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Ryan Faulk distorts Segregation/Jim Crow.

2020.09.19 11:54 pog99 Ryan Faulk distorts Segregation/Jim Crow.

See the original article and the garbage it inspired.
If you were to find the about page of his blog, you would know that he defends the blog from promoting white supremacy by simply reporting the facts. A strict reading could put together that it doesn't mean that one couldn't defend or rationalize past systems of white supremacy. I've recently revisited and clarified the issues of his Slave trade article, and soon I plan on talking about multiple issues with his slavery article as well, so today I will do the same with this one.
The running theme of the piece is that disparities during Jim Crow either couldn't be explained specifically by segregation, or that disparities came larger after the 1960s thus segregation as a factor is ruled out. The problems are that -
  1. For each aspect that he measures, he doesn't tie it to a specific expert claim on how Segregation played a role in the disparity.
  2. He doesn't account for post-1960s factors that causes the persisting or larger disparity, and assumes post-1960s is a systematically neutral control.
  3. For certain disparities he compares, they are inappropriate and are not indicative of what he purports.
And for the record, no, he doesn't actually talk about voting or juror restriction by race.
The article-
We first get a rationalization of his analysis.
When I was younger, I would read world atlases. And sometimes I would come to an article, say an article on the country Colombia, and it would say that Colombia is a world leader in coffee production, then list off some other “cash crops”. Then it would go into the growing textiles sector, and mention that it has some problem with debt. Maybe it’s a leading producer of phosphates as well or something. And if you read all of this qualitative, subjective description, you would never realize that Colombia was poor. It’s not until you got to “per capita GDP” that you would discover that it was $3,000 per capita.
You could also have someone qualitatively describe a football game between Auburn and Alabama. And they could do highlights, and describe some of the big plays, and you wouldn’t know that Alabama completely steamrolled Auburn until you looked at the box score.
Or imagine if your son was “describing” qualitatively and subjectively how he was doing in his classes. As a parent you don’t care, you want to see the damn grades.
And so the effects of segregation on blacks. What does the data say? Because in school when segregation is taught, it’s the equivalent of describing a football game by just looking at the highlights and not the box score. It’s cat-lady storytime.
Well, there are a few big go-to topics that popped into my mind to try to quantify the effects of segregation on blacks: cops and courts, schools, income and lynching. So that’s what I go-to’d.

1. Incarceration rate
The incarceration rate for blacks relative to whites has increased at least since 1930, probably long before that. So in terms of blacks being targeted for being sent to prison, it looks like they were substantially less targeted compared to today.
So if the legal systems were unfair during segregation, they appear to be even more unfair today. Or perhaps they weren’t unfair during segregation, are unfair today, or perhaps the laws are different today in a way that disparately impacts blacks more than they did in the past.
There are all sorts of things we can speculate, but it’s not immediately or obviously apparent, from the data, that the legal system was particularly keen on incarcerating blacks compared to today.
So for those of you more keen on race and mass incarceration, you would know that this is particularly strong in Northern Urban regions rather than the South. A whole demographic transition occurred that accounted for it.
Not to mention he never actually looked for studies that purport to address biases during Jim Crow. What does he find through is roundabout ways?
2. Prison sentences
For prison sentences, the numbers have been remarkably stable. When you look at length of prison terms for blacks compared to whites after the FIRST release from prison, it’s very close.
The first release data is important because none of these are repeat offenders. Repeat offenders get more time, and blacks are more likely to be repeat offenders.
That said, based on the data below, blacks serve roughly ~15% longer prison terms for their first term. It could be because the crimes blacks commit within each category are, on average, more severe. It could be racial bias on the part of judges.
Or it could be that blacks have worse courtroom behavior, as when IQ is controlled for, the racial gap in prison sentences goes away.
But what you don’t see is blacks having longer prison sentences during segregation.
Black Multiple of White Median Time Served For ALL Releases in State and Federal Prisons
Now what if we looked at median prison time served just in the South, and back in 1937 – smack in the middle of “Jim Crow” – and included repeat offenders, of which black inmates are a higher proportion today? The result is not that much different from the entire US today:
Black Multiple of White Median Time Served For ALL Releases in 14 Southern States in State and Federal Prisons
Remember, the 1937 data is JUST from the South, supposedly the hot seat of bigotry, and includes repeat offenders.
Homicide data is an unweighted average of each category. In 1937 and 1952 they used Murder and Manslaughter, in 1964 they just had Homicide, and in 2009 they had Murder, Negligent Manslaughter and Non-Negligent Manslaughter.
In case you think I am cherry-picking the years to paint a particular narrative, these are literally just the years used in the Bureau of Justice report I am citing.
And so what we can see is that the black-white incarceration gap is wider today than it was in 1930. In addition, the racial gap in sentence length for first offenders does not appear to have changed at all. Even the data that INCLUDED repeat offenders just in the South in 1937 doesn’t differ that much from the first-time offender data nationally and later.
And so this makes the idea that the current US legal system was more biased against blacks during segregation than it is today SEEM false.
So this is a good example of a data point that doesn't correspond to a specific Civil Rights claim for Jim Crow relative to the post-1960s. Mass incarceration is usually shown as being a post 1960s phenomenon of bias as a particular, in connection to Blacks increasing presence in the North. His source supports it. On page 88.
The median time served for the total was 17 days. For blacks the median was 2 days longer, 19 days. Interestingly, there were larger differences between whites and blacks in time served in the North than in the South. The median time served in the North for whites was 18 days and for blacks a full week longer, 25 days. In the South the median was 17 days for blacks and 16 days for whites. Looking at time served by offense, these differences continue.
Typical civil rights claims are in regard the lack of Black Jurors deals with not simply length of prison time but biases towards choosing conviction by a white jury relative to a comparable white defendant, which this doesn't study.
Therefore, the proper way how to study this would be conviction rates in the same region overtime, such as the South, and compared between different types of juries and defendants. I lack data on this, but one form of bias I have found was application of the death Penalty for rape in the South from the 1930s to the 1960s was harsher not just for Black Criminals, but for Black criminals accused ofraping whites. In further detail, 13% of Black rapists in 11 southern states received the death penalty compared to 2% of whites.
Decreases in overall non-white (likely black) executions, by his source, decreased sharply after the 1960s. Overtime, rates of executions decreased even though crime increased into this period. Mind you, there were death penalty changes around this time.
This source, btw, contains a variety of measurements by race during Jim Crow into the present that could suggest bias outside of merely prison sentences.

3. Lynching
A related topic to this is lynching. From Richard M. Perloff, Professor of Communication at Cleveland State University:
“Approximately 4,742 individuals were lynched between 1882 and 1968; of the victims, 3,445 or 73 percent were Black.”
All lynchings were in response to a claimed offense, such as a rape or stealing cattle. Blacks were 72.65% of all recorded lynchings while being ~26.87% of the population of the South at the time.
The Black population of the Southern US 1880-1970 averages 26.87% at each decade. And so based on their population alone, if lynchings were race-neutral, and we knew nothing about race differences in violent crime going in, we would expect 26.87% of all lynchings to be of blacks. Blacks comprised 72.65% of all lynchings, giving them a representation 2.70 times their population.
However, according to wikipedia, most lynchings occurred between 1882 and 1920, and during that time period the average black population was 31.76% of the southern US population. Using this number, blacks as a percentage of lynchings are only 2.29 times their percentage of the population.
If we split the difference and just say that the black population of the south was 29.32% of the total population, then blacks as a percentage of lynchings was 2.48 times their percentage of the population.
By comparison, in 2010, blacks comprised 12.6% of the total US population, but were 38.13% of the population charged for violent crimes, giving them a representation 3.03 times their population.
And so by raw numbers the lynch mobs appear to be slightly less racially targeting than the current US legal system is. Here are those numbers put in a table:
So when I first read this I thought he was comparing lynchings to police shootings. The second time shows me how asinine he is. This is a good example of an inappropriate comparison.
Being charged with a crime isn't the same as a lynching, lynchings are categorized by the source he originally used for sentencing as an execution, one of the trends that decreased in rates for blacks and as established was higher in the South in ways suggestive of bias.
From his source-
Almost three-fourths (73 percent) of those lynched between 1890 and 1962 (the date of the last recorded lynching) were black, and in the same period, 54 percent of those executed were nonwhite. About 90 percent of those dying under State authority were executed for homicide. Only 41 percent of illegal lynchings were for homicide (Tables 2-1 and 2-2).
This is more or less consistent with my studies showing that, in the South, rape (the next largest portion of lynching offenses After Homicide) was disproportionately applied to black men with death.
Lynchings, as well decreased in accordance with campaigning against it as established in my Dwight Murphey post. This would be an example of civil rights interacting with oppression.

4. Income
This is where arguments regarding the negative effects of segregation start to have some backing in data. Looking at census data from 1948, we can see that black income as a proportion of white income went from around 44% in 1948 to about 80% in 2000. This looks like a massive effect from desegregation on it’s face:
However, there is some interesting data from 1880. If you just look within regions, the racial gap is much less. At that time, black workers earned on median 37% of what white workers earned. However, if you just looked at the south, blacks earned 58% of what white workers earned. So just with that regional control we’re already almost half way to the current black-white income ratio.
Population and wage income by race and region in 1880
But the paper did something else – it looked at black labor income relative to whites, but just looked a rural southern whites and blacks, and only looked at labor income. And in that instance, black income was 89% of white income:
And so when you look at the same region, and the same kind of work, and just compare the wages of workers, the black-white income gap in the rural South was only 11%, lower than it is today. And that difference could very plausibly be due to blacks having fewer skills on average in 1880.
I would be interested to see similar thin slices just looking at urban blacks in the south vs. urban whites in the south, and urban blacks in the north to urban whites in the north. I suspect that the more you held constant region and urban/rural divide, the smaller the racial gap would be.
Which is to say, that it seems like much of the black-white income gap could have been a function of blacks living in rural areas (which were poorer back then) and living in the south (which was poorer back then).
In addition, we can see that the narrowing of the black-white income gap roughly corresponds with blacks moving out of the south. This is not a 1:1 correlation, but it is does suggest that simply moving out of the south), which began in earnest around 1910, is part of the explanation for the narrowing of the black-white income gap:
And in the north, where more of the blacks were slaves who had earned their freedom before 1865, black wages as a proportion of white wages were higher. In fact blacks in the north were wealthier than whites in the south for quite some time.
Moreover, the narrowing of the black-white income gap at the national level occurred almost entirely during segregation. So to say that the smaller amount of narrowing that occurred following desegregation was in fact a result of desegregation is something that sounds kinda plausible – there’s certainly a little story you can tell – but there’s very little data for it. The most you could say is that there was a brief acceleration of the narrowing of the black-white income gap immediately after 1965, but that could be a coincidence, and even if you want to say it was a result of the civil rights act, then the acceleration versus a continuation of the previous trend is still only going to be like 2%.
Now as for why the black-white income gap narrowed from 1948 (at least) to 2000, that’s another topic. I suspect much of it has to do with the economic rise of the south and the migration of blacks away from the rural economy. Also this higher income may not have corresponded with a rise in living standards relative to whites since the cost of living may have increased, but that’s more speculative. But desegregation doesn’t appear to have any relevance to it.
So even the narrowing of the black-white income gap, long touted as prime evidence that segregation was previously suppressing black wages, the evidence is not so clear on that.
So, he decreased the gap however in a way that was not applied to the modern gap, therefore makes his comparison null.
He spends most of this section explaining factors pertaining to geography and the like explaining the gap, even though it's existence is tied to both slavery and the economic and educational limitations of the South for Blacks. This can be seen in the lack of second generation benefits of white migrants relative to black migrants, those born in the North being positively selected for those returning to the South, and the steeper reduction in poverty among southern Blacks due to migrants that returned to the South.
Likewise, despite his claims that Northern Blacks being richer than Southern Whites, he doesn't produce a chart or study showing that.
5. Wealth and Employment
Two more things to consider is that up until the 1950’s blacks had employment rates similar to that of whites. And the unemployment rate in blacks grew much more after 1965:
And in terms of wealth, black wealth as a proportion of white wealth has remained stagnant since 1963:
Moreover, I would say that the absolute disparity is more important than the black-white ratio. Because lets say you have $10 and Bob has $100. That’s a $90 gap. Depending on your job, that’s a day’s wage, or half a day’s wage. Now if you have $100 and Bob has $900, now you’re looking at multiple days’ wage. And so on and so on. So even though the relation is the same, the practical importance of the gap is growing. Also just the total dollar amount difference is increasing. And these are all in “2013 dollars”, which adjusts for inflation.
And so when people say that the relative economic situation of blacks has improved relative to whites since segregation, they’re looking at one thing: nominal income at the national level. They’re not looking at employment, at wealth, or how much, if at all, the income gap has narrowed when controlling for what region of the country we’re looking at, or if it’s urban or rural.
While this is worth pointing out, it fails to account for complex factors of the great migration. While gains were present, unemployment increased due to urban living and relatively higher demands in skill compared to the South. This can be seen by actually referencing the study he pulls the chart from, where changes in unemployment occur earlier and become starker outside of the South.
What is also interesting his how an earlier study done by one of the researchers of the 1999 study he cites notes how human capital can't explain as much of the gap in the North as it can in the South.
6. Schools
Another argument that segregation depressed black economic success is their lower school funding. On average, from 1890 to 1950, the average of how much each state spent on black schools as a proportion of what they spent on white schools was 56.96%. So they had less funding.
But funding for what? For “better teachers”? What’s a “better teacher”? What has been found in the US is that increased real spending on schools has not increased overall performance since the 1970s, and more importantly voucher studies have shown that the school an individual goes to has no real impact on either GPA, standardized test scores or future college attendance.
So the fact that additional funding didn’t matter in 1970 is one thing. But did it matter from 1870 to 1954?
Well, we don’t have regular standardized tests from that time period, but we do have a nationally representative IQ test done in 1917 for all US army conscripts for World War 1. In it blacks scored a median of 83 compared to the white score that was set to 100. Today the black median is still at 85. Okay, two points. And my guess is they were hollow for “g” anyway.
Certainly there were journalists at the time who did “investigative journalism” and wrote anecdotal reports of how bad the black schools were. Michael Moore does “investigative journalism” today too about how great the Cuban healthcare system is. Walter Duranty visited the USSR in the 1930s and came back writing glowing reviews of the benevolent, if firm, policies of Stalin.
Maybe they were telling the truth, maybe they were making things up, who knows.
Black schools were probably worse But the question is how much worse really? And for most people, did it even matter? Most of what people learn in school they forget anyway, so aside from literacy and basic math, the practical importance of school would be minimal for most people at that time.
And the culture of school credentials as a signal to employers hadn’t developed yet, so at the time any “educational disadvantages” blacks had, whatever they were and if any, would not matter in terms of credential-signaling because that hadn’t developed yet, and in terms of knowledge beyond basic literacy and math – that all gets forgotten anyway.
So....lets review.
  1. He could've mentioned the Coleman Report but didn't. This is a pretty major study in this particular field of social science, so for Faulk to miss something crucial to grounding his point only demonstrates his lack of familiarity with the material.
  2. I'm going to to assume, since the link is dead, that the studies referenced in that link doesn't account for how money is spent.
  3. His study cites work from a cosumer behavior course, not actual studies on schools.
  4. A recent study shows that for Jim Crow, school quality accounts for the majority of the wage gap for the era.
  5. Actual tracking of changes in school quality supports the conclusion.
  6. Previous data given regarding the Great Migration would indicate that education and a market to use it made generational different for blacks, even considering selection.
7. Countrymen?
This section is a bit of a digression. In a broader sense, blacks weren’t seen as legitimate countrymen to some extent for some time in the region. And so since the blacks were viewed as “foreigners” to southern whites, who to some extent viewed northern whites as foreigners as well, they didn’t think they owed the blacks equal school funding any more than they owed people from Peru or Romania or China equal school funding.
I.e. the black-white gap in school funding meant as much to them as the american-chinese gap in school funding, as both the Chinese and the blacks were foreign to the southern whites.
Now you can have whatever opinion you want about it, and say that blacks were rightful countrymen of southern whites, and really pound your fists in self-righteous certainty about it because you “know it to be true”. That’s certainly your viewpoint.
But understand that it is just your viewpoint, and when you realize that the southern whites viewed blacks the way we look at illegal immigrants today, and that the times during which either repatriation of blacks to Africa or creating a separate black country out of land in the US were serious proposals were still in living memory at the time.
Today blacks have been part of the US for so long that such proposals probably seem bizarre to you. And they would bizarre and cruel if implemented today. But also remember that the US had to impose military governments in the south in order to pass the 14th amendment that gave the blacks citizenship. And Oregon, New Jersey and Ohio renounced their ratification of the 14th amendment after the fact in protest of this action.
Obviously is was a symbolic gesture, but it showed that opposition to the way the 14th amendment was passed wasn’t considered some kooky fringe idea at the time. Of course it is now because if you bring up the use of military governments in passing the 14th amendment – well, “only racists talk about that”, so it just gets dismissed.
But yes, understand that the 14th amendment was seen like granting “amnesty” to the illegals is today – it would be creating an alternative method of granting citizenship for a specific group of non-citizens in the US today.
(And the fact that more whites supported granting citizenship to the black slaves at the time than supporting granting amnesty to illegals today is support for a theory I have about whites in the past being more “neurologically left-wing” even if they would be considered today to hold “far-right” positions by today’s standards.)
  1. Despite whatever perceptions American whites had about Americans blacks, it doesn't change the facts were that blacks were not comparable to the Chinese at the time. The cultural gaps and their economic history on a racial basis doesn't justify it.
  2. The basis of historical relativism in this case was seeming argued further in his MLK video, now deleted. That is, as argued by others before, whites didn't have to pay taxes for Black schools. This causes obvious problems as the average black had only limited wealth to tax in large part due to limited skills.
Faulk's self prophesied Conclusion-
So, what do we learn from his conclusions? He bizarrely begins with a tangent on the Zimmerman and Wilson trials and the correlated of media knowledge.
Some excerpts.
The jurors certainly knew more facts about each case than the general public did. Moreover, whites are more likely to believe Zimmerman and Wilson were justified, and whites do better on tests of current events knowledge. In addition, males, who do better on current events knowledge tests than females, also were more satisfied with the Zimmerman verdict than women, and women do worse on current events knowledge tests. Also, people with higher education levels approved the verdict as well.
Thus, all three factors that correlate with general political and current events knowledge (being white, being male and having lots of time in school) also correlate with approving the Zimmerman trial verdict. And the people who had the MOST knowledge – the jurors – unanimously found Zimmerman not guilty.
If you go by the literature in news media talking about “institutional racism” and “white privilege”, it’s not immediately obvious that the aggregate of all media is any less obsessed with the plight of the coloreds than they were in 1964. Maybe they were, but I have no way to really tell.
Do you see it? Do you see that lack of any real transition? Maybe some further comment can help.
But lets say Derrick Wilson killed “the gentle giant” in 1961. There was no internet in 1961, what you knew about the events was what a few major news outlets chose to report. As it happens, a jury also found J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant not guilty of murder in their killing of Emmett Till. And what do you know about that event? Do the facts you know of the Emmett Till verdict seem to paint a one-sided story to where it is unbelievable, yes, unbelievable that a jury would find Bryant and Milam not guilty?
Once again we have a comparison that isn't proper. The modern day examples leaves no ambiguity as to who killed who, it was a matter of whether the killing was justified or not.
The Emmett Till situation was vastly different, since the matter of whether or not Till was killed, whether or not Milam and Bryant were guilty, or exactly what happened between Till and Bryant in the store. Her own account only goes as far as to say that she was grabbed by the waist, while press releases by the defense/police was explicitly more violent. Both stories differ from her original account to her lawyers. Even the officer who initially believed that the body belonged to Till changed his mind when the town's reputation began to be tarnished.
Furthermore, even if we are to treat the Till case like the modern day examples, it only shows the hairiness of the case itself. Despite the defense being that Till is not confirmed dead, and that the brothers were innocent of murder, part of their defense regarding Till's actions and the release of Louis Till's rape record by politicians shows a blatant message. That even if the brothers killed Till, it was justified despite nonetheless being illegal.
Anyone, however, can read the various sources that talks about the issue at length. Personally I have Devery Anderson's most recent book.
Because we all know that the courts in the South were incredibly unfair to the blacks? Except there’s no real data to support that at the time,
In regards to death penalties, legal and illegal, for interracial rape, we do. This is supported, along with the data, In regards to changing testimonies in the case of Till, from the police, we do. From the fact that shortly afterward another white on black murder with a white witness (and multiple black ones) claiming otherwise. Said white was not only a friend of the defendants of the Till case, but was defended by the same officer who doubted the corpse's identity.
Point is that an entire survey of the south as a premise of bias is unnecessary (though supportive) of bias. The specific town where the crime took place has plenty of evidence of bias during the trial stemming from community values.
and victim surveys from modern times correspond with the police arrest rates, and police are more likely to kill a white person in any given arrest situation, are more likely to shoot blacks in simulations, and the black percentage of killing cops is higher than their percentage of being killed by cops. And in fact the black incarceration rate relative to whites is HIGHER than it was during segregation.
Irrelevant to the context of Till, a circumstance so legally unique from the above examples it shows Faulk's ignorance. The only connection is the matter of white credibility in modern settings verses in the context of a particular case.
As shown in previous articles, modern “institutional racism” in terms of police and court bias, callbacksand educational opportunities are very easily revealed to be phantasms – or at the very least the issue of whether or not they exist is much more complex than the basic statistics you hear on tumblr and huffpo posts would suggest.
Both articles are shitty, see United Left on the school vouchers argument.
Recent studies have shown that residential racial segregation has increased in the United States. This is an improvement over older studies which simply looked at cities and the percentage of each race in the cities. These newer methods actually look at the likelihood of you having a neighbor of a different race, and find that racial segregation is increasing.
So it's basically comparing two different types of "segregation", the conventional method comparing pre-1960s trends nonetheless decreasing.
We already know that schools are more segregated than they were during the late 1960s. Now this is a profound thing; you’ve been to school. You had first hand experience with how racially segregated they were. THAT was close to what it was like during Jim Crow that we hear so many stories about. So… how segregated did it seem?
Again, misleading headline.
In other places on this site, Sean and I make arguments about how currently, blacks and hispanics are not getting a raw deal in employment, courts or education. But what surprised me was just how much, looking into the past, the old days seem so similar to today in terms of the lot of blacks compared to whites.
They are drawn parallel. The past is not far away, it’s right here. 60 years ago was yesterday.
Only your superficial understanding of the 1960s, or any decade before.
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2020.09.17 12:31 CaptainGordan Throwback Write-Up #20: NB Ridaz - NB RIdaz.com

Artist: NB Ridaz
Album: NB Ridaz.com
Label: Upstairs Records
Released: April 4th, 2004
NB Ridaz, formally known as Nastyboy Klick, are a Hip Hop/R&B group out of Phoenix Arizona. Started by MC Magic, the group became popular locally by selling their CDs at swap meets and making personalized songs of their hits for people. They dropped two albums under the Nastyboy Klick moniker, one of which had one of their most successful singles with “Lost In Love”. Their debut also had the hit “Down For Yours” featuring Roger Troutman, who laid down the chorus with his signature talkbox singing. That sound would become a staple in NB Ridaz’s future hits. With the name officially change to NB Ridaz, they dropped Invasion in 2001, with the hit song “Runaway” In 2004 they dropped NB Ridaz.com, their most successful album to date, spawning hits like “Notice Me” “So Fly” and “Pretty Girl”. The influence Roger Troutman had instilled on the group’s sound is especially prominent here, with the talkbox chorus on “Wishin on a Star” and “Pretty Girl” This album also served to promote their website NBRidaz.com, where they sold merchandise and promoted their personalized songs that fans can put requests for. Although the site is no longer active you are able to see remnants of the site if you use the wayback machine.
I wanted to preface by saying that the reason I chose this album was because it was huge among Hispanics/Latinos in the US. and in Latin America, but I feel like they are largely unknown to this forum and non-hispanic hip hop listeners. I realized I lived in a bit of a bubble when I overestimated their general popularity on this sub. Living in a large Mexican community, the album and songs like “So Fly” and “Pretty Girl” were inescapable and most girls I went to middle school with including my sister had a crush on MC Magic. I talked about them once in the DD a while back when someone brought up Soulja Boy’s influence by using the internet to blow up and being the supposed first one to really use the internet, and I mentioned how NB Ridaz were using their website to promote personalized songs before Soulja Boy was active, which was then downvoted and followed by a “Who?” response. Anyways after that and testing the waters by posting “Pretty Girl” (which was downvoted), I became aware of that bubble and how the album is not known to the general hip hop audience. To be fair, even when the album was in heavy rotation during release, I noticed it was more popular among girls than dudes, and this sub/website isn’t exactly known for their demographics in the women department.
One thing about this album is that almost every single song has to do with love or intimacy, whether that be the pursuit and wooing of a new partner, cultivating and strengthening of relationships, or lamenting of past relations, probably why it was more popular with girls than dude.
The album kicks off with a forgettable intro followed by U Got Me Hot, which is just a fun song about meeting women at the club and a good track to kick off the album.
Now she was rockin hot jeans
Low-cut baby tee
Hotter than the Fourth of July in A Z
I mean I'm trippin, I couldn't even think
Booty so thick she can hold two drinks
Next is Pretty Girl. Though it wasn’t the leading single on the album, it is probably the most popular song from this album after Notice Me. With a smooth beat reminiscent of 90’s G-Funk, and a chorus and verses backed up by the talkbox singing that they picked up from Roger Troutman, this song has everything that makes it both timeless and a callback to the group’s roots. My favorite part has to be MC Magic’s verse, as he blesses us by alternating his rhymes between English and Spanish seamlessly.
Si tu supieras lo que siento
Cada vez
Que me pongo a pensar en todos los momentos
All the good times we've had, me and you, you and I
Hot summer nights, making love in July
The only girl that didn't give it on the first night
Una mujer incomparable, Imma love her life
After Pretty Girl and, the album transitions to its raunchier side with the lead single So Fly. One small detail I always liked about this song is that each member comes in with a short intro setup before their verse starts, with Zig Zag and MC Magic singing their first lines before rapping, and the DJ Scratching on the beginning of Dos’s verse, I thought it was a pretty neat touch. Zig Zag’s verse is iconic too and etched in my childhood since my sister had this song on loop on her boombox.
I know, I been on the road and away from home
But I been fiendin' for you
Dreaming of you
And what I'm gonna do when I have you alone
You heard the message
On your cellphone, me sayin' "Daddy's home"
I'm about to put it down, got you runnin' around
Half-naked around the house
And this isn't just fast sex
We makin' love until we both climax
Next up Tu Eres, a love ballad sung entirely in Spanish. The lines are a bit cheesy, but since it’s a love ballad it’s expected. If you get serious with a Latina who’s in her late 20’s/early 30’s, you’ll get bonus points if you play this for her.
Despertando una manana pensando en ti
Tus brazos y besos los quiero sentir
Yo te quiero y te amo que haria sin ti?
Un angel que Dios me enviado a mi
On Wishin’, the song revolves around getting hurt by being broken up with by an ex, but still wanting them back. Though it sounds great rapping and beat-wise, and the chorus is nice as hell, it’s my least favorite song on the album on subject matter alone. After that the album gets more upbeat on Playaz. Dope hook, classic beat, and great verses all around where NB Ridaz affiliates 'The Hav Nots' lay down some good verses.
The album then does a 180 with 4-Ever, a song about committing to be with your partner forever. The chorus features singer Angelina combined with the talkbox singing by the NB Ridaz. Though this is one of multiple tracks on the album that feature the talkbox singing chorus, and not even the only one that also features Angelina on the chorus, they still manage to get creative with it. Next up is Notice Me, which was probably the song that got the most radio play in my area and in general. While being the second song that has both Angelina and the talkbox singing chorus, it still manages to sound fresh and change from a theme of commitment to one of simping.
Until I Die is probably my favorite beat on the album, even with dope 90’s West Coast style beats of “Pretty Girl” and “Playaz”. Hearing this makes me wish NB Ridaz experimented more with guitars on their instrumentals. This song is different from the other love songs on the album in that it focuses on growth in partnership, from struggles to sacrifices couples would do for each other. Featured artist and long-time collaborator Big Gemini has a great verse on this as well
I used to say once you're born you're just waiting to die
And every day in between is just a waste of some time
But in time I was convinced that I was far from the truth
Believe it or not I found truth the night I met you
So just know that if there's life after death I'm a wait for you there
To love you forever for real
Sunshine features the same singer (Mary) who did the chorus on U Got Me Hot, and she easily steals the show on this. This song always reminded of a 90’s R&B ballad, and probably the only song on the album where I think Dos had the best verse. .
Not once not twice but your three times a lady
The comfort of your arms got me feeling like your baby
Ill be there for you lets make love in to memories
Your tender touch and your smile always get the best of me
Never let you go or treat you bad ill give you all i have
I belong to you and only you girl i want you bad
Sunshine is followed by the Lil Ridaz skit, just an obnoxious skit of these two little kids breaking into MC Magic’s studio and rapping. Kinda wishing they cut this because it’s not great. The skit leads us into the next song, Bounce If You Wanna, that uses the same beat as the skit. Something weird I found in making this writeup is that not a single lyric website has this song correctly noted, as every site instead has the lyrics to the Lil Ridaz skit. I wanted to highlight Kid Frost’s verse because he was nice and it was iconic to have the first Mexican-American rapper to blow up on an NB Ridaz track. This doesn’t exist anywhere else so I might have mucked a few words
Collar stay popped like champagne bottles, it’s full throttle
That’s the motto, and I spend dough like I won the lotto
Hit trees like there’s no tomorrow
Still spittin hot shit for you to bump in your barrio
Kid Frost, Two fifths of Hennessey
2002 West, go to push and a half ounce of kush
Went triple x, now there’s plenty of bush
Pornstars and strippers get snatched with one look
It’s the Kiddie crook back with them NB Ridaz
O’s and G’s, flippin pounds of keys
On the regular, there’s no competitor
Take it from the editor, back like the predator
Exterminator, Terminator, Violator, Regulator
And I’m way too smooth than them brand new wall of gators
Kid Frost still a boss and I floss on you haters
Fakes and phonies, and all you perpetrators
Southwest Ridaz is up next, and the album is just the group spitting cold hard bars. MC Magic shines as usual and alternate Spanish and English lines like he did on Pretty Girl, except with more hardcore rapping on this track. San Diego’s Mr. Shadow makes an appearance, who was also popular among latino hip hop listeners in the mid 2000’s, but who catered more to the gangster rap crowd.
MC Magic expands on how the group started in the skit Magic’s Custom CDs, where he recounts how his group were able to establish themselves by making personalized CDs for them and advertises how fans can use the website to request their own custom CDs, and as a bonus he even includes an example of a custom song he made using Lost in Love as a basis. The album’s closing track, Guess Who’s Back was always my guilty pleasure as a kid. Borrowing my sister’s CD of this album every now and then, this is the track I always skipped to since at the time I wasn’t feeling like hearing love or heartbreak songs, so this one holds a special place in my heart. With this and Southwest Ridaz, the group made it known they can drop bars when they wanted to and aren’t just a group that coasts on love ballads.
I didn’t mention the Cho and Lo skits, until now, but they are a series of skits on the album that have a radio duo ragging on each other. I used to like their banter when I was in middle school, but I’ve grown out of it since then
As I mentioned before, upon doing my research for my writeup, I found that I overestimated the group’s popularity and my perception of their popularity was warped because of where I and who I grew up with, being from a city on the west coast where there are more Mexicans than any other race. In spite of their popularity among Latinos with songs that have +10 million views on youtube, they never had an album chart on the Billboard 200, and even their most famous songs only peaked close to the bottom of the Billboard 100 charts. In spite of their lack of reach outside the Latino community, this album was huge for those of us who did grow up listening to it.
For non-Latinos, did you listen to or come across this album while growing up?
In light of NB RIdaz's use of the internet to push their albums as did other artists, do you feel that their practices are overlooked when discussing the history of artists using the internet to sell?
What is your favorite hip hop album by a Latino-American?
Favorite song on NB Ridaz.com?
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2020.09.16 01:34 OTSPOKN 8ight After: if you don't believe, then you have nothing to fear -- Part 1

Part 2 of 3
Part 3 of 3

Night #1

Thursday October 3, 2019
Things got serious the day I installed surveillance cameras. That night, after I kissed my wife, Deanna, goodnight, I retired to my home office to edit a video for YouTube.
Just after 1 a.m., a high pitch shriek fills the house and jolts me out of my chair. I immediately run to Deanna, toward the scream. As I dash down the hall I'm hoping she is just having night terrors.
Later, when I watched the surveillance video, I saw something different. I saw something pulling her leg. Intently, I watch, waiting for it to happen again.
I see the gentle rise and fall of Deanna's breaths as she sleeps soundly. She tosses and turns a bit, but nothing out of the ordinary. She snuggles into our waterbed with her right leg hooked around the comforter exposing her foot. Suddenly, her leg kicks as if it were yanked. She's startled, but tries to fall back to sleep.
Our surveillance cameras have audio, so I could hear her grumble, "Vince, don't pull my leg. I'm trying to sleep."* I must admit, messing with her is something I regularly do, but not that night.*
Moments later, Deanna is forcibly pulled to the end of the bed. Jarred awake, she clings to the sheets trying to fight it off. It lets go, freeing her to scurry back to the headboard. She gasps and balls her limbs around her body like a child.
Surveillance Footage capture of Deanna pulled to the foot of the bed.
She scans the room attempting to make sense of what just occurred. Gaining a presence of mind, she creeps toward the foot of the bed to investigate. Slowly, she approaches the edge, grasping a fistful of the comforter for safety. She peers over but sees nothing. Relieved, Deanna rubs her face as she reassesses the room. She turns to my side of the bed and gulps, it must be there. Cautiously, she peeks over that edge, but again finds nothing and breathes a sigh of relief.
As she lingers over my side, the bedroom door behind her creaks. She turns and sees the door closing. Quickly, she sits up to glare at it. The door moves again. In a panic, with revved-up breaths, she calls for me. A hushed gasp at first, until she builds up the nerve to scream, "Vince!"
I fly out of my chair, blaze past the dogs and down the hall. Deanna shields her face in fear as I rush in spouting out a million, "What, what, what's!" I kneel at her side and grab for her; she jumps.
Voice cracking, she mutters, "Do you see it?" She drops the covers a bit to peek.
"See what?" I ask.
"There's someone behind the door." Fixated, she whispers, "Its shadow is right there."
I look over my shoulder, but I see nothing. Then, chillingly, Deanna cries, "She's looking right at us!"
Her words cause my hair follicles to rise, even though I still don't see a thing.
I stand up to approach the door. Deanna begs for me not to. I proceed, not knowing what she expects of me instead.
Once at the door, a cold draft flows over my body and I realize the door movement must be from an open window breeze. I look back to Deanna, she exclaims, "Oh my God. She's right behind you!" Frozen, I slowly turn; then with a sudden whoosh, the door slams! Deanna screams.


Before I go any further, I should rewind a bit, to a simpler time -- a time before the security cameras were installed, because the story doesn't start or end here.
My name is Vince Rocca. I'm 46 years old. I have hippie shoulder-length, nearly black hair and brown almond shaped eyes. I also rock an awesome goatee. I'm in decent shape, but I could stand to lay off the donuts.
My wife Deanna is six months older than me, but is often mistaken for a much younger age. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. She is tall and leggy, with a slim build, and tries to workout six nights a week.
I'm a reality television editor. I routinely mold piles of mundane footage in to fun entertainment. I can assure you that reality television is not fake. Sure, the story is sometimes guided, but it is definitely real. In general, people naturally do front a hyper-realized version of themselves for the cameras. But even with the best, guided, most sensational character, it can often take 10-hours of footage to produce a good 3-minute segment.
Vince sitting in front of a computer edit desk.
Deanna is a Registered Veterinary Technician at the Los Angeles Zoo. Her duties involve everything from anesthesia to X-rays. She has done it all, from darting tigers to elephant trunk washes. Her favorite task is caring for the hospitalized animals. Be it a harbor seal or a vulture, she prides herself on finding ways to make their stay enjoyable.
Deanna drawing up a syringe in front of a zoo Gorilla enclosure.
We met in the eighth grade. I vividly recall the moment I first saw this stunning brunette. The leaves were turning in the warm autumn sun at our California junior high school. She crossed the quad in a pink Town & Country shirt as her long, tan legs jutted out from under a white miniskirt. I wish I could say I locked this down immediately, but we didn't start dating until two years later at the age of 16. We have since been inseparable and are blessed to celebrate 30 years together, with 21 of those as husband and wife.
I've heard people describe Deanna as shy, reserved, and quiet. However, she's always game to ham it up in the silly videos we post on the Internet. I, on the other hand, am often described as outspoken, boisterous, and loud. You could say opposites attract, but I really think we're the same person.
We live in Granada Hills, California. It's a lovely suburban community adjacent to Northridge, which became famous in 1994 as the epicenter of a 6.7 magnitude earthquake.
In 2009, we purchased an awesome 2700 square foot 3 bedroom 3 bath home that was originally built in 1965. The house was a bank repossession and sat empty for nearly a year as the previous owners had succumbed to the subprime mortgage collapse.
Exterior photo of the house from across the street.
Because of that recession, we were able to afford this huge house that even includes a den/game room. The house sits on a hill, with neighbors on each side and government land behind it. Bordering that land and us is a ravine with the dry Los Angeles River at the bottom. The large property includes a pool and a six-car parking lot, all nestled behind a sixteen-foot tall gate.
We are kidless, sans for the two fur-babies, which probably lends to our low-stress, youthful spirit. At the very least, being without kids definitely gives us the freedom to travel the globe and enjoy our vacations.
Back in 2014, I started editing our vacation videos as if they were reality TV shows and posted them to YouTube. This was before VLOGS were commonplace, but looking back, that's exactly what these were: Travel VLOGS. For those not up on the term, a VLOG is a Video LOG, much like a BLOG is a written weB LOG.
As time went on, we traveled more and uploaded more, shooting everything became routine. I point this out so you understand that it's not unusual for me to always be filming.

1 YEAR before Night #1

Monday October 22, 2018
We started a little home improvement project, a project that would eventually turn out to have dire consequences on our relationship.
The whole front of our house is brick, but under our bedroom window is a weird wood accent. The wood looks like a headboard surrounded by molded wood trim. I assume this exists because a patio door was an option when the house was first built. Today, we're going to exercise that option and install a French door.
The wood accent under the front window.
Deanna enjoys smashing the glass into pieces. She even takes charge of the sledgehammer to blast holes between the studs so we can get our hands in to leverage the drywall out. I happily run the camcorder, as she pounds and sweats.
Deanna swings a hammer into the drywall.
One particular opening catches her eye. She peers into the wall and declares, "There's something in there." She quickly reaches in and pulls out a little wooden box.
I snatch the box from her and hear a rattle inside. There doesn't seem to be a hinge or an opening. It appears to be two pieces of wood magically joined together by triangular teeth. The box measures about two inches square and one inch thick with a religious cross chiseled into the lid.
Closeup of the box.
Deanna immediately identifies it as a puzzle box, then declares, "I think you're supposed to give it a whack." I figure she' joking, so I hand her the box. She takes a moment to inspect it, then with a WHACK she slides the box open.
Deanna whacking the box on her left palm.
Frankly, the box alone blows my mind. There is a metal ball that engages a magnet and binds the box closed. Take a whack at it, and the ball shifts to another magnet allowing you to slide the box open. It's pretty ingenious.
Detail shots of how the box opens.
More exciting than the box, is the contents. Deanna joyfully inspects a shiny silver necklace with an angled cross charm dangling from it. The cross is unlike a normal cross, but it isn't a sinister upside-down cross either. It hangs at a tilt, almost like an italicized lowercase t.
Deanna immediately exclaims, "It's a Portate cross!"
My head rattles, "What the hell is a Portate cross?"
"A Portate Cross is a wooden cross that the accused drags over their shoulder to the crucifixion site. As you watch the accused drag this cross, it is at an angle, or portate."
Deanna holds up the angled Portate cross as Vince VLOGS.
I'm literally taken aback. I don't know why she knows that. I don't know how she knows how to open the box. I look to her for answers. She smiles coyly at my bewilderment and seems pleased with herself.
I take a closer look at the cross. The necklace looks well-made and could possibly be white gold. I wonder aloud if the cross could pay for our renovation. Deanna scoffs at this notion. I roll my eyes; as if she knows everything.
She snatches the treasure out of my hands and walks off with it.
I ended up making two VLOGS out of the renovation. You can see them here:
Replace a window with a French door Part 1 VLOG 118
Replace a window with a French door Part 2 VLOG 119

3 WEEKS before Night #1

Thursday September 12, 2019
Eleven months have passed. The year was good but nothing too remarkable happened. I spent most of my time editing back-to-back TV shows. We did manage to take a quick trip to Florida for a veterinary conference. I was able to eke out a single VLOG from that trip on Gatorland. Over the next few months I cranked out a few more Daily VLOGS and How To videos, but I stalled around May and spent my Summer hanging out with Deanna, floating around our pool.
I came across that wooden box; it had fallen behind some shoes in the back of our closet. I took both the cross and the box to a pawnshop for appraisal. The shop clerk confirmed that Deanna is right, it ain't white gold.
The guy identified the box as an Impossible Dovetail Puzzle Box. Apparently it's a pretty common puzzle, but Deanna has never been the puzzle type, so I still don't know how she knows its secret.
Tonight, while eating dinner, Deanna recounts the events of her day. I look down at her chest and see the Portate cross around her neck. I ask, "What's with that?" sparking a religious debate.
Now might be a good time to mention that we're both atheists, or at least, I thought we both were. I should also clarify -- as there is often judgment when I say I'm an atheist -- I don't worship the devil, and I don't hate God. I just don't believe in either God or the devil for that matter. I also don't believe in ghosts, goblins, spirits -- none of that stuff. I have nothing to fear. I sleep soundly at night.
Have you ever noticed that the devil only attacks the God-fearing folk? I've never heard of an atheist being haunted. I don't have anything against those who subscribe to religion, but if you believe in one, you fear the other; and that fear is what gets you. If you don't believe, there is nothing to hurt you, so you're safe, and you've got nothing to fear.
Anyway, I find it odd that Deanna, whom I've known my entire life, is wearing a trinket that epitomizes religion. Her defense is, "I think it's nice," so I guess what harm could it do?
As the night sets in, I leave Deanna home alone while I venture off to a filmmaking mixer. I go to a couple of these a month. Some are educational events about new technologies; others are just drinks and chats. Tonight's event is the drinking kind.
At tonight's mixer, I meet Christina. She's an attractive 24-year-old Hispanic girl who is a fan of my VLOG and an aspiring Assistant Editor.
Assistant Editor types tend to be introverted, dorky by-the-numbers nerds. Add booze, and they can be very unique. Christina is just that, dorky and tipsy. We immediately hit it off. I mean, she is a fan of my VLOG, and I tend to like people who like me, because obviously they have great taste.
Back at home, Deanna isn't having as much fun. She wakes from a nap on the living room couch to the sounds of whispers coming from the kitchen. Frightened, she flips on her phone camera video light and proceeds to investigate. Slowly, she tiptoes across the dining room, as the whispers increase in volume. She can see through the dark kitchen into the game room on the other side. The dim moonlight illuminates something in the doorway. She can barely make it out, then it becomes clear: on the other side of the kitchen, in our game room, stands the silhouette of a person swaying in the dark. Startled, Deanna flicks on the light, and it disappears.
Unnerved, she turns on all the lights in the house and double checks to ensure the security alarm is set. It is armed and shows no faults. Realizing she has succumbed to an overactive imagination, she makes an attempt to VLOG in the kitchen while she prepares some comfort food. She removes a bowl from the cabinet and turns back toward the camera to pour in cereal. Behind her the cabinet drifts open and a cup falls out, plummets to the ground and shatters.
Deanna jumps while holding cereal box as cup flies out of cabinet.
Our cupboards have magnetic closures because 50-year-old cabinets have weak hinges that tend to drift open. In addition, Deanna often double stacks the coffee cups in an unstable manner. We both assumed this combo led to the broken cup.
But now, when I look back at the footage, it clearly looks like the cabinet door is completely closed with the magnet engaged. The door then pops open on its own, and the cup doesn't fall out, but flies out, almost like it's thrown.
Startled, Deanna laughs off the broken cup. She acknowledges for the VLOG audience that it is probably from double stacking the cups. She sweeps up the shards of ceramic and takes them out back to the trash. She even VLOGS the whole adventure.
As she approaches the trash bins, she freezes and turns toward the pool, straining to listen. She turns back, then to the pool again. Blood drains from her cheeks, out of nowhere with a sudden burst, she runs back to the house. She trips and falls. Her phone camera goes black as it flies through the night air, then slides across the pavement before coming to a dead stop.
The phone picks up her distant whimper as she repeats, "Oh my toe, oh my toe." She comes into view hovering over the camera and reaches down to pick it up. The phone is still recording and shows glimpses of her foot as she limps. Her right big toe is messed up pretty bad.
I mentioned before that Deanna is an animal nurse. Her primary job is at the zoo, but sometimes she is needed in the field for freelance clients. Because of this she has a toolbox of stuff at home, which consists of various drugs, medicine, and needles.
I could have never done this, but Deanna possesses a courage that puts me to shame. She draws up a syringe of Lidocaine and shoots it into her toe to numb it. She even VLOGS the whole thing.
Deanna is about to insert the tip of a three inch needle into her right toe.
She actually films a massive three-inch needle as she stabs it into her foot. Three INCHES! I asked why the needle was so big, she said she had a surplus of them and didn't want to waste a smaller needle in case she needed one for an animal injection. Bless her heart, her toe is mangled, she's in pain, and she still puts the critters before herself.
The video shows Deanna inject herself in three places. She then taps her toe to confirm numbness. Once satisfied, she takes a pair tweezers and gives the nail a gentle pull. It breaks away like the separation of Velcro. She pulls her nail completely off her toe exposing a bloody mess of skin underneath. This is disgusting, and I have no idea how she did it.
What happens next is the icing on the cake. Deanna settles down on the living room couch to VLOG a summary of the evening. She explains to the camera that she's freaked out, but she is just going to watch TV while she waits for me to arrive. She leans forward to grab the television remote off the ottoman. When she falls back into the couch, there's a woman sitting next to her. Deanna screams, jumps to her feet, and staggers away from the couch. She turns toward the woman: nothing is there.
Ghost on couch scaring Deanna.
I arrive home to a brightly lit house. She gives me the rundown, illustrating with videos. I laugh incredulously as I watch a video of our game room. She claims a dark figure stood in the doorway. I see nothing. She also claims a ghost sat next to her on the couch. I play the video back and watch her scream like a lunatic for no reason. It's silly.
She's angry that I don't believe her. To placate her, I stifle my laughter, listen, and nod. I don't believe in ghosts. But if you tell me you saw a ghost, I do believe that you believe that you saw a ghost. I just never thought Deanna would be the one telling me she saw a ghost, or how she describes it, "A shadowy figure that glows in a ghostly fashion with steam rising softly from her body."
Friday September 13th, 2019
I regularly journal. The inspiration came from a Robert Rodriguez book, which ultimately led me to write the filmmaking book "Rebel without a Deal." If you're interested, it's available on Amazon, not that this is a sales pitch. The book's subject matter has nothing to do with the events I'm recounting here; I only mention this so you don't judge me as a sissy for keeping a diary.
In celebration of Friday the 13th, I decide to digitally insert a ghost into Deanna's couch video as a fun VLOG treat.
I called Christina from last night's networking event. She lives nearby and I know she is between gigs. She comes over, and I film her on the couch acting like a ghost. I edit her in to Deanna's couch video and I even make her transparent with a ghostly mist.
Detail image showing how the ghost was composited into Deanna's video.
After Deanna gets home from work and settles in, I show her my creation, expecting to get a laugh of approval. I totally misread the situation though.
Deanna is still pissed that I don't believe she saw a ghost. I don't understand why. I mean, there is video footage showing nothing there. She insists that I should believe that there was a shadowy figure of a legless woman sitting right next to her. I chuckle again at the thought of a legless woman, responding with, "She would be easy to run from."
Deanna retaliates and accuses me of something with Christina. This is absurd. So what if Christina is cute? I've been with Deanna for 30 years, and there's no reason not to trust me. Besides, I think Christina might be slow.
As I mentioned before, Assistant Editor's are unique. Some people might define them as being on the autistic spectrum. Well, Christina seems to fit that bill. What I had mistaken for inebriated behavior turns out to be "special" behavior. I'm not sure if Deanna believes me, but in hindsight, she might be thinking that she's been with me for 30 years so there's no reason for me not to believe her.
Saturday September 14, 2019
After 10 years, the ceiling fan in our bedroom finally made its last revolution. Michael came over to help me swap the fan out and film the installation of a new one.
Michael is my best friend. He's been in the VLOG before and regularly does the podcast "GetConVinced" with me. He is a teacher of special needs kids but is best described as a Jesus look-a-like.
Michael helping install fan.
Michael is outside the French door gathering tools when Deanna enters the room. She broke the chain on the Portate cross and asked me to fix it. I tell her to throw the necklace out. This sets her off.
She now claims she isn't an atheist. She says she was always unsure and only identified as one to appease me. I have no clue where this came from. We've been together our whole lives. There has never been any indication that she believed, or that I would judge her for believing.
Michael reenters the room and cuts our conversation short.
YouTube enables you to upload a video today and set the premiere for a later date and time. This allows me to finish a video in the middle of the night and upload the file, but not notify viewers of it at two-thirty in the morning when they are probably asleep.
I set this video to premiere on Sunday, September 22 to start the week, but later I discovered that I mistakenly chose October 22 instead.
How To Replace and Install a Ceiling Fan
I understand if you're asking, What does a ceiling fan have to do with this story? Unfortunately, that will make sense soon.

Pool Party!

Saturday September 21, 2019
The pool is 98 degrees, and it's a warm, sunny California day. So before winter sets in, we're having people over for an end-of-summer BBQ.
To my delight, Deanna's friend Amy brought her 18-year-old daughter Jenna and three of Jenna's girlfriends to the BBQ. These bikini clad hotties frolic around the pool and really bring on the sorority vibe. Not that I'm complaining, as it's a fine sight to see.
Four Bikini girls wave for Vince.
I show a group of our friends the ghost I comped into Deanna's couch footage, and they laugh. Deanna seems to have lightened up and recognizes the humor in the video. I think she might be okay with me using the footage in a VLOG.
My buddy, Marty proposes the idea that we have a seance tonight. He is a hardcore Metal Head and a die-hard Horror movie geek. He even owns a company, PlayItByFear.com that sells horror paraphernalia. So it's no surprise to any of us that he suggests a seance. He assures us it is safe and fun. Deanna recoils at the idea, but Amy is onboard, stifling any objection Deanna might have had.
As the festivities wind down and the younger girls leave, we move the party into the house. I set up four cameras around the living room and have my phone attached to my three-axis gimbal. Everybody seems up for the seance, even Deanna, but Tom is totally against it.
Tom is a stand-up comedian and an actor. In 2003 I cast him in my first movie, Kisses and Caroms. He has been on numerous TV shows and most recently in the Progressive Motaur commercial. Tom loves to joke, so I'm not sure if this anti-seance stance is just a routine.
Also, Tom lost his father a few years ago, and later, when Tom was under anesthesia for an operation, he claimed his dad visited him. So Tom's spiritual beliefs may have fluctuated recently.
Tom Ayers rejecting the seance.
Tom and Amy get into a bit of a back-and-forth debating God, ghosts, and religion. I don't know if I'd call it an argument, but it is a bit heated. Just as Amy is gaining ground on Tom, Deanna shushes everyone. She hears something. I hear it too. It's a whisper.
Being the man of the house, I get up to investigate. I creep down the hall toward the whisper. I can almost make the hushed noise out..."I like your..." is what the words sound like. I realize that everyone else stayed seated in the living room and I have no one backing me up. I'm alone in the hall. My heart is hammering out of my chest. Still, I press on down the dark corridor. The light switch is on the opposite end from me. Even if I could reach it, I don't know if I would turn it on, for fear of seeming like a wimp in front of everyone.
The end of the hall splits in three directions. To the left is another hall that leads to our other bedrooms/home offices. Straight ahead is a guest bath, and to the right is a second doorway to the game room.
I freeze a few feet shy of this junction. The light switch is still a good foot out of reach. I again hear the whisper coming from the left hall. I can make the words out now. It whispers, "I like your dogs." I white knuckle my gimbal. Everyone in the living room is silent. Everything is silent as I listen intently. Then with a sudden, "Boo!", Bill jumps out from the right side and scares the crap out of me.
Bill sitting between Deanna and Amy on the living room couch.
Bill is our neighbor. He's also an actor most famously from Comedy Central's "Workaholics". Those who are fans of the show will be delighted to know that in real life, Bill is very similar to his character on "Workaholics". He's strange, but he also seems to get the joke. Bill is the kind of guy in a horror movie that the girl mistakes as a creep, but turns out to be the nice guy trying to help her.
After scaring the crap out of me, Bill graces us with a story. He claims that one night before we moved in, he heard noises coming from our house. He looked over the wall and saw a bunch of cops. He overheard one officer say that the guy who lived in my house, Jose, shot his wife, Patricia, in the kneecaps, then hung himself.
Bill explains Jose shot her in the knees so her hobble would always remind her of that day, but instead, Patricia bled out and died.
In the moment, I play along with the story. It's fun and it's freaking Deanna out. Tom seems to buy into it too, asking me how I didn't know this when I bought the house. I quickly pass that off by explaining, the house was a bank repossession, and the bank doesn't have to disclose anything; you buy the house as-is.
Truth is, I'm not buying Bill's story at all. For one, how would the police know the reason Patricia was shot in the kneecaps? If they arrived before she died, would that really be her last words? Most likely, Bill is playing off Deanna's ghost video; he was in the mix when I showed it earlier while joking that a legless ghost would be easy to run from.
Bill also couldn't remember the date. That seems like a pretty traumatic thing that would remain etched in your brain. Granted we've been in this house for 10 years, so if this happened, it happened over a decade ago, but these were Bill's nextdoor neighbors that he knew by name. So I'm not buying his story.
Monday September 23, 2019
I finish the vlog of Deanna's couch ghost and upload it. Since this VLOG is in the Halloween spirit, I set the premiere date for October 11th.
Summer Bikini Pool Party Daily Vlog 132
Tuesday September 24, 2019
I decide to prank Deanna for a follow-up video. Over the last few days I've teased her with Bill's story. I've been telling her the ghost of Patricia is haunting our house.
Tonight, I'm going to crank it up a notch. It's one in the morning, and Deanna is sound asleep in our bedroom. I creep in and set up a couple of cameras and a small light. Next, I open the French door. The fall temperature is about 60 degrees outside, which is a good 15 degrees cooler than the house, providing just enough of a chill to be eerie.
I slide into bed and Deanna rolls over toward me, but doesn't open her eyes. I poke her head to wake her up. She groggily asks, "Why'd you open the door?"
"I didn't open the door, did you open the door?"
"No, I was sleeping."
"I was sleeping too. I woke up and the door was open."
Deanna is now at full attention, trying to suss out the situation. I rev-up my breathing into a labored pace. We both gaze at the open door waiting for something to happen then, "Boo!" She jumps, I laugh.
Deanna rolls away mad, but I'm not finished yet. I impersonate a decrepit woman's voice to scare her even more. I groan, "I'm coming for you, Deanna."
Deanna wincing in bed, her back is to Vince and the open French door is behind them.
She winces and begs, "Don't do that voice. It's creepy. Stop."
Slowly, I inch my finger toward her face. I can feel her squirm and twitch. I tap her cheek, and she explodes with a scream.
I antagonize her with a belly laugh, but my celebration is stopped short by a knock at the front door. I'm confused because the driveway gate prevents people from getting to our front door. Deanna sits up, as I quickly lock the French door. My phone is already recording and rather than fumble with its light I grab a flashlight off my end table.
Deanna cowers into the comforter as I proceed toward the foyer. I peek around the corner into the hall. To my shock, the front door is wide open. "Hello?" I muster. "Hello?" No response. My heart tightens at the thought of someone in the house. I don't want to step any further in fear that a person is hiding around the corner in the living room with an axe. I contemplate grabbing Deanna and escaping out the French door. I don't know what to do. The silence is broken by the "thwock" of a ball as it bounces in through the door. I jump back. My throat knots up. Who the hell threw that? What the hell is going on? I'm petrified. I can't take my eyes off the door.
The open front door from Vince's iPhone VLOG camera.
Our dog, Pismo darts in and grabs the ball. I literally feel my throat fall to the floor and I almost collapse, but I regain my composure to put on a confident front for Deanna. Pismo doesn't seem bothered, so there can't be any danger, right? I mean, dogs are supposed to have a sixth sense about this stuff. At least that is what every movie depicts. I push the front door closed, secure the deadbolt and set the alarm.
I figure Pismo got out through the French door, ran around, found her ball, and pushed open the front door. Our front door is 50 years old and never had a traditional latch. Instead, the door uses a ball catch latch, which is a ball bearing that can be easily pushed open or closed.
Front door knob and ball catch.
Wednesday September 25, 2019
I cut together last night's prank video. The addition of some music and sound effects really sweeten it up. I'm able to pitch shift my creepy woman's voice to sell the scare. I think it turns out pretty well.
Changes with YouTube algorithms have caused video views to suffer, so I decide to premiere this one a couple weeks after the last video. That will put this closer to Halloween and give the last one a chance to rack up some eyeballs.
Halloween Prank Daily VLOG 133


Friday September 27, 2019
I take the dogs for a walk, and standing in my driveway is Christina. I didn't call her, but I ask how long she's been here? She never breaks focus on the dogs, and responds, "not long." I suppose it's possible she just arrived as I walked out.
Christina squatting on the sidewalk petting Pismo.
Today, her intellect really shows. She riles up the dogs yelling, "Chase me, chase me. Come on," and keeps skipping in front of them. She acts like a child. I feel bad. She's a sweet girl and means no harm but she is odd and annoying too.
Tuesday October 1, 2019
Sixteen security cameras and two DVRs were delivered today. Deanna has been against outfitting the house with cameras. She feels like they will be watching her. I think they'll be great to watch the dogs and capture any spontaneous silliness that might occur to make for a good VLOG video. Plus they're a good way to combat potential stalkers like Christina.

Night #1

Thursday October 3, 2019
Today I finished the security camera install. When Deanna gets home, I show off the cameras to her. She's not pleased. I anticipated this, so I present her with the repaired Portate cross. I came across the broken necklace while I was running wires. One of the chain loops had split so I gave it a quick mend. This turned out to be just what I needed to soften her stance on the cameras.
Later that the night, I pass out on the couch. I'm sound asleep when something slides down my forehead between my eyes and onto my nose. It feels like a feather caressing my skin, but then it settles on the bridge with pressure. It comes into focus. It's a long, dirty, brittle fingernail. The rough frayed edges press harder digging into the bridge. I begin to feel the collapse of my septum. The pressure causes the nail to bow, then snap, the nail breaks off. My eyes pop, I see her hovering over me, I fly off the couch and almost hit the ceiling.
Deanna laughs, "I bet you're glad we have video cameras now!"
I'm disorientated; I expected to see the owner of the dirty nail, but I quickly conclude what transpired. It was Deanna dangling a plastic spider on my face. The finger was a dream.
"Funny. Ha ha," I groggily reply. "You wanna step up the game? It's on now."
Deanna laughs it off as she heads to the bedroom.
This is the night Deanna's leg is first pulled, and the door slammed. I recounted that event at the beginning of this story and see no reason to copy and paste it here.
Surveillance Footage capture of Deanna pulled to the foot of the bed.
After the door slam, I try to explain to Deanna that the wind blew it shut, but she doesn't believe me. She rocks in bed and begins to pray. I've never seen her pray. I know as a kid she attended a private Christian school, but I understood that was because her mom taught at that school. This meant Deanna got to go for free and her mom could watch over her. I didn't realize the prayer had stuck.
I finally set Deanna at ease by getting into bed with her to watch Friends with the lights on. At some point, she nods off. Around 3 a.m. I turn the volume down and close my eyes.
Friday October 4, 2019
Deanna is about to leave for work. Normally, I would sleep later in the morning, but I want to touch base about last night. We briefly chat in the kitchen over coffee. She appears fine and seems to realize that last night was silly. I joke that she needs more Sexy Time. She responds, "Sexy Time tonight?" It's a date.
After Deanna leaves, I pull up the security camera footage on the computer to review last night. I also watch her spider prank. It's pretty good. I fly off the couch like a scaredy-cat. After getting a good laugh at myself, I take off to meet Tom for lunch.
I chat with Tom about his beliefs, and what Deanna might believe. I postulate, can an atheist and a zealot be married? Isn't it like a vegan and a meat-eater? They're too fundamentally different to be together. Tom insists vegans and meat-eaters can be together and I shouldn't compare them. He concludes with the revelation that I'm a knucklehead.
I begin to wonder. Deanna's one of the smartest people I know. She even made the Dean's List in college. Maybe I am wrong? Maybe there is a God. I don't verbalize these notions to Tom, because I think he'll eat them up.
Deanna gets home from work early for date night. We split a pizza and a bottle of Pinot Grigio. She really pounds the wine like water. After dinner, she leads me into our bedroom. I'm able to gauge that she isn't really that drunk. She's just drunk enough to do a bit of a cabaret dance, but not so drunk that she falls over. After her dance, she charges me and tackles me onto our waterbed.
I've got my hands all over her, as we kiss and make out. Suddenly, she loses interest in me and looks to the door like something is there. I try to get her to refocus on me. She's receptive, but a moment later she looses interest again.
I explain it's just the dogs, and regain her attention. A moment later, I hear something too. We both stop and gaze at the door. I can make out a whisper, or possibly a grumble -- noises that can't come from the dogs. I'm about to push Deanna's half-naked body off me to investigate, when CRASH! The ceiling fan tumbles down on us.
Debris falls everywhere as we both scurry out of the way. I'm aghast. I know I securely mounted this thing to the ceiling. How could it fall? Deanna shushes me. "There's something in this room. I can feel it," she insists. Suddenly, she grabs her pillows and declares she is not sleeping in here and storms down the hall.
She spends the night in the spare bedroom, which is also her office. I throw the fan off the waterbed and momentarily consider getting the ladder to inspect the ceiling, but decide I'm too drunk for that. Instead, I fall back into bed and spend the night alone.
I decide to assemble Deanna's leg-pull footage into some previously unused VLOG footage. Some days I start to VLOG and don't finish. Some days, only one interesting thing happens, but it's only a small bit that doesn't end up anywhere. I'm now going back to assemble those stray bits into what I think will be an awesome Halloween VLOG that can end with Deanna's leg pull.
This is creepy! Daily VLOG 134
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2020.09.14 21:02 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update September 14, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update September 14, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
Register for your Absentee Ballot here!
Watch here:
Full Notes
(continued in stickied comment)
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2020.09.14 20:35 MasterCookSwag Creating Opportunity out of Crisis: Extending Access to the Fed’s Emergency Facilities

Full text: https://www.newyorkfed.org/newsevents/speeches/2020/sin200910
Today I'll share our ambition to create opportunity out of this multifaceted crisis. As you've heard me say before, we've moved at maximum speed and with maximum care to implement the Federal Reserve's crisis response. In practice, this means our policy execution has been guided by a set of principles, including transparency, governance, accountability, and access. In my remarks, I'll focus on access: what it means, and why it matters in the context of implementing the Fed's emergency facilities. NASP has engaged actively with us in this effort, and I'll explain why we're committed to building on our partnership through and after the crisis.
I'll begin by describing the context. Everyone here is painfully aware that the pandemic has hit the most vulnerable segments of our society the hardest, leading to highly unequal outcomes. Labor market damage has been concentrated among people of color, lower-wage workers, those with the least education, and people with disabilities.
Even after recent improvements, unemployment rates for Asian, Black, and Hispanic Americans all remain in the double digits, rising a cumulative 8.7, 7.6, and 6.6 percentage points, respectively, from their pre-pandemic lows. Reductions in labor force participation for those without a college degree have been more than twice as large as those with a degree. Average hourly earnings growth in lower-wage service sectors, such as leisure and hospitality, is less than 1 percent since February, compared to an overall average of about 3 percent.
My colleagues in the New York Fed's Research Group have helped us to understand and shine a light on these disparities. I'll give three examples of their recent work.
First, they have shown that COVID infection and death rates are highly correlated with race, income1, and financial vulnerability.2 Counties with populations that are low-income, majority-minority, and financially vulnerable have suffered the highest rates of COVID incidence per capita, even after adjusting for population density.
Second, they have found that jobs requiring close physical proximity to other people are disproportionately held by workers who are poor, nonwhite, and don’t own a home. An outsized share of those jobs have been deemed essential, which has meant increased exposure to the virus for those who are most vulnerable to its effects. For those in jobs not deemed essential, the most disadvantaged workers have suffered much higher job loss rates than those who have the option to work remotely. Workers in occupations that required an on-site presence suffered seasonally adjusted employment losses from February to March of about 10 percent, compared to almost no losses for those who could work remotely.
Third, using county-level data, they have demonstrated that Black-owned firms have been almost twice as likely to shutter as small firms overall. In part, they find this results from location, as two-thirds of counties with high levels of Black business activity pre-COVID are in the top 50 COVID-affected areas. It also reflects thinner financial cushions (e.g., smaller cash positions, weaker bank relationships, pre-existing funding gaps) for many of these businesses entering the crisis.
The Fed's Policy Response: What We've Done
Turning to the Fed's policy response, there are of course limits to what central banks can do to address the uneven impact of a public health shock, or the structural inequities that were in place long before it hit. But we are determined to do what we can to limit the effects. We know from history and statistical studies that avoiding large and persistent spikes of unemployment is critical to preventing inequality from getting worse. The less advantaged tend to lose their jobs first when a recession hits, and the longer they are separated from the labor force, the harder it becomes to get hired back.
Knowing this pattern, the Fed moved with unprecedented speed and scale when the crisis hit. The FOMC cut the policy rate to essentially zero and conducted asset purchases at a record pace. It also used its lender-of-last-resort powers to provide liquidity to dysfunctional markets. With assistance from the Treasury, we provided trillions of dollars in backstop lending support for households, businesses, and state and local governments. The Fed also took action to encourage banks to use their substantial capital and liquidity buffers to support the economy during this time of hardship. Taken together, these actions helped to stabilize the core of our financial system, support the flow of credit to our economy, and counteract the damaging psychology that was taking hold.
At the FOMC's direction, the Open Market Trading Desk (the Desk) at the New York Fed executed many of these policies at an historic scale through repos, asset purchases, and swaps with foreign central banks. To give you a sense of size, since mid-March, the Desk has made gross purchases of around $1.7 trillion of Treasury securities and $1 trillion of agency MBS, including agency CMBS for the first time. Outstanding repos and swaps peaked at nearly $500 billion and $450 billion, respectively.
In addition, using emergency lending authorities under Section 13(3) of the Federal Reserve Act, the Fed has stood up 13 temporary credit and liquidity facilities. Each facility was launched with the approval of Treasury, and in most cases, with an explicit Treasury backstop against potential credit losses. The mechanics and targets of each facility differ, but the underlying purpose is fundamentally the same: to support the flow of credit to households, businesses of all sizes and structures, nonprofits, and state and local governments during a time of extraordinary stress. Why was it necessary to have so many facilities? Our financial system is highly complex, and these facilities backstop the various channels in which credit flows to borrowers in the economy, including through loans from banks and nonbanks, through securities issued in capital markets, and through securitizations.
Usage to date across these facilities has not been particularly high. But as I have explained more fully elsewhere, their impact has been large and sustained, and I continue to attribute much of the facilities' initial success to the size, scope, and flexibility of these backstops.3
We've seen encouraging progress from these policy actions in recent months. As Chair Powell has noted, though, full recovery will take some time.4 Moreover, the timing for fully achieving our goals will depend on more than just our monetary and financial policies. Most important will be our public health authorities' success in containing the virus itself. And fiscal measures, which helped many smaller firms, the unemployed, and lower income households weather the initial stresses of the crisis, will continue to play a critical role in promoting sustained recovery.
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2020.09.10 23:32 Tosir 31 [M4F] NYC - Introvert searching to extrovert.

Are you tired of microtransaction laden dating apps charging you for every little thing? Do you get annoyed because you just want to say hi to the other unknown person that liked your profile, but can't because that’s locked behind a paywall? Do you not care about what personality type someone is and feel that it’s just an excuse for shitty behavior? Are you searching for that special someone with a witty sense of humor? If so, DM me now.
Hi! The name is Tosir! You might remember me from such movies as: “Oh No! The Geese Took My House Keys!” and “Why Am I Up So Early? Ohh Right, I Have To Go To Work!”. Professional by day, inspiring witty observationist by night, I find myself here because I believe that A paywalls on dating sites is exactly what the musician Meatloaf sang about when he sang “I’d do anything for love but I won't do that!”.
About me: 31/M/6’1/Hispanic, located in NYC. MHC by day, I am a regular dude that enjoys gaming and searching for his player two. Fan of history documentaries, and anything involving giant robots (Gundam/Golion/Voltron). Laid back personality with a witty sense of humor, tinged with a bit of verbosity for added measure. Currently started to work out to get myself to the finish line. While I don’t aim to be the next Mr. Olympia, I do think that with continued fidelity to the work out regime, I could very well give Mr. Cincinnati a run for his money.
My interest are:
Foodie. Currently expanding my cooking skills. Trying out Vegan foods at the moment, will report back later.
Exploring the city. Usually just me going “ohh that looks interesting” and setting google maps to the location.
Painting. Time to time I manage to sit down and actually paint something. Currently learning how to paint in a more realistic style.
Pre covid Museums were a big draw for me. During the pandemic, I’m holding off. Dancing- Pre Covid took a few dance classes. Would say that I’m OK at dancing. Well, at least where I left off lol.
Novice digital editor. Tinkering away and teaching myself to to edit and spruce up photos. Well using photoshop in general.
Currently reading Winston Churchill’s WW2 “The Second World War”. Enjoy history overall, specially 1800+ (Napoleonic wars, WW1+2, Cold war, decolonization)
Currently motivating myself to finish my essay for a PhD Application.
What Am I looking for: A Player 2, a companion to join in having adventures and to build with. Someone laid back that has a witty sense of humor. Someone who is willing to see where things go. (Please note an ability to communicate is supremely important, I am not a fan of monosyllabic responses.) Also, if you’re to be my better half, then I demand to be the trophy boyfriend (tell me that didn't make you at least smile). TLDR; LTR
you're still here? That alone is a reason to say hello! Let's chat"
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2020.09.02 21:12 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update September 2, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update September 2, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
Register for your Absentee Ballot here!
Watch here:
Full Notes
(continued in stickied comment)
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Gay Man Dating a Younger Man Gay Man Dating Around You Gay Man Dating Asexual Women Gay Man Dating Ftm Gay Man Dating Mtf Gay Man Dating Profile Gay Man Dating Someone Half My Age Gay Man Dating Success Stories Gay Man Dating Trans Girl Gay Man Dating Trans Man Gay Man Dating Transman Tumblr Gay Man Disability Dating Gay Man Free Dating Sites Gay Man Has Dream About Dating Woman Gay Man Killed After Meeting Man Off Dating Site Gay Man Starts Dating Crush After Becoming a Woman Gay Manila Dating Gay Marine Dating Site Gay Marine Dating Website Gay Marriage in the First Year of Dating Gay Marriage Online Dating Gay Married Dating Site Gay Married Men Willmar Mn Dating Gay Master Dom Dating Sites Gay Match Dating Site Gay Match Vs Okcupid Dating Gay Mature Dating Websites Gay Mature Men Dating Sites Gay Meaning Dating Introduction Gay Meet Guysout of Dating App Gay Men and Narcissist Dating Sites Gay Men and Straight Guys Dating Philippines Gay Men at 60 Dating Gay Men at 30 Gay Men Bdsm 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to Geek Dating Gay Men Height Dating Gay Men in Alabama Seeking Dating Gay Men League Dating App Gay Men Narcissist Social Dating Sites Gay Men Online Dating Sites Gay Men Phila Dating Gay Men Speed Dating All Ages March 15 Gay Men Speed Dating Yelp Gay Men to Straight Women Dating Advice Comedy Gay Men With Cleft Chin Dating Gay Men With Hiv Dating Site Gay Mennonite Dating Gay Mens Fitness Dating Site Gay Mentally Ill Dating Site Gay Metal Dating Gay Metalheads Dating Gay Mexican Man 25 Dating 50 Year Old Man Gay Mexico Dating Site Gay Miami Dating Gay Middle Eastern Dating Apps Gay Middle Eastern Dating Site Gay Middle Eastern Dating Sites Gay Middle Eastern Man in Boston Rea for Dating Gay Middle School Dating Gay Midget Boys Dating Gay Midget Boys Dating Sites Gay Military Dating Australia Gay Military Dating Online Gay Military Dating Website Gay Military Dating Website Ireland Gay Military Dating Websites Australia Gay Military Dating Websites England Gay Military Dating 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Sites Gay Muscle Dating App Gay Muscle Worship Dating Gay Muscle Worship Dating Ni Gay Muslim Dating London Gay Naked Dating Pics Gay Naked Dating Uncensored Gay Naked Dating Xvideo Gay Narcissist Social Dating Sites Gay Native American Dating Sites Gay Navy Dating Sites Gay Nazi Dating Gay Neard Dating App Gay Needy Dating Memes Gay Ner Dating Gay Nerd Dating Memes Gay Nerd Dating Sites Gay Nerdy Dating Memes Gay New Dating Site Gay New Zealand Dating Site Gay Newry Dating Gay Niche Dating Sites Gay No Dating App Gay North Korea Dating Gay Norwich Dating Gay Nottingham Dating Gay Nsfw Dating Sim Gay Nsfw Dating Sims on Steam Gay Nsfw Dating Sims on Stem Gay Nude Dating Site Gay Nyc Speed Dating Gay Nylon Dating Gay Nylon Dating Sites Gay Older Dating Reddit Gay Older Dating Site Gay Older Dating Sites Gay Older for Younger Dating Sites Gay Older Men Dating App Gay Older Singles Dating Gay Older Younger Dating Site Gay on Line Dating Ft Wayne Indiana Gay Online Dating 37040 Gay Online 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Online Dating in India Gay Online Dating in Manchester Gay Online Dating in South Africa Gay Online Dating in Your 40s Gay Online Dating Ireland Gay Online Dating Isnt Working Gay Online Dating Isnt Working Reddit Gay Online Dating Israel Gay Online Dating Italy Gay Online Dating Japan Gay Online Dating Johannesburg Gay Online Dating Kenya Gay Online Dating Kl Gay Online Dating Leeds Gay Online Dating London Gay Online Dating Manchester Gay Online Dating Melbourne Australia Gay Online Dating Melbourne Reviews Gay Online Dating Melbourne Whirlpool Gay Online Dating Montreal Gay Online Dating Mumbai Gay Online Dating New York Gay Online Dating New Zealand Gay Online Dating Northern Ireland Gay Online Dating Norway Gay Online Dating Not Working Gay Online Dating Nyc Reddit Gay Online Dating Nyc Reviews Gay Online Dating Nz Gay Online Dating Older Gay Online Dating Openers Gay Online Dating Ottawa Gay Online Dating Philadelphia Gay Online Dating Phone Number Gay Online Dating Profile Tips 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Phone Dating Site Gay Phone Dating Vancouver Gay Pig Dating Site Gay Pig Play Dating Gay Pigs Dating Site Gay Piss Fetish Dating Site Gay Platonic Dating Gay Plus Size Men Dating Gay Plymouth Meeting Pa Dating Gay Pnp Dating Gay Pokemon Visual Novel Dating Sim Gay Police Dating Uk Gay Police Officer Dating Site Gay Poly Dating Apps Gay Poly Dating Reddit Gay Poly Dating Site Gay Polyamorous Dating App Gay Polygamist Dating Sites Canada Gay Porn Dating Sim Gay Porn Dating Sim Games Gay Porn Online Dating Gay Porn Star Dating Gay Pornstar Brian on Mtv Dating Show Gay Portland Dating Online Gay Positive Dating Site for Asian Dating Gay Postcode Dating Gay Poz Dating Apps Gay Poz Dating Site Gay Presenter on Celebs Go Dating Gay Pride Dating Site Gay Pride Event Dating Gay Priest Dating Sites Gay Priest Dating Website Gay Prison Dating Sites Gay Prisoners Dating Gay Prisoners Dating Sites Gay Problmes Two Tops Dating Gay Professional Dating Nyc Gay Professional Dating Sites Uk Gay 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2020.08.29 18:16 IdolA29Augl G-ay Interr-acial Da-ting

G-ay Interr-acial Da-ting
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Gay Dating Websites Manchester Gay Dating Websites Manhunt Gay Dating Websites Melbourne Gay Dating Websites Moniters Jobs Gay Dating Websites Montreal Gay Dating Websites Netherlands Gay Dating Websites Newcastle Gay Dating Websites No Sign Up Gay Dating Websites Northern Ireland Gay Dating Websites Nz Gay Dating Websites Ottawa Gay Dating Websites Perth Gay Dating Websites Romania Gay Dating Websites Saudi Arabia Gay Dating Websites Seattle Gay Dating Websites Southeast Asia Gay Dating Websites Spain Gay Dating Websites Sweden Gay Dating Websites Switzerland Gay Dating Websites Thailand Gay Dating Websites Top Gay Dating Websites Toronto Gay Dating Websites Us Gay Dating Websites Utah Gay Dating Websites Vancouver Gay Dating Websites You Dont Have to Pay Gay Dating Webtsidtes Gay Dating Wenatchee Gay Dating Wesite Based on Income Gay Dating Wesite Paid or Gay Dating West Hollywood Gay Dating West London Gay Dating Western Australia Gay Dating Weston Super Mare Gay Dating Wexford Gay Dating What Am I Doing Wrong Gay Dating What Does Get a Drink Mean Gay Dating What to Talk About Gay Dating What's an Otter Gay Dating Wheaton Gay Dating Wheaton Il Gay Dating Wheaton No Sign Up Gay Dating When to Say I Love You Gay Dating When You Re Not Out Gay Dating Where Gay Dating While Black Gay Dating While in the Closet Gay Dating While Living at Home Gay Dating While Living at Home Reddit Gay Dating While Married Gay Dating Whitby Gay Dating Whitecmountian Men Gay Dating Who Pays for Dinner Gay Dating Who Pays Tge Bill Gay Dating Who Pays the Bill Gay Dating Who Should Pay Gay Dating Who Should Text First Gay Dating Who Texts First Gay Dating Wichita Gay Dating Wichita Ks Gay Dating Wikihow Gay Dating Williamsport Pa Gay Dating Wisconsin Gay Dating With Acne Gay Dating With Erectile Dysfunction Gay Dating With Free Search Gay Dating With Hiv Gay Dating With Ltr in Mind Gay Dating With No Assholes Gay Dating Without Hookups Gay Dating Without Internet Gay Dating Without Phone Apps Gay Dating Without Registering Gay Dating Woes Gay Dating Woking Gay Dating Wollongong Gay Dating Worcester Uk Gay Dating Workington Gay Dating Worksop Gay Dating World of Warcraft Gay Dating World Wide Gay Dating Worthing Gay Dating Wpp Gay Dating Wrexham Gay Dating Wuhan Gay Dating Wv Gay Dating Yahoo Answers Gay Dating Yangon Gay Dating Yeovil Gay Dating Yerevan Gay Dating York Uk Gay Dating Yorkshire Gay Dating Younger Guys Gay Dating Younger Men Gay Dating Younger Older Gay Dating Your Guide to Finding Love Jaye Sassieni Gay Dating Zagreb Gay Dating Zanesvilleohio Gay Dating Zoosk or Match Gay Deacon Dating Site Gay Denver Dating Gay Derry Dating Gay Desi Dating in Us Gay Designer Dating Striaght Boyfriend Gay Diabetic Dating Gay Dinner Dating London Gay Disabled Dating Canada Gay Disabled Dating Sites Gay Disabled Dating Spaces Gay Disabled Dating Uk Gay Discreet Dating Where to Meet Forum Gay Dominant Dating Gay Dominican Dating Sites Free Gay Down Low Dating Sites Gay Drug Friendly Dating Sight Gay Durban Dating Site Gay Durham Dating Gay Dutch Dating Site Gay Dwarf Dating Site Gay Dwarf Dating Sites Gay Effeminate Dating Sites Gay Elder Dating Long Island Gay Elder Singles Dating Gay Electronic Music Dating Gay Emo Guy Dating Gay Engineer Dating App Gay Engineer Dating Site Gay Episcopalian Dating Gay Episode of Dating Around Gay Ethiopia Dating Gay European Dating Site Gay Excuse Dating Gay Executives Dating Gay Exhibionist Dating Gay Experiences With Online Dating Gay Face Dating Gay Fag Dating Site Gay Famers Dating Sites Gay Fantasy Dating Sims Gay Farm Boys Dating Site Gay Farmer Dating Sites Gay Farmers Dating Uk Gay Farmers Dating Website Gay Farmers Uk Dating Gay Fast Dating Gay Feet Dating App Gay Female Dating a Man Gay Female Status Dating Websites Gay Fish Dating Review Gay Fish Dating Uk Gay Fist Fuck Dating Site Gay Fisting Dating Site Gay Fitness Dating App Gay Flight Attendant Dating Gay Football Player Dating Around Gay Football Player Dating Around Netflix Gay Forces Dating Gay Fort Wayne Dating Gay Forum White Dating Asian Gay Free Dating and Sexting Gay Free Dating Boston Gay Free Dating Site in Usa No Payment Gay Free Dating Site's Gay Free Dating With Million of Members Gay Free Dating With Million of Members 2019 Gay Free Iphone Dating App Gay Free Online Dating Site Gay Freshman Dating Senior Gay Friendly Dating Site Gay Friendly Online Dating Gay Friendly Online Dating Sites Gay Friends With Benefits Dating Gay Frottage Dating Gay Frottage Dating Sites Gay Ftm Dating Tips Gay Fuck Buddy Dating Gay Furry Dating Apps Gay Furry Dating Discord Gay Furry Dating Ga Es Gay Furry Dating Gameshttps Www.google.com Gay Furry Dating Sim Porn Gay Furry Dating Sim Steam Gay Furry Dating Simulator Gay Furry Dating Simulator Games Gay Furry Dating Simulator Games With Nsfw Gay Furry Dating Site Game 18+ Gay Furry Dating Sites Gay Furry or Furries Dating Gay Furry Rhino Dating Gay Gamer Dating Website Gay Gamer Online Dating 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York Gay Interracial Dating in Usa Gay Interracial Dating Nyc Gay Interracial Dating Problems Gay Interracial Dating Tips Gay Interracual Dating App Gay Introduction Title for Online Dating Gay Inyerracial Dating Gay Iran Iranians Dating Gay Ireland Dating Sites Gay Irish Dating Buy and Sell Gay Islamabad Dating Gay Israle Dating Site Gay Italian American Dating Gay Jack'd Dating Gay Jail Dating Gay Japan Dating Sim Gay Japanese Dating Game Gay Japanese Dating Sim Gay Japanese Dating Uk Gay Japanese Men Dating Gay Jewish Dating London Gay Jewish Dating Los Angeles Gay Jewish Dating Near Me Gay Jewish Dating New York Gay Jewish Dating Nyc Gay Jewish Dating Service Gay Jewish Dating Site Uk Gay Jewish Dating Uk Gay Jewish Guy Dating Gay Jewish Online Dating Gay Jewish Singles Dating Gay Jewish Speed Dating Nyc Gay K9 Dating Gay Kid Dating Sites Gay Kid Dating Website Gay Kink Dating Site Gay Kink Dating Website Gay Korean Boy Dating Gay Korean Dating Apps Gay Korean Dating Florida Gay Lactation Fetish Dating Site Gay Latino Dating Apps for Older Guys Gay Latino Men Dating in Florida Gay Latino Thug Dating Gay Latino Thug Dating Sites Gay Latinos Pics Dating App Gay Lds Men Hanging Out or Dating Gay Leather Dating Site Gay Leather Muscle Dating Gay Leeds Dating Gay Legal Shota Boy Dating Gay Lesbian & Bisexual Singles Dating Gay Lesbian Bisexual Dating Gay Lesbian Bisexual Dating Sites Gay Lesbian Dating Platforms Gay Lesbian Dating Uk Gay Lesbian Sober Dating Gay Lesbian Speed Dating Gay Lesbian Speed Dating Nyc Gay Life Dating Sims Online Free Gay Lisbon Dating Gay Little Person Dating Gay Liverpool Dating Gay Location Based Dating Apps Gay London Dating Site Gay Long Distance Dating Gay Ltr Dating Sites Gay Lutheran Dating Gay Maine Dating Gay Malaysia Dating Site Gay Male Cops Free Dating Sites Gay Male Dating Advice Gay Male Dating Cherry Hill Nj Gay Male Dating Listings Gay Male Dating Listings San Francisco

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2020.08.28 19:21 IdolA28Augl Profe-ssional G-ay On-line Da-ting Lo-ndon

Profe-ssional G-ay On-line Da-ting Lo-ndon
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Gay Naked Dating Gay Native Dating Gay Nerd Dating App Gay Nerd Dating Site Gay Nigeria Dating Gay Nude Dating Gay Online Dating Cape Town Gay Online Dating for Nigeria Gay Online Dating Malaysia Gay Online Dating Melbourne Gay Online Dating Nyc Gay Online Dating Philippines Gay Online Dating Profile Tips Gay Online Dating Safety Tips Gay Online Dating Services Gay Online Dating Singapore Gay Online Dating Sites Canada Gay Online Dating Sites India Gay Online Dating Sites Ireland Gay Online Dating South Africa Gay Online Dating Statistics Gay Online Dating Tips Gay Online Dating Uk Gay Options Dating Service Gay Options Dating Service Reviews Gay Parent Dating Gay Personal Dating Sites Gay Phone Dating Gay Pig Dating Gay Pilot Dating Gay Pilot Dating Site Gay Piss Dating Gay Police Dating Gay Police Dating App Gay Police Dating Site Gay Polyamorous Dating Site Gay Positive Dating Sites Gay Poz Dating Sites Gay Priest Dating Site Gay Professional Dating London Gay Redneck Dating Gay Relationship Advice Dating Gay Republican Dating Gay Republican Dating App Gay Republican Dating Site Gay Rugby Dating Gay Rugby Players Dating Gay Scat Dating Gay Scottish Dating Gay Senior Dating Com Gay Sex Dating Sim Gay Sex Dating Sites Gay Single Dating Gay Single Parent Dating Gay Sissy Dating Gay Slave Dating Gay Sm Dating Gay Snapchat Dating Gay Social Dating Gay Social Dating Sites Gay Socialist Thug Dating Gay Soldiers Dating Gay Spanking Dating Gay Spiritual Dating Gay Spy Dating Gay Stoner Dating Gay Submissive Dating Gay Sugar Baby Dating Apps Uk Gay Sugar Baby Dating Australia Gay Sugar Baby Dating Free Gay Sugar Baby Dating Sites Gay Sugar Baby Dating Uk Gay Sugar Daddies Dating Sites Free Gay Sugar Daddy Dating Apps Reddit Gay Sugar Daddy Dating Apps Uk Gay Sugar Daddy Dating Free Gay Sugar Daddy Dating Sites Uk Free Gay Sugar Daddy Dating Uk Gay Teen Boy Dating Gay Teen Dating Online Gay Teen Dating Tips Gay Teenage Dating Advice Gay Text Dating Gay Threesome Dating Gay Thug Dating Gay Tourettes Dating Gay Transmen Dating Gay Triad Dating Gay Triad Dating Sites Gay Triad Relationship Dating Sites Gay Trucker Dating Gay Turkish Dating Gay Twink Dating Gay Twink Dating Sites Gay Uk Dating Apps Gay Vegan Dating Gay Veterans Dating Gay Wiccan Dating Gay Women Dating Gay Women Dating Apps Gay Womens Dating Sites Gay Youth Dating Sites Gaydar Gay Dating Gaydar Gay Dating Site German Gay Dating Site German Gay Dating Sites Germany Gay Dating Apps Ghana Gay Dating Ghana Gay Dating Site Global Gay Dating Site Good Dating Apps for Gay Guys Good Dating Profile Examples for Gay Guys Good Free Gay Dating Sites Good Headlines for Gay Dating Sites Grandpa Gay Dating Granger Gay Dating Great Gay Dating Apps Greek Gay Dating App Grinder Dating Gay Grindr Gay Dating App Download Grindr Gay Dating App for Pc Grindr Gay Dating Login Grindr Gay Dating Site Grindr Gay Online Dating Grizzly Gay Dating App Growler Gay Dating App Gt Gay Dating Gta 5 Gay Dating Guardian Gay Dating Guy Gay Dating App Guyana Gay Dating Site Guys Gay Dating App Hairy Gay Dating Hairy Gay Men Dating Happn Dating App Gay Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Gay Dating Her Gay Dating App Hinge Gay Dating Hinge Gay Dating App Hispanic Gay Dating Hiv Dating Sites Gay Hiv Gay Dating App Hiv Gay Dating India Hiv Gay Dating Uk Hiv Positive Gay Dating Hiv Positive Gay Dating App Hiv Positive Gay Dating Sites Hiv Positive Gay Dating Uk Hiv Positive Gay Men Dating Site Honduras Gay Dating Hong Kong Gay Dating Site Hornet Gay Chat & Dating Hornet Gay Chat and Dating Hornet Gay Dating App Hornet Gay Dating App Free Download Hornet Gay Dating Login Hornet Gay Dating Site Hot Gay Dating Sites How is Match Com for Gay Dating How to Meet Gay Guys Without Online Dating In the Closet Gay Dating Indian Gay Dating Indian Gay Dating Apps Indiana Gay Dating Indore Gay Dating Instagram Gay Dating International Dating App Gay International Dating Sites Gay International Gay Dating Site International Gay Dating Site Free International Gay Online Dating Iphone Apps for Gay Dating Iphone Gay Dating Apps Is Bumble a Gay Dating App Is Bumble for Gay Dating Is Bumble Good for Gay Dating Is Match Com Good for Gay Dating Is Match Good for Gay Dating Is the Guy I M Dating Gay Is There a Gay Dating Site Is Tinder a Gay Dating App Is Tinder Good for Gay Dating Is Zoosk a Gay Dating Site Isle of Man Gay Dating Israel Gay Dating App Israeli Gay Dating App Istanbul Gay Dating It's Just Lunch Gay Dating Italian Gay Dating App Jack D Gay Chat & Dating Itunes Jack D Gay Dating Site Jack Gay Dating App Jack Gay Dating Site Jamaica Gay Dating Site Jamaica Gay Dating Sites Japan Gay Dating Site Jeddah Gay Dating Site Kenya Gay Dating Facebook Kenya Gay Dating Site Kerala Gay Dating Kolkata Gay Dating App Korean Gay Dating Korean Gay Dating App Korean Gay Dating Site Kuwait Gay Dating App Lagos Gay Dating Site Largest Gay Dating Site Latest Gay Dating App Latest Gay Dating Sites Latin Gay Dating Latin Gay Dating App Latino Gay Dating App Latino Gay Dating Apps Lavalife Gay Dating Lds Gay Dating Lebanon Gay Dating Site Legit Gay Dating Site Legit Gay Dating Sites Lesbian Gay Dating Com Limerick Gay Dating List of All Gay Dating Sites List of Free Gay Dating Sites List of Gay Dating Apps List of Gay Dating Site in Usa List of Gay Dating Sites Local Dating Gay Local Gay Dating Local Gay Dating Apps Free Local Gay Online Dating Logo Gay Dating Show London Gay Dating Apps Long Distance Gay Dating Long Distance Gay Dating Sites Long Island Gay Dating Los Angeles Gay Dating Sites Love is Blind Gay Dating Show Madtv Gay Dating Malaysia Gay Dating Apps Male Gay Dating Apps Malta Gay Dating Site Mamba Gay Dating Man Central Gay Dating Manhunt Com Gay Dating Manhunt Dating Gay Manhunt Gay Dating Mobile Manila Gay Dating Site Marcia Gay Harden Dating Masculine Gay Dating Site Match Com Gay Dating Mature Gay Dating App Mature Gay Dating Uk Mature Gay Men Dating Sites Megaphone Gay Dating Mexico 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Dating Show Mumbai Gay Dating App Mumbai Gay Online Dating Muscle Gay Dating App My Gay Son is Dating an Older Man My Partner Gay Dating Mysore Gay Dating Nairobi Gay Dating Site Naked Dating Gay Name of Gay Dating Apps Navi Mumbai Gay Dating Nearby Gay Dating App Netherlands Gay Dating Site New Free Gay Dating Sites New Gay Dating New Gay Dating App 2017 New Gay Dating Show New to Gay Dating New York Gay Dating App New York Gay Dating Sites New Zealand Gay Dating App Newark Gay Dating Next Dating Show Gay Nigeria Gay Dating Nigeria Gay Dating App Nigeria Gay Dating Site Nigerian Gay Dating App No 1 Gay Dating App No Signup Gay Dating Site Noir Gay Dating App Norfolk Gay Dating Northampton Gay Dating Northern Ireland Gay Dating Sites Norway Gay Dating Site Norwegian Gay Dating App Now Gay Dating App Nsa Gay Dating Nude Gay Dating Number 1 Gay Dating App Number 1 Gay Dating Site Number One Gay Dating App Ohio Gay Dating Ohmojo Gay Dating Okcupid Gay Dating Okcupid Gay Dating Tips Oklahoma Gay Dating Older Gay Dating Sites Older Younger Gay Dating Oman Muscat Gay Dating Site One Man Gay Dating Login Online Dating for Gay Females Online Dating for Gay Professionals Online Dating Gay App Online Dating Sites Free for Gay Online Dating Tips for Gay Guys Online Dating Tips for Gay Men Online Gay Dating Apps Online Gay Dating Apps in India Online Gay Dating Near Me Online Gay Dating Philippines Online Gay Dating Profile Examples Online Gay Dating Sites in India Online Gay Dating Sites in South Africa Online Gay Teen Dating Oslo Gay Dating Other Gay Dating Apps Our Time Gay Dating Paid Gay Dating App Pakistan Gay Dating App Pakistani Gay Dating App Partner Gay Dating App Reviews Pattaya Gay Dating Penang Gay Dating Pennsylvania Gay Dating Pensacola Gay Dating Persian Gay Dating Site Persona 5 Gay Dating Pinoy Gay Dating App Pinoy Gay Dating Site Planetromeo Gay Dating Planetromeo Gay Dating Apk Planetromeo Gay Dating Site Plenty of Fish Gay Dating Png Gay Dating Sites 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2020.08.27 21:11 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update August 27, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update August 27, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
Watch here:
Full Notes
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2020.08.27 19:08 jsilvy Illegal immigrants aren't a real problem.

Undocumented immigrants are not a real problem and is seriously exaggerated as an issue in American media (and especially right-wing media), although most politicians in both parties will at least pay lip service to it as an issue because they will face backlash if they don’t. Most of the time, it is a useful tactic used by politicians and pundits (again, particularly on the right) to fear monger and to avoid talking about other issues that actually impact people’s lives, such as healthcare, climate change, automation, the economy, infrastructure, the criminal justice system, the war on drugs, and foreign policy among others. Most claims on the problems of undocumented immigrants aren’t really backed by data.
*Claim 1: Undocumented immigrants are harmful to the economy because they lower wages and take more welfare than they pay in taxes.*
While it’s true that letting in too many people at a time could potentially overwhelm the economy, the data tends to show that immigration doesn’t really hurt wages, and is in fact overall good for the economy. Here is some data:




Now, I do recognize that not all of this data applies just to undocumented immigrants. However, it is worth noting that much of it applies to the same types of low-skill workers that we see from undocumented immigrants.
As for more data particularly on undocumented immigrants:
New American Economy Factsheet: Key Takeaways

Ojeda 09
On Taxes and Social Security:

*Claim 2: Undocumented immigrants cause more crime.*
This claim is not supported data. The only illegal action that undocumented immigrants commit at a higher rate is the act of illegally crossing the border itself. To use that as an argument against undocumented immigration is basically just saying “it’s bad because the government says so”. It’s circular logic, because the only reason it’s illegal is because people in government think it’s bad, which brings us back to asking why.
Anyway, here’s some more data:
FEE: Nowrasteh 15

Light & Miller 18 (non-paywall)

All of this is especially interesting when you consider that undocumented immigrants, by the numbers, are usually more likely to be impoverished young men, which is the demographic that would usually commit the most crimes. This makes sense when you consider why they would go through the trouble of making it to a country like the US full of economic opportunities only to commit crime, something they could do just as easily back home in Mexico where the cartels run amuck. It would be like working towards a finance degree only to decide once you have it that you’re gonna just get money by holding people in alleyways at gunpoint. It does not hold up logically, and therefore it makes sense that the data doesn’t support it.
*Claim 3: Undocumented immigration harms social cohesion.*
I don’t see why that would be the case more so than any other immigrants. Either way, they come to this country to work, and generally have to learn to follow the local laws and customs and learn at least some English to survive. Even if the first generation doesn’t do that, the second does, and the third will be perfectly assimilated more or less. Of course they may still have some cultural affinity for Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, or whichever country they came from, but I don’t see why that really matters. Irish, Jewish, Italian, Polish, Armenian, and other groups descended from immigrants (as we all are except for the Amerindians) often have some sort of affinity for the mother country and its culture, but that doesn’t really undermine their loyalty to the US. The only real reason I could see someone opposing this on the grounds of social cohesion is if they think Latinos are somehow inherently different from everyone else, which I don’t think is an idea that anyone outside of the alt-right would take seriously on a conscious level.
But anyway, I do have more data to back up the fact that the diversity brought by immigrants does not cause harm:





*Claim 4: But we can’t just have open borders.*
I agree. I think we need to secure our borders. But the problem isn’t immigrants. It’s drug, sex, and human traffickers. We need to do whatever we can to combat the cartels. Personally, I don’t know a ton about trafficking. I think maintaining checkpoints along the borders and thoroughly searching vehicles is a place to start. Also, drug legalization and rehabilitation clinics/safe injection sites could go a long way towards harming the business of the drug cartels. I personally don’t claim to be an expert however, so there are probably solutions to securing the border from cartels that I haven’t considered.
I also do think we should deport undocumented immigrants who commit crimes, but if they aren’t causing any problems, we should just leave them alone.
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2020.08.25 23:51 jsilvy CMV: Undocumented Immigration is not a real problem.

Undocumented immigration is not a real problem and is seriously exaggerated as an issue in American media (and especially right-wing media). It is a useful tactic used by politicians and pundits (again, particularly on the right) to fear monger and to avoid talking about other issues that actually impact people’s lives, such as healthcare, climate change, automation, economics, infrastructure, the criminal justice system, the war on drugs, and foreign policy among others. Most claims on the problems of undocumented immigrants aren’t really backed by data.
EDIT: To clarify, I do think there are problems with Undocumented Immigration as a broader system. I think it is an issue that undocumented immigrants face horrible treatment. My view is more that the undocumented immigrants themselves are not problems.
*Claim 1: Undocumented immigrants are harmful to the economy because they lower wages and take more welfare than they pay in taxes.*
While it’s true that letting in too many people at a time could potentially overwhelm the economy, the data tends to show that immigration doesn’t really hurt wages, and is in fact overall good for the economy. Here is some data:




Now, I do recognize that not all of this data applies just to undocumented immigrants. However, it is worth noting that much of it applies to the same types of low-skill workers that we see from undocumented immigrants.
As for more data particularly on undocumented immigrants:
New American Economy Factsheet: Key Takeaways

Ojeda 09
On Taxes and Social Security:

*Claim 2: Undocumented immigrants cause more crime.*
This claim is not supported data. The only illegal action that undocumented immigrants commit at a higher rate is the act of illegally crossing the border itself. To use that as an argument against undocumented immigration is basically just saying “it’s bad because the government says so”. It’s circular logic, because the only reason it’s illegal is because people in government think it’s bad, which brings us back to asking why.
Anyway, here’s some more data:
FEE: Nowrasteh 15

Light & Miller 18 (non-paywall)

All of this is especially interesting when you consider that undocumented immigrants, by the numbers, are usually more likely to be impoverished young men, which is the demographic that would usually commit the most crimes. This makes sense when you consider why they would go through the trouble of making it to a country like the US full of economic opportunities only to commit crime, something they could do just as easily back home in Mexico where the cartels run amuck. It would be like working towards a finance degree only to decide once you have it that you’re gonna just get money by holding people in alleyways at gunpoint. It does not hold up logically, and therefore it makes sense that the data doesn’t support it.
*Claim 3: Undocumented immigration harms social cohesion.*
I don’t see why that would be the case more so than any other immigrants. Either way, they come to this country to work, and generally have to learn to follow the local laws and customs and learn at least some English to survive. Even if the first generation doesn’t do that, the second does, and the third will be perfectly assimilated more or less. Of course they may still have some cultural affinity for Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, or whichever country they came from, but I don’t see why that really matters. Irish, Jewish, Italian, Polish, Armenian, and other groups descended from immigrants (as we all are except for the Amerindians) often have some sort of affinity for the mother country and its culture, but that doesn’t really undermine their loyalty to the US. The only real reason I could see someone opposing this on the grounds of social cohesion is if they think Latinos are somehow inherently different from everyone else, which I don’t think is an idea that anyone outside of the alt-right would take seriously on a conscious level.
But anyway, I do have more data to back up the fact that the diversity brought by immigrants does not cause harm:





*Claim 4: But we can’t just have open borders.*
I agree. I think we need to secure our borders. But the problem isn’t immigrants. It’s drug, sex, and human traffickers. We need to do whatever we can to combat the cartels. Personally, I don’t know a ton about trafficking. I think maintaining checkpoints along the borders and thoroughly searching vehicles is a place to start. Also, drug legalization and rehabilitation clinics/safe injection sites could go a long way towards harming the business of the drug cartels. I personally don’t claim to be an expert however, so there are probably solutions to securing the border from cartels that I haven’t considered.
I also do think we should deport undocumented immigrants who commit crimes.
Everything in mind, I recognize that it is possible that there are some arguments I haven’t considered. I’m arguing a negative claim, so I recognize that there are probably infinite points I would have to debunk in order to prove my current opinion correct.
Anyway, with that, I invite reddit to challenge my view so that I may reconsider it.
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2020.08.15 19:43 classyybougieratchet AMA: I am an AA female in my 20s with scarring alopecia (CCCA). Three weeks ago, I received a partial HT in Istanbul, Turkey.

I answered questions I think people might have below. Please feel free to ask me additional questions! Sorry for any typos!
I should be clear — I am a cis-female. Meaning I was born a female. Happy reading!
Diagnosis: My official diagnosis is scarring alopecia (also known as Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia or CCCA). Essentially, a bald spot starts in the crown and spreads outward. For me, it’s mostly impacted my crown and front portion of my hair. I’ve had it for 10+ years.
What causes scarring alopecia/CCCA? Studies are still being done about this. All I know is that it's an autoimmune disorder. Basically, my body attacks my hair follicles because it believes it's hurting me.
At what age did you notice the balding? I noticed it at around 12. It started as a small spot in the center of my head. No bigger than 0.5 inch. This was in the early 2000s so doctors were unsure of what to do. My first dermatologist took a biopsy and told me there were no hairs visible. I don't remember getting a prescription for anything.
When were you officially diagnosed with CCCA? When I was in my mid 20s. I saw probably 10 doctors in the span of 10+ years. Other doctors told me it was alopecia areata, but turns out, it wasn't!
Okay, but I heard that "ethnic hairstyles" can contribute to CCCA. Did you do any of those hairstyles growing up? I never braided my hair until I was around 20 -- at which point, I started getting weaves to hide my CCCA. However, my mom did perm my hair regularly since I was... (hold your gasp)... 2-3 years old. Her rationale was that I had "too much hair" and would "cry" when she combed it. SMH! She understands how dangerous it was -- now. My mother is from a Caribbean country.... Hispanic. If you know, you know.
Can you quantify the amount of hair loss you had at the point right before the procedure? I would say I had about 50-55% hair loss at the time of my HT.
When was the last time you noticed "new" hair loss? Probably 4 years ago. I noticed the hair in the front of my head was thinning. Before that, it was just my crown that suffered from it.
How did you style you hair after your CCCA continued to progress? As I said above, I wore weaves, but then I stopped because my head is super sensitive. Luckily, wigs have been looking better and better, so I stick to that now. Glueless ones. Also, I am able (at least before I shaved my head) to tie my natural hair in a bun, which is pretty incredible given my hair loss. You can't tell I have CCCA when I do that. Baby hairs laid and everything! I watched Youtube tutorials and it showed me how to create hair ties that had curly hair on it. Then I tie those to my bun. It sounds complicated, but it definitely helped provide an illusion.
Why HT vs. other treatment? It was recommended to me by my last dermatologist. I went to him to try more steroid shots. I had literally tried everything. He's the one who told me I had CCCA and not alopecia areata. He recommended that I look into a HT, which had never crossed my mind before. There was also the fact that I was/am young. That being said, some doctors are reluctant when it comes to performing a HT on someone with CCCA, but luckily there are a few that think it’s worth a try. There are studies that show someone with CCCA can experience positive results from a HT. One of those doctors that thought it was worth a shot -- was in New York.
Well, that sounds pretty risky. Can it awaken your CCCA? Maybe, but I literally have nothing to lose. I am so used to wigs. I'd be okay! I had to at least try.
So you just jumped into the HT? Nope, I knew it was risky given my case so I opted to get a “test site” done in NY. The implants were placed in my crown... the test site itself was the size of a nickel, at best. The doctor used the FUT method — which is arguably better for “afro-curly”’hair. With FUT, you have to get stitches. That was the painful part of the procedure. Nothing else hurt -- not the implants, etc. After about three months, I saw growth — I couldn’t believe it.
What was the cost of the "test site" via FUT in NY? About $1,400.
How long did it take? Maybe 2 hours max.
*I highly recommend doing a test site if you’re unsure as to whether it will work*
Why did you get the HT in Turkey vs. NY? Mainly pricing. In NY, the doctor wanted to charge me around $20K to do "as much as could be done." I can afford NY prices, but given that my condition can really be a hit or miss, I didn't want to spend $20K and be pissed if it didn't work. Then COVID hit. I had too much time on my hands and it led me to researching getting a HT elsewhere. I decided on Turkey after reading it was the HT capital of the world.
What clinic did you select and how much did you pay? I went to (name taken out — don’t want it to look like an ad.... message me if you want to know) and I paid around 2,130 euros for ~2800 grafts. This price included transportation (roundtrip from airport to hotel and from hotel to clinic and back for each appointment -- also, the van has wifi!), 5 days & 4 nights at a 4 star hotel near the clinic, and of course the procedure itself.
There are so many clinics in Turkey... so why did you choose your clinic? Again, some doctors are reluctant to work on people with CCCA. Others are reluctant to work with people who have "afro-curly" hair. I was deciding between a few clinics, but aside from looking at before/after pictures & testimonials, this clinic just gave me the best vibe overall. The people I was in contact with were just super amicable and gregarious.
Why did you get a partial HT and not a full HT? I didn't have enough hair to get a full HT. The doctor wanted to take hair from the back of my head only -- vs. any that was in the front because the front has been thinning, but the back has been pretty solid. So look at it this way: my donor area (just the back of my head) accounts for ~40-45% of my hair. If I have 50-55% hair loss, it's impossible to cover all of that with my donor area.
So will you go back to finish it or at least make it fuller? It all depends on the results from this HT!
Was the procedure painful? The most painful part was the local anesthetic (numbing you for the procedure). The best way to describe it is... it feels like someone is snapping a rubber band against the your head like 30 times. The actual retrieval from the donor area and implanting the hair did not hurt — not even after the procedure! Not an hour after, not days after. Because I had done this in NY, I already knew what to expect. The other painful part is laying down for hours!!!! OMG. My back was killing me! They injected pain killers into the thing in my arm during the implantation part -- pretty sure, everyone gets this as a precautionary measure.
What other medication did you get? I got pain killers (didn't take it at all), anti-inflammatory, and something to prevent infection. I took them for about 7 days. One of them taste like CRAP -- dissolves in your mouth quickly, so just FYI. LOL.
What time was your procedure? I was picked up from my hotel at 7:30AM. The clinic is less than 5 minutes away. I did some paperwork, etc. and the procedure (including numbing) started at 9AM.
Can you explain a little bit more about what happened between 7:30AM and 9AM? I talked to the intake person (who gave me a goodie bag, post-care instructions, etc.) and then saw the doctor at around 7:45AM. It wasn't Dr. XXX who is on all the promotional materials (but I met him later on and he was super nice). This doc took a look at my head -- and of course, this is the first time ever. He drew on it with marker and asked me where I wanted the hair placed since I could only get a partial HT on this trip. At 8:30AM, I paid for the procedure with credit card and had to walk to a different part of the building to do that. At 8:45AM, I got my room, they shaved my head, and I changed into a gown. Under the gown, I kept on my pants, but on the top, I could only keep on my bra. They gave me a blanket during the procedure because it was cold.
Did you get FUT or FUE in Turkey? I got FUE. That is the newest technology and doesn't require stitches, unlike FUT. There is debate about whether FUT is better for "afro-curly" hair, but back in NY when I did my test site, the assistant (who had 10+ years of experience) told the doctor that I was an excellent candidate for FUE, but my the doctor still wanted to do FUT.
Who performs the procedure in Turkey? The assistants. They may be nurses... I am unsure. The two male doctors checked in a few times. I do not believe that any doctor actually did any part of my procedure... maybe the cutting of the slits to place the implants? I’m not sure. Remember, you’re laying down the entire time (my eyes were covered or closed). I could only listen for voices, which were in Turkish.
In NY, did the doctor perform your procedure? Nope, the assistant did (who had about 10+ years of experience and was such a gem). My doctor only cut the slits in my head for the implants, so when I was looking at clinics in Turkey, I was not expecting the doctor to do the procedure.
Okay, back to Turkey! How long did the procedure take ? The extraction from the donor area took about 2.5 hours. The implantation took about 4-4.5 hours. Disclaimer: The doctor and staff said it's because of my "afro-curly" hair and that for straight hair, it takes less time.
Did you have a bathroom break? Yes, a 5 minute break during the extraction and same during implantation. I asked! I wasn’t afraid to. If you gotta go, you gotta go. Plus, like I said before, my back was killing me.
What does the procedure room look like? It looks like a private hospital room. There is a private bathroom inside. A bed in the center. A side table.
When and where did you eat lunch? What did you have? I ate when they finished extracting the hairs from my donor area. Lunch was about 15 minutes at the side table I mentioned above -- and delivered to the room. It was a simple sandwich and a juice box. The juice was good lol.
Why did you stay for 5 days and 4 nights? Isn't the typical stay 3 days and 2 nights? I flew in from NY. I didn’t want to leave so quickly... I mean the flight alone is ~10 hours! Plus, I was able to stretch out my appointments. I had my blood drawn on Day 1 (day I arrived). I had the procedure on Day 2. Bandage removal on Day 3. First hair wash on Day 4. Airport on Day 5. No rushing :)
Were there other people getting HTs at the same time? I would assume so, but not in the same room as me. I saw a handful of people in the waiting area with bandages, etc. Sometimes, I shared a ride with them to the hotel. On the way to the airport for departure, there were 3 other people with me.
More men than women? Definitely. . I’m pretty sure I was the only woman there for that week. One patient asked to take pictures of my head because he was fascinated that a woman was getting this done.
Do they shave your head before the procedure? Yes. There was an option to keep some of my donor hair, but it just didn't make sense to me. I think because of my "afro-curly" hair it would have made it harder for them, so I was happy to shave it. It felt so freeing.
What is sleep like with the bandages and just post surgery generally? The first night after the procedure was uncomfortable. I could hear my head leaking into the bandages LOL. It's just a nasty feeling. It was the saline or whatever they used leaking -- not blood, by the way. They give you a cover for your pillow so you don't leak on it. You have to sleep upright for the first few nights and use the neck pillow. Again, super uncomfortable.
At the airport, did you have to expose your head? I wore a scarf on my head... think: bandana. I was not asked to take it off. Honestly, it wouldn’t matter though. You’ll never see the airport people ever again anyways!
So, they do your first wash. What's hair washing like after that? Well, after the first hair wash, which is always 48 hours after your procedure, you have to wash your hair daily for the next 10 days. They give you a special lotion and shampoo. They also give you a spray bottle because they don't want you standing under a shower head. It would be too much pressure on your head. You put the lotion on for however many minutes it says (I think it's 20 minutes). Spray it off (in the direction of your hair growth pattern). You put the shampoo on for ~5 minutes. Spray it off in the same manner. Done!
Okay so what's next after the 10 days of solo washing your hair? Then you have to make sure the crust is off your head. Yup, your head will get scabby! It's nasty, but hey, they cut slits in your head so it's expected. You can lightly just tap it off with your hand. It looks like dandruff is falling. This is from Day 11-14, I believe. Make sure it's all off by Day 14. After that, back to regular hair washing with whatever products you normally use. No more spray bottle.
Does your donor area get irritated? For sure. My donor area was super raw afterwards! I put the special lotion on it to soothe it (yes, you can also use it for that, and not just before the shower). I also started breaking out a bit -- yes, like pimples. It's much better now though.
Did you experience any swelling? Yup, ON MY FACE, three days after the procedure. It was from all of the fluids they injected in me, but it was weird to look at. It took about four days to go back to normal.
Did you wear a headband on your head to help with the swelling? Oddly enough, I didn't get a headband in my goodie bag. I think they forgot to give me one, but when I asked (I was on the way to the airport) they said it's because of the location of my implant. Don't know if that's necessarily true though or if they just felt bad for forgetting lol.
Did anyone accompany you on the trip? Nope!
What was it like traveling during COVID? It wasn't too bad. I did have to do a temperature check on my way to Turkey. Seating on planes vary -- some flights have you skip the middle seat -- other's don't.
What was it like getting the procedure itself during COVID? It was fine. I kept my mask on during the procedure.
Does the hotel have measures in place for COVID? Yes, you must have your temperature checked every time you enter the hotel.
Do you have to do anything after surgery to stimulate hair growth? They provide you with a list of recommended medication (hair growth ones), but PRP treatment is also on the list. PRP treatment is when they take your blood and inject it into your head to help with hair growth. I actually had PRP performed as part of my procedure at the clinic before implantation. I think everyone does.
Why PRP over medication? I just did not want to take medication. I already take meds for other stuff, so didn't want to add to it. I googled numerous before and after pictures from reputable sources in the U.S. and I am pleased with the potential results of PRP.
When should you start the PRP treatment? You can start the PRP treatment one month after your procedure date.
How often do you have to get PRP treatment? Once a month for the first 3 months. Then, once every 4-6 months after that. I'm unsure if I’ll go beyond a year. It depends on what my dermatologist recommends.
What is the cost of PRP treatment per session in the U.S.? It’s about $400-$800/session! I would say more so closer to $800. Yup, definitely more expensive than medication, but I just wanted a more natural remedy.
What was the hotel like? It was nice and clean. I felt super safe. It was actually a short walk to the clinic, but the driver always picks you up. There's a mall across the street and they have Krispy Kreme which is super delicious! Also, they have room service, so I spent the majority of my time in the room and ordered that way. My room service bill was 114 euros.... I ate probably 3 meals a day for the 5 days I was there (including steak a few times), so definitely inexpensive.
I want to experience some relaxation. Is it possible to get a massage? Yes! I got one at the hotel spa. It was amazing. It cost about 60 euros for 90 minutes and they knew I had just had the procedure so they were careful not to bump or touch my head.
*OKAY -- Please feel free to ask me anything! But, make sure no one has already asked it.
Also, I’ll be sure to post photo updates of my HT results and PRP results. I truly hope this can be a resource for anyone who wants a HT, people of AA descent thinking of getting one, and women with scarring alopecia who are considering it. When I was planning on getting my procedure, there wasn't a lot to go on -- as far as AA women getting the procedure. I will keep everyone updated!
Progress Pictures.
\**DISCLAIMER: I'm noticing the quality of the pictures look mediocre one uploaded through* ***IMGUR. I will try and remedy this....***\
Before Surgery
With Hair
*Sorry! I have no pictures with my head fully shaved right before surgery :(
Post Surgery
1 MONTH UPDATE collage FRONT: https://ibb.co/M7sm10H RIGHT: https://ibb.co/HtWFHHZ LEFT: https://ibb.co/9qvy0fx BACK: https://ibb.co/RNJBFfR
I have experienced breakouts in my donor area.
2 months (Mid-Sept):
3 months (Mid-Oct):
(Planning to go to 1 year mark!)
PRP Treatment
1 Month (coming mid-late September!):
2 Months:
3 Months:
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2020.08.14 21:17 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update August 14, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update August 14, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
Note: We may need to paraphrase, but the notes are accurate
Watch here:
Summarized (Full) Notes
(continued in stickied comment)
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2020.08.12 18:00 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Jul. 29, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-7-2002 1-14-2002 1-21-2002 1-28-2002
2-4-2002 2-11-2002 2-18-2002 2-25-2002
3-4-2002 3-11-2002 3-18-2002 3-25-2002
4-1-2002 4-8-2002 4-15-2002 4-22-2002
4-29-2002 5-6-2002 5-13-2002 5-20-2002
5-27-2002 6-3-2002 6-10-2002 6-17-2002
6-24-2002 7-1-2002 7-8-2002 7-15-2002

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Most of you know the homie SaintRidley has been recapping the Observers from the 1980s (and if you don't know, now you know). Anyway, he got blasted by storms in Iowa the other day and has intermittent internet and asked me to pass along word that he won't be able to post the latest issue of the 1988 Rewind this week. Hope everything's okay with ya dude!

  • Dave opens the issue with some high praise, a rare thing for the top story. But this week's episode of Raw was the first time WWE showed real effort in months, with a clear plan to build a Raw vs. Smackdown storyline and to make the brands as distinct as possible. Raw felt like a completely new show, starting multiple new storylines that hint at long-term booking (we're so used to WWE disappointing us nowadays that it's kinda cute to go back in time and see someone buy into the false hope of improvement like this). They also had a super hot crowd, which helped a lot. The ratings also saw a spike this week, due to fans wanting to see what Raw looks like with Bischoff in charge. The announcers were moved away from ringside and stationed near the stage, similar to the old Nitro set. During the matches, the arena was darkened to give it a more old-school feel. Things felt more spontaneous and less predictable than they have in ages. The European title was done away with, unified with the IC title. Dave feels the belt was useless the last few years anyway.
  • The show featured DX reuniting, but ended with Triple H turning heel and giving Shawn Michaels a pedigree. Dave expects it to lead to Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels at Summerslam, but we'll see. This also necessitated Triple H moving back over to Raw, and in exchange, they moved Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman over to Smackdown at the end of the show. Eddie Guerrero had a match with The Rock and also had a segment where they went back and forth on the mic. It was the most confident Eddie has ever been on the mic and he held his own with Rock and came out of the night looking to be a bigger star than ever. The show wasn't all good though. They had a segment where they put D-Lo Brown and Shawn Stasiak in the ring and Bischoff berated them for being boring and buried them for trying to wrestle, which Dave thinks sucked. The DX reunion followed by Triple H's heel turn blew through potentially weeks of storyline progression in only one hour, but that's typical these days. But Dave thinks of all the potential revenue they could have made on DX merch if they'd been given a chance to have even a short few-week run, but alas. He also thought the announcers playing dumb (like Jim Ross having to pretend not to know who the Island Boyz were during their debut, despite the fact that he's written about them a million times in his weekly WWE.com column). Also too much backstage stuff, which is fine for TV, but sucks for the live crowd when they bought tickets to watch half the show on the TitanTron. But overall, it was the best Raw in a long time and the first sign that maybe WWE's latest reboot is going to mean real change. And that's the top story. Raw was actually good for once and it's the biggest news of the week.
WATCH: Triple H turns on Shawn Michaels - 2002
  • daprice82 Editor's Note: No one is going to care, but I have a story about this Raw. At the time, my girlfriend (now-wife) and I were in Peoria, IL for the 2nd annual Gathering of the Juggalos! We were 19 years old and drove there from Memphis in my shitty ol' Chevy Blazer and spent the weekend woop-wooping it up. Well, that Monday afternoon, we left Peoria to drive home. We got maybe 30 miles out of town when I realized that my previously full gas tank was almost empty. Pulled into a gas station, confused, but filled the tank again, and drove on. Watched the tank slowly drain as I drove along and within 30 minutes, I was on E again. I was losing gas somehow. Pulled off an exit and stopped at the single nicest truck stop I've ever seen. This place had everything. It was a gas station, connected to a Subway, with a lounge area that had recliners, full showers, washers and dryers, etc. If you're gonna be stranded somewhere, it was the best option. I ended up calling my dad and he drove 7 hours to come pick us up. So while we waited, my girlfriend and I spent the rest of the day into the night, hanging out in this lounge, sleeping in the recliners, and watching TV. And low and behold, they had the TV on Raw that night. I remember I was dozing in and out and I remember waking up when I heard the DX music hit and groggily staring at the TV like "wtf?" And then I saw Triple H turn on Shawn and was like "Whoa!" and then I fell back asleep and that's all I remember.
  • WWE announced that it's re-evaluating its quarterly and annual business efforts due to lower-than-expected revenue this year, stemming from PPV buyrates and live attendance plummeting. To keep the company in the black, WWE is making $20 million in budget cutbacks. Most of the cuts are coming from administrative expenses, but the developmental program is going to be hit hard (more on that in a bit). For next quarter, WWE is predicting an overall profit of $1.5 to $2 million. But that is a bit misleading because that figures in the $3.5 million settlement from the PTC lawsuit. If not for that settlement, this quarter would be the first money-losing quarter since 1997 (assuming you don't count the Q1 of 2001, when they had all the massive XFL start-up costs). Plus, they're running twice as many house shows now than they were the same quarter last year, and the numbers are still that bad. There's a ton of year-to-year comparisons here, which is super fun if you're a numbers person but TL;DR - business ain't great.
  • So what about Japan? Business there is an interesting story also. NOAH has surpassed NJPW in average attendance per show for the first half of 2002, which shows just how staggering of a collapse NJPW has had. The biggest success story of the year has been AJPW, which was on death's door a little over a year ago, with the entire roster jumping ship to form NOAH and the company lost its television deal. It's a miracle they survived at all, much less become as hot as they have this year. The reason, of course, is Keiji Muto (and to a lesser extent, Satoshi Kojima), both of whom jumped ship from NJPW at the beginning of the year and immediately gave the promotion a huge shot in the arm, spiking live attendance by nearly 70% and tripling merch sales. Meanwhile, NJPW is still stinging from those losses, plus they ran Riki Choshu out of the company, made Tadao Yasuda IWGP champion which was a huge flop, they have no good foreign talent, their junior division is stale as can be, and current champion Yuji Nagata is still trying to get his momentum back after a humiliating MMA loss to Mirko Cro Cop on New Year's Eve.
  • So about those developmental cutbacks. WWE cut ties with Les Thatcher's HWA promotion and also dropped the contracts of several developmental stars there. Among the names cut: Steve Bradley, EZ Money, Jon Heidenreich, Mike Sanders, BJ Payne, Horace Hogan, and several others you probably never heard of. HWA wrestlers Lance Cade and Charlie Haas are being reassigned to OVW, which will now be WWE's only developmental territory. Others, like Shannon Moore, Victoria, and Barry Buchanan are expected to debut on the main roster soon and were kept. In 2001 fiscal year, WWE spent $1.1 on developmental costs and had relationships with 4 promotions: HWA, OVW, UPW, and IWA Puerto Rico. Now we're down to one, with Jim Ross reportedly ordered to cut that developmental budget in half. Dave doesn't like this. With WWE being the only game in town and in need of new stars more than ever, he feels they should be expanding their developmental system rather than shrinking it. Creating new stars is vital to the future of WWE and limiting themselves to one promotion with a pool of only a dozen or so people seems short-sighted. He also disagrees with some of the people who got cut. Not everyone in developmental is going to be a star, but some of them at least deserved a shot (namely Steve Bradley, who had been there for 3-4 years, is still in his twenties, is a good worker and strong promo, but never got a chance on the main roster because he doesn't have the right look). Why some of those people were released while Jackie Gayda and Chris Nowinski are stinking up the ring on Raw is beyond Dave. He also thinks Les Thatcher had a pretty impossible job. He was given a roster full of wrestlers that were mostly leftovers from WCW. Young guys who came out of WCW's Power Plant and worked a fast-paced WCW style that doesn't apply to modern day WWE. Then they had Thatcher, Danny Davis, and Jim Cornette train these guys. A bunch of old school veterans training these young guys in the ways of 80s wrestling. So now they learn a whole new style....which also doesn't apply to modern day WWE. It's a broken system. Anyway, everyone who was cut has 90-day non-competes. Word is TNA is only interested in Mike Sanders, out of the names released.
  • WWE Vengeance is in the books headlined by one of those classic matches that can single-handedly make a show. The Rock defeated Kurt Angle and Undertaker in a triple threat match to become the first 7-time WWE champion, although Angle was clearly the one who had another star-making performance. Dave nitpicks the fact that Rock pinned Angle (rather than the champion Undertaker) to win the title, but he'll wait and see if it leads to anything storyline-wise first before criticizing it too much (it leads to nothing, turns out it was just a cheap way to get the title on Rock without Taker having to do a job). But it was an excellent match that gets 4.5 stars. Most of the other matches were good too, though some of the booking was weird and doesn't seem to make long-term sense. They teased a feud between the Raw and Smackdown announcers, which Dave thinks is fine so long as it stays verbal. None of us needs to see Jim Ross or Michael Cole in matches. Dave also gives Tazz credit for improving greatly in his commentary role over the last year. He sucked when he first started but he's the best color commentator they got now. They had the first face-to-face meeting between Angle and Lesnar, which is a subtle tease to what Dave expects to be a big time feud in the future. John Cena pinned Chris Jericho in a match that exposed how green Cena still is and Jericho wasn't able to carry him to anything good and the crowd couldn't have cared less about the rookie. RVD beat Brock Lesnar by DQ to retain the IC title. RVD was super over since they were in Michigan. Bad finish but I guess they didn't wanna give Brock the IC title since he's almost definitely winning the world title from Rock in a month. There was a forever long segment with Bischoff and Stephanie trying to woo Triple H to sign with their respective shows. Anti-Americans won the tag titles from Edge and Hogan. That's basically it.
  • We have a section called "Treatment of Minorities Within Pro Wrestling" by Todd Martin (presumably the same Todd Martin from the PWTorch?). The piece touches on wrestling's past portrayals of race and the false impression that things have gotten better due to the success of people like The Rock, when in reality, the racism is just more subtle. Martin takes a look at WWE's hiring processes. Very few minorities have come up through the developmental program, but it's hard to say if that's WWE's fault. Maybe there's just not many minorities trying to break into the business that way, there's no statistical evidence either way. But you can look at the wrestlers they chose to hire from WCW and how they fared in the WWE system. Midcard comedy wrestlers like Shawn Stasiak got a chance but not midcard comedy wrestlers like Norman Smiley. Nepotism got Horace Hogan a contract, but it didn't do anything for Stevie Ray. Examples like that. Or the Luchadores. Martin argues that, with all the talented Hispanic wrestlers WCW turned into stars, it's inexcusable that so few of them have even gotten so much a developmental offer from WWE. And the only ones who did were the ones fluent in English, which you can argue for. Can't argue size either. Someone like La Parka dwarfs over Crash Holly or Spike Dudley, but WWE has no interest. Wrestlers like Psicosis, Juventud, La Parka, Silver King, and others helped carry WCW through some of its most successful years and none of those guys even got a glance from WWE. Martin asks if Booker T's current jive-talking gimmick is any better than his early GI Bro or Ebony Experience gimmicks? Especially when they have him on TV hotwiring cars and doing stereotypical criminal shit like that? In regards to Eddie Guerrero's current Mexican stereotype gimmick, even Jim Ross recently said that it's taking Hispanic relations back 25 years. If the Booker T or Guerrero characters were portrayed on a normal network TV show with a majority-white cast, they would be seen for the racist caricatures that they are. Martin ends the piece by saying he doesn't believe WWE's decision makers are overtly racist. It's just that the company has created a hierarchy of implicit beliefs about how different types of people are portrayed and they may not even realize that they've built such a system.
  • Dave adds his own "editor's note" to the end of this piece and says he chose to publish it because of the detailed research and data used and found it a fascinating article that deserves discussion. Dave disagrees with some of it though and argues that some of it is just a difference in philosophy. For example, WWE tried the Lucha Libre experiment before with the Superastros show and crowds were dead for it. WWE and WCW had very different fanbases and presented different products because of it. So it may not be so much racism in that case as it is WWE fans have never shown any interest in that style of wrestling. He also argues against some of the examples Martin used (for instance, Stevie Ray was considered by WWE but he was already in his 40s and was never the caliber of worker as his brother, which is why they passed). But that being said, Dave thinks other parts of the piece make some interesting points that are well worth a read.
  • TNA week 5 felt like a whole new product due to the heavy influence of Vince Russo. We'll get into that later, but for now, buckle in, we've got a few paragraphs of TNA drama to get through. The first 4 shows presented a product with an emphasis on hard work and long-term angles. This week featured the classic Russo recipe of crash TV and constant, edgy swearing, in an attempt to market "to that 15-30 age group male demo that hates women because they can't get dates and enjoys seeing them harassed and abused." The show ended with a big injury angle to Scott Hall, which is all well and good and might get people interested in next week's show, except it came on the heels of multiple other "serious injury" angles during the same show and by the time Hall did it, it was something like the 3rd stretcher job of the night and it felt meaningless. Same with every promo being filled with curse words. The whole show was yet another example of why Vince Russo needs someone to filter his worst instincts. In this case, that should be Jerry Jarrett, but he was away from creative dealing with budget and legal issues all this week (gonna hear a LOT more about that soon). On that note, just based on very rough, preliminary PPV buyrate figures, production costs, etc. Dave estimates this company is already about half a million dollars in the red, and that's not counting the significant startup costs they have yet to recoup, with estimates that the company is currently losing about $120,000 or more per week.
  • As of this week, TNA's budgets have been slashed. They've also moved tapings to the smaller and cheaper Nashville Fairgrounds location and signed a 3-month lease. It's reported that switching buildings will save $27,000 per week. They're also eliminating pyro, cut new deals with the production crew, and will be flying in fewer stars, relying mostly on people that can drive. They also don't plan to use managers, will cut back on the TNA girls, and will be using Ken Shamrock and Scott Hall on alternate weeks, since they're the two highest paid guys and it's expensive to have them both on the same show. The Fairgrounds building has been used for wrestling tapings before and never looks good on TV, but TNA is insisting they can dress it up to look good. The budget cuts are expected to be so heavy that TNA's new break-even point for PPV buys will be 20,000 per week instead of 50,000. Dave thinks 20,000 is a much more attainable goal, but if it comes at the expense of the product looking minor league and low budget, it's gonna fail. The building also has no air conditioning and with TV lights, it's going to be brutally hot during summer months. Jerry Jarrett has been posting frequently on the wrestlingclassics.com message board and admitted that they weren't anywhere close to the 50,000-buys-per-week they needed. Here's a post Jerry wrote explaining their plans for the company and the new, Russo-iffic direction:
Jeff (Jarrett) and I are wrestling purists just as many fans here. The difference is that we have put up everything we have in our effort to present an alternative to sports entertainment. Our plan was simple. We believed that there were 50,000 wrestling fans who would pay $10 per week, or $40 per month to have an alternative to sports entertainment. This was based on the fact WWE has from 300,000 to one million fans of sports entertainment who will pay $35 per month to see their product. We were well aware that production values, talent, storylines, content, etc. were all factors that could negatively effect the buy rate. We still thought the market would support us enough to make the plan successful. We are finding that many of the wrestling purists did exactly as I did ten years ago, and that is, go on to something else. We are finding that there are many fewer fans who really want an alternative to sports entertainment than we anticipated. Therefore, we can either attempt to attract a few of the WWE fans, or pack up and go home. We have risked everything in our venture. Therefore, not because of our personal taste, but out of necessity, we are compromising our wrestling purist instincts and attempting to create a broader fan base. ECW did a great job of creating a product for the hardcore wrestling fan. The simple fact was that the base of their fans was not sufficient to keep them in business."
  • Ray Gonzalez, one of the top stars in Puerto Rico, shockingly announced he's leaving WWC and most expect him to jump to IWA. Gonzalez claimed WWC was late in paying him, which he says breached his contract (reportedly paying him $800-$1000 per week). As a result, his lawyers sent WWC a letter saying because of this, he was quitting the company. Gonzalez no-showed WWC events this weekend. This is going to badly hurt WWC's upcoming Anniversary show because Gonzalez was a major part of multiple top angles that the card was built around. Gonzalez has been the top heel in WWC and arguably has kept the company alive the past 5 years, and is most responsible for getting Carly Colon (Carlito) over as a big star. IWA has already started advertising a mystery wrestler to be the top heel in upcoming shows this weekend, and it's no secret that Gonzalez is expected to debut for the company and be that guy. Dave also mentions several other WWC wrestlers who no-showed events last week because they were late in being paid. Many of them are as much as 10 weeks behind on pay, but this week, they were summoned to the office where Carlos Colon paid them about 5 weeks worth of what they're owed. Lots of death-of-ECW vibes going on here lately.
  • Lots of rumors that AJPW star Genichiro Tenryu will be showing up at the NOAH show this week to challenge GHC champion Yoshinari Ogawa. Needless to say, this would be a big deal if it happens because AJPW and NOAH basically hate each other. No word on whether this is an angle or not, but given how much Motoko Baba hates NOAH, it seems unlikely. Of course, it also remains to be seen if Tenryu will even show up or if it's all just rumors. Tenryu is currently feuding with Muto over who should have become president of the company, so this could be just a kayfabed angle to make it look like Tenryu is really anti-AJPW (looks like it was just a work, he doesn't end up going to NOAH until 2005).
  • Dave recaps AJPW's latest Buddokan Hall show, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the company, which featured Keiji Muto wrestling 3 different matches under 3 different gimmicks. All told, Muto worked a total of about 36 minutes between the 3 matches and was banged up like hell the next day. There were also a lot of old legends on the card, like Abdullah The Butcher, Mil Mascaras, Dos Caras, and more. Stan Hansen and Motoko Baba came out to give speeches about the company, with Ms. Baba breaking down crying when talking about her husband, and more. I managed to find most of this show on Dailymotion, enjoy:
WATCH: AJPW 30th Anniversary show
  • While we're on the topic, Dave saw a recent AJPW match with Tenryu defending the Triple Crown title against Satoshi Kojima in a match that many are calling the match of the year. Dave saw it and gives it 4.75 stars and calls Kojima possibly the best wrestler in the business when it comes to carrying the audience on an emotional roller coaster ride. He doesn't agree or disagree that it's the best match of the year, but he sure loved it.
WATCH: Genichiro Tenryu vs. Satoshi Kojima - AJPW Triple Crown match 2002
  • Mitsuharu Misawa suffered a dislocated shoulder in a recent match. Popped it back in, worked the next day, still in pain, went to the hospital because that's what happens when you wrestle again right after dislocating your shoulder. Anyway, the doctors were like, "Hey, maybe don't do that for a minute" but he's Misawa so he vows he won't be missing any dates and then he hit the doctor with an emerald flowsion. Dave doesn't say this, I'm just assuming.
  • NJPW continues to decline. They held back-to-back shows at the 10,500-seat arena in Sapporo this week. The first night only drew 4,100 fans which was the smallest crowd they have drawn in that city in years. Second night was better, but still only 6,000 fans to see Yuji Nagata retain the IWGP title over Bas Rutten. In another era, this win would have been huge for Nagata but nobody cares when a wrestler beats an MMA guy in a worked match anymore because Inoki pretty much beat that horse to death.
  • There's talk of bringing back Chyna to work the August Tokyo Dome show for Antonio Inoki's UFO MMA promotion, presumably just to make an appearance (oh, if only). There's also talk of bringing her in for NJPW's September tour and having her beat male prelim wrestlers every night. Needless to say, there's a whole lot of people in the company against that idea. Especially because her loss to Joey Buttafuoco in a celebrity boxing match a few months ago actually got a lot of coverage in Japan, so coming off that and showing up to beat male NJPW wrestlers isn't a popular idea. But Inoki gonna Inoki, so we'll see.
  • Latest on the ECW bankruptcy proceedings. The trustee has filed a motion demanding that the InDemand PPV company pays them $724,456.40. That total is the money they owed ECW, minus $25,000 because ECW failed to produce the March 2001 PPV they were contractually obligated to produce. This case is a textbook example of why trying to run a PPV-only company like TNA is going to be so difficult. InDemand is still holding onto ECW PPV money from over a year ago. Anyway, of the $724k, a big chunk of it will go to attorneys, back taxes, commission fees, etc. Video game maker Acclaim, who owned a percentage of ECW, is expected to get a big chunk as well. Whatever is left over will be used to pay off existing creditors but there's not gonna be much. A lot of those creditors are just never going to get paid. It's also expected that Acclaim will end up owning the video tape library rights, since WWE hasn't yet made a bid to acquire it.
  • Former Crockett/WCW wrestler Chris Champion suffered a major stroke and is in critical condition. Champion also wrestled as Yoshi Kwan for a bit in WCW. A lot of people expected him to be a major star in the 90s, but it just never panned out, usually due to his own personal issues (I looked it up, he ended up surviving this go round, but he died in 2018 after suffering more strokes).
  • If you're wondering what Jim Crockett Jr. is up to these days, he works in real estate in Dallas. When Shaun Assael interviewed Crockett for his book on Vince McMahon, everyone in Crockett's office was shocked because they had no idea that their coworker was once the 2nd biggest wrestling promoter in the U.S. throughout most of the 80s. That's how much he's left the wrestling business behind.
  • Just gonna paste this quote here: "For whatever this is worth in case this becomes a major historical question down the line, the actual idea to make David Arquette WCW champion came from Tony Schiavone." Dave notes that Schiavone didn't have any decision-making power to make it happen, but he was the one who made the suggestion at a production meeting. According to those there, when Schiavone made the suggestion, Vince Russo's eyes lit up like it was the best idea he'd ever heard and the rest is history. (Vince Russo has confirmed this story himself. Last I heard, Tony admits he was involved in coming up with the idea but he refuses to take sole credit for it).
  • The Chicago-Sun Times interviewed Greg Gagne's son JP who is a pitcher for Notre Dame. In the interview, he talked about how famous wrestlers used to stay at his house all the time growing up and said that his friends love the story of how he once rode Space Mountain at Disney World with Ric Flair. Hehe.
  • Shane Douglas is now the booker for XPW and is involved in an angle where owner Rob Black's wife Lizzie Borden is leaving him for Douglas (don't get too close to her Shane, you might lose a thumb! More on that in a couple weeks...). Also, at the first show with Douglas as booker, there was a scaffold match where Douglas came out and shot the guy on the scaffold with a tranquilizer, causing him to plummet to the ring below, which then exploded. Don't worry, I wouldn't write all that without having a video for ya:
WATCH: Shane Douglas XPW tranquilizer gun scaffold spot
  • Notes from TNA PPV Week 5: Sabu debuted to face Malice in a surprise ladder match. It was fine. Sabu won, which earned him a contract to face Ken Shamrock for the NWA title next week in another ladder match. Don't worry, we have more ladders to come. Jeff Jarrett is being booked like the Stone Cold of TNA and Dave ain't here for it. Francine and Jasmine St. Claire had a shower scene together backstage, later leading to Jasmine in a wet t-shirt. K-Krush cut a promo complaining about being fired by WWE, just in case you weren't aware that most of this roster is full of WWE rejects, they make sure you know it. A 4-way match with a bunch of the young guys completely fell apart with everyone except Christopher Daniels looking totally lost and confused. Dave says rarely do matches even in OVW fall apart as badly as this one did. Another little person match that Dave says was one of the worst matches of the year and was highlighted by one of them breaking a watermelon over the other's head. Negative 3 stars. Even worse, the match went waaaay longer than it was supposed to, which cut into the time for AJ Styles vs. Low-Ki and a match that should have been great ended up being a huge disappointment. Plus a drunk guy in the crowd took away everyone's attention and they couldn't get the audience back. Jerry Lynn attacked AJ with a ladder afterwards because whooohoo ladders! Francine and Jasmine ripped each other's clothes off like every other time you've seen it in WWE. Then Blue Meanie DDT'd her and she did a stretcher job. Brian ChristopheLawlewhatever he is this week cut a long promo trashing his father to continue getting fans interested in a match they can't possibly deliver. Why not just challenge Austin or Rock while you're at it, Dave wonders. Fuck it, if you're gonna do dumb shit, at least go big. Scott Hall vs. Christopher in the main event was bad because Hall just returned from working IWA in Puerto Rico for several days and was pretty much on a drunken bender the whole time. And then Hall did a stretcher job to end the show, which was kinda lessened by Francine having done the same thing 30 minutes earlier. And there we go. After only 5 shows, this shit is already WCW 2000 all over again.
  • Despite all the publicity they got, TNA also barely made any mention of the angle last week with the Tennessee Titans football players. Apparently the players caught some shit from the Titans GM for it and since they aren't coming back and they can't do a match or anything with them, TNA decided to just forget it happened.
  • In case you're wondering why TNA hasn't made a play for Scott Steiner yet, apparently he and Jeff Jarrett had been friends for years, especially during the WCW days, but they recently had a falling out of some kind. Hence, TNA has no interest in using him.
  • The reason WWE is running back-to-back tapings for Raw and Smackdown next month in Seattle is to test the market. WWE did a site check last month at Safeco Field for next year's Wrestlemania, but there's question as to whether the Seattle market will be able to sell out a big stadium like that, so the decision was made to do this. If they have a double-sellout both nights, that'll pretty much guarantee that Seattle gets Wrestlemania. If the shows do poorly, they may reconsider and select a new city (I guess these shows end up doing okay).
  • The Rock is set to star in another major movie, this time a $100 million budget production based on the video game SpyHunter. The hope is to have the movie out around Christmas 2003, in order to cross-promote it with the new video game coming out around that time. This adds more to Rock's Hollywood plate and it's looking like he's going to be around wrestling even less next year (this movie ends up stuck in developmental hell for years and never gets made, but Rock ends up doing the voice for the video game in 2009 instead).
  • Dave isn't sure why yet, but the long-planned Hogan vs. Vince match at Summerslam is now off. Dave suspects they may be holding off until Wrestlemania, which is great if they have a long-term plan and now that they're doing the Bischoff vs. Stephanie storyline, Vince is planning to take himself off TV for a little while anyway. So we'll see. In the meantime, the whole mess last week with Triple H talking Vince out of getting slapped by John Cena because "nobody should be laying hands on Vince until the Hogan match" ended up being for nothing.
  • Notes from Smackdown: in talking about Stephanie McMahon trying to be a babyface, Dave says she's basically the wrong person for this gimmick but she's a McMahon, so what are ya gonna do? He also jokes that "when this thing goes down and I write the book, I think my title will be "Wrestling Promoters Should Be Banned From Having Children: Unless They Don't Allow Them To Work In Their Promotion." I dunno, seems wordy to me. They also did the bit with Stephanie as GM and all the wrestlers backstage watching on the monitors, leading Dave on a Cornette-style rant about how WWE can't even be bothered to separate heels and faces in different locker rooms and it takes you out of the show when they're all sitting around backstage together watching the TV and carrying on conversations. Sure, kayfabe is already dead, but can we at least try to create an illusion of it within the show itself? This was also the last Smackdown before the PPV and there was some discussion over the finish of the Rock vs. Angle match. Paul Heyman and Michael Hayes wanted Rock to lose clean to the ankle lock, since he was winning the title on Sunday anyway and Angle was doing the job. Pat Patterson and Triple H argued against it, saying Rock shouldn't be tapping to anyone, even though Angle's gimmick right now is that he can make everyone tap (even Hogan last month). So instead, we got the Undertaker run-in DQ finish and Dave says this kinda shit is why WWE is unable to create long-term storylines. There was also a bunch of bickering with Heyman, Triple H and Hayes over the finish of the Jericho/Cena match as well, which Jericho was apparently upset about.
  • In an online chat this week, Goldberg didn't rule out going to WWE but said he hasn't met with anyone in the company. He also said that if WWE had kept Vince Russo, then there's zero chance he would have gone. When asked about Japan, he only said he's considering all offers. Goldberg is said to have no interest in the WWE schedule and is content with the idea of working a few big shows a year in Japan. That's all well and good but Dave says the reality is that the biggest money opportunity for Goldberg is in WWE, where there's several dream matches that would do huge PPV business and earn him far more money than he can ever make in Japan. WWE also gives you the kind of celebrity exposure in America that can open up acting roles. But the problem is, giving Goldberg a reduced schedule could cause some issues in the locker room. Then again, Rock and Hogan are already working reduced schedules.
  • This week's episode of WWE Confidential was the best of the series yet, focusing on the Bischoff and McMahon relationship. It was weird to see these two, out of character, reminiscing about a time when they legitimately would have gladly killed each other. They even showed Bischoff's 1990 WWF audition tape.
  • Various WWF notes: Kevin Nash did an interview and said he has spoken to Steve Austin since the walkout and gave his opinion on why Austin left. "I think Steve was burned out. He's got a broken neck, bad knees and a bad back. I know what it feels like when I wake up every morning. And he's had a couple multi-million years. Maybe it just isn't worth it to him anymore." Bischoff did a radio interview and noted he's been in L.A. constantly pitching TV ideas and said there's no interest in wrestling anywhere in Hollywood right now. Vince and Linda McMahon have purchased a new vacation condo in Boca Raton, FL. It's an 8-bedroom 10,000 sqft. condo on the 7th and 8th floors of the Excelsior hotel. The double-unit condo recently appraised for 14 million.
  • DDP did an interview and admitted that the stalker angle was the most disappointing thing he's ever done in wrestling because he wanted so badly for it to work and it flopped. DDP also said that Steve Austin hasn't called him since he was forced to retire and admitted he was kind of hurt by it. He said he knows Austin is going through a lot right now, but they're friends and if Austin can't take the time to care about what's going on in his life, then he can't be bothered to waste time worrying about whatever Austin is going through either.
NEXT WEDNESDAY: Mainstream stories about wrestling deaths in the works, TNA files lawsuit accusing marketing firm of defrauding the company, Observer Hall of Fame preview, TNA in deep financial trouble, and more...
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2020.08.10 20:56 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update August 10, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update August 10, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
Note: We may need to paraphrase, but the notes are accurate
Watch here:
Summarized (Full) Notes
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2020.08.10 09:07 JuRaGo_ Systemic Racism

Justice system:
Here's an excellent document on systemic racism within the criminal justice system
A suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, Ferguson had a population of just over 21,000 in 2013. Though African Americans comprised 63% of the city’s driving-age population in that year, they accounted for 86% of drivers stopped by Ferguson police. That amounted to almost one stop for every two black adults in Ferguson, versus just over one stop for every eight white adults.
After making a stop, Ferguson police searched 12% of black drivers in contrast to 7% of white drivers. Despite – or as a result of – the high rate of stops and searches for black drivers, police had a lower “contraband hit rate” when searching black drivers compared to white drivers. They found contraband – primarily drugs and sometimes weapons – on 22% of black drivers who were searched and on 34% of white drivers who were searched. Yet blacks were twice as likely as whites to be arrested during a traffic stop (10% versus 5%).
Prosecutors are more likely to charge people of color with crimes that carry heavier sentences than whites. Federal prosecutors, for example, are twice as likely to charge African Americans with offenses that carry mandatory minimum sentences than otherwise-similar whites. State prosecutors are also more likely to charge black rather than similar white defendants under habitual offender laws.
Judges are more likely to sentence people of color than whites to prison and jail and to give them longer sentences, even after accounting for differences in crime severity and criminal history. In federal cases, the sentencing disparities between noncitizens and citizens are even larger than those between people of color and whites. The race penalty, research from the 1990s revealed, is harshest for certain categories of people and offenses: it particularly affects men and the young, and is more pronounced for less serious offenses. In effect, young black men are perceived as being more dangerous because of their race and socioeconomic characteristics.
Over 60% of people in jail are being detained prior to trial. Pretrial detention has been shown to increase the odds of conviction, and people who are detained awaiting trial are also more likely to accept less favorable plea deals, to be sentenced to prison, and to receive longer sentences. Seventy percent of pretrial releases require money bond, an especially high hurdle for low-income defendants, who are disproportionately people of color. Blacks and Latinos are more likely than whites to be denied bail, to be set a higher money bond, and to be detained because they cannot pay their bond. They are often assessed to be higher safety and flight risks because they are more likely to experience socioeconomic disadvantage and to have criminal records. Implicit bias also contributes to people of color also faring worse than comparable whites in bail determinations.
How much of the racial disparity in the prison population stems from crime rates, and how much is produced by the criminal justice system? In recent decades, a number of leading scholars, including Alfred Blumstein and Michael Tonry, have sought to quantify these effects. Over various time periods, these studies concluded that between 61% and 80% of black overrepresentation in prison is explained by higher rates of arrest (as a proxy for involvement in crime). The remainder might be caused by racial bias, as well as other factors like differing criminal histories.
Consistent with anecdotal evidence (11), militarized police units are more often deployed in areas with high concentrations of African Americans, even after adjusting for local crime rates and other community traits.
Study done on killings by police
In our study black, non-Hispanic people are roughly twice as likely to be victims of LIH compared with their representation in the general US population[21]. Moreover, black, non-Hispanic victims are disproportionately represented across every class, though not to equal extents. For example, only 16% of class 4 (impaired, suicidal, threatening with knives) LIH victims were black, non-Hispanic. Conversely, class 6 (low threat, likely unarmed), which are LIH characterized by an apparent absence of force used by the victim, is the only class in which the plurality of victims is a non-white race (black, non-Hispanic).This finding comports with prior LIH research that finds that black Americans are not only disproportionately likely to be killed by law enforcement but are disproportionately unlikely to present an objective threat of deadly force (as measured both directly by mention of use of force by victim in incident narratives and by proxy through victim’s armed status) [5].
Traffic stops and searches:
Study on 100 million traffic stops
In both state patrol and municipal police stops, we find that black drivers comprise a smaller proportion of drivers stopped after sunset, suggestive of discrimination in stop decisions.
Applied to our data, the threshold test indicates that black and Hispanic drivers were searched on the basis of less evidence than white drivers, both on the subset of searches carried out by state patrol agencies and on those carried out by municipal police departments.
Using a difference-in-differences strategy, we find that legalization reduced both search rates and misdemeanor rates for drug offences for white, black and Hispanic drivers—though a gap in search thresholds persists.
Across jurisdictions, we consistently found that searches of Hispanic drivers were less successful than those of white drivers. However, searches of white and black drivers had more comparable hit rates.
More specific examples that help corroborate this study
Whites and African Americans report using and selling drugs at similar rates, but African Americans go to prison for drug offenses at higher rates than whites. Survey research shows that whites and African Americans report illicit drug use and illicit drug sales at similar rates. However, at the local level, African Americans are admitted to prison for drug offenses at much higher rates than whites. In 2002, African Americans were admitted to prison for drug offenses at 10 times the rate of whites in the 198 largest population counties in the country. Ninety seven percent (193 out of 198) of large-population counties have racial disparities in drug admission rates.
African Americans make up more than half (51 percent) of all admissions to prison for drug offenses. Despite the fact that white drug users outnumber black users by a factor of five there were more than twice as many African Americans (62,087) as whites (28,314) admitted to prison for drug offenses from large-population counties in 2002. The rate of admission to prison for drug offenses is more than 10 times higher for African Americans (262.16 per 100,000) than it is for whites (24.85 per 100,000).
Our results indicate that the proportional size of the African American population in a community has a clear relationship with the rate of drug admissions. The drug imprisonment rate in the quartile of counties in which African Americans make up the largest percentage of the population (93.6 per 100,000) has nearly twice the drug imprisonment rate as the quartile of counties with the smallest percentage of African Americans (49.6 per 100,000). A closer examination of the relationship between racial distributions and drug admission rates for the 10 counties that have the highest percentage of African Americans and the 10 that have the lowest reveals a similar pattern. The overall drug admission rate is six times higher for counties with high percentages of African Americans, relative to those with the lowest percentage. In counties with higher percentages of African Americans, whites are admitted for drug offenses at four times the rate of counties with lower percentages of African Americans. African Americans are admitted at more than twice the rate in counties with higher percentages of African Americans.
The results of this study indicate that the severely disproportionate impact of drug imprisonment on African Americans is related directly to the level of African American representation in local counties, and therefore to the persistent ways in which our local communities are stratified by race. This relationship between African American representation and drug imprisonment persists even after controlling for region, crime, and important economic and labor market indicators in our multiple variable analysis. Other research has indicated that the relationship between the size of the African American population and punitive criminal justice outcomes is continuing to grow over time.
Disparity between sentencing for crack and powder cocaine despite the two being essentially the same drugs chemically speaking
The Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986 was the first federal criminal law to differentiate crack from other forms of cocaine, establishing a 100:1 weight ratio as the threshold for eliciting the required five-year “mandatory minimum” penalty upon conviction of possession (USSC, 2011, 2014a; Wallace, 2014). Specifically, the penalty for possessing 500g of powder cocaine was comparable to possessing only 5g of crack (Kleiman et al., 2011). The Fair Sentencing Act (2010) reduced sentencing disparities to 18:1, but sentencing disparities remain and the law is not retroactive, thus, those arrested prior to enactment remain in prison. The Smarter Sentencing Act (2014) was recently proposed to create less costly minimum terms for nonviolent drug offenders and would allow for the 8,800 federal prisoners (87% of whom are black) imprisoned for crack offenses to be resentenced in accordance with the Fair Sentencing Act.
In 2003, African Americans accounted for over 80% of those sentenced for crack offenses even though whites and Hispanics accounted for over 66% of crack users (Vagins and McCurdry, 2006). It has been argued by advocates and members of Congress that federal prosecution and sentencing should be equalized in order to end disparities embedded in the law (Scott, 2013; Vagins and McCurdy, 2006).
Peremptory challenges:
Prosecutors have struck African Americans from jury service because they appeared to have “low intelligence,” wore eyeglasses, walked in a certain way, dyed their hair, and countless other reasons that the courts have rubber-stamped as “race-neutral.” Some district attorney’s offices explicitly train prosecutors to exclude racial minorities from jury service and teach them how to mask racial bias to avoid a finding that anti-discrimination laws have been violated.
From 2005 to 2009, in cases where the death penalty has been imposed, prosecutors in Houston County, Alabama, have used peremptory strikes to remove 80% of the African Americans qualified for jury service. As a result, half of these juries were all-white and the remainder had only a single black member, despite the fact that Houston County is 27% African-American.
In 2003, the Louisiana Crisis Assistance Center found that prosecutors in Jefferson Parish felony cases strike African-American prospective jurors at more than three times the rate that they strike white prospective jurors. Louisiana allows convictions in many cases even if only 10 of 12 jurors believe the defendant is guilty. The high rate of exclusion means that in 80% of criminal trials, there is no effective black representation on the jury because only the votes of white jurors are necessary to convict, even though Jefferson Parish is 23% black. In the years before and after Batson, Georgia prosecutors in the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit used 83% of their peremptory strikes against African Americans, who make up 34% of the circuit’s population.
It is impossible for African Americans to challenge underrepresentation in 75% of counties in the United States.** For Latinos and Asian Americans, such challenges are impossible in more than 90% of counties, and for other people of color this constitutional protection is practically non-existent.
Disparities were even greater in cases involving black defendants. In cases with non-black defendants, the average strike rate was 51.4% against black venire members and 26.8% against all other venire members. In cases with black defendants, the average strike rate was 60.0% against black venire members and 23.1% against other venire members.
Even after controlling for other factors potentially relevant to jury selection, a black venire member had 2.48 times the odds of being struck by the state as did a venire member of another race. In other words, while many factors one might expect to bear on the likelihood of being struck did matter, none–either alone or in combination—accounts for the disproportionately high strike rates against qualified black venire members.
A venire member’s race remained a powerful predictor of prosecutorial strike decisions: an eligible black venire member had more than two-and-a-half times the odds of being struck by the state than a venire member of another race, all else being equal. As in the statewide model, factors such as having previously been accused of a crime or expressing reservations about the death penalty were strong predictors of being struck by the state, but none could account for the effect of race.
In all but one instance, the effect of race was statistically significant at the level of p < .001.46 Thus, for each of these analyses, the chances that we would see a disparity of that magnitude in a race-neutral jury selection system is less than one in one thousand.
Black male offenders continued to receive longer sentences than similarly situated White male offenders. Black male offenders received sentences on average 19.1 percent longer than similarly situated White male offenders during the Post-Report period (fiscal years 2012-2016), as they had for the prior four periods studied.
Black male offenders were 21.2 percent less likely than White male offenders to receive a non-government sponsored downward departure or variance during the Post-Report period. Furthermore, when Black male offenders did receive a non-government sponsored departure or variance, they received sentences 16.8 percent longer than White male offenders who received a non-government sponsored departure or variance. In contrast, there was a 7.9 percent difference in sentence length between Black male and White male offenders who received sentences within the applicable sentencing guidelines range, and there was no statistically significant difference in sentence length between Black male and White male offenders who received a substantial assistance departure.
Black male offenders received sentences on average 20.4 percent longer than similarly situated White male offenders, accounting for violence in an offender’s past in fiscal year 2016, the only year for which such data is available.
The race-only model estimates that, on average, blacks receive prison sentences that are 0.0416, or 1.0425 times those given to whites when controlling for legally-relevant factors such as criminal history and crime type; this relationship is significant even after controls for socioeconomic status are added in Model 3. However, the race and skin color model also shows us that this model hides important intraracial differences in sentence length: although dark-skinned blacks receive sentences that are about (e0.047264-1), or 4.83 percent higher than those of whites, and medium-skinned blacks receive sentences that are (e0.04689-1) or 4.80 percent higher than those of whites, lighter-skinned blacks receive sentences that are not statistically significantly different from those of whites. Taking socioeconomic status into account reduces but does not eliminate this disparity between whites and dark- and medium-skinned blacks; dark- and medium-skinned blacks still receive sentences that are 5.4 percent and 5.6 percent longer, respectively, than those of whites. While these numbers seem quite small, these small gaps translate into differences of months or even years. For instance, for crimes for which the average sentence for whites is two years, the average dark- or medium-skinned black offender could expect to receive just over one month more prison time. For crimes that carry a 10-year sentence, the difference is almost six months. To present these outcomes graphically, the sentence lengths in days were simulated for hypothetical convicted offenders with different races and skin colors. Calculating the effects of race and skin color on the expected sentence length for different crimes reveals that these factors can have a large effect on sentence length even after controls are added. As shown in Figure 3, black men with dark and medium complexions receive sentences two to three months longer than whites and light-skinned blacks for first convictions for nonviolent crimes like burglary, cocaine sales, or cocaine possession. The most dramatic effects, however, are reserved for murder sentences. As Figure 4 indicates, medium- and dark-skinned blacks convicted for murder as their first offense receive sentences more than one year longer, on average, than those of light-skinned blacks and whites.
This study challenges previous research that finds that the racial disparity in criminal sentencing disappears after controlling for criminal history, crime type, and other legal factors (for a list of such studies, see McDougall et al. 2003). Even when taking these factors into account here, black first-time offenders still receive longer sentences than their white counterparts even when controlling for socioeconomic status and other factors that might influence sentencing
On average, black defendants are 3.6 percentage points more likely to be assigned monetary bail compared to white defendants and receive bail amounts that are $7,281 greater than white defendants (including zeros). Conversely, black defendants are 2.0 percentage points and 1.6 percentage points less likely to be released on their own recognizance or to be assigned non-monetary conditions compared to white defendants, respectively. As a result, black defendants are 2.4 percentage points more likely to be detained pre-trial compared to white defendants
Taken together, these IV estimates imply that marginally released white defendants are 22.2 percentage points more likely to be rearrested prior to disposition than marginally released black defendants (column (3)), consistent with racial bias against blacks (p = .027). Importantly, we can reject the null hypothesis of no racial bias given assuming the maximum infra-marginality bias in our IV estimator of 1.1 percentage points. In Panel B, we find suggestive evidence of racial bias against black defendants across all crime types, although the point estimates are too imprecise to make definitive conclusions. For example, we find that marginally released whites are about 8.0 percentage points more likely to be rearrested for a violent crime prior to disposition than marginally released blacks (p = .173). Marginally released white defendants are also 4.7 percentage points more likely to be rearrested for a drug crime prior to case disposition than marginally released black defendants (p = .430), and 16.3 percentage points more likely to be rearrested for a property crime (p = .025). These results suggest that judges are likely racially biased against black defendants even if they are most concerned about minimizing specific types of new crime, such as violent crimes.
First we find that both white and black bail judges are racially biased against black defendants, a finding that is inconsistent with most models of racial animus. Second, we find that black defendants are sufficiently overrepresented in the right tail of the predicted risk distribution to rationalize observed racial disparities in release rates under a theory of stereotyping. Finally, racial bias is significantly higher among both part-time and inexperienced judges, and descriptive evidence suggests that experienced judges can better predict misconduct risk for all defendants. Taken together, these results are most consistent with a model of bail judges relying on inaccurate stereotypes that exaggerate the relative danger of releasing black defendants versus white defendants at the margin.
Death penalty:
Race matters in capital punishment. Even when statistically controlling for a wide variety of nonracial factors that may influence sentencing, numerous researchers have found that murderers of White victims are more likely than murderers of Black victims to be sentenced to death (Baldus, Pulaski, & Woodworth, 1983; Baldus, Woodworth, & Pulaski, 1985, 1990, 1994; Baldus, Woodworth, Zuckerman, Weiner, & Broffitt, 1998; Bowers, Pierce, & McDevitt, 1984; Gross & Mauro, 1989; Radelet, 1981; U.S. General Accounting Office, GAO, 1990). The U.S. GAO (1990) has described this race-of-victim effect as ‘‘remarkably consistent across data sets, states, data collection methods, and analytic techniques’’ (p. 5). In one of the most comprehensive studies to date, the race of the victim and the race of the defendant each were found to influence sentencing (Baldus et al., 1998). Not only did killing a White person rather than a Black person increase the likelihood of being sentenced to death, but also Black defendants were more likely than White defendants to be sentenced to death.
The results confirmed that, above and beyond the effects of the covariates, defendants whose appearance was perceived as more stereotypically Black were more likely to receive a death sentence than defendants whose appearance was perceived as less stereotypically Black. In fact, 24.4% of those Black defendants who fell in the lower half of the stereotypicality distribution received a death sentence, whereas 57.5% of those Black defendants who fell in the upper half received a death sentence
Employing the same analyses as we did for the cases with White victims, we found that the perceived stereotypicality of Black defendants convicted of murdering Black victims did not predict death sentencing. Black defendants who fell in the upper and lower halves of the stereotypically distribution were sentenced to death at almost identical rates (45% vs. 46.6%, respectively). Thus, defendants who were perceived to be more stereotypically Black were more likely to be sentenced to death only when their victims were White.
Housing discrimination:
There was evidence of discrimination based on the prospective renter’s race in 71% of the tests. The data suggests that voucher discrimination is not a proxy for race discrimination. Results indicate that White market-rate testers— meaning White testers not using vouchers—were able to arrange to view apartments 80% of the time. Similarly situated Black market-rate testers seeking to view the same apartments were only able to visit the property 48% of the time. Testers who had vouchers, regardless of their race, were prevented from viewing apartments at very high rates.
In addition, housing providers showed White market-rate testers twice as many apartment units as Black market-rate testers, and provided them with better service as measured by a number of different variables. The results also showed that testers who were offered a site visit by the housing provider received differential treatment at the visit based on race and voucher status.
Hiring discrimination:
Applicants with White names need to send about 10 resumes to get one callback whereas applicants with African-American names need to send about 15 resumes. This 50-percent gap in callback is statistically significant. A White name yields as many more callbacks as an additional eight years of experience on a resume. Since applicants’ names are randomly assigned, this gap can only be attributed to the name manipulation.
The experiment also reveals several other aspects of the differential treatment by race. First, since we randomly assign applicants’ postal addresses to the resumes, we can study the effect of neighborhood of residence on the likelihood of callback. We find that living in a wealthier (or more educated or Whiter) neighborhood increases callback rates. But, interestingly, African-Americans are not helped more than Whites by living in a “better” neighborhood. Second, the racial gap we measure in different industries does not appear correlated to Census-based measures of the racial gap in wages. The same is true for the racial gap we measure in different occupations. In fact, we find that the racial gaps in callback are statistically indistinguishable across all the occupation and industry categories covered in the experiment. Federal contractors, who are thought to be more severely constrained by affirmative action laws, do not treat the African-American resumes more preferentially; neither do larger employers or employers who explicitly state that they are “Equal Opportunity Employers.” In Chicago, we find a slightly smaller racial gap when employers are located in more African American neighborhoods.
This paper suggests that African-Americans face differential treatment when searching for jobs and this may still be a factor in why they do poorly in the labor market. Job applicants with African-American names get far fewer callbacks for each resume they send out. Equally importantly, applicants with African-American names find it hard to overcome this hurdle in callbacks by improving their observable skills or credentials.
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2020.08.06 21:00 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update August 6, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update August 6, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
Note: We may need to paraphrase, but the notes are accurate
Watch here:
Summarized (Full) Notes
(continued in stickied comment)
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2020.08.03 00:46 Taxi_Dancer MUFFINS (part 1)

“Look kid,” said the older security guard with the slightly pudgy beer belly which threatened to pop out of his dark grey button down shirt. “This job is real easy.”
The name ‘Pontiac Security Services’ was emblazoned on a black and red patch on his left shoulder. Over his left breast pocket was a badge which read ‘Pontiac Security- Reliable, effective, always ready.’ Over his right breast pocket was a name tag which read ‘Schmidt.’ He ran his right hand over his balding head and stretched. “Yeah, kid. This is easy money.”
Another security officer sat on a well padded chair staring at a huge black wrap around desk which faced a grey painted wall that mounted banks of CCTV monitors. Each monitor was labeled with a white number from 1 to 46 and each showed various locations of the surrounding building and grounds. Bradford Kiefer Shaw, the other security officer, nodded slightly as he took in the panorama of monitors and locations. At twenty-four, Bradford was much younger than the veteran security officer, lean, with curly reddish-brown hair indicative of his Scottish heritage. The security office was fifteen feet by thirty-five feet, a large office for a single person, but that was necessary because of the banks of monitors which lined the walls, and although the security office had no windows, it was well lit.
“As you can see, we have forty-six monitors that cover roughly 80% of this complex as well as the parking garage and the main entrances,” continued the older security guard. “The cameras cover the stair wells, access doors to the various departments, break areas, and… well, just read your post orders. In it, you’ll find a list of cameras and what areas they are covering.”
Security Officer Schmidt reached into a drawer at the desk and handed Bradford a white laminated binder marked ‘Pontiac Security Services Post Orders for The Karr Building, 700 South Flower Street, Los Angeles, CA.’ “You said that the camera’s cover 80% of the area,” said Bradford. Since moving to the states a little over a year ago, he still retained a slight Scottish accent. “Will I be expected to go out and check on the other 20% that the monitor’s don’t cover?”
“Nope,” said Schmidt. “You’ll spend the majority of your ten hour shift here in the security office monitoring the cameras. Your job is simply to observe and report. If you see anything unusual, illegal, or dangerous to the building’s occupants you’ll call the emergency contact number and report the incident. Otherwise, the only challenges you’ll likely face is boredom and sleepiness.”
Schmidt checked his watch. He was coming to the end of his shift and this new kid seemed bright enough. He’d be fine on his first night with just a brief orientation. “The room next to the security office is one of the break rooms. There’s actually three on this floor. They have refrigerated drinks, snacks and microwavable meals. Feel free to get yourself an energy drink if you need to. Just, for goodness sakes don’t fall asleep. And if you do, don’t get caught. Most of the day shift people usually leave at around 6 p.m. A skeleton crew might work a little overtime, but all of the office workers need to be out by 9 p.m. It’s pretty much a ghost town during that time and emptier after that. Do you have any questions?”
Bradford flipped over the first few pages of his post orders, eager to familiarize himself with his duties in his new surroundings. “No, I should be good. Stay in the security office, monitor the cameras, report any suspicions or dangerous activities to the emergency contact number, and don’t fall asleep.”
“Yep,” said Schmidt. “Oh, a couple more things, before I forget. The cleaning crew comes in at around six tonight. There are usually four of them, all Mexicans, and they’re usually done by nine. Keep an eye on them when they go through the office cubicle spaces because… well, they’re Mexicans and we don’t want any of the employees complaining that their stuff went missing when they arrive to work in the morning.”
“Ohhh- kaaay,” replied Bradford.
“Seriously!” said Schmidt. “Old Bloody Ned got fired because six computer monitors and a bunch of lap tops came up missing. Turns out, people from the last cleaning company had snatched them up from one of the training classrooms. That cleaning company was run by a bunch of people from Albania. Anyway, we found out Old Bloody Ned was asleep at his post so he was booted from Pontiac Security.”
“I see,” said Bradford.
“Also, before you clock out when your shift ends, you need take the video recording disc out of the mainframe and replace it with a blank one.” Schmidt pointed at another black table to the left of the main desk where the computer towers sat that held the discs which recorded everything the camera’s monitored.
“After every shift, we need to replace the DVR recording disc with a blank one. We keep the recordings for about a month, then purge the data and reuse the blank disc again,” continued Schmidt. “Take the DVR and put it in one of these white plastic sleeves and put it in this ‘OUTGOING MAIL’ basket. Be sure to label it with the date and time of your shift. Then replace it with one of these blank discs in the ‘INCOMING MAIL’ basket. Any questions?”
“Umm, at the end of my shift, make sure that the cleaning crew is out, and replace the old DVR recording disk with a new one before leaving,” said Bradford.
“Correct,” said Schmidt. “And report anything unusual, hazardous or suspicious to the emergency contact number. And, remember, don’t fall asleep.”
“Right, don’t fall asleep, stay in the security office, don’t let anyone in unless I’m told, and don’t come out unless you or anyone else comes to get me,” smirked Bradford in his best British comedy accent.
“Huh?” said Schmidt.
Bradford smiled awkwardly, seeing that his attempt at levity failed. “Monty Python reference, you know, from that movie where they go looking for the Holy Grail and get attacked by a hungry, big-toothed, bunny rabbit.”
“Son, did you pass your drug screening test?” said Schmidt. “Or is that some of that new young people humor that you college aged folks think is so funny?”
Bradford had never graduated college, having only gone to a few community college classes in Ohio before he got bored. “Uhh, yeah. New college humor. Haaaaa…” Bradford said weakly.
“I’ll never understand you young folks,” replied Schmidt, picking up his lunch cooler and an old desk fan, fishing his car keys out of his pockets. “Okay, kid, I’m out. You got the bridge! ‘You got the bridge,’ get it? That’s real Navy lingo there, kid. Maybe you should think about joining the military.”
“I got the bridge. Got it, Captain Kirk!” said Bradford, saluting.
Schmidt swiped his access card at the reader next to the windowless double doors leading into the security room. It beeped softly before unlocking and Schmidt stepped out, mumbling something about back in the day when men were men and girls were girls, Commies were the bad guys, John Wayne was the good guy, and real cowboys weren’t gay.
Bradford decided that he liked old Officer Schmidt. He reminded him a lot of his old, clueless, grandpa back in Ohio. The drive from Ohio had been long and arduous, especially since he had to take a lot of rural highways and back country roads, but here he finally was on the west coast in the great city of Los Angeles. Admittedly, he was tired from the long journey, having arrived in the city only four days earlier, and he had not had a decent chance to catch up on any good sleep. He had used almost the last of his savings to rent a cheap hotel in an equally cheap neck of the city and was living on cans of beanie-weenies and Vienna Sausages, but at least he was fortunate enough to answer an ad on Craiglist for this security officer position on the morning he arrived. Pontiac Security Services was hurting for people to work, as the Covid-19 pandemic was keeping people at home and collecting more in unemployment per week than if they actually got a job. So after a day and a half of security guard ‘training’, Bradford found himself the graduate of the Pontiac Security Officer Institute, Class of 3:51 p.m. Wednesday Afternoon.
It was now Thursday, and Bradford’s ten hour shift ran from 4 p.m. in the evening to 2 a.m in the morning. Normally, his shift would start at 6 p.m. but he was required to come in two hours early today for orientation training for this site. Officer Schmidt’s security orientation training barely lasted fifteen minutes. Bradford began reading the binder which held his post orders. The Karr Building, which stood at the 700 block of South Flower Street, Los Angeles, 90017, was a tall, multi-story, building of dark tinted thick glass. It was built atop several glass fronted stores and was actually connected to a shopping plaza. A parking garage was also connected to the Karr Building which went up to the first three floors of the fifteen story building, including one level below ground. Above the first floor stores and shopping plaza, the building provided sectioned off office spaces for several businesses and services. Pontiac Security was responsible for providing security monitoring for the first three floors above the shopping area and monitoring for the parking garage. The first floor above the shops consisted mostly of maintenance rooms, stock rooms, and storage areas for the shops below. The second floor consisted of legal offices, accounting firms, travel offices, and a few medical practice services offices. The third floor was entirely dedicated to an asset recovery business, a nicer term to describe a debt collection office where dedicated people call the indebted at all hours of the day and night demanding payment.
The other parts of the building were segregated by security locked doors and elevators and only people with the right access cards allowed them access to the different parts of the building. Therefore, theoretically, anyone without the proper programming in their access card would not be able to gain access to a part of the building which they did not have access. Other security services also provided security to the different parts of the building not covered by Pontiac Security, and it was considered taboo to cross into another company’s area of responsibility. Basically, Bradford was only to monitor everything within his scope of responsibilities and let the other security services monitor theirs.
Bradford looked at the rows upon rows of monitors mounted on the wall in front of him, matching them to the list of monitors in his post orders. As it turned out, they were arranged in a very easy to understand pattern. The first six monitors on the top row were cameras mounted on the top floor of the parking garage. The following twelve monitors were located in various areas inside the third floor of the building. The first six monitors on the second row were cameras mounted on the middle floor of the parking garage and the following twelve monitors were located in various areas inside the second floor, while the bottom first six monitors were connected to cameras mounted on the first floor parking garage while the following twelve monitors were located inside the first floor. The last four monitors were set separately, and were connected to cameras which were monitoring the main entrance to the ground floor elevators and stairs. Soon, Bradford pretty much had memorized where all of the cameras were located and which areas they surveyed.
Should anything require particular watching from a specific camera, Bradford simply had to type in the monitor’s number into a key pad on the desk and press the manual control button on a joystick. He then would have manual control of the camera and would be able to track anyone he wanted, alternately zooming in and zooming out as needed. Bradford practiced this by using the monitors to zoom in on the rear end of a particularly attractive young blonde female wearing cut off denim shorts and a pink tank top as she walked from a gynecologist’s office on the second floor and tracked her as she took the elevators to the first floor parking garage until got into her white Honda Accord. He did this a few more times, next following two young Latina and Asian ladies as they walked to one of the break rooms on the third floor, then by zooming in on a fit looking girl walking up the stairs in tight fitting pink Capri pants, white sandals, and a yellow blouse, before he remembered that everything he did was being recorded on the DVRs.
He scanned the monitors for the next few hours, alternately watching the parking garage, then the offices on the second floor, then the collection agency on the third. The security monitoring office was located at the end of a hallway next to a break room on the first floor above all the fancy stores. It wasn’t as populated on this floor as this was were the offices of the store managers were located, as well as building maintenance workers, cleaning custodians, and a few store workers who would bring down more stock merchandise to the store. The collection agency on the third floor was expansive and was divided up into different sections, such as collections, disputes, training, etc. It was a cubicle farm for literally hundreds and of determined people sitting in front of a computer, calling people across the United States and demanding that their debts be settled.
Getting bored, Bradford decided to try to find his vehicle in the parking garage. If he remembered correctly, it was in Lot E on the second floor of the garage as he took control of the garage cameras on the second floor and began searching. As luck would have it, his vehicle was parked in part of the 20% of the areas not covered by the cameras. It was creeping past six and Bradford noticed that it wasn’t getting any cooler in the security office. In fact, it seemed to be getting warmer. He got up, stretched and looked around the office until he found the thermostat mounted on the wall. He looked at the little box and saw that the indictor was at 85 degrees. Underneath the thermostat was a hand written note which read- ‘Thermostat broken. Do not touch. Maintenance has been notified.’ It was dated one week ago.
“Great,” thought Bradford. “That’s why Schmidt had the desk fan. What else he forget to tell me?”
Needing something to cool himself off and keep himself alert, he decided to go next door to the break room to get an energy drink. Walking out into the hall, he swiped his access card and heard the break room door ‘beep’ as the magnetic lock disengaged. Upon entering, he was hit by the refreshingly chilly air of the air conditioned room. Several snack and soda machines lined the pristine white walls. Refrigerators filled with microwavable foods lined a separate room along with sinks and counters on which sat three microwaves. Two men were in the break room, sitting separately at different tables because of the social distancing restrictions. By the look of their light grey uniforms, Bradford figured that they were either part of the maintenance or custodial crew. They looked Hispanic and were speaking amongst themselves until Bradford walked in. A television mounted on the wall was tuned in to a Spanish speaking channel.
He said, “Hello,” and they nodded towards him courteously, although they said nothing. Bradford, somewhat self consciously, walked towards an ice cold soda machine, looking for an energy drink and was surprised to find that the cheapest caffeinated drink in the machine cost three dollars, with the energy drink he was looking for costing even more. He reached into his pockets and pulled out two crumpled one dollar bills and eighty-six cents.
“Things are a little bit more expensive here, ese!” said a young Latino male seated at the table, smiling. The name embroidered on his shirt said ‘Carlo.’
Bradford smiled back, wondering what it was about him that gave it away that he wasn’t a native of LA. “The cup and ice water are free, ese,” said an older Latino man pointing at the separate room with the refrigerators of prepackaged meals and microwaves. ‘Manuel’ was the name embroidered on his shirt.
“Oh, uh, thank you,” said Bradford, sheepishly walking into the next room. Sure enough, there were plastic cups resting inside a cup dispenser next to an ice maker and water machine. Taking a cup and filling it with iced water, he downed it quickly, feeling a little bit refreshed. He drank another cup full, then filling the cup one more time, he walked out. By then, the workers were walking out of the door and Bradford followed them out.
Turning left, he walked back to the security office, swiping his badge and entering. There was no window to the outside to open and the air was beginning to get stifling. Thinking that it really wouldn’t hurt anything, Bradford decided to take one of the rolling chairs in the office and used it to prop open the door. The cooler air from the hallway would help circulate the warmer, staler, air in the room and there was a camera monitoring this hallway to alert him is anyone was approaching. Besides it was nearly 8 p.m. and just like Schmidt said, the building had rapidly turned into a ghost town. Where the parking garage was nearly full when he arrived at 4 p.m. there were now only a handful of cars left.
The water and the open security office door only helped a little bit in keeping Bradford alert, but he found that his eyelids were getting heavy. Bradford finally had to admit that his days of driving cross country and his whirl-wind schedule once he arrived in LA, combined with his lack of sleep, was getting the best of him. He was losing focus, even after he noticed the same fit and petite girl from earlier with the pink Capri’s and yellow blouse leaving the third floor offices heading towards the stairs that led to the parking garage. He wasn’t even interested in turning a camera to follow her as she bounced down the stairs.
Groaning, Bradford saw that it was a little after 8 p.m. He had to find a way to engage himself mentally to stay awake for the rest of the shift. He picked up a copy of today’s LA Times news paper which he figured Schmidt had left behind- because who but old grandpa’s read the paper anymore? Leaning back in his chair, he went to the front page headlines and began to take in the news of the day.
Amanda really didn’t lie to her husband when she said she would be working late. She actually did work late today. It’s just that she told her husband that she would be coming home at around ten, even though it was just after 8 o’clock. Eh, she didn’t care. Her husband was almost twice as old as she was, but he was loaded. She only married him for the money. He knew it also, and it benefitted him to have a pretty trophy wife when he had to go to his stuffy get togethers with other old rich guys with their pretty young trophy wives. Besides, he was almost never in the mood to satisfy her and Danny, the intern at the law firm downstairs, was a sexual tyrannosaur!
Skipping down the stairs, she emerged on the second deck of the parking garage. As she figured, the garage was nearly empty and her sandals clicked and echoed as she made her way to a parking spot which she knew, from experience, was not covered by the prying eyes of a security camera. Her husband had recently bought her an SUV, one of those nice ones with the big spacious back seats, and even had the windows tinted. It was used, but only a couple of years old. She turned a corner, walking past a concrete post and paused. An ugly pale blue and rust colored van had parked next to her SUV. Ugg, she thought. Probably one of the Mexican cleaning crew’s shit mobiles. Usually, they would park their vehicles closer to the entrance of the building. But, thinking that the vehicle might be an added wall to shield from prying eyes, Amanda pressed the button on her key FOB which unlocked the doors. She couldn’t wait until later. She wanted it now, and then later after dinner with Danny, and maybe after that, as well.
Instead of climbing into the driver seat, Amanda opened the rear door of her SUV and took a seat, quickly undid the buttons on her blouse and unbuttoned the buttons on her Capri’s. She didn’t want any clothing restrictions when Danny finally came down to ravage her. She reached behind her, pushing her hands underneath her blouse to unhook her bra when a dark shadow loomed up over the shit van that had parked next to her SUV. Amanda looked up from the back seat, too terrified to scream.
“Dammit, honey will you get off my back?” The elevator doors closed behind a well dressed young man wearing wire rimmed glasses. He didn’t need glasses to see, but it made him look more sophisticated when he worked with the lawyers at the firm of Phagus, Womac, and Klein as a legal assistant. “I’m not going to have this conversation with you. When I say I’m working late at the firm, I’m damn well working late! I’m not cheating on you!”
He threw his dark blue jacket over his shoulder and loosened his tie. “Look, honey,” Danny continued. “I’m working my ass off here trying to make a name for myself and provide for your future and the kids. And how do you repay me? You repay me by accusing me of cheating on you!”
“Of course I’m cheating on you, you fat cow!” thought Danny. “You haven’t been the same since the twins were born. Always complaining and nagging and getting on my back for every little damn thing. And you never lost that pregnancy weight. It’s been, like, one year since the twins were born and you haven’t lost any of the twenty pounds you gained. Hell, you actually added weight and you’re never in the mood. Of course I need a chick who can satisfy me. This young prince got needs!” He wanted to say these things into the phone, but he held his tongue.
It wasn’t his fault that he was a virile stud that was going places while his wife was as listless in bed as a wet sock. He hurried down the hallway to the stairs which led to the parking garage. When Amanda wanted it, she didn’t have time to waste taking off clothes. He looked down at his watch and seeing it was past 8 o’clock, Danny picked up the pace.
“No, honey, I don’t have time to talk,” continued Danny. “Why am I breathing so hard? Because you’re strangling me, that’s why! Oh… oh… is that the babies I hear crying? Why don’t you spend some time taking care of the babies instead of nagging me to death? Maybe then I’ll have the time to come home!” Danny hung up abruptly and shut off the phone in case the fat cow called back. He was out the door and fast walked across the parking garage towards that familiar parking space, a excitement growing in the front of his trousers as he imagined Amanda waiting in the back seat for him.
Danny turned the corner of the concrete pillar which blocked the view of the camera monitor to that particular back corner of the parking garage. An ugly, windowless, rusty blue panel van was parked next to Amanda’s SUV, looking like the vehicular version of the beast next to beauty. Amanda’s soft, white supple legs stuck out from the back seat towards the van, one of her white sandals already on the floor. Looking around to make sure no one was watching; Danny hustled over to the back seat of the SUV, unbuckling his trousers as he went. Amanda was ready to go tonight!
Eagerly glancing down into the back seat, Danny suddenly shrieked. Amanda was lying in the back seat as he’d expected, but her right arm and head were completely missing. Danny’s trousers fell to his ankles as he stood frozen, looking at the decapitated corpse. All of a sudden, a low growl and the thud of heavy footsteps coming from behind him caused Danny to slowly turn around. He closed his eyes, not wanting to see what was slowly stalking behind him. When he opened his eyes, he shrieked again, ignoring the warm sensation of urine running down his legs. Abruptly, he turned and attempted to run back towards the entrance to the building, nearly tripping from his pants around his ankles. He pulled them halfway up to his knees, turned to see if he was being followed, then shrieked again. Trying to pull his pants up with one hand, he turned the corner around the concrete pillar and began waving frantically at the video camera with the other hand.
Hobbling for everything he was worth Danny successfully reached the doors which led back into the building, but ran face first into the glass creating a loud clanging noise which echoed across the parking garage. Suddenly remembering that the sliding glass doors automatically lock at 8 p.m. he waved both hands over his head at the security video camera mounted on the ceiling just inside the doors before finally remembering that employees could get in after hours by using their access cards. Desperately, he reached down into his pants which were still wrapped around his feet and fished around in his pockets for his access card. Suppressing a yelp of victory, he ripped the card out of his pocket and swiped it over the pad. The doors swung open and Danny heaved himself inside just as his world went black. The last thing he heard was the crunch of his own rib cage and shoulder blades. Metal buckled and glass shattered as something big and black entered the building.
In the section of the second floor which led to the law offices of Phagus, Womac, and Klein, two men stood facing each other across an ornately carved oaken desk. Lining the walls of the dimmed room were oaken shelves similarly carved as the oaken desk and filled with various legal and criminal justice books. A lamp in the desk was the only light, casting harsh shadows around it. A tall, slender, elderly man wearing a tan suit pushed four, small, rectangular packages wrapped in thick plastic towards a smaller man wearing a light grey jumper uniform of the cleaning staff. The smaller man picked up one of the packages, eyeing it nervously. It weighed about one pound, or a little less than half a kilo.
“And this will be the last time, Senior Phagus?” said the man in the cleaning uniform. “This will be the last time? You promise?”
Lewis J. Phagus, senior partner of the law firm Phagus, Womac, and Klein, narrowed eyes filled with contempt at the little Hispanic night laborer standing in front of his desk. However, when Phagas spoke, it was with the same conviction in his voice that swayed many a split jury to acquit an obviously guilty defendant and set them free.
“My dear friend,” said Phagus. “My dear Mr. Manuel Odango, of course I shall keep my part of the bargain. I know the struggles which your family have had to face, and I’m not going to insult you by saying I understand the financial hardships which you face. But I will tell you that I am here to help.”
Phagas leaned in closer. “You just do this one last thing, you just take those small packages to our MS-13 friends down at the Redondo Beach pier, and I’ll do my part. I’ll talk to some of my friends at the DA and file some motions with a few immigration and naturalization court judges that I usually play golf with. Trust me, Mr. Odango, you’ll be reunited with your grandchildren soon.”
Odango nodded doubtfully, but what choice did he have? When his daughter and her children tried to cross the border into southern California, she was taken by human traffickers, forced into drug addiction, and had been sold into prostitution. Thankfully, Odango’s four grandchildren were rescued by the US border patrol and CPS but were now living in the confusing and frustrating red tape limbo that is the United States immigration system. And with Odango being an illegal immigrant himself, trusting this highly respected lawyer was his only chance to save what was left of his family.
“Okay, Senior Phagas,” said Odango, slipping the four packages into the large cargo pockets on either side of his pants. “I will deliver your packages to your friends at midnight, just as we agreed.”
Phagas smiled and nodded, lifting his hand and gesturing towards the door. The dark shadows cast by the lamp framed the sharp angular features of Phagas’s face in such a way that it made him look somewhat devilish. Odango, taking his cue, nodded and turned to leave Phagas’s darkened office and was grateful to emerge into the well lit common area of the law firm. The glass doors to the firm opened automatically for him as he emerged into the hallway. Phagas didn’t trust mag-locked doors, and preferred to lock the doors using old fashioned lock and keys.
The sound of movement attracted the monstrosity as it stalked the corridors of the second floor. It stopped suddenly, sniffing the air then quickly turned as it followed the noise to the main hallway which led to the law firm of Phagus, Womac, and Klein. It rounded a corner in time to see elevator doors close behind a person with a light ‘ding’ sound. The massive thing moved down the hallway towards the closed elevator doors when a part of its form pressed up against a green button mounted on the wall next to it. To the thing’s right, two sliding glass doors opened.
“Fools,” thought Phagas. “Find a way to enslave a person, and they will be your fool for life.” Phagas lit a Cuban cigar as he stood at the tinted bay window of his office, looking outside as darkness engulfed the city.
It was relatively easy to alter evidence documents which would allow a few kilos of confiscated coke to fall through the cracks here and there. The LAPD doesn’t get paid nearly enough for what they do to protect and serve and any opportunity to spread the wealth, including to Lewis Phagas himself, benefitted everyone. Besides, if Odango does get caught, are the feds really going to believe that an illegal immigrant was actually trafficking drugs to MS-13 through a respected criminal defense lawyer?
“Oh, no, Mr. Odango. Tonight isn’t your last delivery, not by a long shot. I’ll give you little bits of hope and little indications that things are progressing, but you’ll never see day two of your journey. You and your grandchildren will be running these deliveries for a long, long time.”
Phagas took a long puff of his Cuban cigar, relishing the smooth rich taste as he exhaled slowly. Suddenly, the dim light of the lamp behind him disappeared as the shape of something massive rising behind him was reflected in the mirror. Phagas blinked at the reflection in the window, thinking, “Did I just grow horns?”
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