Seder anti

Sam Seder, the anti-libertarian crusader, on government and the internet As I have looked for libertarian-type videos on YouTube, it has become difficult to avoid the videos of Sam Seder , actor and comedian turned progressive radio commentator and host of The Majority Report . Passover is just around the corner, which means people are starting to think about hosting a seder. (We have some tips on how to host your own seder.) If you’re me, the build-up to Passover means listening to The Prince of Egypt soundtrack (which is a certified JAM) on repeat.If you’re other people, that means talking about Christian seders. The Freedom Seder was the first Seder that opened the framework beyond the Jewish experience to include multiple experiences, especially the black community’s struggle against American racism ... 2 for Seder. Push Back Against Anti-Semitism with Love and Matzah. Our flagship program asks you to invite 2 people of another faith to their first Seder. Participate in 2 for Seder and receive your Kit by email. For 2020 learn how to “Hold a Virtual Seder. Join Central and the 2 for Seder organization in fighting anti-Semitism at a grassroots level this Passover. Founded in 2019 after the Pittsburgh Tree of Life Shooting, 2 for Seder encourages Jews to take direct, positive action against anti-Semitism by inviting two people of another faith to a seder, giving guests an authentic Jewish experience from which to learn and build bridges. 2 for Seder, the program to empower all Jews to take action to fight anti-Semitism in their own communities, is launching a new program, 2 for Seder: In the Sukkah as part of the High Holidays.The program focuses on the traditional values associated with the Sukkah, hospitality, transition and gratefulness to invite 2 trusted friends of another faith safely into the Sukkah to share a meal.

Hypernormal Anti-Mask Protest w/ Virgil Texas - The Majority Report with Sam Seder

2020.09.19 05:32 mothramantra Hypernormal Anti-Mask Protest w/ Virgil Texas - The Majority Report with Sam Seder

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2020.09.15 18:32 mothramantra A Brief History of Anti-Populism w/ Thomas Frank - MR Live - 9/15/20 - The Majority Report with Sam Seder

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2020.09.15 06:32 mothramantra LGBTQ Councilwoman SHREDS Anti-Gay Citizen - The Majority Report with Sam Seder

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2020.09.02 01:27 CongressDems Caller confronts Sam Seder about anti-anti-trump "leftist" Krystal Ball

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2020.08.23 17:26 God_Is_Good123 What Is This Sub All About?

General Purpose

This subreddit was made to be a safe space for Torah Observant Christians to be able to gather together and discuss all things Torah.

Basic Rules

1. Be Respectful

Be respectful; no trolling; no profanity or evasions thereof by use of symbols.

2. Do not incite others

Posts and comments that are likely to incite others without adding value may be removed. Posts and comments that are deemed ultimately more harmful than valuable will be removed at mod discretion.

3. No proselytizing against this subreddit's statement of faith

No proselytizing others toward a belief system not in alignment with this subreddit's beliefs. Although respectful discourse that challenges our faith is permissible, posts and comments which have the impact of demeaning the viability of Christianity will be removed.

4. Post/comment requirements

Posts and comments must:

5. No brigading

No brigading/vote manipulation. Cross-posting needs mod approval.

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Follow any thread-specific rules that may be stickied to a post.

7. No link posts

All link posts will be removed unless you message the mod(s) explaining why the following shouldn't apply. When pasting a link in a self-post, you must:
Violations of this rule will result in a 3-day temporary ban without warning. Repeated violations will result in a permanent ban.

8. KJV Only

This is a KJV Only subreddit. One does not need to be KJVO themselves in order to participate in this sub, but they do have to quote strictly from the KJV if they ever decide to make reference to the holy Scriptures while having discussions on here. Allowances are made for other versions to be quoted if, and only if, the KJV is quoted right beside it (as to allow others to be able to compare and contrast).

9. General Prohibitions

This rule covers general, broad-spectrum prohibitions on specific types of content. The following content is not allowed:

10. Zero Tolerance

Failure to abide by these rules is absolutely not tolerated. A second or third offense will result in a temporary, or permanent ban. Obvious trolls are immediately banned. Rude and nonconstructive comments may be removed.

Statement of Faith

Section 1 – The Scriptures

The sole basis for our belief is the Bible, composed of the sixty-six books of the Tanakh and B'rit Hadasha (the Old and New Testaments). The Scriptures, in their entirety, are inspired by God and are inerrant in the original manuscripts. This was accomplished, not by dictation, but by God superintending the human authors in such a manner that, using their individual personalities, they composed and recorded, without error, God’s revelation to man.
The inerrancy of the Scriptures extends to every category to which they speak, including faith, practice, science, and history. The Scriptures are our full and final authority being the complete revelation of God (Proverbs 30:5-6; Isaiah 40:7-8; Jeremiah 31:31; Matthew 5:18; John 10:35; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:20-21; Hebrews 1:2 and Revelation 22:18-19).

Section 2 – God

We believe that there is one true, holy God, infinitely perfect, and eternally existing in three persons – Father, Son and Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit). Each possess equally all the attributes of deity and the characteristics of personality (Deuteronomy 6:4; Isaiah 43:10; 48:16; Matthew 28:19; Acts 5:3-4; 2 Corinthians 13-14; Hebrews 1:8).

Section 3 – The Father

We believe God is Father over all creation, thus its sovereign ruler. He is Father of Israel, whom He has chosen as His unique people. He is Father of Messiah Yeshua whom He sent into the world to redeem mankind and creation. He is Father of all who trust in His gracious provision of the forgiveness of sin in Yeshua (Exodus 4:22; Matthew 3:17; John 1:12; 3:16; Acts 17:29; Galatians 3:26; 1 Peter 1:3).

Section 4 – The Son

God the Son became flesh in the person of Yeshua of Nazareth, the promised Messiah of Israel, who was conceived by the Spirit of God and born of the Jewish virgin Miriam (Mary). He is both fully God and fully man, united forever without division or confusion (Isaiah 7:14; 9:6-7; Jeremiah 23:5-6; Micah 5:2; John 1:1, 14; 8:58; 10:30-33; Colossians 2:9, Hebrews 1:3).
Messiah Yeshua died as a substitutionary sacrifice for man’s sin, and all who believe in Him are declared righteous on the basis of His shed blood. The Messiah’s substitutionary death was the purchased price for our redemption and was foreshadowed in the Tanakh in the slaying of the Passover lamb, the sin and trespass offering, and the sin offering on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement (Leviticus 16:15-16; 17:11; Psalm 22:16; Isaiah 53:4-6; 10-12, Daniel 9:26; Zechariah 12:10; Mark 10:45; Romans 3:24-26; 5:8-9; 2 Corinthians 5:14, 21; 1 Peter 3:18).
Jesus the Messiah arose from the dead bodily, ascended into heaven, is seated at the right hand of the Father and will one day return for all who believe in Him. Presently He serves as our Kohen Gadol Elyon (Great High Priest) according to the priesthood of Melchizedek. As such, He is intercessor and advocate before the Father on behalf of all believers (Genesis 14:17-20; Psalm 16:10-11; 110:4; Zechariah 6:12-13; Acts 1:9-11; 1 Corinthians 15:3-8; Hebrews 7:1-25; 8:1; 1 John 2:1).

Section 5 – The Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit)

The Ruach Hakodesh is a person. He possesses all the distinct attributes of deity and hence He is God. He does not call attention to Himself and is ever present to glorify and testify of Messiah Yeshua (Genesis 1:2; Psalm 13:7; John 15:26-27; 1 Corinthians 2:10-11; 2 Corinthians 13:14).
During the period of the Old Testament, the Spirit of God was active in creating the world and temporarily gifting, empowering and filling individuals for special service (Genesis 1:2; Exodus 31:3; Numbers 27:18; Judges 6:34).
The Spirit of God is active today, convicting the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment. He regenerates, seals, and sets the believer apart to a holy life. He teaches the truth and energizes believers in prayer, worship and service. At the moment of salvation, each believer is immersed by the Spirit of God into the Body of Messiah and is permanently indwelt by the Spirit of God. Therefore, every believer is complete in Messiah and in possession of every spiritual blessing. However, it is the privilege and responsibility of every believer to be constantly filled (controlled) by God’s Spirit (John 14:16-17, 26; 16:7-15; Romans 8:9; 1 Corinthians 6:19, 12:13; Ephesians 1:13, 6:18; Colossians 2:10; 2 Thessalonians 2:13).
At salvation the Holy Spirit imparts at least one spiritual gift to every believer for the purpose of edifying and equipping the Body of Messiah. Believers ought not to emphasize searching for their gifts, but rather giving attention to the Scriptural requirements of becoming spiritually mature in order to function in the Body. If this is done, every believer’s gift shall become evident. Although believers should earnestly desire greater spiritual gifts, individual believers should never actively seek to obtain spiritual gifts because they are given according to the sovereign choice of the Spirit of God (1 Corinthians 12:11, 31, 14:1; Ephesians 4:12; 2 Thessalonians 1:3; 1 Timothy 3:1-12; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Peter 4:10).
We do not endorse the modern tongues-speaking movement for the following reasons:
  1. It usually gives an undue prominence to a gift that had only limited value even in New Testament times (1 Corinthians 12-14).
  2. It often suggests that tongues-speaking is the necessary evidence of the special work of the Spirit when in fact the Holy Spirit never seeks to draw attention to Himself, but He is a witness, pointing to Messiah Yeshua and the mighty deeds of God (John 14:26; 15:26, 16:7-8; Acts 2:11).
  3. It tends to place more emphasis on tongues-speaking as an external manifestation of the Spirit than of the sanctifying work of the Spirit within the believer (Romans 15:6; Galatians 5:22-23).
  4. It claims that “ecstatic utterance” is also tongues-speaking when the gift in New Testament times was that of speaking in previously unlearned foreign languages (Acts 2:6-11, 10:46).
  5. It often fails to see that God sovereignly gives His gifts, not on demand, and that no one gift is for everyone (1 Corinthians 12:11).
Our position is that believers in their local bodies, should seek the more excellent way of love and be zealous about perfecting and utilizing the more useful and edifying gifts (Romans 8:13; 1 Corinthians 12:28-31, 13:1-3, 13, 14:12, 19, 23, 27-28; Galatians 5:22-23).
In stating our position on the modern tongues-speaking movement, we do not mean to detract from the sincerity or Christian character of the many believers within the movement.
We also believe that God has promised to physically heal according to His will. This may occur miraculously, medically or naturally. Supernatural healing may occur in response to prayer and accordance with God’s sovereign will. However, healing cannot be claimed unconditionally in this age as a result of atonement, as is salvation (Exodus 4:11; 2 Corinthians 12:7; Galatians 4:13; 1 Timothy 5:23; 2 Timothy 1:20; James 5:14-15; 1 John 5:14-15).
Regardless, one does not need to affirm the continuation of the miraculous gifts of the Spirit in order to participate in this sub (nor do they need to do so in order to be saved, for that matter). Said affirmation is simply what this sub leans towards, as it is the more Biblical position to take concerning this rather emotionally vexing issue plaguing the Church.

Section 6 – Man

Man was created in the image of God to enjoy His fellowship and to fulfill His will on the earth. He was created in innocence; but by voluntary transgression, the first man, Adam, fell into sin. As a result, the whole race was plunged into condemnation and death. All mankind is born in a sinful condition and all commit sinful acts in thought, word, and deed, resulting in separation from God. From this condition of separation, man can be redeemed only by the grace of God, through faith in the completed work of Messiah Yeshua (Genesis 1:26-27, 2:17, 3:6; Ecclesiastes 7:20; Isaiah 63:6; Ezekiel 18:4; Mark 7:20-23; Romans 5:12-19, 6:23; Ephesians 2:1-7).

Section 7 – Salvation

The salvation of mankind is wholly a work of God’s grace through faith in the finished redemptive work of Messiah Yeshua. He took upon Himself human form and yet honored the divine law by His perfect obedience. By His sacrificial death He became our substitute, making full payment for the penalty of our sins. He rose from the dead and ascended into heaven where He is now enthroned, making intercession for all who believe. Salvation is not in whole or in part a result of human works of goodness (and neither are good works necessary as "evidence" of one's salvation). It can be appropriated only by personal faith in the Redeemer’s death and atonement. Through this substitutionary work, His righteousness is imparted to us.
Salvation can never be lost because it is wholly dependent on the finality of Messiah’s work on our behalf. God gives assurance in His Word that all who have trusted in His Son will never be plucked from His hand. Our relationship with God, established by faith in Messiah alone for salvation, is an irreversible bond in which all believers are eternally secure.
All believers, though forgiven, still have a sinful capacity in this life. The flesh will continue to wrestle with the Spirit, and the Spirit with the flesh, until the day comes that a believer will have received their new glorified body at the resurrection. In spite of these facts, God has made provision for believers to live more obediently to Him through identification with Messiah Yeshua, reliance upon the Holy Spirit’s power, and knowledge of the Scriptures (if a believer so chooses to also run the race that discipleship commands of us who are already saved through faith) (Genesis 15:6; Isaiah 53:4-6; Habakkuk 2:4; Zechariah 6:12-13; John 1:12-13, 3:16, 5:24, 10:28-29; 17:17; Acts 4:12; 10:9-10; 13:38-39; 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, 2 Corinthians 5:21, Galatians 3:26-29; Ephesians 1:7, 2:8-9; Philippians 1:6; Colossians 1:21-22, 2:14; Titus 3:5-7; Hebrews 7:25, 10:4-14; 1 Peter 2:24; 1 John 1:8, 2:2, 5:11-13).
[Note, this sub believes in Free-Grace theology, as opposed to Lordship Salvation. To see the stark differences between the two, click here. Lordship Salvation, in any of its forms, will not be tolerated on this sub. Teaching and/or preaching it here could result in an instant permaban.]

Section 8 - The Body of Messiah

The universal Body or fellowship of Messiah is composed of all people, Jewish and Gentile, who through faith in Him have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit and grafted in. It began at Shavuot (Pentecost) with the immersion of the Holy Spirit after the ascension of Yeshua, and it will be completed when He returns. Membership in the universal Body is not based on any earthly organizational affiliation but on faith in Yeshua the Messiah.
The local body is the visible manifestation of the universal Body. It is a congregation of believers organized for the purpose of glorifying God through worship, instruction, accountability, fellowship, service and outreach. Whereas entrance into the universal Body is based on an act of faith, entrance into the local body is based on an act of volition in obedience to God.
The officers of the local congregation are elders and deacons, but the true Head to whom all are ultimately answerable is the Lord Yeshua (Acts 2:1-4, 41-42; Romans 11:29, 12:4-13; 1 Corinthians 1:2, 7:17, 11:16, 12:12-27; Ephesians 1:22-23, 2:11-22, 3:10, 4:4-16, 5:23-24; Colossians 1:18; 1 Timothy 3:1-13; Hebrews 10:19-25, 13:7, 17).

Section 9 - The Ordinances

There are two signs of the New Covenant commanded by the Messiah to be practiced by His followers. These are water Immersion and the Messiah’s Yizkor (Lord’s Supper).
Water immersion, which has its origin in Jewish ritual immersion, is by immersion of the believer in water. It is meant to symbolize both one’s faith in the crucified, buried, and risen Redeemer as well as one’s own death to sin and resurrection to new life.
The Messiah’s Yizkor is based on the Passover seder and is the commemoration of His death until He comes and our continual fellowship with Him. Partaking of Messiah’s Yizkor is for believers only and should always be preceded by solemn self-examination.
Though we seek to be obedient to the Lord in the practice of these ordinances, we do not regard either as a means of salvation. On the contrary, they are a symbolic expression of our faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Yeshua (Matthew 26:26-29, 28:19; Acts 8:26-39; Romans 6:3-5; 1 Corinthians 11:23-32).

Section 10 - Satan and Angels

We believe in the reality and personality of Satan, a fallen angel and the open and declared enemy of God and man. He is the originator of evil; and, as god of this world, he now rules the non-believing world system.
He and his agents are active in blinding mankind to spiritual truth, inciting anti-Semitism and hostility toward Israel, and attempting to defeat believers. His sin is that of pride in seeking to usurp the power, position, and glory of God.
Believers can and should resist Satan by applying Scriptural truth. He is a creature and, therefore, is not omniscient or infinite; and God has placed limitations on him.
He will get his due... (Isaiah 14:11-17, 19)

Defending the Faith

Christian Apologetics


General Theological Questions

Questions Regarding the Sabbath

Questions Regarding Dietary Laws

Questions Regarding Circumcision

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2020.08.22 02:22 Samurai_ancap Whats with libertarians being mistreated?

I always wonder why we are getting compared to trump loving conservatives and having a link towards Neo-nazi's for some reason. Pretty sure lot's of us are tired of it but we don't have much of a voice on many platforms. But luckily we seem to have a brand new generation of libertarian content creators. My theory is that it might stem from the Libertarian party or maybe the fact that the name "Anarcho Capitalism" might seem to off putting to some people. I all so want to add it might be live debates between libertarians and and different political ideology's. Take for an example "The majority report" if you know that channel has a host known as Sam Seder who in the past has debated libertarians/An-Caps and some of these libertarians/An-caps might not have in live debating. These people who called in and debated Seder was probably cut off by him before they made a point or maybe came off as misunderstood as they put their words together that might not make sense. One other theory is i like the call the "Dapperton era" i named it after a youtuber who was an anti-SjW youtuber and i believe other youtubers had that Mr.Dapperton cartoony look.
But the point is that the community might be a reason why usually libertarians are labeled as "conservative" most of the time but i don't know i wonder what you guy's think.
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2020.08.21 05:32 mothramantra Everything Missing from Obama's Anti-Trump Speech - The Majority Report with Sam Seder

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2020.08.15 00:56 sageclynn Can atheists/agnostics convert?

Hey y’all.
I’m 27, non-binary and gay as hell, and am considering converting to Judaism. I was raised uber fundamentalist christian—basically a cult with no contact with the outside world until I turned 18 and left home. For the past nine years I’ve been agnostic to atheist, just kinda hovering somewhere in that range. Four years ago I started dating a Jewish girl; she doesn’t consider herself religious or observant at all but was raised Jewish and bat mitzvahed and all that.
About a year ago I decided to take an intro to Judaism class—I didn’t have any intention of converting but I felt like my gf knew way more about Christianity than I knew about Judaism just by virtue of growing up in the US, and I wanted to learn more about her cultural history. I’m a naturally curious person so I was like what the heck, I’ll take a semester class once a week.
What caught me off guard was how much I loved learning about Judaism. There are several aspects—one, I don’t believe the Bible is inerrant in any way shape or form, and getting a little exposure to the ways Judaism interprets the stories I was raised with, the skepticism and finding allegorical meaning in them, was really healing for me in a way. I was raised so immersed in fundamentalism, and thought I believed it until I learned there were other options, that the process of arguing with and fighting with the Bible, and not taking it literally, and admitting the writers might be wrong was huge for me. Another thing I loved was the rhythm. You were supposed to do “experiential learning” as part of the class so my gf and I started lighting candles and making challah on Fridays, saying the Shabbat blessings but mostly just using it as a way to take a step back and breathe after whatever the week had thrown at us. We had our own mini quarantine Passover Seder and used a queer Haggadah and chose to focus on the symbolism of the holiday and how it applied to our world today. I enjoyed celebrating other holidays as well, but not necessarily from a “there is a god who wants me to do this” perspective. It’s more just recognizing that cultures all through time have created god myths and stories and rituals, and those practices often have symbolism and aspects that speak to the universal human experience, god or not. I also really connected with the concept of tikkun olam and the strong push for social justice in many progressive circles. In some ways, it reminded me of the way that serving and helping others was emphasized when I was growing up, and how then I had a group to do it with. Since I left that cult, I’ve still been a service-minded person and connected with many opportunities for social justice, so this wasn’t out of the ordinary for me.
I still didn’t really consider conversion until I randomly happened across this non-denominational shul in my city. What struck me so much about them was their investment in social justice, environmental justice, anti racism work, queer inclusion, etc. I was still practicing our own form of traditions with my gf, taking the parts that spoke to us and retooling the things that we couldn’t necessarily agree with. I was also enjoying relearning the stories I’d been raised with and seeing them through a radical, often queer, lens; thinking about the universal truths sometimes hidden in them and what that looked like in the world today. And so being part of a community that cared about the same things I cared about, where I could continue to practice traditions and rituals with others, to the extent I felt comfortable—these things and obviously others I’m forgetting to write down made me start to think about converting. (Gf has absolutely not pressured or suggested this—or the course—in any way at all. She’s supportive of what I want to do but it has nothing to do with our relationship, besides the fact that I might not have started learning more if we hadn’t been dating.)
So here I am, in the middle of COVID, considering conversion as a former Christian and still current agnostic/sometime atheist. I know there are tons of atheist Jews, but what I guess I’m wondering is if it’s...wrong...for me to want to convert knowing that I definitely don’t have any kind of certainty about the existence of any kind of deity. If pushed, I usually will say the extent of supernatural-ity that I will admit to is some kind of collective consciousness/force created by people working together to create a better world, some kind of transcendent collective meaning we all create together. I’ve been very open about this with the rabbi I’ve discussed conversion with, and she has seemed completely fine with that. But I guess I’m just wondering if others have been in a similar position, or known someone who has, or what some outside perspectives on this are. Tia!
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2020.08.13 14:28 EnterTamed ❤️List of Michael Brooks' impressions ❤️ (In honor of his birthday)

Nation of Islam Obama
Right-wing Mandela
Self-dunk Bag-man Dave Rubin
Cynical Dennis Prager
Do you see Sam Seder
Confrontational Maost Bernie Sanders
Bratty my father Megan McCain
Bernie or Bust bill Clinton
Corrector in cheif George W Bush
Hot-head Jimmy Dore
Film noir femme fatale Hillary Clinton
Tip O'Neil horney Chris Mathews
Constitutioaaan Rand Paul
Vampire Peter Thiel
Civil war thought experiment Sam Harris
Dweeb Ben Shapiro
Anxiety Kermit Jordan Peterson
David Avocado Wolfe
Anti-SJW Martin Luther King Jr
Shaky Susan Collins
Gullible Chuck Schumer
Male-vitality Alex Jones
High-pitched Mike Bloomberg
Sleepy deranged Ben Carson
Michael Roberts Bro Joe Rogan
Obscure reference Dennis Miller
Israeli atrocities defending Israelis
Documentarian Adam Curtis
Maffia don Tony Sopranos
(Anti-semitic Elizabeth Warren)*
(Canvasing Connor Kirkpatrick)*
Let me know if I have missed any impressions...
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2020.08.12 21:24 darnel_webber Anti-trust - breaking up big corporations

I found today's podcast on anti-trust very illuminating. Seder brought up a good closing point in that it's not enough to try to tax these huge corporations after the fact but rather to use anti-trust mechanisms (as well as nationalization) to break up these companies before they grow into monopolies. This is a big missing piece in my conversations with socialists/communists (maybe I'm in the wrong circles) as the conversation centers around simply taxing corporations to
1) redistribute wealth and
2) pay for xyz program (which is wrong-headed per MMT; we don't need to tax the wealthy to fund programs).
Any efforts to increase taxes now appears to be a pipe dream given how powerful these corporations are. Anyway, I want to look into Zephyr Teachout's work as well as others. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I've heard of Matt Stoler's work in Goliath; anyone familiar with that?
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2020.08.02 05:32 mothramantra Anti-Mask Psychos Will Kill Us All - The Majority Report with Sam Seder

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2020.07.31 03:32 mothramantra Anti-Mask TPUSA Cofounder Dies Of Coronavirus - The Majority Report with Sam Seder

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2020.07.25 04:32 mothramantra Anti-Biden Ad Shows How DESPERATE Trump Is Getting - The Majority Report with Sam Seder

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2020.06.29 22:14 ZB4 Chapo Ep. Guide

Title Duration Guests Hosts Date Reading/Viewing Series Topics of Discussion/Riffs
- Bryan interviews Will, Matt, and Felix about seeing 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi in theaters 01:34:55 Bryan Quinby and Brett Payne Felix, Matt, Will 02 February 2016 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
1 THA SAGA BEGINS 01:18:35 13 March 2016
2 We Need to Talk About Kevin (a.k.a Enta the Dungeon) 01:20:49 19 March 2016 Kevin D. Williamson
3 Freeway Ross Douthat Sailboat Dope 01:31:27 Brendan James 27 March 2016 Privilege: Harvard and the Education of the Ruling Class by Ross Douthat
4 Bernie Blanco From the Bronx 01:43:54 03 April 2016 Scalia’s Death
5 What's So Civil About the Civil War Anyway? 01:18:04 Carl Beijer 10 April 2016 Kurt Schlichter John Kasich Campaign Events
6 Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice & Development 01:11:06 Matt V. Brady 17 April 2016 Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Chapo Mediaite Profile
7 The Prince & the Egg: An Anil Dash Adventure 01:22:52 24 April 2016 Kevin D. Williamson
8 Children of Bruen 01:13:17 Elizabeth Bruenig 01 May 2016 Strip Club Ennui from The Federalist The Innovation Party, The Baseball Crank
9 Trump Stakes or Election 2016: The Age of Apocalypse 01:20:53 08 May 2016 Ben Shapiro, Milo, Ben Carson, Erdogan Street Team
10 No FoPo, Fight the Blob 01:20:01 Derek Davison 15 May 2016 Rod Dreher Iran, ‘The Blob’, Ben Rhodes
11B Doctor Faustus 00:32:16 18 May 2016 Joshua Foust
11 Cranking the Donkey 01:11:59 Matt Taibbi 22 May 2016
12B The French Vasectomy 00:39:28 25 May 2016
12 Love That Ron 01:00:14 Virgil Texas 29 May 2016 Applebee's America Carl Digger, Ron Fournier, Chris Cilliza, Mark Halperin,
13B Eyes Wide Cuck 00:51:03 01 June 2016 Kimbo Slice, Al Giordano
13 Justified But Woke 01:19:47 Connor Kilpatrick 06 June 2016 The Bernie Sanders I Thought I Knew Is Gone
14 Chillin' In Cedar Rapids Iowa 01:06:09 13 June 2016 Al Giordano, Peter Thiel
15 Alligator Tears 00:51:04 Roqayah Chammseddine 16 June 2016 The Gator Tweet
16 The Male Female Radio Hour 01:20:56 Lee Fang 20 June 2016 Dennis Prager William F. Buckley's sailboat, Adbusters
17 The Road to Soavedom 00:52:33 Robby Soave 25 June 2016
18 The Upset Guv'ner: DeCrecio's Brexit Bungle 01:25:00 Jonathan Shanin 26 June 2016 Rod Dreher, various Brexit opinions Politicon, Brexit, Chapo Mail Bag
19 Boobs, Sir, I Punched the Bursar 01:03:04 30 June 2016 The Federalist
20 Chapo vs. Sherdog: UFC 2000 01:27:30 Jordan Breen 05 July 2016 Charles Murray
21 Oaxaca Flocka Flame 00:44:40 Tony (@MexicAnarchist) 08 July 2016
22 The Trap Is A MESS 01:31:09 Vic Berger 11 July 2016 Courage is Contagious by John Kasich
23 Reign All Over My Face 01:01:41 14 July 2016 Reign Over Me
24 Gulens Gonna Gulen 01:19:04 Derek Davison 18 July 2016 We Are The Left
25 Lady Ghostbusters 01:02:19 Amber A'Lee Frost 24 July 2016 Ghostbusters (2016)
26 ReTHUGlican National CRIMEvation 01:14:43 Bryan Quinby 25 July 2016 DNC Emails
27 Tomorrow Belongs to Them 01:26:44 Dan O'Sullivan 30 July 2016
28 Chapo Comes Alive! 01:17:40 Bryan Quinby and Brett Payne 03 August 2016
29 London Falling 00:56:14 Sam Kriss 03 August 2016 London Has Fallen
30 Freeway Ross Douthat Pt. 2: The Harvard Plug 01:19:03 Brendan James 05 August 2016 Privilege: Harvard and the Education of the Ruling Class by Ross Douthat
31 Brooklyn Tyrannical Gardens 00:59:13 11 August 2016
32 Suicide Is Shameless 01:04:40 Matt V. Brady 15 August 2016 Suicide Squad
33 The Uncucking of the Candidate 01:12:16 Libby Watson 18 August 2016 Wonkette
34 Masculinity for Boys 01:16:25 22 August 2016 David French
35 Bloodlands 01:14:19 Adrian Bonenberger 25 August 2016
36 Dear Gulen 01:33:29 Liza Featherstone 29 August 2016 The Federalist, Dear Prudie
37 Teen Party 00:57:14 Brandon Wardell 01 September 2016
38 Elevator to Heaven 01:20:23 Maria Hengevald 05 September 2016
39 The Conqueror 01:10:51 Derek Davison 09 September 2016 The Conquerer
40 Sborts Night 01:34:47 Greg Howard 12 September 2016 In Saudi Arabia, a revolution disguised as reform in the Washington Post
41 Smash 01:15:52 Alex Nichols (@Lowenaffchen) 16 September 2016 Crash (2004)
42 Uber for Ubermensch 01:30:43 Ed Zitron and Noah Kulwin 18 September 2016
43 ElfQuest 01:16:43 22 September 2016 Rod Dreher, profile of Jim Cooley
44 The Gowanus Ideas Festival 01:22:33 Virgil Texas and Sam Kriss 26 September 2016 David Brooks, Ross Douthat
45 Cath Bash 01:09:52 01 October 2016
46 No Cucks in the Foxhole 00:59:07 James Adomian 04 October 2016
Knowledge God 00:36:15 04 October 2016 “The right to vote should be restricted to those with knowledge” and “Finally. Someone who thinks like me”
47 I Am Legend 01:06:41 Francis (@ArmyStang) 06 October 2016 American Sniper
48 A Problem from Heck 01:20:57 Chase Madar 09 October 2016
49 Caleb 01:01:29 12 October 2016 Caleb
50 AKP 50th Episode Ergenekon Extravaganza 01:17:51 Matt Karp 17 October 2016
51 The Post Officers 01:08:46 Katherine Krueger 19 October 2016
52 Dirty Wars 2: Rise of McRaven 01:17:11 Jeremy Scahill 23 October 2016
53 The French Resistance 00:58:08 Alexander Zaitchik 26 October 2016
54 Trap House of Horror: The Hanging Boyz 00:48:21 Kath Barbadoro 30 October 2016
55 The Chapofication of the Western Male 01:01:38 02 November 2016
- Walther Interview 00:44:00 Matthew Walther 06 November 2016
56 Under Siege Year 3: Before Year Zero 01:01:27 Brendan James 07 November 2016
57 Chapo News Network Election Night Live Show 01:41:01 Virgil Texas 08 November 2016
58 We Live in the Zone Now 01:00:44 Virgil Texas 12 November 2016
59 Tell Your God to Ready for Chud 01:02:11 Matt Karp and Connor Kilpatrick 17 November 2016
60 Off-Off-Broadway 01:05:41 Erin Gloria Ryan 20 November 2016 Hillary Clinton Is More Than a President by Virginia Heffernan
61 Who Makes the Nazis? 00:53:19 Ricky Rawls 24 November 2016
62 Chapo Struggle Session 00:58:23 30 November 2016 Rod Dreher
- Felix After Dark 00:38:04 03 December 2016
63 SuccessFail: The McMegan Story 01:22:04 Ezekiel Kweku 04 December 2016 The Up Side of Down: Why Failing Well Is the Key to Success by Megan McArdle
64 Candyman IV: Curse of Caleb 00:53:41 Katie Halper 08 December 2016 Caleb
65 No Future 01:06:39 Adam Curtis 11 December 2016
66 Pizza Party! 01:08:04 Jacob Bacharach 16 December 2016
67 The Swordfish Episode 00:56:24 17 December 2016
- The Inebriated Past 00:36:42 21 December 2016
68 Applebees Christmas Spectacular 01:09:27 Kath Barbadoro 23 December 2016 True Allegiance by Ben Shapiro
69 Angela & Strawberry 00:57:34 James Adomian 29 December 2016
70 Real Strain Hours 01:03:36 Libby Watson 04 January 2017
71 Crapo Cat House: The Half-Lost Episode 01:16:56 Alex Nichols 09 January 2017 True Allegiance by Ben Shapiro
72 The Pre-Taped Call-In Show 01:00:32 13 January 2017
73 Better Call Saul Alinsky 01:04:49 Bill Corbett 15 January 2017 Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party
74 Tabletop Game Theory Pt. 1 01:03:42 18 January 2017
75 Mr. Chapo Goes to Washington 01:05:09 Sam Kriss 22 January 2017
76 Tabletop Game Theory Pt. 2 00:59:53 24 January 2017
77 No Country for Gorilla Men 01:11:08 Matt Taibbi 29 January 2017
78 Terminal 00:55:57 31 January 2017
- Mixed Martial Law 01:01:40 Karim Zadan 02 February 2017
79 Our Values Are Under Attack 00:57:16 Tim Heidecker 06 February 2017 True Allegiance by Ben Shapiro
80 Kolob Trap House 01:00:09 Adam Friedland 09 February 2017
81 The Devil In Mother Jones 01:00:30 Shane Bauer 12 February 2017
82 War Is Heck 00:48:57 Brace Belden 13 February 2017
83 Boston Skrong 01:02:20 15 February 2017 Patriot’s Day
84 President Wario 01:13:12 19 February 2017
85 The Appropriaters 00:52:11 Shuja Haider 22 February 2017
86 Fash the Patriarchy 00:51:40 Angela Nagle 26 February 2017
87 The Basketball Snob 01:00:24 02 March 2017
88 Sebastian Goku 01:07:50 Derek Davison 05 March 2017
89 Napoleanic Rules for Success 01:09:56 @Trillburne 10 March 2017 The Duellists
90 Gorka's Revenge 01:01:43 James Adomian (as Sebastian Gorka) 12 March 2017
91 The Lasagne Code 00:53:46 Leon (@leyawn) 17 March 2017 Caleb
92 No. 1 in Heaven 00:49:56 20 March 2017
93 Madness? THIS IS CHAPO 01:00:30 23 March 2017 300
94 The Brian Johnstown Massacre 01:16:38 Jacob Bacharach 26 March 2017
95 Hillbilly Smellegy 01:03:14 Matt Sitman 30 March 2017 Hillbilly Elegy
96 Night At The Museum 01:05:53 Tim Heidecker (as Alex Jones) 02 April 2017 Some personal notes on the ‘Blacksonian’ by Jay Nordlinger for the National Review
97 Hollywood Upstairs Medical College 01:19:39 Timothy Faust 06 April 2017
98 Gorka II: The Gorkaning 01:06:39 Alex Pareene and James Adomian (as Sebastian Gorka) 09 April 2017
99 Taxi To the Dark Side 01:06:58 Adam Friedland 13 April 2017
100 Chapo Goes To College 01:44:51 Timothy Faust 17 April 2017
101 Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc 01:12:51 19 April 2017 The West Wing
102 Maintaining Emotional Control 01:06:54 Rob Delaney 23 April 2017
103 Décision Désk La France 00:55:00 James Adomian 26 April 2017
104 We've Always Been Here 01:23:01 30 April 2017 People's Republic by Kurt Schlichter
105 The Grey Ladykillers 01:19:12 04 May 2017 Op-Eds from The New York Times, Rod Dreher
106 Work No Play 01:27:54 Timothy Faust and Miya Tokumitsu 07 May 2017 Health-Care Blame Game by David French in the National Review
107 Fight Club 00:57:23 Karim Zidan 10 May 2017
108 Night On Bald Mountain 01:22:08 Matt Bruenig 14 May 2017
109 Media Twatters 01:09:16 Libby Watson 19 May 2017 The New York Times
110 The Rocktober Revolution 01:12:07 China Miéville 22 May 2017
111 The Goddamn Freaking News 01:19:40 24 May 2017 The Newsroom
112 Orbsplainer 01:13:32 David Cross 25 May 2017
113 Hit and Run 01:00:07 R.L. Stephens 01 June 2017
114 Meat The Press 00:57:17 Alex Nichols 04 June 2017
- God Save Our Jezza 00:38:31 Jonathan Shainin 06 June 2017
115 Austin Shitty Limits 01:05:18 Brian Gaar 07 June 2017 The Vanishing American Adult by Ben Sasse
- Chapo Global Edition: You Down With GCC? 01:19:40 Derek Davison 08 June 2017
116 Jezz In My Pants 01:00:11 12 June 2017
117 Kill All Nermals 01:11:03 Angela Nagle 14 June 2017
118 From Russia With CHUD 01:05:04 Sarah Jones 18 June 2017 Beware of Blaming Government for London Tower Fire by Megan McArdle
- The Inebriated Past: Sewer Surfin' 00:38:09 21 June 2017
119 Bating For Gadot 01:07:54 25 June 2017 Wonder Woman
120 Fearless Girlilla Mindset 01:09:25 28 June 2017 Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich
121 These Things I Believe 01:12:30 04 July 2017
122 The Virgin Suicides 01:16:03 Adam Friedland 06 July 2017 Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro on Celibacy
123 UBIsoft 01:00:05 Clio Chang 10 July 2017
124 Gabagool 01:16:39 13 July 2017 Megan McArdle, David Brooks, Trump as Pericles
125 Fast And Furious: Toledo Drifter 00:55:20 Tim Heidecker 15 July 2017 Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich
126 Tabletop Game Theory Pt. III: The Russian Interference 01:01:04 19 July 2017
127 Dr. Dementia 01:09:08 Ricky Rawls 23 July 2017 Rod Dreher
128 Tabletop Game Theory Pt. IV: The Russian Interference 01:30:23 26 July 2017
129 The Affordable Covfefe Act 01:06:33 Timothy T-Bone Faust 30 July 2017
130 The Milk People 01:11:45 Libby Watson 04 August 2017
131 Deep Dish Chapo: Live @ The Hideout 01:08:18 09 August 2017
- Bonus Deep Dish Chapo: Live @ The Hideout 01:09:06 Bryan Quinby and Brett Payne 12 August 2017
132 Bloco's Modern Life 01:17:02 Marcus Barnett and Catarina Príncipe and Djordje Kuzmanovic 12 August 2017
133 Antifap 00:57:59 Shuja Haider 18 August 2017
134 Memento Maury 01:00:23 Joe Mande 20 August 2017
135 Barron Protectors 01:15:08 Leslie Lee 23 August 2017 ??? by the National Review
136 Lullaby For Lanyards 01:02:11 Joe Prince 27 August 2017
137 HUMINT Centipede 01:20:21 29 August 2017
138 Verrit Carefully 01:09:15 Alex Nichols 05 September 2017
139 Enter The Noid 01:11:43 07 September 2017
140 DACA Flocka Flame 01:12:22 Karina Moreno 09 September 2017
141 Chapo Cartoon Cavalcade 01:13:27 14 September 2017
142 The Schlock Doctrine 01:09:31 Naomi Klein 17 September 2017 Under Anesthesia, Everything Was Beautiful by Peggy Noonan
143 Splattering of the Juggalos 01:16:26 21 September 2017 Articles from The Federalist and Rod Dreher
144 White Men Can't Drumpf 01:00:12 24 September 2017
145 Return of the Blob 01:06:40 Derek Davison 28 September 2017
146 Better Ingredients, Better Healthcare, Chapo Johns 01:07:21 Timothy Faust 01 October 2017 Why Is Italian Food So Amazing? by Megan McArdle
147 Gun Kata 01:04:09 05 October 2017
148 Lost In The Sauce 01:08:23 Patton Oswalt 09 October 2017
149 Live @ The Biltmore Hotel 00:54:24 James Adomian 12 October 2017
150 Get Kony 00:47:45 Tim Heidecker 14 October 2017
151 Cass Rules Everything Around Me 01:13:59 19 October 2017
152 Iran Off On the Plug Twice 01:08:39 22 October 2017 The Cobbler
153 Dry Goys 01:01:17 Eli Valley 26 October 2017
154 Listening Tour 01:01:21 30 October 2017 On Safari in Trump's America by The Atlantic
155 The Antifa Treason And Plot 01:10:07 Will Sommer 02 November 2017
156 38 Ways to Fix Puerto Rico 01:24:56 Aída Chávez 06 November 2017 38 Ways to Fix Democracy by The Washington Post
- I’d Rather Be Salman 00:40:19 Derek Davison 08 November 2017
157 Brazile Nuts 01:15:24 David Roth 09 November 2017 Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House by Donna Brazile
158 Double Flynndemnity 01:08:35 13 November 2017 Greta Van Sustren and her apology app
159 Gentleman Ben Franklin 01:16:17 Bill Corbett 16 November 2017 In Search of Liberty
SPECIAL HOLIDAY BONUS EP - In Search of Liberty Chapo Special Audio Commentary 01:32:21 Bill Corbett 24 November 2017
160 Live at the Bell House 01:23:00 16 November 2017
161 Gladiator Boy 01:12:37 25 November 2017 Ben Shapiro, a Provocative ‘Gladiator,’ Battles to Win Young Conservatives from the New York Times
162 Arab Spring Breakers 01:09:36 James Adomian (as Sebastian Gorka) 28 November 2017
163 Motherbox XXX (The Justice League Episode) 01:15:17 29 November 2017 Justice League
164 The Deficit Rag 01:17:39 04 December 2017
165 New York State of Mindfulness 01:11:18 Mike Recine 06 December 2017 Where Silicon Valley Is Going to Get in Touch With Its Soul from the New York Times
166 The Water Genious 01:16:06 Nomiki Konst 10 December 2017
167 The Poop Touchening 01:15:42 Matt Bruenig and Ryan Cooper 14 December 2017 David Brooks
168 Nut Neutrality 01:13:59 Sam Seder 17 December 2017
169 Alternative Failson Tax 01:08:34 20 December 2017 3 Reasons Millennials Should Ditch Karl Marx for Ayn Rand by the Foundation for Economic Education
170 A Christman Carol 00:44:26 James Adomian (as Chris Matthews and Sebastian Gorka) and Brendan James 24 December 2017
171 The Way of the Shadow Wolves 01:12:54 28 December 2017 The Way of the Shadow Wolves by Steven Seagal, Megan McArdle’s Kitchen Guide
172 So It's Come To This... 01:26:56 Brendan James 31 December 2017
173 Pontypool Chapos Everything 01:27:07 03 January 2018
174 Ooohh Baby I Like It Raw 01:11:46 07 January 2018 Unfiltered Fervor: The Rush to Get Off the Water Grid from the New York Times
175 The Dark Professor 01:12:04 09 January 2018 It's Time to Bomb North Korea from Foreign Policy
176 Any Port In a Stormy 01:17:43 Alex Pareene 13 January 2018
177 The News Queen 01:10:09 Brendan James 17 January 2018 The Post
178 Government Nutdown 01:08:46 22 January 2018
179 The Inebriated Past Part 3: SDS and the Weather Underground 01:06:33 25 January 2018
180 D Triple C 6 Mafia 01:05:18 Ryan Grim 25 January 2018
- Bonus: Virgil Interviews Kaniela Ing 01:01:49 Kaniela Ing Virgil 31 January 2018
181 Potus6ix9ine 01:15:39 02 February 2018
182 Soup or Bowl? 01:25:45 05 February 2018 Megan McArdle
183 GlenGreenwald Glen Ross 01:16:57 Glenn Greenwald 07 February 2018
184 The United States of Care Lords 01:25:51 Dino Guastella 11 February 2018 TPUSA activist’s essay
185 Own Your Own Immigrant! 01:10:21 15 February 2018
186 Executive Producer 01:17:17 Richard D. Wolff 18 February 2018
187 Mumsnet 00:53:00 Marcus Barnett 21 February 2018
188 Menaker Facts Stated 01:14:23 Daniel Menaker 25 February 2018 Dennis Prager
189 All That Is Solid Melts Into Sauce 01:03:52 Patton Oswalt 27 February 2018
190 School's Out 01:17:23 Michael Mochaidean 04 March 2018
191 The Shape of Whiffen 01:12:25 David Cross 07 March 2018 Rod Dreher
192 Spice World 01:20:53 Jacob Bacharach 10 March 2018 Megan McArdle
193 AIPAC: All Eyez On Me 01:15:38 Noah Kulwin 15 March 2018
- Break Up Rex 00:52:13 Derek Davison 17 March 2018
194 F*ck 12 01:19:32 Shuja Haider and James Adomian (as Elon Musk) 18 March 2018 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson
195 Frost/Christman: Marx and the Movies 01:00:01 22 March 2018 The Death of Stalin, The Young Karl Marx
196 Crazy Joe's Folly 01:13:58 26 March 2018
197 The YIMBY Failing Project 01:11:04 Shanti Singh 28 March 2018
198 Asked & Answered 01:06:12 03 April 2018
199 Ready Chapo One 01:09:32 Matt V. Brady 05 April 2018 Ready Player One
200 The Jeffrey Goldberg Variations 01:17:30 James Adomian (as Kurt Eichenwald) 09 April 2018
201 The Social Networth 01:06:52 Libby Watson 12 April 2018
202 Sgt. Anne Marie Slaughter 01:36:57 Dan Finn and Eric Blanc 15 April 2018
203 The Truth About Cats & Syria 01:19:44 John Dolan 19 April 2018
204 Comey the Clown 01:21:35 Katherine Krueger 23 April 2018 A Higher Loyalty by James Comey
- Bonus: Virgil Interviews Dan Canon 00:50:37 Dan Canon 24 April 2018
205 The Energy Shiftening 01:09:30 Will Sommer and James Adomian (as Qanon) 27 April 2018
- Bonus: Virgil Interviews Geneviéve Jones-Wright 00:56:25 Geneviéve Jones-Wright 30 April 2018
206 Dry Boys Ride Again 01:02:57 01 May 2018
207 Law And Ordurrrr 01:01:46 03 May 2018
208 Donnie's World Tour 01:04:15 Derek Davison 06 May 2018
209 Death Becomes You 00:58:14 Barbara Ehrenreich 09 May 2018
210 ICE to See You 01:10:22 Jake Flores 13 May 2018
211 Sergeant Hands 01:03:40 17 May 2018 12 Strong: The Declassified True Story of the Horse Soldiers
212 Borderline 01:26:37 Brendan James 21 May 2018
- Bonus: Matt and Mike Duncan Talk 'Revolutions' 00:54:22 Mike Duncan 23 May 2018
213 In Conclusion, Palestine is a Land of Contrasts 00:55:33 Rawan (@intifadarling) 23 May 2018
214 6 Weird Election Tricks That ACTUALLY Work! 01:10:19 David Faris 27 May 2018
215 Patriots, Pragmatists & PissPigs 01:16:41 31 May 2018
216 First Time, Long Time feat. PFT Commenter 01:27:54 Eric Sollenberger 03 June 2018
217 Feeling Q and Sad rn 01:26:05 07 June 2018
218 The President's Neck Is Missing 01:29:09 David Roth 10 June 2018 The President is Missing, NYC’s Subway should be filled with Hoverboards instead
219 Da [email protected] 01:14:06 Alex Nichols 15 June 2018
220 Camp Donald 01:19:09 Libby Watson and James Adomian (as Jesse Ventura) 17 June 2018
221 M. Night Shyamalan's The Villages 01:24:09 Osita Nwanevu 21 June 2018
222 RESPECT. 01:15:26 Adam Friedland and Mike Recine 24 June 2018 Gotti
- Bonus — Felix interviews Tarpley Hitt 00:43:42 Tarpley Hitt 25 June 2018
223 Fight Court 01:09:20 27 June 2018
- Behind the Laughter: Mike Reiss 01:02:00 Mike Reiss 29 June 2018
224 Cortez the Killer 01:23:36 Trevor Beaulieu and Katherine Krueger 02 July 2018
225 The Poster's Crusade 01:15:21 06 July 2018 Yes, We Still Can by Dan Pfeiffer
226 Islands in the Stream 01:27:42 09 July 2018
- Bonus: Virgil Interviews Julia Salazar, LIVE! 00:59:00 Julia Salazar Virgil 10 July 2018
227 PEN 15 01:02:05 11 July 2018 Range 15
- Bonus: Chris talks to Occupy ICE Portland 00:12:27 Jordan Chris 12 July 2018
228 Supreme Clientele 01:22:13 Ashley Feinberg and James Adomian 15 July 2018
- Bonus: SEX! Now that we have your attention: Work 01:00:45 Tai and Conner Habib 17 July 2018
229 Double A beep beep M L O! 01:10:34 Karina Moreno and Brendan James 19 July 2018
230 A Colossal Wreck 01:06:27 22 July 2018
231 Quiz Boys 00:55:21 Michael Kupperman 25 July 2018
232 America, You Sexy Bigfoot! 01:23:02 30 July 2018 America, You Sexy Bitch!
233 Frost/Christman Presents: The Purges 01:13:57 Kal (friend of Amber Frost) and Aaron J. Leonard 01 August 2018 The Purge film series
234 Congrat's 01:06:13 05 August 2018 Hope Never Dies: An Obama Biden Mystery
235 Q Let the Dogs Out? 01:18:44 Will Sommer 10 August 2018
236 Space Force: Mobile Infantry 01:15:27 13 August 2018
237 Our Cool Friends 00:57:49 Derek Davison 16 August 2018
- Bonus: Interview with Parquet Courts' A. Savage 00:56:59 A. Savage (of the band Parquet Courts) 18 August 2018
238 The Mueller's Tale 01:26:04 20 August 2018 John Podhoretz
- Bonus: Chris Talks to Stonybrook Apartments Activists 00:33:45 Crystal (head of the Stonybrook Tenant Association) and Grant 23 August 2018
239 Fact Fight 01:11:21 Matt Bruenig 24 August 2018
240 The Shittalk Express 01:16:22 27 August 2018
241 Hot Couch Nation 01:08:59 Stavros Halkias and Matt V. Brady 30 August 2018
242 Touched by a Funeral 01:06:12 03 September 2018
243 Live at DC's 9:30 Club 01:33:03 07 September 2018
- Bonus: Virgil interviews Cynthia Nixon 00:17:14 Cynthia Nixon September 10 September 2018
244 A Nice Chill Show 00:56:54 11 September 2018
245 Inebriated Past 5: Monster Fash 00:51:55 13 September 2018
246-1 Best of New England Live, Part 1 01:45:09 18 September 2018
246-2 Best of New England Live, Part 2 01:06:20 19 September 2018
247 Mayans, M.C. 01:16:19 Bryan Quinby 20 September 2018
Unions: They’re Good Folks! 00:34:16 Bhaskar Sunkara 22 September 2018
248 Too Many Bretts 01:19:47 24 September 2018
249 The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea 01:12:53 Dave Anthony 28 September 2018
Fascism II: The Legend of Adolf’s Gold 00:28:47 Matt 30 September 2018
250 Big Dickinson Energy 01:28:28 Alena Smith 01 October 2018 Frank Bruni
251 Sonic Reductionism 01:08:21 Briahna Joy Gray 06 October 2018
252 Rob Dreher's The Exorcist 01:31:46 Bryan Quinby and Brett Payne 09 October 2018 Rod Dreher
253 Full Goop Mode 01:12:42 12 October 2018
254 Best of the Midwest: Columbus & Chicago 01:42:10 Bryan Quinby and Brett Payne 15 October 2018 Campus Battlefield: How Conservatives Can WIN the Battle on Campus and Why It Matters by Charlie Kirk
255 Best of the Midwest: Mostly Minneapolis 01:07:21 20 October 2018
256 Ass, Grass or Sasse 01:05:00 22 October 2018
257 Public Banking 01:09:00 Josh Androsky 25 October 2018 David French
- Brazil 00:50:30 Ben Fogel Amber 26 October 2018
258 Lesko’s Lament 01:05:37 29 October 2018
259 The D’Souzaverse: Soros Rising 01:10:39 01 November 2018 Death of a Nation: Can We Save America a Second Time? By Dinesh D’Souza
260 Wonk the Pain Away: An Election Special 01:51:06 Will Sommer 04 November 2018
- Ham Man Bad 00:52:56 05 November 2018 Unintimidated by Scott Walker
261 Teen Party II 01:07:03 Brandon Wardell 08 November 2018
262 Blood and Cheesecake 01:23:48 11 November 2018
263 Who Defines the Definers? 01:11:09 15 November 2018
- Bonus: Chris Discusses U.S. Navy Bombing of the Mariana Islands 00:36:42 Sophia Perez Chris 16 November 2018
264 The Golden Ones 01:16:27 ContraPoints 18 November 2018
265 Thanksgiving Dinar 01:06:38 Felix, Matt, Will 21 November 2018
Bonus: Chris Talks Hurricane Relief & "Disaster Socialism" with Tallahassee DSA 00:43:56 Chris 22 November 2018
266 Rod Friended Me 01:22:00 James Adomian 27 November 2018 Rod Dreher
267 Eric the Bewitched 01:10:30 29 November 2018
268 Condom Depot Presents: Fighting in the Age of Horniness 01:09:00 Jon Bois Felix, Will, Amber 02 December 2018
269 Live at Princeton: Master Debaters 01:24:46 07 December 2018
270 Beto Males 01:24:31 Elizabeth Bruenig 10 December 2018 The Right War for the Right Reasons - The Weekly Standard, Why We Miss the WASPs
271 Hollow Men 01:18:56 Libby Watson Felix, Will 13 December 2018
272 The Butterfly Effect 01:11:25 Matt, Will, Amber 18 December 2018
273 Monoa, No Problem 01:16:07 21 December 2018 Aquaman
274 Chapo Trap House Presents: It's A Willderful Life 00:50:32 James Adomian, Katherine Krueger, Adam Friedland, Stavros Halkias, Nick Mullen Felix, Matt, Will, Amber, Virgil, Chris 24 December 2018
275 Tabletop Game Theory Pt. V: Musks of Nyarlathotep 02:25:18 Felix, Matt, Will 27 December 2018
276 Under the Hood at the Beltway Garage 01:08:55 31 December 2018
277 Tabletop Game Theory Pt. VI: Musks of Nyarlathotep 02:26:29 Felix, Matt, Will 03 January 2019
278 Vision 2020 01:08:59 06 January 2019 new congress (aoc, tlaib), trump wall fight
279 Paul Walls 01:10:33 Matt V. Brady 10 January 2019 Australian’s Have More Fun by Bari Weiss walls 10, AOC wikifeet 9
280 MacKenzie's 60 Billion Dollar Challenge 01:14:16 Amber, Matt, Will 14 January 2019 it's bernie bitch 8, bezos divorce/60bn 7
281 Burger Night 01:19:25 David Roth 16 January 2019 trump burgers and reactions 8.5, shutdown 8
282 Syzygy of a Down 01:23:31 Gillian Russom and Karla Griego 21 January 2019 abortion rally maga schoolkid video 9
283 Contrarian Corner 01:08:42 Felix, Will 24 January 2019 felix contrarian cold open 9, venezuela 7.5, harris declares 7.5, contrarian oscars 6
284 Dave & Busters 01:26:42 27 January 2019 shutdown end-strike, pelosi; immigration; trumpism after trump; bernie 2020; ojeda
Bonus: Venti Schultz Roast 20:02:00 28 January 2019 “Onward” and “Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time” by Howard Schultz
285 Studio 69 01:16:31 31 January 2019 Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip [2000s culture, serious comedy, credentialism, sfuture sorkin on podcasts]
286 Soul Man 01:08:48 05 February 2019 PSA against M4A, Bookefilibuster, Northam blackface, J Mendoza Ferrer
287 Killy Elliott 01:11:37 John Schwarz 07 February 2019 TOO NICE TO WIN? ISRAEL’S DILEMMA by John Podhoretz
288 So You Want to Start a Union Brace Belden 10 February 2019
289 Support the Tropes 01:13:38 14 February 2019 A Colossal Wreck by Alexander Cockburn omar antisemitic tropes 9*, omar on abrams 8, harris weed 8.5, larouche dead 85
290 Maximum Boot 01:09:15 Lyle Jeremy Rubin Felix, Matt, Will 18 February 2019 The Corrosion of Conservatism lydon larouche 7, max boot memoir+past 8, libs and neocons 9, "anti-war" tucker 8.5
291 Brnie or Bst 01:14:36 02 February 2019 The Classicist Who Sees Donald Trump as a Tragic Hero by Isaac Chotiner bernie declares (2016 rehash), b v warren, tulsi; NYT - idealist Bernie v pragmatic Klobuchar
292 Hats Off to Larry
293 The Nissan Sentra Cannot Hold Niskanen centre-moderation, horseshoe, Tony Blair speech
294 CPAC: Judgement Days 02:10:48 CPAC - wohl/loomer, kirk/don jfalwell jr, diamond and silk, TPUSA party, trump speech
295 Ballistic: Frost vs Menaker 07 March 2019 Sanders rally 7, Cuba 7, AOC on Omar 9.5
296 The Unsullied 01:09:10 11 March 2019 Ilhan Omar is the Steve King of the Left from WaPo and Ilhan Omar meets Mrs Maisel tucker radio leaks 7.5, Omar antis - M Mccain, Maisel fanfic, Omar=Steve King 9, yang gang 8
297 King, Warrior, Magician, Lover Rob Delaney 13 March 2019 college admissions 7, brexit votes 7, porn, NHS, shootings 8
This is Where I Leave EU
298 The Israel Nerd Eli Valley 18 March 2019 Trump’s Hannukah Party reminded me of why America is great for Jews NZ shooting- Chelsea heckled 9, M Mc on E Valley 8.5,
Bonus: Will Interviews Kim Stanley Robinson with The Antifada Kim Stanley Robinson 21 March 2019
299 All Cops Are Burgers 01:12:26 Bill Oakley 21 March 2019
300 EMERGENCY POD: THE MUELLER REPORT James Adomian (as Sebastian Gorka) 24 March 2019 Glenn Beck’s a Christmas Sweater
301 The Magicians Alex Pareene 27 March 2019
302 The Russia House Matt Taibbi 01 April 2019
303 In the Golan Heights Derek Davison 04 April 2019 Jackson Beale, Trump’s Intervention in Venezuela has stalled, The UK has gone mad by Thomas Friedman
304 Moby Dick Energy 01:21:33 08 April 2019
305 A Simple Plan Leigh Phillips and Michal Rozworski 11 April 2019
306 2 Cities, 1 Cup 01:27:53 14 April 2019 The Right Side of History by Ben Shapiro
307 The Inebriated Past: American Conspiracies 01:18:56 17 April 2019
308 There’s Nothing Like a Dame Nick Hayes 21 April 2019 The Rematch: Bernie Sanders versus a Clinton Loyalist, Stop Sanders Democrats are…
309 The Trumpman Prophecies 24 April 2019 The Trump Prophecy
Bonus: Virgil Interviews John Cameron Mitchell on "Anthem: Homunculus" John Cameron Mitchell 28 April 2019
Bonus: Amber Interviews Vivek Chibber on "The ABC's of Capitalism” Vivek Chibber 28 April 2019
310 Marianne Mindset 29 April 2019
311 2 Mountain, 2 Furious 02 May 2019
312 Kenneth Friendly's Scorpio Smiling Yael Bridge and Morgan Spector 06 May 2019
313 A Cure for Wellness 09 May 2019 Who is Arthur Chu?, Trust Pelosi
314 What, Us Worry? James Adomian 12 May 2019
315 A Song of Air and America Sam Seder 16 May 2019
316 PBS: Permanent Revolution Hasan Pikar 19 May 2019
317 Friends of the Pod 23 May 2019
318 Rahm Emmanuelle: The Joys of a Neolib Ryan Grim 27 May 2019
319 Live at Cornell: Perfect Balance 30 May 2019
320 Live from Berlin: Der Fonkybeatz 3 June 2019
321 Live from Glasgow: Bottle of Buckie 6 June 2019
322 Second Dark Age Alan Moore 10 June 2019
323 Best of UK Live: Toby Young Sex Diaries 13 June 2019
324 Live from Dublin: Irish Valor 17 June 2019
325 Living in America 20 June 2019
Bonus: Virgil Interviews Tiffany Cabán Tiffany Cabán 20 June 2019
326 Beltway Garage: Infinity Candidates 25 June 2019
Bonus: The Marianne Williamson Interview Marianne Williamson 26 June 2019
327 Have You Heard The Good News? David Sirota 28 June 2019
Bonus: Gremlins 2 Joe Dante 30 June 2019
328 Dios, Patria, Fueros, Rod 1 July 2019
329 The Inebriated Past, Part 5: DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans 4 July 2019
330 Hunter on the Loose Will Sommer 8 July 2019
331 The Wide World of Warcraft John Dolan 10 July 2019
332 Fear of a Netroots Nation Brendan James 15 July 2019
Bonus: The Andrew Yang Interview Andrew Yang 18 July 2019
333 One in the Pinker 18 July 2019
334 American Mids 22 July 2019
335 Shrugging Towards Bethlehem Brace Belden and Liz Franczak 25 July 2019
336 Neom 2049 Glenn Greenwald 29 July 2019
337 I Think You Should Leave Brendan James 1 August 2019
338 Live from Traverse City: Michael and We Brendan James and Michael Moore 5 August 2019
339 House of the Rising Sundown 8 August 2019
340 A Big Bowl of Strawberry Ice Cream 12 August 2019
341 Live from Des Moines: Bring Out the Hogs! 15 August 2019
342 The Cuts Stay In The Podcast 20 August 2019
343 Checking the Dipstick 22 August 2019
344 Koch & Poll Torture 26 August 2019
AHOY! The Joe Sestak Interview Joe Sestak 27 August 2019
345 The Conspiracy Files: The Deep-ly Gay State 29 August 2019 JFK
346 Twisted Tales 3 September 2019
347 Renn Faire Stefan Heck 8 September 2019
348 Dragged Across Concrete Marcus Barnett and Osita Nwanevu 9 September 2019
389 The Righteous Fallwells 12 September 2019
350 Gotta Have My Pop! 16 September 2019
Bonus Interview: Tom O'Neill and Chaos Tom O'Neill 16 September 2019
351 Give Up Your Inquiries Which Are Completely Useless Nick Mullen 20 September 2019 Eyes Wide Shut
352 Rod Dreher's The Exorcist II 24 September 2019
353 The Education of a Cynic Jon Schwarz 26 September 2019 Samantha Power's book The Education of an Idealist
Bonus: Tabletop Game Theory Origins: Mr. Jeffstein's House 30 September 2019
354 Thou, Nature, Art My Goddess 1 October 2019
355 North American Scum Luke Savage and Don Hughes 3 October 2019
Bonus: The Bernie Sanders Interview Bernie Sanders 4 October 2019
356 Sympathy for the Joker Jen Pan, Nick Mullen, Adam Friedland and Matt V. Brady 8 October 2019
357 We Have a Rat Problem Tim Heidecker 10 October 2019 Heidecker's film Mister America
358 World on a Wire Naomi Klein 14 October 2019 Klein's 2nd episode
359 SSSSSSSSMoking with Slavoj Slavoj Žižek 17 October 2019
360 Bernie Blanco Goes To Queens Matt Karp 21 October 2019
361 The Brothers Brendan James 25 October 2019 The Reliant
362 Wet Sauce Kenzo Shibata 28 October 2019
363 Epstein Ain't Going Away Brace Belden 31 October 2019
364 Human Deadspinality Project David Roth 4 November 2019
365 Big Johnson's Hard Election Grace Blakeley 7 November 2019
366 The Terminal 12 November 2019
368 High, High Hopes feat. Kathryn Ledebur Kathryn Ledebur 18 November 2019
369 CIA Jim: Caracas Connection 18 November 2019 Jack Ryan
370 WeWork Will Set You Free 25 November 2019
371 Beltway Garage: The Legend of Bernie's Gold 28 November 2019
372 Karmala Police 2 December 2019
373 It's Demon Night In America! 5 December 2019
374 Perverts of Interest 9 December 2019
375 Live in London: Chapo Calling feat. Rob Delaney Rob Delaney 12 December 2019
376 Imagine A World Without 17 December 2019
377 Escape from UK 20 December 2019
378 Imagine A World Without 23 December 2019
379 A Very COBRA Christmas 25 December 2019
380 Imagine Our Dumb Decade 30 December 2019
381 Pod Tweet America 2 January 2020
Bonus: So, I Just Watched 300... feat. Derek Davison Derek Davison 6 January 2020
382 Falcon Seeks Falconer feat. Briahna Joy Gray Briahna Joy Gray 6 January 2020
383 No War But The Meme War 10 January 2020
384 Beltway Garage: Warren Strikes Back 14 January 2020
385 Lyin' Liz feat. Brendan James Brendan James 17 January 2020
386 Brother Magic feat. Josh and Benny Safdie Josh and Benny Safdie 20 January 2020
Bonus: Will Interviews Nithya Raman Nithya Raman 22 January 2020
387 The Royals 23 January 2020
388 A Perfectly Frumulent Episode 28 January 2020 POLITICO - ‘They let him get away with murder’ & Bernie Can't Win by David Frum
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2020.06.29 03:32 mothramantra Anti-Mask Madness - The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Anti-Mask Madness - The Majority Report with Sam Seder submitted by mothramantra to PoliticalVideos [link] [comments]

2020.06.27 05:32 mothramantra Pastors Hosting Trump Rally Claim To Have Anti-COVID Technology - The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Pastors Hosting Trump Rally Claim To Have Anti-COVID Technology - The Majority Report with Sam Seder submitted by mothramantra to PoliticalVideos [link] [comments]

2020.06.18 04:32 mothramantra Anti-Mask Mania: Wanting To Live Now Liberal Virtue Signaling - The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Anti-Mask Mania: Wanting To Live Now Liberal Virtue Signaling - The Majority Report with Sam Seder submitted by mothramantra to PoliticalVideos [link] [comments]

2020.06.07 03:35 esev21 List of cool jewish servants and their nps that I would love to have in the game.

Since there are only David and Avicebron and Solomon(kinda), I thought adding more jewish would be nice, so here is a list. I will start with the less obvious ones:
1)Judas Maccabeus, berseker: The hero of the rebellion of the jews against selecuid empire. He is a big part of Hannuca, one of the 3 great holidays of the jewish people. He was known as "The hammer"(maccabeth in hebrew is a hammer). He liberated Jerusalem and led the way to the independece of the Jewish people(until you.. romans). His np will probably summoning the army of the Hashmonaim and his brothers whom fought alongside him
2)Rabbit shimon bar yochai, caster: one of the most famous jewish philosophers. He was rabbi, doctor, mathmatician, philosopher, astronomer. He pushed the logic based agenda in the jewish world, and wrote the book of Zohar, a legendary book in the world of judaism that contains great wisdom(and all the people who read it die btw). The book of Zohar will probably be his np too, with an effect similiar to revelation as well answer questions that will change humanity's preception of reality.
3) Eliyahu, rider, a prophet from the book of kings. This guy killed 850 false prophets all at once with a dagger and then went up to the sky with a flaming chariot. Every passover seder we leave a wine of glass for eliyahu. It is said that he will come back along with the messiah. His np will be his chair, as God commanded him to sit on the chair and watch every circumcision that will ever happen. Because of the fact that every jewish people will always leave him a chair and a glass of wine, his np will habe something to do with jewish homes. Maybe become atronger in each house he passes through.
4) Judah loew ben bezalel(my ancestor <3),caster, this guy is the original creator of the Golem of Prauge(I don't get it why Avicebron is related to golems anyway.. smh), he was also a great figure in the world of Judaism. A weak literary caster with an always active Golem of Prauge np.
5) Yona, rider. Another prophet who was so determined not to become a prophet that he lived inside a fish(also known as Levathian) for 3 straight days. His np will be to summon levathian(obviously).
6) Job, moon cancer? Known to be the center of a bet between God and satan to see how much a man can take before he curses God. Job lost everything he had, and even on the verge of death did not curse God. I tagged him as an moon cancer since his whole schtik is being anti avenger. He is pretty useless and has a cinstant unnatural bad luck, but his np is able to cure an avenger. A man who suffered the ultimate price and still did not curse god is the ultimate anti avenger and is able to restore the avengers' faith in god and the good of humanity.
I tried not to include the obvious ones like Moses, Noah and such. Maybe I will do more lists of jewish servants, this time with skills.
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2020.06.07 02:24 Harucifer A HUGE fucking THANKS to Destiny (mainly) and Vaush.

So I've been a fan of Destiny's for about 8 years. Missed his content a little bit and came back to it during 2016 elections. The politics interested me so much, and it became a huge part of me as a person. The debates also did.
For the past 3 and a half years I've been drowning myself in debate content everyday, mostly Destiny, a bit of Vaush, David Pakman and Sam Seder.
I'm brazilian and my whole family is pro-Bolsonaro. As I see it, Bolsonaro is a fascist and I don't think anyone minimally informed would disagree. My mother called me and started offending me for not supporting "the government", and called my grandmother to say the same, and tell her to come "scold" me. I'm a fucking 28 year old lawyer graduating ecnomics and living with my grandparents to help them out with old-age. This was very offensive to me.
My grandmother came for the "scold". I was expecting to be "kicked out" (was already about to rent a place). She is a religious fanatic (before the pandemic used to go to church THREE TIMES every week) and was a Bolsonaro supporter since forever. Weeks ago she called me a commie and said "commies should die". I had an HOUR LONG CONVERSATION, while in "debate mode", with her and pretty much "turned" her into anti-Bolsonaro and also made her understand (and not be very critical of) antifascism. Holy shit. And the hilarious (albeit sad) part is that she "turned her anger" towards my mother.
I don't think I can attribute this (what I consider to be) huge success to anyone but the Debate Lords themselves. I certainly can't attribute it to my law degree, we barely learned anything about rhetoric.
Thank you very much. NeoDestiny irishladdie
Oh and of course I recorded it all for my private pleasure later.
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2020.05.25 14:47 Daveed93 Leftist podcasts list

I made a list of leftist podcasts sorted roughly into 4 categories with a bare minimum of description.
Feel free to suggest more podcasts or correct mistakes.
Most of the links go to, because that's my podcast app of choice.
honorable mentions: Nancy's Queer Money Matters (lgbtq), 99% invisible & 99% Invisible's Articles of Interest, History is Gay (lgbtq history), Making Queer History (lgbtq history), Jimquisition (video games), Show Me the Meaning (movies), Knowledge Fight (debunking of right wing conspiracy theories), Revolutions (history), Apocrypals (religion), The Partially Examined Life (philosophy, culture), The Eastern Border (eu, ussr and eastern europe politics and history)
dishonorable / controversial mentions: Red Scare, Cum Town, Deconstructed with Mehdi Hasan, What's Left?
submitted by Daveed93 to BreadTube [link] [comments]

2020.05.16 01:10 mothramantra Why "Anti-Corruption" Investigations Target The Left - The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Why submitted by mothramantra to PoliticalVideos [link] [comments]

2020.05.15 02:12 TehDokter My Life Has Been Changed (Letter to Vaush)

Less than a year ago, probably August or so 2019, my life forever changed in a way I didn't and probably still don't understand. I'm 17m and was born to a very conservative, moderately religious family.
I got away from the religious stuff probably 5 or so years ago but until very recently was still very conservative. Pro capitalism, pro life, in favor of privatized healthcare(I legitimately had never been introduced to the concept of market failures), very anti-illegal immigration basically only because of the word illegal and the way my parents associate illegal with bad always with no other justification than, "its the law", and anti gay marriage because my parents had always drilled in to me that marriage came from Christianity and is supposed to be between a man and a woman.
Since then I have either flipped or shifted very far from all of those positions.
These were my favorite youtubers/youtube channels, in no specific order: Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Actual Justice Warrior, TPUSA, Tim Pool, Eddie Bravo, and (as much as I hate to admit it) the Rubin Report. From Rubin Report videos I got recommended majority report videos of Sam Seder doing what can only be called ruthless, but hilarious, bullying against Dave Rubin. There were like 30+ majority report videos just shitting on Dave Rubin. This was the first left-wing content I ever consumed. From there I got into watching the Majority Report videos of Sam doing the libertarian challenge, where he would debate any libertarian caller. These were also fucking hilarious, and opened me up to the fact that right wing libertarianism, something I somewhat identified with, was pretty fucking stupid. after I ran out of MR videos with that topic, I went back to my normal channels. Because I was so right wing, and because I had been immersed in right wing content for so long, most of the other MR videos just kinda turned me off of the page. One day I was watching some Steven Crowder capitalism video and there I saw it, the recommended video that would change it all, "'This is such a weasely defense...' - Destiny debates Xexizy". Since Destiny was defending the views I already held, I obviously favored him in that argument. Then more Destiny videos started popping up, first a bunch of videos from the start of the lefty arc where he was arguing against lefties just like all my favorite youtubers of the past had. After a little while, the skeptic videos started showing up for me, the 1v5's, the Warski debate, the Fuentes debate, the Lauren Southern content, the pedo therapy exploring streams, all of it. I fell in love with Destiny's channel and started watching all of his content. At this point, I've seen probably at least 90% of his videos. I really liked his videos talking to you, because I would see the arguing against left ideas that I always liked to see, and you were far more intelligent and entertaining than most left leaning people Destiny talked to. After seeing all of the Destiny + IrishLaddie content, I found out about you being banned from the community and about your channel. I have now seen most of your videos as well.
If you can't already tell, I consume a fuckton of media. That's why I'm so thankful I found yours and Destiny's content. I have stopped consuming most of what used to be my favorite content, as the incessant criticism towards those figures from you and Destiny made them literally unbearable as anything other than (bad) ironic comedy. I wonder where I would have gone had I not found you and Destiny. I can't imagine myself falling into the crowd of fuentes or some of the more extreme right wingers that you have both debated, considering I was never even slightly interested in the content of the most extreme right wingers platformed on the channels I liked such as Sargon, Blaire White, etc.. But even if I would have not fallen into more extreme right wing thought, staying where I was would have been a bad thing
My thought process and my approach to essentially everything have been changed dramatically in the past year, most certainly for the better. I would like to thank both you and Destiny for being voices of reason in the political space online, keep doing good work.
A thought I have about all of this is that both you and Destiny have said many times things to the liking of, "you cant be a fan of insert right wing youtuber, likely one that I listed prior without hating brown people". I can say 100% that never in my life have I hated brown people of any sort, or thought of them as anything other than equal to me. You can believe that or not, but it's true, and I think you should stop with rhetoric like that considering it pretty clearly alienates any possibly fans of those personalities who you are wrong about. I know my situation is an anecdote and doesn't personally represent any reality but I don't think there is any possible way to get actual evidence of the personal views of all the fans of those figures. I don't know, I personally find it hard to believe that I could be the only one who liked those channels without being personally racist.
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ADL's 'A Nation of Immigrants' Community Seder The Majority Report with Sam Seder is Dishonest, Shallow ... The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder - YouTube Anti-Union Myths DEBUNKED Who Is the Antichrist? - YouTube 'We all need to do better': Jeremy Corbyn's Passover message to the Jewish community Anti-Defamation League Community Seder - Promo - YouTube

Sam Seder, the anti-libertarian crusader, on government ...

  1. ADL's 'A Nation of Immigrants' Community Seder
  2. The Majority Report with Sam Seder is Dishonest, Shallow ...
  3. The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder - YouTube
  4. Anti-Union Myths DEBUNKED
  5. Who Is the Antichrist? - YouTube
  6. 'We all need to do better': Jeremy Corbyn's Passover message to the Jewish community
  7. Anti-Defamation League Community Seder - Promo - YouTube
  8. Trump Goes FULL Anti-Semite During Speech To Jewish Republicans

We need your help to keep providing free videos! Support the Majority Report's video content by going to In this Majori... Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party, has released a Passover message on his Twitter account, wishing followers in the Jewish community a Chag Sameach. His message comes amid a row over ... In this video I describe my frustrations with The Majority Report. The commentators on the show often skip responding to real arguments and real positions an... In this spirit of Passover, ADL — an organization founded by immigrants and children of immigrants, and dedicated to protecting the interests of religious and ethnic minorities — organized ... Mayor Walsh and city councilor Andrea Campbell offer remarks at the Anti-Defamation League's Nation of Immigrants Community Seder held at Umass Boston. Seder... The Majority Report is a daily, political talk show at live at 12PM ET. Call the show after 12:30PM ET 646-257-3920. Available on Itunes or the s... For details about this sermon and for related resources, click here: To receive John MacArthur’s monthly le... Donald Trump couldn't help but bring out all of the Jewish stereotypes during his speech to the Israeli American Council in Hollywood, Florida. Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew discuss this ...