroes it can to combat potential future threats, leading to the formation of the Justice League Dark, Justice Society of America, and Suicide Squad.
2040 - Aquaman III: Thicker Than Water
2040 - Justice League Dark: Witching Hour
2041 - Static Shock: Showtime
2041 - Justice Society: Whole New World
2042 - Suicide Squad vs. The Outlaws

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2020.06.24 03:59 csummerss If you could swap a character on one of the teams like Teen Titans, Outlaws, Outsiders, JL, etc. Who would it be and why?

They can be a character with same powers but you prefer such as Donna Troy instead of Diana on Justice League, or someone that carries their own skill set like Cassandra Cain instead of Damian on Teen Titans.
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2020.06.16 17:34 dragon_thingy Why I think people (Myself included) are losing interest in Dc comics. And what I would doto fix it (This is my opinion if you disagree tell me why in a civilized manner).

A few of the problems:
the inconsistency in writing, What I mean by that is giving writers the ability to make the characters what ever they want and that may not be true (I actually don't know correct me if I'm wrong) that's what I feel is happening. I think they should set characters skill levels like sometimes they make Cass a better fighter than Bruce but when a new writer comes along they nerf Cass in the favor of Bruce.
The characters can't be happy rule in The New 52, now I don't know if this is still going on in Rebirth but I know it's still going in The Batfamily and Titans.
The constant big reboots, I get why they do them it's because characters age in Dc and they want them to stay young but i fail to see why they don't go with the Marvel route.
If you're not a an A-lister you rarely get do anything interesting.
The crimefighting community is way to scattered.
My personal solution: One last reboot
Now I know what you're thinking "but you said that the reboots are an evil virus od Satan" but listen this reboot will not fix every problem but most of them.
This would resetmost not all Characters to the early 00's and late 90's but in modern times what do I mean by that I'm glad you asked... well you didn't ask I did.
Let's start with The people I read the most you guessed it The Batfamily:
Bruce he's fairly consistent so not much changed I think.
Dick Grayson this is someone who needs to be set back, now I like the rebirth run as much as the next guy wich is not much... but he was reduced to Batman lite but sexy while I enjoy that side of him I also like the brooding scary side too, @marvelous.batfam on ig breaks down the character so well. He wasn't a better fighter than Bruce but he wasn't that far of either he was smart funny and then was nerfed in most aspects, he had a complex character he was confident but had a fear of never being good enough he was approachable and friendly but absolutely terrifying when need be he was one of the best leaders and someone that everyone respected plus he had a job that fit him perfectly (a kids gymnastics and acrobatics trainer).
Barbara Gordon as much as I love her as Batgirl she was at her best as Oracle her relationship with Dick (heh) was awesome and I get why they broke them up but again thry didn't have to, sure getting married wasn't necessary but they shouldn't have went in that direction in the first place, she was one of the most Important characters in universe you almost couldn't read a comic where a character needed information without mentioning Oracle kf you wanted something done go to Oracle now she got her legs working again (somehow) but lost Importance.
Jason Todd is doing great not much to complain about just get rid of the weird crush on Barbara and inferiority complex with Dick, he can look up to him and not show it just not constantly comparing himself to Dick he is awesome and should have more confidence in himself.
Tim Drake is also pretty good he just needs a better name and reverse the nerf in fighting skill.
Damian Wayne just stop throwing away character development.
Stephanie Brown is awesome she's my favorite Batgirl.
Cassandra Cain is awesome but bruce should adopt her again.
Duke Thomas should stay I like him but come up with a better name.
Selena Kyle is also consistent.
Helena Bertinelli, I don't know much about her.
Alfred should be not dead.
In general they should be closer and act more like a family.
Now my favorite team The Titans (the grown up ones):
I will count my personal team of Titans
I already talked about Dick(heh) so let's skip him.
Donna Troy, just give her a break Dc she deserves better.
Wally West, just give him a break deserves.
Roy Harper, ohhh boy one of my favorite characters of all time has been reduced to an idiot for comic relief while I love his funny side, he suffered the same fate as Thicc boi, he was complex he wasn't the best father but tried his best he was a good brother to his family of Titans and his family back in star city.
Starfire is the heart of The Titans I loved her friendship with Donna just like I love her Dicks relationship, it happened and both grew from it, it was never just lust, they were friends during and after both moved on to better things.
Garth I like him being a warrior but a softie on the inside and loves his King and his Friends too.
Lillith Clay I liked her in rebirth so I wouldn't change much.
Kyle Rayner I love almost every version so wouldn't change much.
Cyborg in my opinion should start off in The Titans but join The League later but is still super close to his original team.
You could just imagine the potential this team/family has if Dc doesn't add unnecessary drama and Supergirl helping every once in a while.
Teen Titans I like them right now, but I would add Jon Kent without the ridiculous age-up and bring back Wallace West.
Young Justice also wouldn't change much but more characters like Aqualad should be more prominent.
The Outlaws are in the same boat wouldn't change much.
The crimefighting community in general should be closer not everyone needs to like one another but at least acknowledge each other's importance and ability.
Edit: another point, they introduce too many new characters when they don't even know what to do with current one's.
If you have disagreements or things you want to add or characters you want to bring back to their prime in your opinion tell me and once again in a civilized manner please and thank you.
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2020.06.03 22:17 darrylthedudeWayne [Film + TV] My pitch for a DC Rebirth movie, & continuation of Apokolips War (Spoiler warning).

I know this is a little bit late but with the announcement of the Snyder Cut, I thought it be a good time more then any to pitch a DC animated movie that would be the start of yet another animated universe (this time taking inspiration from DC Rebirth). But first a quick review for JL DARK Apokolips War, as my pitch would be a Semi-continuation of that & also I never got to review it when it first came out so here it is now:
Personally I absolutely loved it, & I thought it was one of the better films of the DCAMU & a good way to conclude it (which is really saying something since like the New 52 itself I thought this animated universe was hit or miss). But yeah, I really liked this & the huge reason being is that the movie takes risk, the heroes ACTUALLY lose, & they have to face the consequences of that while also getting back together for round 2 & I love that, Plus the darker more realistic tone fits for a story like this. Also Matt Ryan as Constantine & Tony Todd as Darkseid will always be a nice treat, there was also a lot of surprising good emotional moments, the action was pretty smooth, & the bittersweet ending was a nice way to close things off. Yes it did have some problems, for example I didn't really feel any emotion when it came to the scene of Batman vs Damian or Damian being killed then resurrected because I still don't like the character of Damian, I really do not. Also the animation is the still the New 52 animation which I am not the biggest fan of & also the film (like the others) is WAY too short, a film like this needs to be 2 or 3 hrs max. But beside that, I thought JL DARK: Apokolips war was a great end to this universe & I give it a 8.5/10. & definitely don't think this will be the end of this universe, as I do believe it will get a soft-reboot/some sort of Semi-Continuation in 5 or 10 years from now, but until then we could maybe see more solo/standalone films NOT set in a interconnective universe, like what DC animation use to do.
For example we have that Man of Tomorrow movie coming out which is not only suppose to be a new & original story not based off a comic book, but also is suppose to be a new take on his origin story, & it does look pretty good so I can't wait to see that. Also there is a rumoured Long Halloween movie which I am also really hyped for because I wanted to see that one in animation form for years (& I am so glad it won't be in the New 52 universe so now they can actually do it properly, & not Butcher it like they did with Hush), I am also extremely glad they never touched Death of the Family, Endgame, or White Knight since now those stories can also be done justice, especially White Knight, which in my personal opinion is cinematic enough & has a interesting enough story behind it (what if Joker was good & Batman was Bad) that it could work. a Wonder Woman Odyssey movie & a Blackest Night movie would both be Rad to see as well. Also a Green Arrow movie would be awesome, maybe a redone version of the Cancelled Escape from Supermax movie. Maybe even bring back Stephen Amell to voice the character like how they brought back Matt Ryan to voice Constantine. Also a Injustice movie set within the universe of the Injustice games would be pretty cool as well.
Finally last two things I want, a Kingdom Come movie, & a proper Batman: Hush movie (possibly set within the universe of the Animated Series), NOT what we got, the Hush movie we got can die. But yeah now that I got some examples of solo/standalone NON-Interconnected DC animated movies I want to see as well as my review for JL DARK Apokolips out of the way, let's get started with my pitch.
Like I said I would like them to revisit this universe again in 5 or 10 years from now, & maybe do a Soft-reboot/Semi-continuation of it, this time taking more inspiration from DC Rebirth.
The movie would open immediately where Apokolips War left off, With Flash going back in time to prevent Earth's dark fate, he shows up right as there about to leave & deactivates Cyborg long enough to warn them of what will happen if they attack directly & that they need to stay on Earth, they don't believe him at first but then Zatanna & John Constantine read his mind & confirm that what he says is true. after reactivating Cyborg & disabling the thing Darkseid uses to watch the JL from, they stay on earth & come up with a new strategy. Aquaman & Mara will go & rally the Atlanteans, Wonder Woman & Hawkman will do the same for the Amazonians & thennigarians (sorry if I butchered that), Jon Stewart Green Lantern leaves to rally the Green Lantern corps, while everyone else gets earth prepared for the coming attack. Future Barry along with explaining to them the future also tells them about the Paradooms, & they will need to figure out a way to stop them, they decide they will go back in time to the events of Justice League WAR & enter a Boom tube undetected, go to Apokolips & figure out how Doomsday was created to find a weakness, Silas Stone helps build a cosmic treadmill so they can achieve this. Future Barry, Shazam, & the entire JL DARK (minus Swamp Thing) go back to the events of that movie & enter a Boom tube undetected, they discover the lab where Doomsday was created & find Bertron, a scientist kidnapped by Darkseid whom forced him to help him create the beast, they find videos of the cruel experiments where he & Darkseid throw an infant into the harsh environments, each time it died & was reborn, it would adapt. He tells them there is no way to find a weakness, but he created one last thing he did not test it yet. They take this formula nicknamed "The Godkiller" & the Blue prints for it & return back to the present, with Bruce Wayne & Silas & Victor Stone working on the formula to make more of it to use on the Paradooms.
From here we would get a few scenes of the heroes spending time with there loved ones, Dick & Starfire spend some of there last moments together before they go out to possibly die, Aquaman forgives Orm & recruits both him & Mara's twin sister Siren to help in the battle, Arthur & Mara spend some alone time together afterwards, John & Zatanna get some alone time together, Clark & Lois get some alone time together, Bruce locates Selina & the two reconcile and make up, Barry spends one more night with iris, & Damian admits to Raven he has feelings for her....Oh & almost forgot, Dick recruits some of the Titans that left such as Wally & Arsenal (with Roy recruiting his mentor the Green Arrow), Beast Boy recruits the team he was on before the Teen Titans...the Doom Patrol (whom have a new member named Grail), & we get a few scenes between Diana & Donna Troy.
Anyways the big day comes as Apokolips reaches Earth, Darkseid unleashes the Parademons & Paradooms. & the JL, Doom Patrol, Suicide Squad, the armies of Humanity, Amazonians, Atlanteans, Thennigarins, & Green Lanterns fight against the armies of Darkseid, while the Teen Titans help evacuate the civilians & back at the JL DARK HQ, the JL DARK begin a ritual to release Trigon from Raven to help in the battle, with Deadman, Etrigan, & Swamp Thing Defending the HQ & Damian beside Raven. With the armies using the Godkiller on the Paradooms, killing the creatures. At first the side of good is winning, however Orm & Siren both betray Arthur & Mara, with Orm's army of mutated sea creatures attacking the humans armies, Siren then kills Queen Mara right in front of Arthur & cuts off his left hand, then it seems the day is going to be lost, Arsenal/Speedy, Wally West, Hawkman, Kilawog, Batwoman, & Steel are all killed, Lois Lane is also killed right in front of Superman & in anger & rage flies off to the sun to power up, & use his newest & most dangerous power.
Darkseid then enters the picture along with Desaad, Callaback, Steppenwolf, & the original Furries. Batman & Catwoman alone both stand up to the armies, until backup comes in, in the form of the New Gods & the Blue Lanterns. All the heroes get back up & continue to fight on, around this time Superman returns after getting the full power of the sun & just as he does, Constantine & Zatanna unleash Trigon whom possesses Superman. Superman goes to Apokolips & sacrifices himself by destroying the entire planet with Sups new power. Realizing the day is lost Desaad, Steppenwolf, & the remaining Parademons retreating through a boom tube, Callaback wants to stay & fight though but Desaad forces him to retreat. Darkseid stays behind however & finding Grail with the touch of his hand unlocks her true powers, the Anti-life equation within her which he tries using on the heroes, it fails & Grail beats the living hell out of him, she passes out as Darkseid shoots a Godkiller bullet at Darkseid, killing him.
But Darkseid shoots his Omega Beam at him & kills Batman. the city where the battle took place is being rebuild as a funeral is held for everyone who fell during the battle, including Batman & Superman. Damian Wayne takes the mantle of Batman, with Catwoman, Batgirl, Alfred, Raven, & Batwing by his side to help guide him, Lex Luthor becomes Metropolis new protector, even taking the mantle of Superman in his memory, Donna Troy leaves the TT to take the mantle of Wonder Woman after Diana must leave to become the new queen of Themiscrya in her mother's place (whom had also died in the battle), Arthur imprisons Orm & Siren & goes into solitude, Constantine proposes to Zatanna, & Future Flash fades from this world. the movie ends on a cliffhanger with a man with black hair watching a report about the death of superman inside his Motel with his family. He exits the Motel & opens up his button shirt to reveal the Superman S, this is the Pre-New 52 Superman.
there is a after credits scene where we see a rock in the void of space, & on it looks to be a river, we see a glowing blue foot enter the frame, & then cut to black.
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Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) - All Scenes Powers  'Titans ... Donna Troy  I Was Here Titans (02x13): Donna Troy Death, Funeral and Ressurection ... Titans 01x08 Young Dick Grayson and Donna Troy - YouTube Heroes Never Die  Donna Troy - YouTube Titans 1x08 Promo 'Donna Troy' (HD) DC Universe - YouTube Titans 01x08 Donna Troy and Dick Grayson - YouTube Titans 2x08 WonderGirl vs DeathStroke - YouTube Donna Troy/Wonder Girl (Titans S02) scenes - YouTube

Donna Troy (character) Titans Wiki Fandom

  1. Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) - All Scenes Powers 'Titans ...
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  3. Titans (02x13): Donna Troy Death, Funeral and Ressurection ...
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Titans 1x08 'Donna Troy' Season 1 Episode 8 Promo - As The Titans go their separate ways, Dick turns to an old friend, Donna Troy (CONOR LESLIE), for answers... *TITANS S2 FINALE SPOILERS* Well. I'm mad. Donna was one of my FAVORITE characters on Titans and she deserved so much better. Her death was one of the most i... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, t... 'Titans (TV Series 2018– )' Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) - All Powers & Fight Scenes Donna Troy is a photographer and the childhood best friend of Dick Grayson a... Powers, fights scenes and quotes of Donna Troy/Wonder Girl portrayed by Conor Leslie on DC's Titans (2019) Season 2. If you enjoyed this video and want to se... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. All rights to DC only. I DO NOT OWN NIGHTWING!!! I Know This Isn’t Very Good But I Had Nothing Else To Post Lol Fandom : Dc Titans Music : I Was Here - Beyonce Characters : Donna Troy My Insta :) If You Care Lol : ...